photo 60Enchanted Map Oracle

Feeling quite a bit of pain today from a ton of yard work yesterday.  Understandable since Mars aggravates, rules sharp pains and is opposite Uranus which rules pain spasms.

I drew a quick card for current aspects, got bone collector.  Apt as Capricorn rules bones & Pluto is doing the metamorphose mambo in that house – and under a difficult T-Square with two very powerful planets.

My pain is located in my left knee (past/Capricorn) and right ankle
(future/Uranus).  Obviously, I am having trouble finding balance between the two.  Working on it…

On to The Bone Collector…
She is a great image, yes ?  Friendly and radiant in the desert of aged Capricorn – a wise sage who is both learned, quick & perceptive.
This card reminds us to break away from past conditioning, former wounds (Chiron Rx soon) and unlearn bad habits.

The truth is you are a powerful being with unlimited possibilities.

Be aware & work this in your favor.
The past doesn’t define you – YOU DEFINE YOU.



photo 58Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Incoming Sagittarius FULL Moon is a wild ride yeah ?
I pulled a couple of cards for clarity, since we are under a Moon Neptune square aka illusion, spiritual, slippery emo fish.
The above is the insight, the below the underbelly.
(Moon rules the belly.)

Freedom and the blade of individual truth SING under this moon.
Please note tweet on sidebar via Sagittarius wild thing Dominic.

Following old methods BLINDLY is not for an I SEE Full Moon.
Wild innovation and invention is zinging popping & cracking with Mars powering forward in artistic Libra headlong into an opposition with Aries Uranus, the genius inventor on steroids.

The established walls of propriety (Mars and Uranus square Pluto in old school Capricorn) are obviously being stormed by the discontented following their own beliefs.  

How dare !  Freedom ? ! !

This card indicates a blade (Mars/Libra – idea) to the head (Aries) – upturning your sitch to SEE it from an altered perspective.
Shift both Mental & Emotional viewpoints – spirit and physical will indeed follow their lead…

photo 59Our underbelly.
A cage, a prison cell and the stifled creativity of a caged bird who refuses to give up on life, spirit or love.  Oddly enough Venus is exalted in Pisces, despite how this card looks, Venus sings in this sign.

This card indicates a love of knowledge through experience – spirit willingly steps into earthbound material lessons in order to polish the rough spiritual form into a faceted diamond.

We sealed the deal (Venus opp Saturn) prior to incarnation – now we test our mettle, or strength of spirit – are we capable of fulfilling the promise we made to ourselves before we passed through the gate ?   


regeneration, refortification

photo 52Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Quick draw to add definition to Mars as it slowly closes in on opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto.  (Mars reaches 18 degrees early July)
FYI: Next hit of Uranus square Pluto is in mid-December.

Obviously work the energies, the growth available during squares to your advantage.  Cancer Jupiter moves to square North Node of Destiny in Libra, reaching exact in the middle of June.

Gemini/Mercury rule hands – as Mercury goes retro, first in Cancer, then into Gemini we have a chance to refurbish all things house Gemini.  Mutable signs feel the squeeze, need to mentally hustle while air signs feel a bit of relief.

Through June, Mars tracks over 9-17 degrees Libra setting opposition aflame in house Aries again.  Others deliver lessons to Mars while Pluto tears down old ways of dealing to restructure and rebuild NEW ways of dealing with Mars energies.  Think balance, harmony rather than passive, aggressive – play fair.

Squares are meant to deal us intense personal growth – uncomfortable and difficult – but oh so WORTH IT.  Mars in Cardinal and triggering Shaman square Wizard is an opportunity to use energy wisely to propel forward through the past.   Use your head and your hands.

photo 53Tarot of the Origins

House of stone, shelter.
Definition of Neptune Rx was the question here.
Nailing Neptune is difficult, but this one is easy.
You are your home, your heart and what and who you love.  Also physical changes form with each incarnation, spirit remains.

My transits are bringing this lesson home in spades.  Psychosomatic stuff, working through remnants of the past, slowly but surely.

Early mutables feel this one, water signs feel the flow.

Also: Saturn Rx (shelter, fort) and Pluto Rx are still in mutual reception.  AKA working together to help us decide what is worth gleaning from the past  as well what is worth letting go of.  This is regeneration and refortification simultaneously in houses Scorpio and Capricorn.
Energy of one thing produces another completely new thing.
Our world will be totally changed, transformed.


Soul to Soul

Stevie Ray.

A1 incredible talent, stunningly groundbreaking blues guitar.

Not surprisingly, Stevie had Neptune as focal planet of a powerful T- square.

Libra Neptune (music, guitars) square Jupiter (exalted) and Uranus (highly innovative) tightly conjunct in Cancer (emotive, blues); Neptune square Mars (exalted) in Capricorn.  Serious powerhouse for gut – wrenching ::: put you on your knees ::: blues.

Libra Sun and Neptune soaking up and pouring out the creative Venusian arts.
Moon in Sagittarius big enough for a Texan to roam far and wide.

Strong Scorpio – also not surprising – Mercury conjunct Saturn – spot on communication Soul to Soul.  
What is blues if not karma served up on a platter, mmm . . . ?
Pluto is packin’ heat from the house of Leo which rules the heart.

Venus also in Scorpio – love and sexual desires stroked into a lush musical fabric textured, dense and complex . . . most definitely.
Specialized talents, spiritual gifts : Sun quintile Jupiter and Uranus – hugely innovative intuitive creativity.  Mercury quintile Mars : powerhouse passionate drive to communicate intense experiences via his instruments – guitar and voice.
Mars quintile Saturn (while exalted in Capricorn) : penetrating artistic achievement – fame long-term recognition for work and craft
Saturn quintile Pluto : mysterious warrior / lover, seductive earthy tantric guitar vibe   

Stevie battled his addictions – sensitive Neptunians often do, and Stevie’s guitar sings his sorrows so seductively . . .


