All things great & small

imageTarot of the New Vision

Explorations into the combined retrogrades of Aquarius Mercury/Jupiter Leo.
Mercury is direct, (out of shadow March 4).
Jupiter direct at 12 Leo on April 8.

What can be gleaned from these thinking, communication retrogrades ?

Sevens are mysterious, different, intellectual and metaphysical.  Ruled by Uranus (Aquarius) seven represents freedom, change and inventive eccentricity.  Seven of pents represents contemplation of action, patience and being at a crossroads.

I am feeling this one.  No longer waiting for Bloom, it’s done.  Hallelujah !  Orli’s chart was one of my most read posts here.  I completed a major undertaking recently, was left wondering …”now what ?”  Actually I do know my next few steps, but with the giant project over, I had to re-form another big picture, brainstorm another lofty goal.

I had lost what, over time, had become my refuge, or so I thought.
This card points to re-evaluation for all of us.

Uranian/Seven rant:
No one is alone, truly alone – for we are all on this rock/boat together in a vast sea of space.  Not only are we physically (via the elements) and psychically connected, but know also other dimensions are present as well.  We have guides, angels (Uranus rules angels and Aquarius) and messenger friends in the animal world as well.  We are loved and supported though we may at times have felt abandoned, that is not the case.
This one in particular is for all you single folks out there…keep going…if I can keep going through hell, so can you – just keep going.  I’ll see you on the other side.

imageWild Wood Tarot

Now for Jupiter which is still retrograde for several weeks…
What have we to glean from this transit ?

Not growing fast enough, creative misses, skillcraft fumbles, uncontrolled waste, scattering energies.  Oh yeah…Jupiter does love to explore new vistas, and the seemingly relentless navel-gazing may be getting a bit old.  Believe me I get it, my 8th/12th solar, just call me swamp thing.

Fives are ruled by Mercury – flexible, full of surprises and opportunity.

This retrograde is here to teach us creative patience, control and stillness.  See the irony and laugh at distractions for they are great teachers.  Goats, gators, elephants and birds are totem messengers, but so are flies and mosquitoes.
All things great and small.

peace & acorns
Gneiss Moon

crazy cat lady

seed-pod-song-eric-edelman Eric Edelman, both

Mercury stations direct in a little less than an hour – hallelujah !
2:17pm CT, USA

My keyboard has a much closer time/ratio between typing/screen – brilliant, as I don’t fancy taking 3 hours to write a two paragraph post.

This Mercury Rx bookending the Eclipses been a particularly buggy pet retrograde at my place.  I’m a multi-Virgo, Mercury rules Virgo, rules pets. Mercury retrograde on my natal Mercury has found my cat hanging out in the oddest places.  She has taken to kitchen ceilings (we had words) and second story balcony rails. She’s sleeping on the most uncomfortable thing in the house rather than the posh, carpeted, 4-story crow’s nest I drug in here for her (and her now AWOL sister). Natch.

Kitty’s been dive bombing me :: Geronimo ! :: from the stratosphere while I sleep.  Talk about rude awakenings – silly o’clock in the morning – my little 3 lb  fuzzball (lb = Libra) makes the whole couch rock n roll.  Just this morning I was tossing laundry towards the basement, didn’t see her and it knocked her off her perch (two foot drop).  whoops ! sooOorry !  

Mercury out of Rx zone November 10 at 2 Scorpio.
Expect communications, ideas to pick up speed as we near this date.  Dexterities surrounding all will improve, also note Mercury direct will sashay with North Node of Destiny through the 30th.

Heads up – Mercurial/Venusian horizons will be expansive – info will be on deck.  Keep your eye out for synchronicities, clues.
Doors of creativity will swing wide open.  Love, friendship, self-expression, money and trades of same will be geared towards the future.
Let’s do this !

Hang in there baby
Gneiss Moon


Nature has much to teach us about balanced, co-operative thinking.
Mercury stations direct at 24 Gemini Tues trine North Node in Libra.
Rethink direction, reset towards kindness, equality for all creatures.

You know the drill – dim lights, full screen.
Thanks be to Graham Hancock who posted it when I needed it.



