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Heather Hansen

Fantastic body art for Capricorn Venus Rx !
(Saturn rules Cap is the body; Venus art)

Moon in Libra (art, beauty,diplomacy) coming to oppose Uranus, square Pluto /Venus Rx in Capricorn (two more degrees until she stations direct 10 days from now).  Insights, instincts, intellect sharp – changes desired re: relationships, money, work will be on point, obvious.
Aha ! eureka moments incoming via another – relationships, working together, the dawn of understanding. 

Moon will then trine Mercury in Aquarius, conjunct Mars in Libra, close the square to Pluto /Venus Rx..  Inventive, creative communications are powered up – use eccentric ideas wisely, detach from overblown sentimentality (square Jupiter Rx in Cancer) think instead expanding philosophies, ethics, learning and teaching possibilities.

Moon into Scorpio
Thursday 23 3:43pm CST, USA

Libra is Venus ruled – that means not only women (Moon), art, but money as well. 
Changing the conceptualization of money in the brainpan creates dramatic shifts in how our relationship to $$$ feels – which leads to changes in how we handle money outwardly.  Check out these savvy gals as they reveal in bullet-point style how they changed their mindsets, took control and began to prosper.  Great lead in to Scorp Moon as well – other people’s money, sharing of resources. 

Marie Forleo  Follow up post here.
Kate Northrup

I love my work – both jobs, my full time position as well as what I create here at GMA.
I want more money resources so I can 1. help myself  2. help others.  Uranus/Pluto in square is hitting home for me (I am Virgo Sun/Uran/Plu 9) in re: to serving others that are less fortunate. My Leo Venus/Jupes 8 squares Neptune 11, and I not only want to help others, I need to.
Uranus and Pluto in square is calling all humanitarians forward into the light.  For far too long greedy corps have sucked our people and world dry of all resources.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
Jimi Hendrix [paraphrasing, William Gladstone]

peace & love

Leo Lovelight

Moon is in Scorpio

Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx
In Pisces 

Mine your soul – tap your deepest feelings
whip UP your own brand
of spiritual healing

Inner still Waters
Cosmic Sea Waters

go with your feelings – INtuition is sharp
5 retrogrades are looking within

Mercury Rx and Leo Sun
Trine Uranus Rx
and North Node

Feed your electric soul
your heart
create your thoughts with positive faith
possibilities are power

Boldly Captain your own Moon ship
deep Scorpio waters

YOU chart YOUR course
feel your way

Mentally Map
then Manifest

Venus trine Saturn
quintile Uranus Rx

Working thoughts and crafting balance
pride of journey and self
Leo Lovelight

a zing of courage & light of positive fire
from unexpected quarters

Neon Hopper brings
Fast Forward progress
and a
Light in Dark Places


peace & progress 

Way of the Dragon

Lee Jun Fan
Bruce Lee.
Respect !

Way of the Dragon, indeed.
Born in the hour of the dragon, in a metal dragon year – double dragon is extremely powerful, very auspicious.  Dragon rules the energetic morning hours between 7-9am.  Unpredictable, ambitious, opinionated, outspoken and lucky are traits of dragon hours.

Metal dragon of 1940 is a gleaming sword.  Future – oriented, decisive and natural – born leaders, metal dragons are fair and honest.  Lessons to learn are tact, flexibility, relaxation.

I haven’t been as stunned by a natal chart since I saw the grand water trines of Nostradamus.

Bruce Lee’s powerful Pluto is packing a punch as focal planet of several T-Squares.
Pluto forces the personal will and outward energies of Mars  to a higher octave.

Pluto is divine will – implosive power and force channeled, focused into explosive extremes of energy that manifest in outward metamorphosis.

Bruce channeled this magical transformative Plutonic energy into extraordinary physical prowess.  Onscreen he led the globe to recognize the spiritual beauty and grace of martial arts.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Hong Kong, Bruce had appeared in 20 films by age 18.  Bruce moved back to the states when he turned 19, majoring in philosophy at the University of Washington, Seattle.

In later years he practiced, taught and wrote of the evolution of his way of martial arts, which he called Jeet Kune Do, “The Way of The Intercepting Fist.”

Bruce read and wrote extensively his thoughts about physical combat, the psychology of fighting, the philosophical roots of martial arts, and about motivation, self-actualization and liberation of the individual. (source)

Bruce Lee was a 12th house Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
Intense, unusual spiritual quest was definitely on the menu with this 11th house stellium. Nearly all his personal planets are ruled by his focal planet, Pluto.

Bruce was creative power incarnate.  Leonine Pluto taps into the center of being , the power of WILL in tandem with the strength of the heart: spirit, honor, kindness and generosity.

His winning card – Sag in 12th has secret allies – his Sun is trine the house Sun naturally rules, Leo.  He shines brilliant spiritual fires of the phoenix from a dark well of Plutonic power which rests on the 8th, the house Pluto naturally rules.

Scorpio fixates, obsesses, probes and penetrates the mysteries fearlessly tapping the still waters of the soul seeking control.  Sun in trine to Pluto learns self-control, then teaches the philosophy to others. Eleventh house stellium packed with Scorpionic power shares intellectual enlightenment gleaned from within for the betterment of earthkind.

