Nugent lionNugent

Ted’s (fb) photo caption for the above:
And the lion sleeps tonight!! Wellwell well,looky looky here! Young Ted lastwhiteboy to get out of the Sudan alive March 1978 as the Idi Amin rebels killed everybody & blew up everything, hot on my trail!! [excerpt]Lynx photo below posted on Ted’s fb June 12, no caption.

Nugent June 12
A friend shared this lynx link yesterday, and of course, it elicited an immediate visceral reaction.  Moon is currently in Leo, and I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo. 
Stranglehold has long been a fave, my first roommate will attest to it – I’ve seen him live covered in skin/tail, he put on a good show.  I have seen interviews over the years, Ted is a livewire – intelligent and outspoken – he has a commanding presence.

I managed to watch his tv show a couple of times, (despite not having cable) it was as I expected, wild & crazy, OTT.   It always stuck me as odd when people were shocked by Ted’s demeanor.   After all, he IS the Motor City Madman.  What did they think it/he was going to be like, (presumably) signing a waiver to be on a madman’s survivalist reality show ?  Obviously the dude on foot who played “chicken” with a truck envisioned something quite different than what actually happened.  I saw that comin’, easily.

I knew Ted is a Sagittarian bow hunter, obviously it stuck with me having bow hunters in my family. Today, I took a closer look at his natal chart.  I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about Ted, agree with some ideas – others not at all.  To use this platform to write a heated knee-jerk response without looking at all the info would put me in the category of this crap journalism, which is not gonna happen.  So I will give you the astrological deets and you can make up your own mind about what he says/does.
I will add you might want to google poaching and reality star duped for starters, and of course, Ted’s viewpoints can be found on the link to his official page under top photo.

I will also add that Endangered population deets can always be found on The Red List on the sidebar under conservation.  I will directly link vulnerable African Lion here and the NA (Bobcat) Lynx here – also please note dates on reports given in link as well as the date on the top photo caption.  Also note that I do not know where the Lynx was killed, I presume North America, but do not know for certain, as he did not provide that info.

PRZ-006444Ted is a Sagittarius with Sun conjunct Mercury (combust) opposite late degree Uranus Rx in Gemini.  That is the outspoken livewire aspect across communication houses – Sagittarians tend to be blunt; Uranus, radical.  Ted is obviously earthy, with Mars (guns) exalted in Capricorn (T. Pluto is bang on Mars at the mo), Saturn in Virgo and Moon and North Node of Destiny in Taurus.

Capricorn Mars (conjunct 6+ orb) Jupiter square Neptune in Libra denotes his hardline approach/outreach via music (Neptune rules guitars, the other string instrument) as well as his stance re: balance/loss and responsible conservation (Saturn/Capricorn) that does not always set well with others (Libra).  Mars and Jupiter (in exact) trine to Saturn again is a relentless hardline re: analyzation of use of any and all things.  He is known for being very anti-alcohol/drugs, which is obviously unusual in the world of S/D & R&R.

hairy dudes
Ted is a catalyst, provoking transformation over the haves/desires what is mine/ours axis of Taurus/Scorpio.  Not exactly a surprise, is it ?  Moon in Taurus (no deets, no orb) opposes Venus in Scorpio – both of which square focal planet Pluto Rx in Leo.  Pluto is death; Leo is life – square the Moon and Venus which are public favor or lack thereof.  Note Pluto in Leo is fixed as are the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, he is not changing anytime soon, regardless of what anyone thinks – just saying.

Lastly, Ted has Sagittarius Chiron (wounding/healing/teacher) square Saturn in Virgo indicating restless tension re: philosophies of teaching/hunting and conservation/limits as well as personal responsibilities re: same.  These are mutable signs, indicating he will listen – only if you have done your research, know the facts and have a valid argument – otherwise, forget it.

peace out
Gneiss Moon
Stranglehold in comments


photo 63Dark Goddess Tarot

Contemplating the Yin/Yin of Pluto in Capricorn as focal point, I drew a card to hone in on the energies.
Norse warrior goddess Freya popped up, which is ironic since I was just chatting cats with the creator of the Dothraki language.  Uranus BOLTs at work !

As an aside – look to Saturn and its aspects in your natal to see what Uranus and its aspects are Breaking You Free Of – very enlightening !

Ok, on to Freya, Norse goddess of the Vanir (nature deities). 
You can read previous posts re: Freya here and here.

Fascinating draw as fixed Uranus tries to control nature – this square to Pluto in Capricorn is delivering education re: USE/misuse/abuse of GMO’s, pollinators/bees, nuclear waste, poisons, etc… in spades with these Uranus Pluto squares.

Freya is asteroid 76, she can currently be found at 11 degrees Cancer – the sign of the Great Mother.  WoW.  Very cool.

She opposes 12 degree Pluto Rx in Capricorn, signaling a juggling of energies – between metamorphic renovation of old school ideology on Earth (Capricorn) and shared passion for protecting beauty and harmony via fair and loving partnership.

