It is the “try” that is the more often counted as righteousness, and NOT the success or failure.
Failure to anyone should be as a stepping-stone and not as a millstone.

‎Edgar Cayce‬
reading 931-1
Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius

8:45pm CST, USA
So glad this popped up on twitter today, I am such a fan of both Edgar and Yoda.
Dovetails with my next interp very well, and it is also completely apt for me.:::::::::::::

The last 10+ yrs I have been re-framing my perceptions & re-framing my altitude to my highest most awakened degree possible.
still stumble. Quite frequently, in fact.

I am a Virgo, perfection is sought, but I am human; sometimes I fall short of that goal.
I have mentioned more than twice that Uranus/Pluto rules mistakes and I have them conjunct Sun in 9 aka broad daylight.
Broad Daylight.
I am – ahem – a Virgo Sun, mistakes are
frowned upon.
horrors !
I pick up, move on, plow forward with the mindset that I know less than many, and I also know more than many.
I AM what I AM and I’m okay with that.
I am an oxymoron – a student teacher.
I haven’t waited for the ok from on high saying I know enough.
I know enough already.
No one knows EVERYTHING.

Yes, I Crave More Knowledge, but I see no good reason not to teach what I DO KNOW, NOW.

If what I write doesn’t resonate with you, you may find the door and write your own blog to your satisfaction.  Thank you.
I am certainly happy to entertain ideas, or cuss & discuss opinions in comments, that’s up to you.  I will write, regardless.

This Uranus / Pluto square finds me with brain on fire, grasping concepts with all senses…think :  Quan Yin as Lord Shiva

I am working diligently to correct past mistakes, I feel them breathing down my neck, forcing life changes – but now faster than ever before with this square.
Oy !

Boho Bionic Breakthroughs

Left to right: Buddha, Merlinite wand, Piertersite and Tiger Iron globes, Obi-Wan Kenobi, 3D Sirius Black, Qui-Gon Jinn

…My wandering mind rambles to Luke sneaking into the cave on Dagobah with his saber, though Yoda said he wouldn’t need it.
Luke ends up fighting himself in the swamp cave.

His perceptions turn upside-down, hangman style, into opposition.

He sees the reflection of himself – from the point of view of the other.
(Vader, Yoda, and ultimately his own altitude)

He is thrown into peace talks with HIMSELF.

He sees the light and dark sides of the force – as they begin.
A root in HIS MIND.

He sees the real relation, the underlying theme.
That’ll twist your noodle, make no mistake.
Been there.

Fear, anger, aggression = The dark side.
Calm, passive, at peace = The Jedi way

Ponder your mirror aka your MOON and see what she reveals.

In your natal house, in your progressed chart, as she moves into Capricorn tonight and becomes full in house Aquarius.

Imagine the electrical buzz of your heart as a spot on the electrical grid that is felt by each connective spot around the globe.

A quickie story for ya while Jupes is in Cancer…

I was at the home (Cancer rules home) of my uni professor (Jupes rules college profs), and all the smarties were together having a party.  Was such a blast !  

We all ended up in the kitchen as party peeps always do – kitchen is ruled by Moon, snacks are ruled by nom nom nom.  hahaha  Ok, back to the deal… Someone leaned up against the refrigerator and got shocked.  eep !  ding Ding DING !

The fridge had an electrical short – so we did what any party crowd would do – we had the bright idea to jump the electrical charge through fifteen or twenty people.
Ya know, just see what happens !  lol

So we all gathered, held hands, had our little Kumbaya moment, the lead man touched the fridge . . . and twenty people stood watching the faces of those ahead in line for who was getting the electrical ZAP !  as it travelled along our group circle.  Fantastic yah !?  
Fun times !*
My point is – we were physically connected for the electrical jump – but we were also psychically connected for the electrical jump.

We ARE all connected
It’s just a matter of perception.

Ponder your higher heart vision as Moon Mirror moves to full in Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo.

Aquarius is the sign of higher octave perceptions and polarities.
The ONE – born of two halves that equal One GLOBAL Heart.
Leo is the ONE – born of two halves that equal the One SELF Heart.

Are you Yin or are you Yang .. ? .. introverted or expressive .. ? ..
World needs both – good thing – each being is an amalgam of both.

Are your personal drives/valves/intent/hemispheres/halves working as ONE ?
Are you on YOUR OWN TEAM ?
Are you at ONE and at PEACE with yourself ?

Might be a fab idea to ponder before lamenting over the lack of a mate.

How do we bridge self of Leo to other of Aquarius ?

