Fixing the Flow


All art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique.
All artists, if they are to survive, are forced, at last, to tell the whole story; to vomit the anguish up. 

James Baldwin

Relentless, ruthless, regenerative – deep-rooted Scorpio vibration just. won’t. tap. out. 
Herein lies the beauty and the beast. 
Fixed formulating follows no rules – save one – survival.
Liberation through Creation.

I have devoted 30 years of research to how creative people live and work, to make more understandable the mysterious process by which they come up with new ideas and new things. Creative individuals are remarkable for their ability to adapt to almost any situation and to make do with whatever is at hand to reach their goals. If I had to express in one word what makes their personalities different from others, it’s complexity.  They show tendencies of thought and action that in most people are segregated. They contain contradictory extremes; instead of being an “individual,” each of them is a “multitude.”  here


Pluto rules The Masses.
Cellular & Stellar
Within the Divine Will of Pluto burns the crux, the fulcrum.
Obsession or Possession
A nanosecond of dawning realization, the power play, the two-sided coin, the ability to hold opposites.
Turn obsession inside out – the destroyer becomes instead the inspired creator.

Hold thoughts, draw breath, make choices – all points of death and rebirth.
The creation drives you as much as you drive the creation.
This is the subtlety of Scorpio.

The powerful surrender to let energy flow.



X-Men Days of Future Past

Obviously I am in desperate need of this movie NOW !
hahaa I know, I know…technically it’s a want, not a need.
But if I want it really, really bad then it morphsintoaNEED, right ?!?
Kidding !

A core of truth lives and dies in that statement
Scorpio struggles with desire.
Scorpio desires struggle.

If you have strong Scorpio energy
many planets in Scorpio
 many planets in the 8th house
Pluto hooked up with the luminaries
or any personal planets

You know exactly what I mean
when I say
We are not for the faint of heart.

Transmutation 24/7
Fixed, fervent, ferocious
Always & Forever


Swamp Thing Mind Meld


Naga Baba – Android Jones

Sun in Scorpio joins Saturn, North Node of Destiny and Mercury Rx.

Rebirth is imminent, particularly with energetic entry point North Node in house Scorpio, incoming energies are powerful – forcing growth in uncomfortable new directions.
Past and future, thought patterns, working style, bonds and discipline – all are morphing, reconfiguring, streamlining.

Perspective shifts all over the shop with Mercury and higher octave Uranus in flux.  Signs, portents are circling the airport and coming for a landing – hot and fast.
 Global connections are being made – intellectual & heart connections – are hot and cracking on the electrical grid between us all at the mo.

Note them – brill insights !
True to form – Ganesha popped onto the floor this am – obstacles are being cleared !
Can you hear me now ? 
The Mind Meld transits – dual eclipses, Merc Rx, square yow !
Wild Ride, for sure !

Houses Leo and Aquarius are very busy running a gauntlet of their own making – creative, inventive solutions are the KEY.  Points in these houses experience tension that forces change on the inner dimensions, silent but deadly.
Life death and rebirth rumble underground.

Virgo Mars is opposite Chiron in Pisces – your own actions in tandem (with the assistance of a man) are balancing Virgo minutiae and the overwhelming into huge healing progressCrack what was broken back into alignment, so real healing can begin.

Uranus square Pluto coming to exact brings Cardinal energy into sharp focus.
Go get ’em attitude with a side of Altitude set to Stillwater via Scorp stellium and New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Nov 3.  More on that later….

We’re ALL Swamp Things this Hallow’s Eve.
 YaY ! haaa


twice the price

Astrological Oracle Cards

I drew these lovely astrological cards for all of us.
Intent- where to focus to make the most of the energies present in all our charts.

Jupiter is turning direct
Uranus squares Pluto
Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception.

Soon all planets will be in forward motion, so expect a whoosh of activity.
With work and planning – many improvements and progress can be made at this time.


On the Left we have MARS
Look to where your Mars lives, also to what other energies it aspects.  
Also look to your Aries house. 
Look to your First house.

On the right we have Scorpio.
Look to where your Scorpio lives, what it aspects.
Look to your Pluto, what it aspects.
Look to your eighth house.

Last, we have Gemini.
Look to your house of Gemini.
Look to Mercury and what it aspects.
Look to your third house.

Think doubles of this energy, or repeats.


If you tell me what it reveals in your life –
I will reveal what happened to me not one hour after this draw this morning.

Comical, really.
The cards are spot on as usual !


mojo rising

Samhain crossquarter day, or summer’s end, traditionally falls on the calendar date of October 31st in the Northern hemisphere, May 1st in the Southern hemisphere – though it astrologically falls several says later at 15′ Scorpio. 