Freya squares Mars Libra – actions being taken in honor of partnerships, contracts and bonds leading to responsible active stewardship of our Mother, Gaia.

Freya squares Uranus at 16 Aries (which opposes Mars) – demanding intelligent methods of moving forward that also nurture that which is precious – LIFE.

Love is POWER made beautiful.

Freya appears on The Lovers card, signaling choice.
She choose the fallen ones who would be received in Valhalla at the table of Odin.

Choose LOVE
Choose PEACE




photo 60Enchanted Map Oracle

Feeling quite a bit of pain today from a ton of yard work yesterday.  Understandable since Mars aggravates, rules sharp pains and is opposite Uranus which rules pain spasms.

I drew a quick card for current aspects, got bone collector.  Apt as Capricorn rules bones & Pluto is doing the metamorphose mambo in that house – and under a difficult T-Square with two very powerful planets.

My pain is located in my left knee (past/Capricorn) and right ankle
(future/Uranus).  Obviously, I am having trouble finding balance between the two.  Working on it…

On to The Bone Collector…
She is a great image, yes ?  Friendly and radiant in the desert of aged Capricorn – a wise sage who is both learned, quick & perceptive.
This card reminds us to break away from past conditioning, former wounds (Chiron Rx soon) and unlearn bad habits.

The truth is you are a powerful being with unlimited possibilities.

Be aware & work this in your favor.
The past doesn’t define you – YOU DEFINE YOU.


Communication Lunation

photo 7Tarot of the Origins

December 17
Full Moon Gemini 23 degrees [Opposite Sun/Galactic Center]
3:28am CST, USA

Uranus Direct 8 degrees Aries

3 T-Squares
1 Mars
2 Uranus
3 Pluto as focal points – internal stress points

Cards above read Left to Right – intent for clarity and direction
1 – 2
3 – (spirit)

1 – Mars 4 Libra: Environment of the Soul (Sun and Moon involvement) 
Lightning in the atmo & a shaman to bear witness.  Fruitful meditations.  Love overflowing.

2 – Uranus direct 8 Aries: Environment of Nature (Jupiter and Pluto involvement)
Earth support on rainy days.  Advancing into the wild unknown with solemn courage.

3 – Pluto 10 Capricorn: Age of Nature (Mars and Uranus involvement)
A child with an Odin, a natural stone of protection and luck.  A happy development.

Spirit – Stone of the Soul: Shaman magick in a circle of dolmen.  Truth surrounds Us.

More on this Gemini Full Moon, Uranus direct etc… later ! (Lunch over)
Lots of good aspects hopping on board at this Communication Lunation !



BirdsbabyBirds 011Gneiss Moon

This Uranian bird totem is right on time.  Oddly enough I don’t see them often, and usually at dawn or less frequently dusk – in broad daylight is rare. 
There ya go, Sun opposite Uranus square Pluto at work in the bird kingdom.

Heron balances emotions (water), thoughts (air) and the practical (earth) through quiet vigilance, making it a sign of jack-of-all-trades work.  This solitary bird wades deep into the subconscious world, peering with keen insight into the emotional well of souls, unlocking the doors of perception, following its own inner guidance. 

It only joins others during migration or breeding season, otherwise, it is solitary. Patience and knowing when to strike are hallmarks of heron medicine, as is an independent spirit that insists on taking charge, exploring new territory.  Heron balances on one leg (often while sleeping), signaling a need for standing up for oneself while also counterbalancing the weight of the other.

Bennu, meaning to shine, to rise, was the sacred bird of Heliopolis, the soul of Ra, the quintessence of rebirth.  Greeks renamed the Bennu, calling it the phoenix (Pluto). The planet Venus was called the Morning star of the ship of the Bennu-Asar. 
Note: New Moon in Venus-ruled Libra tomorrow.

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I bounce.

“in the house of the undying” Daniel Danger
Daniel DangerIn the House of the Undying

“Be a light unto yourself; betake yourselves to no external refuge. Hold fast to the Truth. Look not for refuge to anyone besides yourselves.”
– Buddha’s final words

Venus into Scorpio is coming to conjunct :: Saturn/North Node both at 8 degrees ::
(note: eight is regeneration, strength) while in trine to Neptune  – full tilt dream manifestation, walking in a waking dream, artistic urges off the scale, healing through creation.

The big picture is just that – A BIG MENTAL PICTURE – Mercury opposes Uranus Rx (lower and higher octaves of though/ comms, respectively) with regenerative, metamorphic Pluto Rx as the focal planet holding down the fort in ambitious Capricorn.

Funneling the higher realms of spirit/messages/etheric realms into and onto the material plane is requiring INTENSE FOCUS.
It is a STRUGGLE to EMERGE with both POWER and BALANCE.
Uranus and Pluto are retrograde – meaning these inward seeking missives are hard to give words to – they are flashes of KNOWING, insight and complete comprehension followed by detachment and freedom to roam to the next genius idea.

Thoughts are coming in quickly and picking UP warp speed – keep a writing utensil handy, grab the genius as it flies by before you lose it !