In my chart they are houses 2 & 8.
What I HAVE & What I DESIRE.
What is MINE & what is OURS.
:: sharing ::

What does this Full Aquarius Moon mean for YOU in this astro ?

Find Aquarius on your natal chart – illumination will arrive in this area.

Find the house & see drop down menu for more deets.
Illumination will be delivered by some form of Leonine energy, not necessarily a Leo Sun.  Between these houses you must find compromise.

The learning curves will be in Taurus and Scorpio inner work required here, successful execution is ultra rewarding – more powerful than a trine if solved.

The golden opportunities are in Aries and Sagittarius in your natal chart, but you have to fetch them to make them work.

May the force be with you.

* chill, it was cool, everyone ok, just fun.

Rocket Fuel

Get your mitts.
I’m pitching theory.
Thoughts and feelings are disjointed, so this post will be as well.

A friend posed this question today: What is your favorite sound ?
Didn’t even have to think about it, I knew in an instant.

What is your answer ?

Pause for the cosmic divinity of the macro made micro.
Then look at your natal and see it written in the stars.

Mercury rules sound.  Venus rules favorites.

Where do they live..?  What does that sign rule ?  What do these planets aspect ?
You can take it from there.

You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine…


SoOo I know we are all dealing with a head full of past. 
To what degree you are dealing with it depends on your chart.

South Node is dovetailed nice and neat between Jupiter and Venus Rx.
Retrograde anything looks over the shoulder at the past.

When Venus retrogrades, she turns her gaze to past loves, past $$, past creations – while conjunct Jupiter, an enormous amount of brainpower is directed towards visionary philosophies – in Gemini the THINKER, our brain gerbils are running the Venus turnpike supersonic style 24/8. Yes, Beatles ref.

Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Gemini is nitpicking the hell out of our philosophies.
(Yes, there is Jupiter hell, Jupes is not always happy-go-lucky: if the aspect is harsh, extravagance can kill you.)

What is worth keeping as we step into the future…?… the Martian blade culls the brainwreckage of past flotsam & jetsam brilliantly as Venus Rx, South Node and Jupiter sextile Uranus.  Uranus will shake the past off – unexpectedly, brilliantly, lickety-split !

Genius interpretations of metamorphosis – fresh beginnings are scattering in visionary ways in all directions !   

Bungled Jungle

ALL thoughts are wired for weird and running amok at the mo.

Everyone is lotusing.

Cancer Mercury moves to trine Uranus – whatever you are feeling ~ and whoa. Cancer Mercury has been giving the feelings a good think/wank – is ready to hit the ground running when Saturn and Venus station direct.  And Mercury enters fire in trine to Uranus in fire – that is the think tank on steroids ~>

Monday 25th
Saturn stations direct 3:01am CST,USA at 22 degrees Libra
Mercury enters Leo 9:24pm – a fire sign, thank goddess !

Wednesday 27th
Venus stations direct 10:07am CST,USA at 7 degrees Gemini

:::This is your captain speaking:::
Saturn stations direct in Libra in 1 – Venus stations direct in Gemini in 3
:::atmosphere is unstable in the houses of air:::
:::energies are in flux:::

The Plutonic metamorph in progress will kick it up a notch or twenty – SNAP !
Grab your cleats, cinch up the straps get your brain in gear ~ stay positive !


I gave myself a ginormous motha of a tarot reading today from the Book of Doors.
It was stunning. 
Again – one card blew my brain a 180.

Mercury coming to trine Uranus
Uranus square Pluto Rx

Some background….my former husband came over yesterday so we could have a ceremony and release the ashes of pets.  Four boxes of dead pets { 2 labs (bro/sis), 2 tortoiseshell kitties } were in my basement – seriously is this not totally apt for the current astro ?   Why keep dead pets ?  I know it sounds weird, but first he wanted me to wait, then I moved, then I worked 7/7 for 3 years, organizing is finally on the agenda.  It was time.

This multi-Virgo (Virgo rules pets) was a bit of an emotional wreck, so I called a gal who fancies cats like me, I knew she would get it – she is always so nice to my friends.  It turns out she was in a sacred earth place – one of my favorite places on earth – I forgot the time, it is a sore spot of longing I try to distance myself from, I purposely do not dwell on many things.

Next thing you know (my natal Sag Mars quintiles Uranus, which tr. Mars was conjunct) out of my mouth popped something that surprised me.
Totally unplanned – out of Uranian  left field of course  – yet somehow perfectly timed.

So I awoke this am aiming to embark on a massive divination session, fueled with plenty of cold-brewed java.
Here is the card that came up when I asked the sacred earth energies  to reveal themselves.