Peace & Harmony

Gneiss Moon

express yourself

photo 26Friday February 28 
1 Mercury Direct 18 degrees Aquarius 8:00am CST, USA
Saturday March 1 
2 New Moon 10 degrees Pisces 2:00am
3 Mars Rx 27 degrees Libra – Direct 9 degrees Libra May 19

3 Card draw re: aspects above: intent, clear insight leading to highest manifestation

1 Ra Family of Sun: Nebt-Het 
She is associated with boundaries death and decay.
(Mercury direct squares Saturn in Scorpio – death)
She is a goddess of Words of Power.  
Death and corruption vital to alchemical work.
Breaking of forms so that new forms may be created. (Uranian energy)

2 King of Michael
Clear rational thought & diplomacy – honesty and fair and balanced judgements.
This New Moon is renewal of healing, via feelings – also words, thoughts.  
Think Teamwork – both within and without; Micro and Macro.

3 Sun
The Star which regulates (our recognized) passing of time on earth. Mars Rx slows to resume peace talks (Libra) reassess highest calling of spirit [love] via Pisces Sun.
Masculine energies, outgoing, yang.
Express yourself

Peace out

Learning curves

Friday February 28
Mercury Direct 18 degrees Aquarius 8:00am CST, USA
Saturday March 1
New Moon 10 degrees Pisces 2:00am
Mars Rx 27 degrees Libra – Direct 9 degrees Libra May 19
Sunday March 2
Saturn Rx 23 Scorpio 10:20am – Direct 16 degrees Scorp July 20
Wednesday 5
Venus into Aquarius
Thursday March 6
Jupiter Direct 10 degrees Cancer

Transiting Uranus (detach) square Pluto (morph) and Jupiter Rx (higher learning) in square is delivering learning curves 24/7, yah ?

Jupiter aka: satellite dish picks up all kinds of broadband static on a good day, while Rx in Cancer, in tandem with Mercury Rx in Aquarius, information superhighways are buzzing on the down low.  Sensitivities are beyond ripe, strange harvests (Jupiter is fruit) are incoming from all sectors via dark Moon (subconscious), Aquarius (society), Pluto (the masses). 
Perspective shifts imminent.

Amplification of these vibes are on deck with shifting skies clicking into place like tumblers of a tricky lock being picked. 
(Mars rules locks; Saturn, closed doors; Mercury, keys)

Mercury direct at 18 Aquarius delivers an applying trine to Mars (Rx) in Libra, perspective shifts re: aggressive communications – scales swing to find interactive balance. Particularly true since Mars Rx also shoots a square to Venus in Capricorn – revealing inner obstacles about how we have used time, where we have been a hard ass, restricting peace talks, lost our peace of mind. 

New Moon at 10 Pisces enhanced by Chiron and in trine to Jupiter (in the last few days of Rx) will lead us into full moon at 26 Virgo March 16th.  Philosophies re healing via daily routines begin to walk the talk via focused intention setting.  See your Pisces Virgo axis for more specifics. 

Saturn Rx 23 Scorpio reveals personal obstacles re: expression of radical creative power, past ego mongering; opportunities arise to streamline work routines through reviewing past failures/successes.  Bite the bullet, suck it up, dig deep into the mines again, go all heightened awareness Bene Gesserit style and transform the poison into the water of life.  [Personal: My metronome reset, on Neptuner.]

Venus in Aquarius is a fizzy little Venus – bubbly, friendly, talkative, weird.  Venus attracts by nature; Uranus separates, lives on the wild side.  Good for astrology lovers, scientists, artistic inventions, whiz-bang hook-ups with quirky intellectual types.

Bene G'speace out


Choice Choices

Merc D in Scorp 003B. Evans

Having worked 7 days a week for many years, it is with glee that I dive through the very last of my basement boxes.
Christ it has taken me forevah, glad to be getting fully organized at last.

Basement spelunking – very Capricorn Pluto, yah ?  (Saturn, Pluto rule caves)
In celebration of Mercury direct in Scorpio, I bring you yet another dead foot in my collection.  Others here.
I laughed my ass off when I saw this.  Oh look !  Dead foot LOL !

Timing, impeccable – of course.
Mercury direct in Scorpio (creepy dead stuff) in trine to Neptune (high octave artistry) while Venus (lower octave artistry) is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (old dead stuff from a dude).  Jupiter Rx in Cancer and I unearth an old professors (Jupiter) work in the bowels of my home (Cancer).  Moon in late Aquarius – surprise !

I was gifted this (Venus rules gifties) many years ago by my sculpture prof… my friends and I were given a choice and of course I went straight for the creepy one.  That’s nothing new – others idea of creepy is my normal.  If you’ve been reading here long, you already get that, the Gneiss bit. 