Tension with others lies between houses Aries and Libra.
SELF and OTHERS – how do we relate to one another ?
We juggle and share via COMMUNICATION.

Inner tension lies within house Capricorn as it relates to the former on a personal level.
How do we USE what we have to move FORWARD into our BEST FUTURE (Pluto sextile [opportunity] Saturn, NNode, Neptune) into more a spiritually enlightened space ?

Houses Pisces and Scorpio will open new doors for you.
Navel gazing (Venus) with Neptune (day and night dreams) and uncovering all possibilities via deep psyche probes – with particular attention to metamorphosis of perceptions of authority, justice and the past – brilliant !
Work it.

Venus and Capricorn energy is fairness, responsibility, love across time, the architecture of love and creativity, karma and the grace of simplicity – add this to North Node of Destiny and we are acutely aware of the paths laid before us.

The choice is rebirth.
Bounce. (Neptune rules)
Be it Light !


That’s right . . .

Tsaheylu is a Na’vi word meaning a bond (neural connection).  This bond takes place when two creatures of Pandora connect their queues. On the Na’vi, it looks like hair, but is in fact an extension of the nervous system.
Instances where this bond occurs are those between a Na’vi and their direhorse, their mountain banshee or ikran (which will fly with only one hunter in their whole life), and during mating Na’vi connect their queues to create a strong, emotional, and lifelong bond.

Make the Bond !

Neytiri: Now you choose your ikran. This you must feel inside. If he also chooses you, move quick, like I showed. You will have one chance, Jake.
Jake Sully: How will I know if he chooses me ?
Neytiri: He will try to kill you.
Jake Sully: Outstanding.

Scorpio (Pluto rules) is soul-bonding through struggle.
Struggles of power and control, helplessness and surrender, obsessions, secrets and desires.

Soul bonds are not only sunshine and lilies – they are blood and guts as well.

Scorpio and Pluto signal transmutation through death or near-death, living through the deep nuclear fission of personal psychoanalysis, the little death of sexual orgasm, qi turned inward to grow into powerful supernova wizard magick.  Nova is new in Latin.

Plutonians defiantly RISE UP – they phoenix – miraculously remaining steadfast and loyal to the quest though the very fires of hell scorch them to cinders and ash.

Scorpions have fixed desires.
They will not let go.
Strong Plutonics will forcibly create metamorphosis when none is available, they cannot live without it.  Divine will dictates.

Scorpio / Pluto energies manifest healing through deep core soul-mining.
Moon transiting Saturn and North Node in Scorpio was richly. . .
surprising, and powerfully rewarding as I felt compelled to strengthen a bond.

Memories and emotional moon (growing to full) keenly felt the pull to heal across time. The desire to form a bridge from the past into the future was satisfyingly intense in execution – a rolling thunder of metamorphosis growing to volcanic eruption.

Emotional shifts of perception were off the scale here at Casa Luna.
Symptom of North Node trine Mercury in Leo + water trine with Jupiter intensifying Moon-ruled matters from her home base, Cancer, while in opposition to Pluto.
It is my hope you felt healing in your home as well.

These are tiny items on my desk, along with Yoda (not pictured).
Ganesha, time turner (one buck goodwill), crystal ball.
My mind is always turned towards metamorphosis, changes and divination regarding both in order to retain balance. My meditation zen zones are divination, music, cleaning and mowing the lawn. Yah, I know, mowing…weird – symptom of Sag Mars (walking blades) quintile Virgo (neat freak) Uranus from the backdoor.

Scorpio territory can be rife with land mines – with Saturn in house in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn – we have more options because we get the warnings, can feel the earth shifts rumbling in from the distance.

Better the devil you know
This is why I divinate…to locate the land mines.
I also divinate in order to find clarity and for confirmation of private matters I do not wish to speak of.  Example:  3 years ago I drew almost all wands in a ten card reading prior to what was very nearly a panic attack.
I saw it coming and managed the mischief.

During this aspect of mutual reception + water trine we can FEEL our way out of precarious situations.
Even if you do not divinate daily, you will be more in tune, going with the flow, you will be IN THE ZONE under this sky.

Tap your power, find your sweet spot, USE it to your advantage.

Breath of the Night Mystical Oracle

These two cards landed on the first house position in this morning’s Grand Tableau.
For those of you who do not study Lenormand, the first house is:

The Rider: messages, news
Time: Time means something very special to me, and to that I hold.
Tree: As above/So below (roots/branches), health, a loOong time, karma.

This one’s for you.
You know who you are.
amin mela lle

droppin no eaves

Jupiter in the last degree of Gem Gem 
:: Gem & 3rd house rule neighbors ::
and mine showed up to help me carve my 12 foot hedge. 

While slicing, it occurred to me that Mercury (hearing, speaking) Rx in a few
Saturn (listening) direct in a few
while Jupes is in the last degree of Gemini (curious, gossip) . . .

Pulling into Merc stations & truth pops out, every time.

Ps. Gem rules hands; Jupiter rules largess; Mars scissors; Mercury rules bells
How great is this tune for Jupes at 29 Gem ?!