For those of you who know – you know who you areyou will understand.
For those that do not, I am not going into it.  I will however, tell you about the card.

Family of Earth
Hapi ::the hidden one::

An influx of positive energy  bringing renewal. 
Uranus in Aries, anyone ?

The fluidic energy of astral work. 
Perienne and I were just speaking of breath; fluidity of Aquarian / Uranian ethric, astral energies.

The joining of opposition in harmony.

Hapi the god of the Nile is inscrutable.
‘He cannot be brought forth from his secret abodes, for the place wherin he is cannot be known.’

How very Aquarian: fluid, cerebral, zings of insight & intuition from the astral plane.  Aquarians KNOW but they can’t tell you HOW THEY KNOW, they just know it from balls to bone.  Yes, Matrix ref.

The Kings represent North and South Egypt – double gods.  Twins.
The North god wears a papyrus crown, the South god a crown of lotus flowers.

When shown as one god, he holds both the papyrus and the lotus vases from which he pours the Nile, representing the constellation Aquarius.

Is this not the octaves of flowing communication ?
Mercury rules Gemini – Uranus its higher octave rules Aquarius.
Mercury is coming to trine Uranus.

The knot pictured is a symbol called the ‘haty’, it produces the flow of the Nile, which conveys vital energies – symbolized by the lungs, breath, heart and the blood to the North and South.  ‘this is the center of respiration, the ligature of ‘spirit’…with the living and nourishing fluid of the blood.’

Mars trines Jupiter and Venus Rx – and South Node in thinking, breathing Gemini. We are breathing in our Sagittarian North Node quest ::: releasing the Gemini South Node wreckage.
Virgo Mars
the blade is packing our Jupiter baggage into the future, get me ?
Travel light and positive ~ * higher vibrations * ~

Be vigilant of thoughts – thoughts create future action.
When Mercury reaches Leo the intellect will be in trine from fire sign to fire sign.
Action will be taken – be fair, think wisely before engaging hyperdrive.
Mars is in earth and ready to manifest thought, as is Pluto – we are in overdrive people !

That is the heart of the matter. 

Gemini rules lungs – left and right.
Leo rules the heart – left and right ventricle.

Balance.  Duality.
Saturn exalted in Libra stationing direct; lessons learned.
Venus stationing direct in Gemini; love and fairness hardwired in the brain – check.

Lower mind Gemini grows into the opposite sign – higher mind Sagittarius.
Reading and study morph into exploring and experiencing.

The personal will of Leo grows into the opposite sign –  the will of earthkind Aquarius.
Electromagnetics of the heart morph into electromagnetics of the earth, the etheric electromagnetic connection between all life, everywhere.

The South node dovetails between benefics  Jupiter and the freshly baked Venus. Venus was recently infused with the vibes of hope :: the Spiritual Sun/Son – the center – of respiration in Gemini during the occultation of Venus.

The union of lungs (air) and heart (fire) :::
 The union of thought and loving actions manifesting together for all earthkind.

It occurs to me that Uranus square Pluto is the rocket fuel we need to get our sorry South Node asses off planet to the new horizons of a better future via North Node in Sagittarius.

Allons-y !


Copper Capricorn

Meet Copper Capricorn – my Pluto transit mojo pendant.

Pluto by transit is square my chart ruler, Saturn Rx.
I call pendant dude Copper Capricorn because I bought him from an artist in Jerome, Arizona (click).  

Jerome is an old copper mining town established in 1883 that sits on the side of Cleopatra hill in the Verde Valley.  Jerome housed the workers in the nearby United Verde Mine, which was to produce over 1 billion dollars in copper, gold and silver over the next 70 years.  Jerome was a notorious wild west town, a hotbed of prostitution, gambling, and vice. In 1903, the New York Sun proclaimed Jerome to be “the wickedest town in the West”.

My pendant fits the aspect.

Pluto = cesspools of sin, mines and sex.
Saturn = rocks and ore taken from the earth.

Copper is Venus ruled.  Art ! 

The little blue botryoidal (greek for resembling grapes) stone is Azurite, a copper carbonate mineral.  It is a monoclinic crystal, though it is often found in botryoidal forms. Azurite is a stone of the Ajna, the third eye.  It vibrates with the energy of intuition, understanding, imagination and the sixth sense.  It can help facilitate dreaming and a clear, logical mind.

