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Heather Hansen

Fantastic body art for Capricorn Venus Rx !
(Saturn rules Cap is the body; Venus art)

Moon in Libra (art, beauty,diplomacy) coming to oppose Uranus, square Pluto /Venus Rx in Capricorn (two more degrees until she stations direct 10 days from now).  Insights, instincts, intellect sharp – changes desired re: relationships, money, work will be on point, obvious.
Aha ! eureka moments incoming via another – relationships, working together, the dawn of understanding. 

Moon will then trine Mercury in Aquarius, conjunct Mars in Libra, close the square to Pluto /Venus Rx..  Inventive, creative communications are powered up – use eccentric ideas wisely, detach from overblown sentimentality (square Jupiter Rx in Cancer) think instead expanding philosophies, ethics, learning and teaching possibilities.

Moon into Scorpio
Thursday 23 3:43pm CST, USA

Libra is Venus ruled – that means not only women (Moon), art, but money as well. 
Changing the conceptualization of money in the brainpan creates dramatic shifts in how our relationship to $$$ feels – which leads to changes in how we handle money outwardly.  Check out these savvy gals as they reveal in bullet-point style how they changed their mindsets, took control and began to prosper.  Great lead in to Scorp Moon as well – other people’s money, sharing of resources. 

Marie Forleo  Follow up post here.
Kate Northrup

I love my work – both jobs, my full time position as well as what I create here at GMA.
I want more money resources so I can 1. help myself  2. help others.  Uranus/Pluto in square is hitting home for me (I am Virgo Sun/Uran/Plu 9) in re: to serving others that are less fortunate. My Leo Venus/Jupes 8 squares Neptune 11, and I not only want to help others, I need to.
Uranus and Pluto in square is calling all humanitarians forward into the light.  For far too long greedy corps have sucked our people and world dry of all resources.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
Jimi Hendrix [paraphrasing, William Gladstone]

peace & love


Julian Lennon

(edit. bulk of this post originally posted 6.1.12.)*

I have loved Julian since Valotte, have written about him here at least twice before, but only just today* looked at his natal chart.  Julian recently released Everything Changes, his first album since 1998.  He is active in charity work including his own White Feather Foundation (named for something his father told him), he produced Whaledreamers, a doco about an aboriginal tribe in Australia and its special relationship to whales. (wiki)
My library has it, love it !  He has been making music and creating for 30+ years, if you want to start from the beginning, go to Hey Jules for all sorts of groovy backstories.

Timothy White Photography

While snapping photos during a surprise visit on his brother (pictured above) Sean’s 2007 tour, Julian began to take photography more seriously.  With encouragement from his friend, photographer Timothy White (see link above), Julian had his first, highly successful photography exhibition “Timeless” in NYC in 2010.

Timeless, (above) was taken while on tour with Sean.  It most definitely speaks to my 12th house Sag Mars. . .traveling the open road at night. Obviously it speaks to Julian’s 12th house Aries/Jupiter as well.  I love it !

I had to include Blue Moon, (below), yet another favorite of mine which had me dreaming in cerulean blue for several nights. Julian’s landscapes, particularly the clouds (Neptune rules, angular in 7th, strong) feel like gentle tides which build to a roar of surf – heady heartfelt moments of insight into our Mother Earth…powerfully, quietly taking care of business.

Prints of Julian’s collections are available here.

Love this pic of Julian below  – composition, color + pop in a couple of mystical glyphs  on a handsome fella and we’re good, people.

Rune: (Birch) Berkano, stillness, sanctuary, strength via rebirth – earth goddess
Jupiter: exploration, enthusiasm, optimism, truth, luck and growth

Some wingnut tried to rise my ire a coon’s age ago about Julian’s astro.  I knew the minute I saw this pic he already knew his score.**  Also, for the nutters out there  pitching fits and smacking the term ‘illuminati’ (means enlightened, not the evol ) on everything  symbolic, get a library card, try reading a few books please and thank you.

Julian is Aries Sun, born under a gibbous (nearly full; strong) Libra Moon.  Exalted Aries Sun opposite Libra Moon is ego self vs the public persona (Moon).  The desire for perfection, and the expectation of culmination must be balanced with the realization that compromise and co-operation is the way to highest potential.  Strength through working and playing well with others is key.

Being at odds with how the public (moon) perceives him is a large undertaking in this lifetime – his Libra Moon (others) opposes Aries Sun (self) and  **Jupiter on the high octane 0 degrees Aries point.  He is dealing with 4 strong oppositions involving Sun, Moon and Venus.  Creative expression is inherently a juggling act of awareness and compromised relationships with others.  Collaboration, when sought, is likely very rewarding.