Also known as All Hallows Eve, Hallowmas, and in Mexico as The Day of the Dead, it is the time of year when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest. 

Candles are lit to guide spirits to the ritual feast.  Offerings to the familiar dead (ancestors) are filled with warm memories, altars are rich with personal treasures.

Autumn marigolds spill from vases, the warm smell of cinnamon cider fills the air, tables are laden with nuts, mushrooms, pomegranates, pumpkins and squash – all in fond remembrance of the dead.

All are gifts to help loved ones on earth celebrate both life and the release to death by helping guide loved ones to the lands of eternal summer.
As I mentioned in my last post – this is a fabulous time to shed / transform unwanted memories / habits / pain and close the door to loss with a ceremony of respect for the dead. 

I have done this and found it extremely helpful – grab a pen and a big piece of paper.

We are going for total stream of consciousness writing, let it all out – no editing –  Make a list of all your trepidations, fears or unwanted habits – or better yet, all 3. 

What you feel holds you in chains, what you think is confining you, what you wrestle against to find freedom.  What you want to release, you write !

Write it all down from as far back as you feel you need to  be specific !

Know that with the intent of writing you are purging all the negativity and fearful energy from yourself onto the paper which will be released to its death.

Create a blessing, prayer, a spell that releases the energy back into the universe, cleansed and renewed by fire.

Throw your writings into the fire and watch them burn.  Envision :say aloud: what good deeds will come, describe your new life, the new hope within you as your phoenix rises in the smoke

peace be with you

Oceans of Time

Bram Stoker, Irish novelist, was best known for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula.
A quick look reveals a very interesting chart, that dead on nails his most popular work.
(Solar chart without exact birth time)

This is the cool thing about astrology – once I learned it, I realized everyone instinctually gravitates towards work that is aligned with their natal chart vibration.  We do our best work in our highest natal groove – we know it inside and out – what we create is natural and free-flowing because we have lived itOur work rings like a bell of truth.

Scorpio Sun and Moon trine Jupiter in Cancer, exalted. 
Lunar longing rising from a deep well of feeling a need to be protective of and nurture women – opposing marriage (Juno) – squaring  (inner obstacle course) freedom (Uranus) and the untamed feminine (Lilith).  

Dracula is an epistolary novel, told partly in letters between the characters of the book – it is fittingly Cancerian: old – fashioned and sentimental – family letters are a familiar safe haven.  Yet, it is also the perfect foil – peeping into someone’s mail or secret sex diary and hitting pay dirt.

Bram was cracking the repression code on the prim and proper Victorian era – obviously they loved their sex, but it was whispered in secret behind the parlor door. Dracula, and all he stood for, was repressed and forbidden – so of course the women swooned.

Juno (traditional woman / marriage) and Jupiter (ceremonial marriage) form a T-Square with Pluto (death, sex, rebirth) as focal planet.  Jupiter opposite Juno in Capricorn: time, lineage, being the Big Blood Baron with a trio of brides bound (Saturn) to the master of bites through blood.

Blood is Jupiter ruled.

Bram also had an amazingly strong Venus – in Libra (rules, strong) conjunct North Node of Destiny – and Lilith the Bitch Goddess (non traditional rebel wife demanding equality) – all sextile Mercury in Sagittarius (visionary publishing); and all opposing Uranus Rx in Aries.  Animal natures is the common root that binds all earthkind, flight or fight is primal, instinctual, as is the desire to survive in whatever form we find ourselves.
Uranus in Aries: unusual biting proclivities and wearing a mask to hide an ancient evil.  Uranus in Aries opposite Venus in Libra: curious attractions and shocking love surprises.

Scorpio Chiron (wounded healer, teacher) opposite Mars in Taurus, Pluto in late Aries
I do not want to bite you.

Chiron trine Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius
I must bite you !

Mars in Toro = LoOove bite on the pulse of the throat

The Sexual Healing aspects, so interesting – the need to possess and control followed by the bite followed by complete surrender to the instincts (Moon) that overwhelm the body (Saturn).

The kicker I saved for last.
Asteroid Lucifer 1930 in Leo forms a Grand Fire Trine with Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.  Damage control : do not freak over the Lucifer asteroid –  it is the representation of the fight between good and evil within all of us.

Obviously passion and impulse reigns in fire signs.  Leo is creative romance, willpower and gambling with both.  The willing, passionate exchange of power in moments of intimacy is not only mutually revitalizing, but also mutually healing.