The green stones are Malachite, also a copper carbonate.  Malachite resonates with the Anahata, or heart chakra.  It vibrates with compassion, emotional balance, hope and love.  Malachite emanates a vibration of love (Venus) throughout the energy body, making it an excellent protection stone from negative energies.  Malachite resonates to the Yang polarity of coppers electrical conductivity, enabling it to work as an active ‘fire’ stone – it will help draw impurities out of the body and stimulate energy flow.

Malachite, being about 58 % copper, (Venus ruled, hence balance) is particularly helpful for left-right brain imbalances.  If you live or work near nuclear energy, malachite is said to help with over intoxication, radiation induced illnesses and it will draw out and expel the toxins from the body.  Malachite also promotes cellular regeneration, and increases capillary function and can help reduce swelling.

Copper itself is the metal of channeling energies, it is the metal of the magician.  Copper, when used with stones, enhances the conduit between stone and human energies.  It assists, manifests energetic alignment between earth, stone and human.

Copper bracelets (often worn for arthritis) open the blocked energy flow in the body which helps alleviate arthritic pain.

Copper is a conduit, a conductor, an enhancer. 

Here is the science:  Electricity is the flow of electrons moving from one atom to the next.  Copper is very dense, the atoms are compact, allowing this moving exchange of electricity to happen quickly, easily.

Malachite is also said to enhance luck.

Keep this in mind as Venus comes closer to an exact conjunction with Jupiter.
Venus (love, $$, women, copper) and Jupiter (luck, expansion, wisdom) are beneficial, and they are opposite (in compromise with) Saturn (bones, work, discipline).

Try wearing malachite for luck and / or relief of arthritis or infection and see how it works for you.



This was a lovely surprise (Uranus rules surprises) gift from a stranger.
A slice of giant astronaut film.
How cool is that ?!

You know what’s cooler …?
I went back and checked the astro of Star Trek exhibition day ~
Venus (gifts) was conjunct Uranus (astronauts / aerospace).

Moon was tightly conjunct Saturn in the last degrees of Venus ruled Libra.
I bought my Mom (Moon) a tribble (a cooing fuzzball – I’m going with Venus rules) for Valentines (Venus rules Libra, love and gifts) and she’s a Capricorn (Saturn rules).

She of course, loved it !  She is the original trekkie in our house.
She made me the model ship and hung it in my bedroom when I was little.
She bought me the little action figures and we watched the cartoon.

(In our composite Jupiter -expansion- is tightly conjunct Uranus)
Jupiter amps up the space geek wattage, lol.

Mom even bought me Captain’s Logs years ago – I drug it out of my bag for the car trip over, and my friend cracked UP at the unabashed nerdiness.
My friend was secretly relieved I didn’t dress as a Klingon, lol.
No – not Klingon – obviously
  I’m from Betazed.   hahaha !

Roddenberry asteroid 4659 is exact conjunct my 11th house Neptuner – hilar – Incredibly apt for a life long Trek freak !

…so back to the fellow at the museum, he saw me snapping shots of the giant reels at the museum and thought I might like a slice.  I totally like !

Sun (rules generous Leo) was quintile (special talents, expression) Jupiter (lucky gifts, explorers) in the sky that day.
Your kindness was very sweet, thank you !
(Venus and Jupiter rule politeness, are conjunct in my natal.)

I was a radio, tv, film major in college, but he didn’t know that.
When he found me in the lobby and gave me the slice, my Mercury MC kicked in and I blurted some quickie astro “Neptune just went into Pisces for the first time since the gold rush and my most highly aspected planet is Neptune which rules film ! !”

TMI ?!  haha oh well – I gave him this addy and went on about Gneiss metamorphic rocks, science then finally put a sock in it.  If in case – you, Mister handsome Museum Film dude – are reading…in my natal, Uranus (space) is in my 9th (exploration) house.
It is conjunct my Sun (spirit) and Pluto (metamorphs) and your surprise really lifted my spirits, thanks !

The 11th house of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) rules birds of a feather (flight is Uranus, so is astrology), or like minded friends.  Aquarians and Uranian types are eccentric and inventive, they are the crazies on the cutting edge – they expect and offer freedom.  Aquarians are advanced in humanitarian thinking and goals (Aquarius is an Air sign, full of intuitive brainstorms- Uranus rules lightning and electricity) seeing and knowing (Aquarian motto) the value of all life on earth and in space.

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Sounds Uranian all over, curious and strange, the radical and uncharted.
In case you didn’t know, Kirk and Uhura had the first interracial kiss on network television.  ! YaY !
There is Venus (kiss) conjunct Uranus (radical & unexpected) again !

AND Uhura is derived from uhuru which is Swahili for freedom.