I mentioned Jupiter on the (Mars-ruled) Aries point – it is trine Mars in Leo which is powering his whole chart with creativity from the 5th – Mars also trines exalted Aries Sun.  Independent risk-taking, single-minded goals, extreme sports, being a cheeky monkey (his words) are all power driven by the need to have fun, explore, achieve and move on to the next goal.

Anything on the Zero degrees Aries point is a huge outrush of that planetary energy – Jupiter here exponentially expands vibrations of teaching, philosophy, understanding, healing (12th) through actions.

I have already been on this like hair on ape – if you wanna climb on the comparison  soapbox, I suggest you read this first.
Then find the door.  Alllrighty then.

Julian has Venus (art, creativity) exalted and conjunct Chiron in Pisces in trine to Scorpio Neptune Rx.  Obviously musically talented, creative and sensitive.  (Moon is also in a Venus ruled sign, Libra)
Julian’s Neptune Rx (inspired music, photography) squares Saturn (work and father: also the energy at MC) …honestly the comparisons are old for me – but for him..?  .sheesh.

Earlier this year I watched an interview segment where some idiot news hack inserted Beatles music throughout – infuriating – Julian has been recording his own music for 30 years.  He deals with grace, (mostly) he was rightly pissed off re: the above, as was I.

As any good astrologer will tell you, the aspects do not define you – how you deal with the aspects aka energy – defines you.
Positive or negative/attract or repel, it is entirely up to you.  Saturn/ Capricorn elevated with Mercury rising smack on ASC is a double-edged sword: constant comparisons of a child (Mercury) to his father (Saturn) but it is also profound patience and clever evasion tactics of same.

In addition, Saturn is in Aquarius and let’s face it, that can mean change-ups and separations with the father, who is likely a rebellious sort.  It can also mean genius  innovative work, switch hitting between diverse work interests, a strong humanitarian streak (see Whaledreamers) and a love of the earth and earthkind (see White Feather).

Julian is an Aries with a strong sense of self who can withstand all the goofy public opinions that have shadowed him.  Jupiter in Aries also delivers faith in personal abilities.  North Node in Cancer shows his path of nurturing, and growing into his own regarding feelings surrounding family.  (see comments)

Julian has Pisces Venus conjunct Chiron (harmony, healing with women, relationships)  opposite Uranus Rx / Pluto Rx conjunction in Virgo.  That can signal not only a need for personal freedom, but also the need to give it to others.  It signals perfectionism, or high standards (Uranus and Pluto are transpersonal) placed upon him (Venus is a personal planet) and his chosen art by others.  Venus opposite Pluto Rx will bring life – long metamorphosis involving not only love and creativity, but also money, peace of mind.  Read the wiki link above for the low-down on the money / will / heirloom trail; I am not going there, it irritates me he and his mother were treated this way.

Uranus is quintile (spiritual gifts) Neptune – this brings unusual Uranian style gifts, such as inspired musical talents, far out communication skills (betting on astral travel here), healing and compassion in addition to a well-spring of forgiveness.  Julian has lived his life under scrutiny and handled it very well in my opinion.
Uranus is also trine Mercury in Aries – Julian is not only quicksilver smart – with octaves of communication trine one another – he KNOWS (Merc trine Uran) he is talented in his own right, he has just been waiting for everyone else to catch up.

Here is a photo which elegantly represents the hands of a sensitive artist. Conic fingertips denote a spiritual, artistic, sensitive creator. Gemini on the second equals lovely hands and a lively creative mind.

Quickie asteroid round-up: Julian has transformative Sekhmet conjunct Sun; nature deity Freia conjunct ASC.

Head over to his instagram here if you are wondering what he’s looking at, he also pops into his fb account fairly regularly, look him up !
Yesterday Julian released a fantastic app that is worth every penny of $12 and then some – get it on his website here.

Love your work, Julian. xo

This one is dedicated to a billion Aqua Full MooOon children rolled into ONE.
I’ll pop one of the freshies in comments.




One Another’s Light

I do not know what brought me here
Away from where I’ve hardly ever been and now
Am never likely to go again.

Faces are lost, and places passed
At which I could have stopped,
And stopping, been glad enough.

Some faces left a mark,
And I on them might have wrought
Some kind of charm or spell
To make their futures work,

But it’s hard to guess
How one person on another
Works an influence.
We pass, and lit briefly by one another’s light
Hope the way we go is right.

Brian Patten
Peace & Love

Lunar Librans

Dream Idyll (A Valkyrie) 
Edward Robert Hughes 

::Moon in Libra::
See if you FEEL the influence of the decans as Moon moves through Libra.
(Moon enters Scorpio on Sunday 3:51pm CST, USA.)

