Close to Home

Planets to scale – perspective shifter, yah ?  Plus Pluto gives the finger, heh.
I count Pluto – hell yes I do.

Once I learned what Sun/Uranus/Pluto entailed…the heavens parted, 
lightning cracked,  my brainpan burst wide open. It was a total –oh, so that’s it- revelatory moment
Same thing happened when I realized Pluto was the focal planet in my composite (chart of the relationship) with a friend.  We’re always peeling back the layers, transformation  station 24/7 – intensity unlike any other.

Scale of the planets in question when comparing charts is not important. If you need a refresher, check out the scale of the universe permanently loaded on the sidebar, Pluto rulership.  Everything matters, relative size is not an issue here.  Asteroids, when contacting personal planets, deliver insights well worth studying, though I tend to pay attention wherever they land in my natal.

What matters is the alchemical blend your planets create together.
Planets, signs and houses. 

What is important is what each planetary body represents to earthlings as a whole which directly relates to what was happening in the collective when each was discovered.
Eg. Pluto coincided with the invention and eventual detonation of the first atomic bomb.
Struggle, power, rebirth after death, the small, the rare made miraculous.

planet-comparisonWhopper SUN !  Cool, yah ?

Contacts between personal planets (below) explain how you get along on a daily basis, they move quickly and are felt close to home. (An abbreviated list follows)
Sun – ego, expression
Moon – feelings, family
Mercury – thoughts, speech
Venus – love, harmony
Mars – desires, drives

Jupiter and Saturn are social planets, they move slowly, are felt widely, for longer periods, as we explore outside of our family and move around into our neighborhood.
Jupiter – philosophy, travel
Saturn – work, status

Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012 (until late December this year).
Jupiter in Cancer since June of last year (until mid- July this year).

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are generational planets, move slowest of all, are felt as we explore our awareness globally.
Uranus – global collective mind
Neptune – global collective heart
Pluto – global collective soul

Sun to Sun is positive for both egos

Sun to Moon is positive for sun person’s ego & positive for moon person’s feelings
Yin (female) Moon to Yang (male) Sun is best, but both contacts are still very personal, positive and strong.

Jupiter to Saturn is positive for restrictive Saturn, but less so for expansive Jupiter, Jupiter plays and Saturn works – socially, Saturn opens up and Jupiter slows down.
Of course what sign and house they land in tells more of the tale.

planets EloahMy former husband and I had this social conjunction.
My Saturn bang on his Jupiter in Aries – we travelled far and wide on tour, his paycheck was easily twice mine – obviously beneficial to my Saturnian restriction (3rd Placidius, 4 whole).  I thought he worked too much (6th), partied too much, was far too reckless – I even thought he was gonna OD right in front of me once.  Not fun.  He eventually grew out of it, after we hit the skids…teenage Aries stuff takes awhile I guess. FYI: Just in case you are wondering, I partied plenty – I’m no angel by a long shot.
The 45 minute commute he had was definitely a strain, and my career in the arts could not be had where he wanted to go. Also we had some weird stuff with time and travel, though I will not go into it here.

Note: I am not suggesting if you have this natal contact you will experience the same.  Every chart, every relationship is different – alchemical blends are infinite in number.

peace out

The Round Table

What’s UP in the sky now.
See the big red X ?

My ex husband and I have that (similar- different signs / houses) in our composite.   After I learned astro, I realized it explained much about our relationship. 
Only a few days ago I was reminded of how things can turn prickly with us rather quickly.

Synastry is how you interact as a couple.  Lay one chart over the other, conjunctions are most powerful.  For example, my ex husband and I have Toro Moons conjunct; his Aries Jupiter is conjunct my Aries Saturn. We felt the same about many things (moons), and his Jupiter greased the wheels of my olde cuss Saturn Rx.  Bad news, our stelliums are squaring each other, which proved to be too much to work out.

Composite charts represent the relationship as an entity.  It is calculated by finding midpoints between the couples planets and points.  It can tell you how you bridge the gap and join forces, or conversely, where you struggle, strain and separate.

Squares – they are dynamic, stressful inner tension  that struggles for change.
You.  Your issue.

Oppositions – they are two polar opposite energies trying to find compromise. 
Us.  Our issue.

See the difference ?  Trines are fab – they are where we can coast with the energies.
Think the Major Arcana Cards :  they are  ! BOOM ! energies you can ride like a wave.

Sextiles are the opportunities, harmony exists – yet you have to fetch them, make the waves yourself.
Think Minor Arcana cards : they are the cards which represent the struggle to succeed, they are the cards that we have to work for in order to get the energies.

Conjunctions are where your energies are operating as a team of horses, or rocket engines  on either side of the boat ~>  you are on the same course, hyperdrive is locked and loaded.  You get each other in that area, no explanations needed.

Squares in synastry are harder to express, they are by nature internal.  
The energies can be quiet, brooding, seething – unless they are expressed and communicated and worked through.  *

Picture Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Everyone equal for starters – each opinion valid – that’s why the table was round.

Squares are like leaning forward to cuss and discuss issues with someone you have to crane your neck to look at.  It is uncomfortable – it is easier to ignore because it is not right in your face …. yet.   A failure to communicate will only bring the issue up again later. 

* This is where a well aspected Mercury combo in synastry will help a LOT.

Oppositions in synastry are more likely where the fighting will be flung right up on the table.
This is where strategy and diplomacy steps in – it signifies a juggling of energies to find compromise.

Oppositions are directly across the table (wheel) and right in your face – not so easily ignored.   Oppositions are more like a game of ping – pong.  They lay it down and you pick it up – or not. Click here for more thoughts on oppositions and squares.

Oppositions can actually be good in synastry because it is being aware of the other person and their concerns – it is where you are holding hands and making deals across the wheel.  The energies can find common ground because they are on the same wavelength.  For example Gemini ‘lower mind’ opposes Sagittarius ‘higher mind’ – they are opposite and must compromise, but they do understand each other.

Squares are friction, tension, an obstacle that makes us move.  They are different elements and mindsets – misunderstandings are likely. They strain, pull and irritate – we have to drag it up onto the table and hash it out – but squares though difficult, are also where we grow and Grow and GROW.  

Once solved, squares will become MORE POWERFUL THAN A TRINE.