The creative 5th house & intellectual 11th house axis is activated – what I have opposes what we have. Bruce wanted artistic control of teaching and communicating his way of Jeet Kune Do, financial gain was not paramount, the spiritual way of martial arts (Neptune 10 conj MC) life was most important to him.

Stealth in the 12th ~>  Sag Sun trines Pluto: his aim to bring spiritual insight to the masses – a public display of personal power controlled, harnessed ~> superhuman force applied with spiritual discipline to achieve enlightenment and transcend personal limitations.  Note Sun quintiles MC as well.  Mars rules his creative 5th house: action hero, onscreen.

Taurean Uranus trines Virgo Neptune in the 10th at MC – earth plane manifestation of unusual zen principles – martial arts philosophy was woven into his daily life, spirituality was Bruce was spirituality.  Graceful precision of movement on film was his destiny.

Libran North Node quincunx Saturn, quite possibly he knew the toll intense overwork (Saturn conjunct Jupiter) would have on the physical vehicle, but felt he was unable to comply with normal standards of rest.  He needed to share, he sought peace and balance through work, his art.  Uranus is restless in Venus- ruled Taurus, stillness must be continually cultivated, and it does not come easy.

Bruce had Uranus quintile Pluto – his talents and spiritual gifts had a profound impact on the world – he helped introduce gung fu to the world through teaching martial arts.


Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.


Not being tense but ready.
Not thinking but not dreaming.
Not being set but flexible.
Liberation from the uneasy sense of confinement.
It is being wholly and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.
~ Bruce Lee



Bono vox

Hello everyone
My vinyl has a front row seat since I ditched the search for the holy grail of ipod decks.  Haha don’t worry, we’re not goin’ there.  I am spinning the Red Rocks show, ’bout wore it right out in highschool…I was dating a Sagittarius then, but we’re not gonna go there either. nope. Just know I have sworn off ’em for life.

May I introduce Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono.
I knew he was Toro, but I took another look, a closer look.

WoW –  a kite, of course (an on target aspect for power and focused creativity), Moon Neptune conjunction in Scorpio (family man, quiet and deeply sensitive towards the public, wants to heal – North Node and Chiron in Virgo the public servant adds to this) as the apex opposite Sun, Mercury, Venus conjunction.

Obviously a very powerful singer (Taurus rules the throat, Venus rules Toro) Bono is a man whose very nickname means ‘good voice’ in latin – Bono Vox is an alteration of Bonavox.

Jupiter and Pluto sextile his Moon Neptune conjunction.  Pluto is very well aspected  making him a powerful provoker of positive change.  Jupiter in Capricorn uses its powerful position in life in philosophical ways in order to benefit others.  It is an expansive social responsiblity aspect.  I gotta mention again how much I love this Sag/Cap energy – idealism & expansion coupled with restraint.

Mars in the last degree of Pisces is also a very powerful signature of someone who wants to activate large-scale healing.  Saturn rules Capricorn, is placed strongly here in trine to his Taurus stellium – Bono is obviously a hard worker who feels a huge responsibility to communicate love and fairness world-wide.  He steps up to the plate to do so again and again, using his fame for betterment of the world.
(check out wiki for extensive list)

Bono has Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto retrograde, he’s only gonna get better with age – awesome – I really liked him at 23, lol.   Speaking of which, his birthdate reduces to 22, a master number; it signals a Master Builder with idealistic creativity put forth in grand manifestation, it denotes charisma, precision and balance.

I knew Bono had emergency back surgery for severe compression of the sciatic nerve in May of 2010, which is shown by a very strong Uranus placement in Leo (rules the back) as focal point of a T-square.  (Genius creativity aspect)  Uranus is square both his Moon Neptune conjunction and also his Taurus stellium.  This makes him an independent thinker who blazes a trail of creativity, hope and radical generosity wherever he goes.

I don’t have a specific time for his stress injury while rehearsing, but I checked transits for the week prior to his surgery on May 21, 2010.  Bono had tr. Uranus (and Jupiter nearing) conjunct natal Mars exact, tr. Mars conjunct natal Uranus.  Pluto was Rx applying to his natal Jupiter, and 9th house rules the sciatic nerves. (Jupiter rules the 9th) His surgery was successful, and Bono was back on stage in August of the same year.  Strong in heart, spirit and body, right on !

U2 will be playing live the 17 + 18 in Anaheim CA with Lenny Kravitz opening.
For other tour dates, check it all out here on their official website.  U2

Charities (click)
Amnesty International
DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa)
ONE, (Product (RED)
Chernobyl Children’s Project

peace & love & music ~

Looney for Luna

Happy Taurus New Moon ~

Ever wonder why this is the massage moon ?
The favorite food  moon ?
The feed your senses  Moon ?

Moon in Taurus is exalted, sensate and instinctual. They are persistent, want security and tend to be stubborn.  Very patient, but when they reach their limit – look out – it is volcanic, no survivors type anger.  Charming, steady affections, loves the good things in life, can be overly desirous of money because it ensures security they crave.  They don’t like change, much.