Decans of Libra
1-10 degrees (now) : Venus ( beauty, refined, cultured, attractive and magnetic )
10-20 degrees : Uranus ( cerebral, fixed and disruptive, signals the odd )
20-30 degrees : Mercury ( versatile, dual, communicative boost )

Moon in Libra people possess an innate caring and sensitivity towards others.  They are changeable in artistic tastes, romantic relationships, and seek harmony in all relationships.

Bending to the will of others to avoid an argument is common.  

Libra Moons create beauty wherever they go and in all facets of life – fashion, art, books, film, music, architecture, all this and more are cultivated in the art world they surround themselves in.

They are sensitive with a need for peaceable surroundings in order to operate at their best. They make excellent diplomats – seeing both sides; both points of view – with the ability to peaceably compromise between two opposing forces.

Home tends to be artistic and a focus of importance where a personal oasis is formed to retreat from the public.  Moon is public, and so is 7th house – the other.  Moon in Libra folks would do well to balance professional public time – private time wisely.
Take time to recharge in beautiful comfortable surroundings : meditate, music, bells and smells – this helps Libra Moons find their center.

A few things Libra Moons must remain aware of / steer clear of: compromising too soon, vanity, laziness, vacillating, faulty motives, being judge and jury all in one.
The seventh house is also the house of open enemies, so best be aware of the scales of balance at all times and act accordingly.

Emotions are keyed into these Libran scales – watch the phases of the Moon and note personal fluctuations WITH HER for more insight into yourself, Libra moons.

Libra Moons are kind pleasant friends, attractive to the public at large, refined, charming and loving.
Enjoy our Libra moon, all …


You have been chosen.

Moon into Libra 12:35pm

Last night I watched Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and found myself wanting  deeper character and script development.  It was a good story but many things I was curious about were abandoned, never explored in the depth I hoped for. 

Raise the Red Lantern (above) still clocks in as my fave after years.  Visually rich, each scene framed to perfection – even the sounds of the lanterns being hung sticks with me. The women in the movie are emotionally rich, passionately breathing their solitary viewpoint into a tangled viper’s nest of multiple wives, jealousies, friendships and betrayals.

Each wife eagerly awaits the nightly lantern lighting and the loving attention it signals.  You have been chosen.  Food, wine and sex is forthcoming…
Is very Moon into Libra, yes…?
Emotional fluctuations between a house of wives, all revolving around choice.


I wanted to explore the concept of Laotong or bonded kindred sisters that Snow Flower described.  Chinese women, the Laotong or “Old-Sames” relationship was the most precious friendship bond. This was a more rare and formal relationship between women. A woman could only have one Laotong, and the bond was for life. (wiki)

Chinese astrological profiles of the girls were used for matching them, followed by the signing of a sealed legal contract.  Laotong often created a shorthand written language called Nu shu to communicate through written correspondence, a language only their sister could understand.   Fascinating !

I have Merc in Libra at MC and tons of Scorp energy, so secret signals and communiques are obviously way cool.  In fact, the sisters in Snow Flower wrote messages on the reverse folds of a fan.  Fans were once commonly held by fashionable women, and were an extension of body languageFlipping your fan closed meant irritation while fluttering was flirtatious.

Snow flower was married well due to her tiny lotus feet, a creepy Chinese tradition of foot binding that was at one time very attractive and desirable for the upper class Chinese.  I looked up the pictures and numbers – freaks me right out ! 

In the 19th century, some 40–50% of Chinese women had bound feet; for upper class women, the figure was almost 100%.   It is estimated that more than one billion Chinese women had their feet bound from the late 10th century to the mid-20th century.  Thankfully that torture was banned long ago, click on the link for more.

Horrifying – makes my Neptuner square Venus /Jupiter cringe !
Mars in Sag too – ugh !

Happy Libra Moon . . .

noble reflections

Four of Swords: Tarot Maximo

From the mailbag:
Is the moon in Libra a good sign when it comes to healing ?

Need a little more information here, but I will dive in anyway.   For physical issues, please read about the Moon Signs, Physical Rulership and Surgery here.  That will tell you a bit about scheduling healing according to moon phase.  Moon rules the breasts and stomach, Libra rules the kidneys and ovaries.

In a nutshell:  Find your balance – Moon and Libra are fluctuating / vacillating energies.

Please know that issues in the body are the end result of emotional and spiritual difficulties that are manifesting on the material plane at the physical level.  Vibrate to the highest level : each planetary, house and sign placement to relieve pain and suffering on all dimensions.

