Seven is an intellectual, metaphysical number that symbolizes choice and spiritual development.
Seven is a yang number representing an outgoing, expressive energy.
Ruled by Uranus, seven is the planet of liberation, freedom, rebellion, change, electricity, polarites, intuition, invention and eccentrics.

The number seven is mysterious and different, in that it is a prime number – it cannot be obtained by multiplying two smaller numbers together.  Seven corresponds with the tarot card The Chariot : moving forward through opposing (polarities) forces.

Seven corresponds with:
– seventh day of rest after creation
– seven days of the week
– seven days of Mercury in each sign (approximately) : lower octave of Uranus
– seven years of Uranus in each sign (approximately) : higher octave of Mercury

– seven days equals a moon phase (approximately) 4 x 7= 28 days in a month
seven rays

– stages of a female life : baby teeth at seven months, lose them at seven years: puberty at (2 x 7= )14 years: menopause at (7 x 7=) 49 years.

Seven life paths are mysterious, (sometimes considered aloof) seeking solitude in order to study, write and research.  They often experience many turning points and cycles of change in their lives; sevens re-evaluate.

The vibration of seven represents analytical and intellectual thinking, highly creative problem solving, and for this reason, many sevens rise to be innovators and inventors in their chosen field. They are capable of great concentration and insight, seeing into the unknown with surprising clarity.  They require space and solitude to cultivate their philosophical thoughts and hone their intellectual discoveries in privacy.

Sevens need to guard against too much isolation, independence and being too stubbornly closed off to others.  They need to hold fast to their unusual viewpoints while also remaining open to sharing them with others.  Sevens excel in learning, analyzation, meditation – they are hard-wired to grow intellectually and spiritually, often taking a great interest in occult and metaphysical studies.