Mercury trine Neptune, Chiron from water to water is great for uncovering perceptions revolving around what ails/sustains you.  Use what you love (sextile Venus) to work with for starters.  When suffering, what do you turn to in order to ease the pain ?  
Does what you turn to create more balance or more struggle (Scorpio) ?
Worth a look under this aspect.

Is there balance in metamorphosis – YES – one thing changing into another is an exchange, a partnership, a trade.  Capricorn Venus conjunct Pluto square Uranus in Aries challenges us to find the right trade offs so we can move forward.

Moon into Pisces
8:36pm CST, USA

Make water, film, art, dreams, imagination a part of your next 2 Piscean Moon days.
Moon will trine Mercury, North Node, Saturn, and Sun in these next 48 hrs. giving depth to instinctual choices via square to the flexible signs of think – Gemini & Sag.

Venus conjunct Pluto = transformational choices

Make it work !
Peace, Love & Choice Choices

Twisty !

Monday November 26 
4:48pm CST, USA
Mercury stations direct

Wednesday November 28
8:33am CST, USA
Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Gemini 6′ 40 degrees

Mercury stations can be a bit dicey – Mercury is The Trickster, after all.

Not only that, but the upcoming lunar eclipse is in the sign of Gemini – Mercury rules.  Any and all communications are operating like juggling balls of thought.  Gemini rules the hands – great for multi-tasks, they are the information superhighways of the zodiac.
 Gems are walking trivia libraries, full of bits of useful info – happy to disperse and enlighten.  They are pleased as punch if you tell them something new / juicy.

Moon is nearly full bringing illuminations and culminations to your Gemini house.  

Mercury stationing near an eclipse is likely bringing duality and lots of it. 

I have been getting so much information and all in pairs, is a bit weird – but cool.  Seeing two viewpoints, getting two messages, two great ideas – the double edged sword of truth, that sort of thing.  This is heightened by Uranus stationing direct 2 weeks or so.  Uranus is polarities and duality as well, so double lucks, double happiness, double insightful blessings to all my readers . . .

Thursday December 13
New Moon in Sagittarius 2:42am CST, USA
Uranus stations direct 6:02am CST, USA

Outer planet stations are often felt weeks prior, especially if they are prominent in your natal.  I happen to have it prominent in natal and progs – wild ride – I tell ya ! 

During this square / eclipse season it is most important to BE FLEXIBLE.

Get extra sleep, drink extra fluids, eat healthy, stay grounded – this is a ton of AIR !

The urge to communicate is strong at the moment – do so – journal, chit-chat, write a haiku whatever.  When dealing with others, be patient, misunderstandings are likely near stations, send another missive explaining if you need to.  Asking for cut and dried commitments is not favored at this time, wait it out . . .it will happen if it is meant to.


care package

Love this.

Craaazy ass aspects are in overdrive – if you are:

Mercurial or Uranian – communications & insights are amped UP
Plutonic or Martian – actions & power are amped UP

I am the first three, primarily.  Ura/Plu conjunct Sun, elevated + Mercury at MC.
 Often I hope readers are not put off by what I am going on about, that I am not writing too much about my personal experience, rather than giving you all personalized scopes etc.

Two things  – I’ve been getting INSIGHTS in PAIRS (Merc/Ura) – recently told me I am on the right track.
–One, I already know what is going on – my new psychic friend just validated it. 

Funny how people are, isn’t it ?  We seek validation.  Trusting our own vision is sometimes difficult during trying times, so we reach out to others to give us a new perspective on what we already know.  Just to be sure.  Hey, I’ve got a big Neptune, I know the score, fog creeps in – and freako surprises are common in my life (Sun/Ura/Plu) – a little foresight via cards, astro and psychics is much appreciated.

–Two, what other perspective can I give, but my own ?  To do otherwise would be a lie.  I can only do my best with what I have to work with, and make no mistake – this endeavor is a healing journey for me as well.  Climb onboard, hitch a ride and hopefully we’ll figure out how to work out the kinks together – with some goofy stories from my personal experience as examples.

Please note:  I will write about what I know or what I am curious to know. 
Art, Music, Film, Divination, Science, Health, Environment
. . . all served up with a side of weird
If you are looking for global politics, keep walking . . .

Most of all : Thanks for reading,  comments are always welcomed.
 I am thrilled to have people coming from all over the world to read whatever I offer up.
My goal is to put the tools you need in YOUR HANDS so you can be pro-active in YOUR OWN healing journey.