Bram had Scorpio Sun / Moon trine Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces – bonds of love that cannot be broken by time or space.

Bram’s kite puts a sextile between his life path of creative writing (Libra Venus, bohemian Lilith) and his visionary ideas revolving around the light and dark in all of us.

Instincts are huge (Jupiter in Moon ruled Cancer, Moon conjunct Sun in Scorpio) players in his chart, as are making intuitive connections, as Mercury (lower octave of Uranus) is trine Uranus retrograde in Aries.

Bram brilliantly depicts through Dracula the polarities of impulse and restraint; control and surrender; inner demons that create and destroy.

I want some more.
Claudia, Interview with a Vampire

deep six delta

Been feeling a bit rough and rocky of late . . . soOo I am grounding Neptuner via Deep six Delta waves in basement to restore vampy powah.  Lack of restful sleep and stressy Neptuner Venus oppositions are draining me.  Fresh bloood…I vant to bite chew.
Oh then there is that Pluto squaring my Saturn ruler thing and Venus on Uranus thing.  Tuning fork is twanging at the mo.

Mercury conjunct North Node in Scorp is code in my natal (my Merc is in Libra at MC; natal NN in Aries 4) for equal time :: darkness recharge.  Merc and Uranus have a tendency to be high-strung in any natal chart – and mine are elevated and active at the moment.

Correcting the balance is a life lesson for me.
The number 4 holds the key to my secret desire, which is stability.  Speaks volumes for a high-strung Virgo Sun /Uran / Pluto girl, yeah ?

Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorp is code for same – I need to lay down before I fall down.

I need primo earthing pronto !

posts on the morrow.
What does your North Node path tell you ?

Miraculous microdot


Bigger on the inside ?  heh.
Love this. 
If I were ever to have a set of these, this would be the one, it’s goofy.
I was thinking of Saturn (Time) into Scorpio the powerful microdot of regeneration that lies within.  HA !   TIME LORDS !

Lots up on the menu this week, folks.

Monday October 26
Moon into Taurus 6:26pm CST, USA

Toro Moon is great for good food, soft clothing, spa days and feeding all the senses – it just feels better in earthy Taurus.  Moon is exalted here – a bit more steady, less fluctuating, more stable and reliable and sensual.   Work it to your advantage !

Wednesday October 3
Venus into Virgo 1:59am CST, USA

Virgo Venus is steady, reliable, geared towards practicality, perfection and organization of money, love and all things creative.  Venus is in its fall here due to the sharp critical Virgoan eye falling on matters of the heart.  There is a strong desire to heal and serve, yet with an air of cool detachment and analyzation rather than release and surrender to the ways and wiles of love.

Thursday October 4
Jupiter stations Rx in Gemini 8:18am, CST, USA

Time to re-think all those far-reaching plans you have been exploring – turn inward and seek adventure within your own mind.  Explore your personal truths, navel gaze and have faith in your cerebral process to lead you out of your own labyrinth.  Quiet study and brainstorming are favored.

Friday October 5
Mercury into Scorpio 5:35am CST, USA
Saturn into Scorpio 3:34pm

Mercury in Scorpio delivers our sooper seekrit spy powers written in invisible ink in code.  Perceptive powers OFF THE CHARTS.  Body language will give you away if you even entertain for one second you will deceive another.  What you DON’T say gives away far more than what you DO say, and yes, please don’t forget to look at the stars occasionally while the mind does the backstroke in the gutter – this is Scorpio after all ::: I DESIRE.  Obesssions..?…might wanna check those at the door…just sayin’ !

High qi Scorpio is transformative and metamorphic – it regenerates and Rises UP !  Where’s your head at ?  Your life will follow – Scorpio is fission, the rare and miraculous.

Saturn in Scorpio is the earthy satyr frolicking in the fields of power & sex – and Saturn rules the career power house.  You know the one – has to be the best at everything and has vast reserves of patience to achieve power and Big Kahuna status over the long-term.  I soOo should not be single right now, lol !   Anyway, back to business – Saturn here is an opportunity to finesse our structures of inner super powers.  Turn that sharp focus inward to finessing and streamlining what lies in our deepest sooper seekrit mineshaft. 

Be the change you wish to see in the world.  – Gandhi

Monday October 22

Sun into Scorpio 7:14pm CST,USA

That’ll be quite the little pile-up in Scorp: North Node, Mars, Mercury and Saturn.
Later, Sun party crashes…
Yeah baby !  We will have eagle eyes in the back of our heads and intensity will be off the charts.  WoOo HoOo 

Let’s ROCK N ROLL people