Emotional and spiritual healing I will go into here:

First thing to remember, Moon fluctuates and Libra is the scales of balance, the cosmic weighing of options – checks and balances.  Active balancing, fluctuating is at work here. Saturn (solid, bedrock, discipline, building foundations) is exalted in Libra: meaning a level playing field, pay dirt and justice (just us) is an underlying goal to strive for in this house.

Moon rules a Cardinal (action) water (emotional) house.  Libra is an Cardinal (action) Air (intellectual, communicative) sign, it is a Venus (love, harmony) ruled.

Matters of Moon in Libra will be naturally outgoing, expressive – you will take the reins and ride out to fetch emotional and spiritual balance in a kind and co-operative way with others.  Moon is the mother, women, the public, gardening, nurturing, cooking, family matters.  Venus is wife, lover, artist, the charming beauty.

If Moon is in opposition – it will reflect the energy of both the house and planet it opposes back to you.  For instance if Moon opposes Sun in Aries, Martian (rules Aries) qualities and Sun qualities others possess will be in your face over and over until a compromise is found.  Think awareness, peace talks and peaceful negotiations.

Oppositions are people stepping forward to reflect qualities you yourself must work on and improve upon in yourself.   Employ kindness and patience and negotiate – all strong Libra qualities.  Moon oppositions can mean hurt feelings, instincts rule Moon.  So first thing ::: stop and think before reacting.  *see trines below

Perception is key with Moon oppositions : Are you projecting self onto others ?  Rejecting them for the very qualities you yourself possess ?

Oppositions are on the same wavelength : 1st house is ME (self), 7th house is US (other).  Find the similarities and compromise – vibrate higher for success. Take the high road. Justice becomes just US.  The energies need to work as a team.

Think the Chariot tarot card: fast forward progress through opposing forces.
Yin / Yang

The New Tarot Deck

If Moon is in square this represents qualities that cause internal tension that forces you to change personal traits / habits and how you deal with the house and planetary energies involved.  For instance, Moon square Mars would indicate a need to find inner balance before letting emotional responses escalate.  The tendency to act impulsively and instinctively with anger would need management.

To help solve difficult aspects :

:::Find your Moon sextiles – house or planet either one – these are your places of opportunity to find successful expression of the planetary or house energy through another path – though it will require work and effort on your part, as sextiles are opportunities.

:::Find your trines – house or planet either one – the energies are more easily expressed (same element: fire trines fire, etc…) but they are also often taken for granted.  Raise awareness of the house that trines your Libra Moon (Gemini and Aquarius) and use the energies located there to your advantage *(thinking, learning, talking is Gemini; cerebral detachment, being creatively inventive is Aquarian), also work the house placement 1st. 2nd. 3rd etc…of these trines and sextiles into your repertoire.

Most of all, Moon indicates our feelings.  Crying babies need nurturing via their Moon sign. The same holds true for cranky adults – find Libran activities to help you over the hump – love, art, music, beautiful things, scents and surroundings will help. Nurturing and care is called for when Moon is under stress.
Best of luck…questions welcomed.


“Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a divine letter. You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that.”  ~Rumi


spirit & what matters

The Faeries Oracle – Brian Froud

stones: fluorite, prehnite

Quick reading for the day…
How do we best work the grand earth trine energies to the highest possible good of all ?

One Card Draw
36: Spirit Dancer:  Freedom of creative exploration and self- expression

This is a card of growth and experimentation, a vibe of expressing and expanding.
She is a card of discovery and depth of insight – for she sees what she awakens in others.  Spirit dancer indicates a time of creative personal power and releasing our inner core into the material plane.

Spirit Card
30: The Laume:  Freely giving and receiving, charity and generosity, good karma

This is a card of free energy exchange, balance, and paying good forward.  It is a card of being loving and giving, random acts of kindness and treating others as you wish to be treated.  The Laume gently reminds us that kindness is its own reward, and universal flow rights all imbalances. If you are spiritually stuck and feeling low, give unto others and the spirit of all earthkind will be lifted, and your own balance restored.


Very apt reading with Luna in Libra ~
The grand earth trine (steady, dependable long- term growth) and North Node in Sagittarius (the hopeful philosopher) support our explorations on the material plane.

Neptune (inspired creativity, spirituality) trine Saturn (earth, work, building) and sextile Venus conjunct Jupiter (super creative, kindness and generosity) is a very powerful aspect of divine creativity and channeling spirit into matter !

Moon (emotions) has some difficult aspects (opposite Mercury/Uranus + square Pluto) and Mercury nears retrograde, so communication energies are shifting ~

Work the earth trine, show patience and grace under pressure, turn inward for inspiration – for inspiration IS forthcoming lickety – split ~>