Power of Three

brain stealersStephan Hickman

June 12 Full Moon 22 Sagittarius
11:11pm Chicago
June 13
Rio 1:11am
London 5:11am
Kyoto 1:11pm
Wellington 4:11pm

The Power of Three.
Full Moon in Sagittarius speeds arrows of enlightenment via communications, astute observations – both mental & emotional to house centaur.  

Moon reaches trine to Uranus prior to full lunation – passionate emotional inspirations incoming – self awareness in spades.  

Mars is driving into both a square to Pluto and an opposition with Uranus – internal growth forces creative new directions through USING your past as a grinding stone.  

KNOW who YOU are ?  

Mars delineates self via relationships in Libra – while Aries Uranus won’t take the bit.  Fun times !

Venus opposing Saturn Rx sets up a fixed resolution between wants & desires re: love, money, artistic and relationship realms.  Power sharing will be shed or stabilize in tandem with this lunation.

Are you going on the next leg of the tour ?  

Soon we shall SEE….

Peace GMA

7 thoughts on “Power of Three

      • Neptune is always bizarro in my world and I am living proof of this fact 🙂

        How strong is your Mercury? You have a very clever unique writing style!

      • Thank you, kind of you to say. Sorta like I get word vomit comets from the aether. (backdoor Sag Mars Q Uranus)
        Libra Mercury conj MC.
        Just the facts ma’am. ala Jack Webb – that’s the Virgo stuff. heh

        Where are your Neptuner and Merc ?

  1. My Nep and retro Mercury are part of a grand conjunction/stellium with my Scorp sun in the 9th house. I also have Pisces intercepted in the first and Pisces south node as well. I also have Merc ruled Moon in Gemini( cool post coming soon) and a Gem IC.

    • Explains why I was getting Gem vibes. I have Saturn in 3 (Placidius), a number of Gems have shown up here + just as many Uranians that flew the coop, lol. Glad to have another Scorpy… and looking forward to your post.

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