Finding I had a Taurus Moon (4th) is another example of how astrology explained so many things for me… I have always had this thing  about textures.
Every throw pillow in my house is soft plush fabric, and yes, so is the couch, lol.  ( I don’t lay on my couch much but I learned that if the tv is on when my 2nd house stellium ex comes over, it’s a Toro magnet.)

I love snuggling into my t-shirt sheets after a long day ~ bliss ~ so soft !  Someone recently wondered why I didn’t wear a scratchy shirt much, that is why.  It required another long sleeved shirt underneath or I would go berserk with the texture on me.  Saturn rules skin, but Aquarius rules sensitive skin, and I have big Neptuner in there (11th).  So textures are most certainly a thing.  Neptune contacts Moon so sensations are flashing, buzzing dinging & lighting up my pinball machine ~ when I get to the city I get overloaded really quick, as you can imagine.

It doesn’t stop there…another thing that I can’t do is soggy food.  Crunchy is always better.  That goes for anything slimy too – like those little greasy cabbages – brussels sprouts ick.  I can’t count the number of times I was left at the table to stare at cold greasy cabbages, stubborn – I hated them and would not eat them no matter how long I had to sit.  Any food going down has to be smooth – like chunky smoothies are a no go.  Sorry, feels weird, can’t do.

Smells are another thing, the wrong ones – BAM – headache.  Chemical perfumes are out, only essential oils for me.  Incense I love, but no other sprays or carpet jizz, way too chemical.  Can’t do candles that smell like food either.  Any bath product that smells like fruit, why ?

Sounds also…same thing ~ too much opera sets me on edge, way too much screaming and hollering all at once, or that crazy high note frenetic  jazz oy. works like a brain bristle brush on me.  Small doses ok, too much and I get a bit twitchy.  I have a Neptune playlist for while I write, no words to distract me.

I like eating out of wooden bowls because I don’t like the sound of clanging silverware while I eat.  My poor Mother, I know I drove her nuts when I was a kid.  I grew up in the days of jello with fruit gelled inside – you know where I am going with this, right ?
Not. Gonna. Happen.  My food had territories on the plate, best thing ever (I know some Toro is responsible) invented was the plate with separations.

Moon rules Cancer, the 4th house of Mother, (10th is Saturn or Father, though these can interchange depending on parental roles in the family unit) nurturing and growth, good placement for Moms, gardeners.  Emotions can swing far and wide here, so look out.  Tend to be possessive and stick close to home and family and tribe.  aside: evidently Neptune rules yeast, My ex and I both have Moon opposite Neptune, his Neptune in 1st, moon in 7 and he made the best bread – the yeasties loved him way more than me (Neptune in 11th, Moon 4) which I find interesting.

Moon in Capricorn is in its detriment; the influence of Saturn wants to harden and still the fluctuating Moon, which puts it at odds right away.  The fear inherent in Saturn can overcome and override the emotional nature, making the native stern, lacking in empathy.  Hard workers, not nearly as whiney as Cancer Moons, they just get over it and keep going without a lot of fuss.  Once they are invested emotionally, they stick and stay.

Moon in Scorpio is in its fall.  (My parents both had this placement.)  Scorpio has a deep, dark well of emotions and they are constantly metamorphosing due to the influence of Pluto.  Regeneration is inherent in this placement, emotions are often hidden in the murky depths.  Scorpios keep it close to the vest, lot going on you won’t know about – they are filled with what they DESIRE (Scorpio motto) and can be very territorial and extremist.  Scorpio Moons are intense because they are so passionate – their emotions are like nuclear fission, they need to get a handle on them before they engage anyone else.

Moon is coming to conjunct Jupiter soon ~ take advantage of the influx of sensations ~


Pictured below is Nostradamus, and his natal chart.  He was famous for writing over 900 rhymed quatrains (four-lined poems) filled with hidden prophecies that predicted the future for 10 centuries.  He lived during the Renaissance and was astrologer to royalty and nobles in Salon.  Nostradamus is a 9 life path; a humanitarian.  He was also a herbalist, healer, physician and linguist.

His bio:

When learning astrology, this chart struck me because of the obvious water trines.  Water houses (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are the intuitive, psychic houses; they delve deep, are mysterious.

Moon in Scorpio gives depth of feeling and a keen, penetrating insight into the mysteries of life and death; as well as a tendency to keep true feelings under wraps.

Uranus, the planet that will not take the bit is somewhat quieted in the 12th house of Pisces.  It is quietly, secretly, rebellious – hiding prophetic messages within secret texts, for instance.  Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury (the communicator), and is an intuitive planet working in a mystical house.
Jupiter (generosity, philosophy) is exalted in nurturing Cancer; conjunct an angle- making it even more powerful.  Saturn and Mars are both uncomfortable in Cancer, but I feel they give a steady anchor to home and roots so that when the waves of visions may come, the seer is not adrift.

Sun in Capricorn (honors, fame, time) conjunct Mercury (writing) with Neptune (mysticism) all in the tenth house of ‘how the world sees you’ shows the prophetic legacy Nostradamus left the world.