shells of the tribes

tumblr_lp2sinXExg1qizma6o1_500Bali: Brandon Hoover

Love this pic !  MILES of SMILES on these lovely ladies who are bursting with color and life.  My Mom (Sag rising on my Mars) and Sis (Toro Rising on my natal Moon) are here early for the holiday so this pic seemed apt for a Sagittarius (world traveler) Sun.

Jupiter Rx in Cancer leads to reflection on the tribe – globally and those you hang with privately – opposing Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, the seeking metamorphosis vibration is hashed out between you and those who are of long-standing partnerships and agreements through love/money/work.  Expansion-driven Jupiter moves to explore all cavities inside the shell, (re) consider, who has been witness to a lifetime of personal little deaths & little rebirths as they walk their own path beside/opposite you. 
A retrospective, retroactive navel gaze, if you will. 

Mercury/Saturn trine Jupiter Rx from Scorpio making transmutation and reformation of feelings re: family bonds and perceptions of them possible by creating the perceptual shift in the brainpan first. Mercury sextile Venus from fixed metamorphosis to cardinal go for the gusto can create a shift in the balance for the better if you make it happen.

Sag Sun square Chiron in Pisces is philosophy of healing explored and felt high qi if done properly – find the break and reset the bone – wounded healer knows how best to heal because they are the walking wounded themselves.  Let the spirit of understanding how the one side of you SEES the other side of you be your guide, your compass.  Seek the shift of perception that dwells in the polarities of yourself, make friends with both then find your healthy balance.   

Capricorn Venus trine Mars in Virgo – earth to earth – pure manifestation on the physical plane.  Instinctive forward thrust coupled with amped up think tank problem-solving in regards to any and all relationships/bond/contracts across all time dimensions.  See the patterns, organize and rally perceptual forces to streamline, usefulness mode.  Venus in Capricorn desires achievement, sets goals, has blinders on while climbing – Mars in Virgo is much the same, duty-bound and detailed, anticipating tasks before they arise.

Moon moves to oppose Aries Uranus from Venus-ruled Libra – with Mars trine Venus in Capricorn – heads up you have mail – a message incoming from your past !

In closing, a hearty thank you going out to all my readers, all those who have appeared here on these pages at GMA (obviously, I dig you), also thank you to those who are yet to come, I look forward to meeting all of you.  (deep bow)


spirit & what matters

The Faeries Oracle – Brian Froud

stones: fluorite, prehnite

Quick reading for the day…
How do we best work the grand earth trine energies to the highest possible good of all ?

One Card Draw
36: Spirit Dancer:  Freedom of creative exploration and self- expression

This is a card of growth and experimentation, a vibe of expressing and expanding.
She is a card of discovery and depth of insight – for she sees what she awakens in others.  Spirit dancer indicates a time of creative personal power and releasing our inner core into the material plane.

Spirit Card
30: The Laume:  Freely giving and receiving, charity and generosity, good karma

This is a card of free energy exchange, balance, and paying good forward.  It is a card of being loving and giving, random acts of kindness and treating others as you wish to be treated.  The Laume gently reminds us that kindness is its own reward, and universal flow rights all imbalances. If you are spiritually stuck and feeling low, give unto others and the spirit of all earthkind will be lifted, and your own balance restored.


Very apt reading with Luna in Libra ~
The grand earth trine (steady, dependable long- term growth) and North Node in Sagittarius (the hopeful philosopher) support our explorations on the material plane.

Neptune (inspired creativity, spirituality) trine Saturn (earth, work, building) and sextile Venus conjunct Jupiter (super creative, kindness and generosity) is a very powerful aspect of divine creativity and channeling spirit into matter !

Moon (emotions) has some difficult aspects (opposite Mercury/Uranus + square Pluto) and Mercury nears retrograde, so communication energies are shifting ~

Work the earth trine, show patience and grace under pressure, turn inward for inspiration – for inspiration IS forthcoming lickety – split ~>