the beholder

Aquarius Moon opposes Mercury so I am thinking (science/ Aquarius) sight (Mercury) and instincts (Moon) – specifically, perceptions.

I have Mercury in Libra (Air, strong, social, intellectual) at MC sextile Jupiter in Leo 8.
 Mercury is already dual in nature, and it is tipping the scales of balance in my chart.
The trickster on the teeter totter ::::  wheeeEee  !

I like to play around (Leo plays) with perceptions, eye tricks.  I’m a huge fan of eye candy, lenticulars, 3D, holograms, optical illusions, stereograms. . . you get the drift.

Ever think how your Mercury is set up for perceptions and / or play ?

Mercury with ( or planet below in Virgo or Gemini )
Sun : love of communication, creativity
Moon : love of stories, imaginations
Venus : love of beauty, balance
Mars : love of problem solving, mechanical
Jupiter : love of philosophy, study
Saturn : love of reasoning, plans
Uranus : love of ideas, futuristic concepts
Neptune : love of mysticism, inspirations
Pluto : love of research, psychoanalysis


Do animals see in color ?

Very poor color vision: dogs, cats, mice, rats and rabbits
They see greys, some blues and yellows.

Good color vision: monkeys, ground squirrels, birds, insects, and many fish
 They see a fairly good range of color.

High color vision : Dig this !  Bees and butterflies can see colors that we can’t see. Their range of color vision extends into the ultraviolet. (source)

Humans only see a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum – which is enormous.

Small visible spectrum above, see ?

Bees and butterflies (both Mercury ruled) need to see more color, for the leaves of the flowers they pollinate have special ultraviolet patterns which guide the insects deep into the flower.   GroOovy, yeah ?

Moon is coming to conjunct Neptune (film & music) so am including both.
Fab Dead tune in comments, anyone knows me saw that coming at first pic. lol.

peace, love & eye candy

spirit & what matters

The Faeries Oracle – Brian Froud

stones: fluorite, prehnite

Quick reading for the day…
How do we best work the grand earth trine energies to the highest possible good of all ?

One Card Draw
36: Spirit Dancer:  Freedom of creative exploration and self- expression

This is a card of growth and experimentation, a vibe of expressing and expanding.
She is a card of discovery and depth of insight – for she sees what she awakens in others.  Spirit dancer indicates a time of creative personal power and releasing our inner core into the material plane.

Spirit Card
30: The Laume:  Freely giving and receiving, charity and generosity, good karma

This is a card of free energy exchange, balance, and paying good forward.  It is a card of being loving and giving, random acts of kindness and treating others as you wish to be treated.  The Laume gently reminds us that kindness is its own reward, and universal flow rights all imbalances. If you are spiritually stuck and feeling low, give unto others and the spirit of all earthkind will be lifted, and your own balance restored.


Very apt reading with Luna in Libra ~
The grand earth trine (steady, dependable long- term growth) and North Node in Sagittarius (the hopeful philosopher) support our explorations on the material plane.

Neptune (inspired creativity, spirituality) trine Saturn (earth, work, building) and sextile Venus conjunct Jupiter (super creative, kindness and generosity) is a very powerful aspect of divine creativity and channeling spirit into matter !

Moon (emotions) has some difficult aspects (opposite Mercury/Uranus + square Pluto) and Mercury nears retrograde, so communication energies are shifting ~

Work the earth trine, show patience and grace under pressure, turn inward for inspiration – for inspiration IS forthcoming lickety – split ~>


Oms & Draags

Moon is nearly full and opposite Mercury and Pluto.
I am feeling the weird, for sure.
Anxious expectation.
Full Moon Monday 1.9.2012 at 1:30am CST,USA

Moon and Priestess are frequent visitors in recent readings…
AND my Ganesha card was on the floor this evening.
Silent potential. 
The cosmos tells me obstacles need removing.

… and how are You fine folks ..?

Sun (creativity) is quintile (gifts) odd Uranus.
Venus conjunct Neptune the octaves of art in the sign of the strange, Aquarius.
Aquarius= Science, Neptune= Fiction

SoOo that’s my cue to head off to watch the winner of the special jury prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.
La Planète Sauvage   (The Wild Planet)
One of the best sci-fi animated movies ever.


More astro soon ~  peace out.