gifts of spirit

Jupiter stations direct 0 ’22 Taurus, Sunday December 25 at 4:08pm CST, USA

Jupiter brings abundance, hope, faith, wisdom, visionary philosophies, charity, and optimism to the house of Taurus in your chart with today’s direct motion.  It is considered the greater fortune, the bringer of luck and prosperity.

Venus ruled Taurus represents what you have, your earnings, money, love, art and self-worth – in addition to how, what and who you value, and how others value you.

Jupiter goes direct in a trine to Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – expect optimism and forward motion concerning those changes you have been making, and those changes being forced (Pluto is struggle) upon you.

Uranus is at zero degrees Aries, Jupiter goes direct at zero degrees Taurus – new beginnings – new horizons and unexpected events are a part of life, feeling positive is easier with the gifts of Jupiter at your back.

Moon is quintile (spiritual gifts, special talents) Uranus (which is sextile Venus) as Jupiter goes direct, sprinkling a blessing of fairy dust on the growing new moon for beautiful awakenings as she grows to full…

Jupiter goes direct in Taurus in opposition to Saturn in Libra / square Venus in Aquarius which is also square Saturn.  Venus is the focal point of the T-Square in the detached intellectual airs of Aquarius.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra, take time for the mending of fences and balancing the budget, the relationship/financial teeter-totter of balance is still in flux while Saturn lives in Libra.

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Jupiter in retrograde has been a time of envisioning how you will achieve your highest good.
Make it so~


wrap it up

Venus (love, money, art) has entered Aquarius and is in a tidy T- square with Saturn (restriction) and Jupiter (extravagance).
Venus is square Saturn and Jupiter (internal conflict) and Saturn and Jupiter are in opposition (something someone else does).

I could go on about the strain on the contents of your wallet, or lack thereof.
I could go on about angsty love woes or the lack thereof.
(Boring !)
Venus is sextile (opportunity), and Mercury trine (ease) Uranus, the intuitive, innovative change-up planet, so…yes…you will be getting insights into love, money, art and Venus ruled things….
but, until then … Venus in Aquarius does its own thing….so here’s the deal~

Venus is cloth, Saturn is knots, and Furoshiki (風呂敷, furoshiki) are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth.
It is artistic, eco – friendly ~ and how cool, cloth square: *presto – change-o* it is giftwrap/ purse/ sarong..etc…

Saturn is wrap and conservation, and Sun is generosity.
Sun enters Saturn – ruled, Cardinal Earth Capricorn on December 22.

I Use is the Capricorn motto.  They are the builders, the practical, career – driven, students of the school of hard knocks.  Built to last, they stick around when the going gets tough.
Capricorns are ruled by Saturn … faithfulness, tact, discipline, diplomacy, rocks and crystals and the Earth you are standing on.
Click here for a larger image of the Saturnian knots below.