Gnarly Neptune

Scott Hove

How bizarre is THAT ? ! 
Uranus is in freaky flux and I find these modified pimp my Stripper Stilettos ?!
They are mixed media, “absurd fake cake” sculptures with spikes & teeth !
Strangely appealing to my 11th house Neptune square Venus/Jupes in Leo.     

My giant Neptuner (most aspected) in Scorpio doesn’t give a wing-ding about shoes. (Pisces,12th and Neptune rule feet)  My utilitarian style tends towards black lace-up boots & stealth converse.  I do have some light up flip-flops, yeah I know, woo woo.

Functional switch blade in the rear, lol. 
Hello ! 

These remind me of the time years ago…I was at the state fair wandering around on a muggy night after a Def Leppard show, I saw an enormous sterling silver biker ring, hands clasped – when I opened it a giant silver boner popped out – omg I laughed so hard !   I was unexpectedly embarrassed and got all tongue tied – the carny was getting a kick out of watching me squirm.  It was so completely unexpected and beyond ridiculous, I loved it !  
So bizarre. 

So Scorpio.
Sensational !
Also, in the sky, the T- square closes with Libra Mars opposite Aries Uranus and both square Pluto Rx in Capricorn.  Energy is tense – situations involving *love money and creativity*  are rising to a boiling point –  think metamorphosis !    Bob and weave, light on your feet !  Libra house can balance – that Mars will bend a bit – use it !

Cancer Sun squares Libra Saturn – feelings of restrictions on the above.*
Keep walking, talking (Mercury quintile Saturn) trudging through the swamp (Chiron and Neptune retro in Pisces trine Saturn) and it will literally work itself out.

Moon slips into Toro soon at 6:30pm CST, USA – trine Pluto – earth to earth. 
Spa yourself, relax, eat well.  Get your zen on.
Feed your metamorphosis in self-nurturing ways – be creative !


All Aboard !

 Iron Man, Ozzy Osbourne

A new friend (microbiologist) asked me to look up Ozzy and expound upon his longevity as found in the OZ natal chart.  We had a curious discussion about Ozzy’s career, a near fatal crash on a 4 -wheeler, hams flying across the fence at loud neighbors, and Ozzy’s genome being studied.  See the TEDMED genome talk here.  Speaking of his resiliency, hilarious as usual, Sharon says, ” I have always said, at the end of the world there will be roaches, Ozzy and Keith Richards.”

I like Ozzy, an old friend of mine was an Ozzy / Sabbath freak so I grew up hearing lots and lots of him.  All my Ozzy is on cassette and a bit draggy, the one Sabbath record I had was so party worn it was in another bands sleeve with a piece of notebook paper slapped on the front that said Sabbath in black sharpie.  I know who has it – did it start their vinyl mania – ? – haha I like to think so.  x

Well, of course, for longevity, it helps to have a decent amount of Capricorn or Saturn.  He does.  Mars tightly conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn and Moon (not conjunct).  All three trine Saturn in Virgo.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn, while conjunct Jupiter which expands what it touches – Ozzy has energy and a lot of it – Mars in Capricorn is like time -release capsules of energy, lol.  It means stamina and energy over the long haul, climbing Denali type obstacles one step at a time.

Ozzy is a Sagittarius with Mercury and Chiron oriental (rising before Sun) both of which square Saturn which causes friction and restriction with the mind (Ozzy has dyslexia)and ego – negative thinking, tendency to melancholy, low self- esteem that sort of thing.
(In the TEDTALK above, Ozzy mentions a hindered sense of smell, which Mercury rules.)  His ace in the hole – Pluto the metamorph trines his Sagittarius Sun from Leo, he has heart and the strength of will to overcome any difficulty through perseverance.

Drug use, well that is Neptune square Moon and Mars in Capricorn, and Capricorn is long-term.  Clean and sober now, Ozzy has survived 40 years of abuse.  Neptune sextiles Sun and Pluto (which trine each other), so the opportunity to pull through and regenerate is right there in his natal.  Sun is life – trine Plutonic regeneration.

Scorpio Venus sextiles Moon, Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn; as well as Saturn in Virgo.  Obviously Sharon is a major positive influence in his life, he credits her for saving him when she offered to become his manager in the late 70’s.  Ozzy’s Venus trines his 29th degree Uranus in Gemini.  Hilarious.  Venus (wife, Sharon) tossed a leg of ham (odd and frankly hilarious) at the neighbors (Gemini) for being loud and annoying.  Classic.  It’s here if you wanna watch – F bombs galore, etc… – nsfw, this is the Osbournes after all, so fair warning.

Also Ozzy’s Uranus in Gemini is a help to the Saturn square to Mercury because Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, placed in the sign Mercury rules.  He is communicator, albeit an unusual one, known for being a bit eccentric.

Case in point: When transiting Mars was coming to conjunct his natal Neptune (Jan ’82)which squares his natal Mars and Moon, we had the bat incident.  Mars is bite; Uranus, bats (sonar + flight), Neptune is illusion – and Ozzy bit the head off a bat someone threw onstage and had to undergo a series of painful preventative rabies shots.  It qualifies as something Uranian, or unusual, and the rumor (Gemini) was a wild one !  Neptune sextiles both his Sun and Pluto – so he did garner one hell of a rep, lol.  Ozzy thought it was plastic, ( Neptune, oy ! bad Neptune ) bit the head off and of course, Uranus rules surprises !  Poor guy, you know afterwards his Mercury square Saturn wonders wtf was I thinking ?!  …eh, everyone makes mistakes. !

Hang tough Ozzy, we love ya

peace out