Swamp Thing Mind Meld


Naga Baba – Android Jones

Sun in Scorpio joins Saturn, North Node of Destiny and Mercury Rx.

Rebirth is imminent, particularly with energetic entry point North Node in house Scorpio, incoming energies are powerful – forcing growth in uncomfortable new directions.
Past and future, thought patterns, working style, bonds and discipline – all are morphing, reconfiguring, streamlining.

Perspective shifts all over the shop with Mercury and higher octave Uranus in flux.  Signs, portents are circling the airport and coming for a landing – hot and fast.
 Global connections are being made – intellectual & heart connections – are hot and cracking on the electrical grid between us all at the mo.

Note them – brill insights !
True to form – Ganesha popped onto the floor this am – obstacles are being cleared !
Can you hear me now ? 
The Mind Meld transits – dual eclipses, Merc Rx, square yow !
Wild Ride, for sure !

Houses Leo and Aquarius are very busy running a gauntlet of their own making – creative, inventive solutions are the KEY.  Points in these houses experience tension that forces change on the inner dimensions, silent but deadly.
Life death and rebirth rumble underground.

Virgo Mars is opposite Chiron in Pisces – your own actions in tandem (with the assistance of a man) are balancing Virgo minutiae and the overwhelming into huge healing progressCrack what was broken back into alignment, so real healing can begin.

Uranus square Pluto coming to exact brings Cardinal energy into sharp focus.
Go get ’em attitude with a side of Altitude set to Stillwater via Scorp stellium and New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Nov 3.  More on that later….

We’re ALL Swamp Things this Hallow’s Eve.
 YaY ! haaa