Whenever Uranus transits a planet in your natal expect the unexpected, it can mean a separation, a surprise, sudden messages & bolts from the blue, but most of all the unpredictable.  Consider if the aspect Uranus makes is a conjunction (power operating), an opposition (compromise with another), a trine (more harmonious) or a sextile (an opportunity).  That will give a bit of an idea where the change may come from.
Still – heads UP !

Also, I have seen in some charts Uranus in Leo, the 5th and / or in hard aspect to the Sun (Sun rules Leo, which rules the heart) can indicate a heart murmur, which is made by turbulent blood in or near your heart.
(Not in all charts, mind you, but some. Just be aware of the possibility.)

I love this, it’s only 2 minutes, and well worth your time, promise.  I found this video by following an Aquarian.  Odd the bit with the canoe parked at the edge of the water looks like the scene where Frodo breaks from the Fellowship, and leaves the shores of Amon Hen for Mordor.

Uranus rules synchronization, science as well as magnetics:
check this out (from wired) –

In particle physics, synchronized orientation is found in systems with “low noise,” in which signals are transmitted without degrading. But low noise isn’t enough to produce synchronized speeds, which are found in critical systems. The researchers give the example of ferromagnetism, where particles in a magnet exhibit perfect interconnection at a precise, “critical” temperature.

Read more Uranian bird science here and here.

namaste, friends~

give and take

John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.  LIVES !!

Woo Hoo !
That freaky internet rumor yesterday gave me the heebie jeebies.  I spent March 2 with him one year (his birthday) and it was great !!
Jon is a 5th house Pisces Sun and Venus- very generous, compassionate– check out his donation based New Jersey restaurant Soul Kitchen !


Jon inspired this post, by his lifelong generosity.  Pisces is the sign of compassion, the cosmos, everyone as a collective.  Jon is a Pisces Sun in the 5th house, which is the natural home of the Sun, the sign of Leo.  (Leos are 5th house, have manes/hair.  ahem. Bon Jovi.  exactly ! )

Sun rules Leo and Leo rules the heart.
Pisces is the sign of compassion and caring.

Leos are typically generous, the Sun (rules generosity) ‘shines’ on them, and they radiate sunshine. Just ask one, they’ll tell ya!   haha
Leos don’t own the Sun, we all share it.
Where is your Sun ?
That is where you are generous – you give of that sign and house.  That is where you spread sunshine to others, where you have more to give, and do so.  The Sun shines steadily, it is the evenstar, it does not wax and wane.

Now look to the Moon in your natal chart.  This is where you and your life fluctuate, your feelings are involved, you are sensitive and needy.   This is where you want someone at your back, where you ask for help.

Picture the Lunar phases in your mind’s eye…as the Moon waxes and wanes and travels through each sign, your feelings, moods, ability to adapt and imagine, and your instincts will ebb and flow.  You are more likely to take in the sign and house where Luna dwells.


Matter meets energy

Pictured here is Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft : Specifically, Saturnian superbolts ~> radio (Uranus rules) bursts from Storm Alley in the planet’s southern hemisphere. This image shows one bright tempest in that area, the so-called Dragon Storm.

This pic came to mind this morning as I am feeling kinda edgy today.  Could very well be transiting Uranus getting closer to my natal Saturn.  Chart biggies for me.  Saturn rules my chart, and Uranus is oriental (rising before Sun) conjunct by 4 degrees.

Saturn is terra firma, being grounded, matter, form, it is a restrictive energy.  Uranus is a maverick; wild unpredictable energy, called by some ‘the awakener’.  Its polar axis is actually on a right angle to the other planets, it ‘rolls’ around its orbit.  (Go to the sixty symbols link for more on Uranus)  Uranus rules electricity, inventors and astrology among other things.  So I am thinking what will happen when restriction meets freedom !?

Some things came to mind… I was recently reading a book called ‘Earthing’, which covers the idea of making sure your body is physically connected to the Earth as much as possible so the body may gain healthy electrically charged ions through the ground.  Interesting idea, but it comes with a price tag for additional ‘gear’.
What I have is free…everybody loves free !   Just gonna pitch you some ideas~

Think of your body.  Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, right ?  Human bodies are full of minerals (that’s the Saturn bit)…such as potassium, sulfur, sodium, magnesium, and many more.

If we become more aware of our internal energy ( heart/ Sun–and Uranus/electro-magnetics in body), more aware of using the minerals we embody–we are already ‘grounded’.  Centering a deep breath and visualizing the energy thumping away in the chest -via the heart- is incredibly healing for the Electro-Magnetic Human Field.

Now for some Star Wars: “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.“―Obi-Wan Kenobi