photo 10Tarot of the Origins

Quick read for energies into Full Moon – insight leading to highest manifestation.
Card 1 Saturn
Card 2 Uranus

1 Animal of Soul – A man following the tracks of a rhinoceros.  Supervision.
HA !  Is this card not SaturnMan ?  Well, of course it is – but with a kicker -the Knight of Soul is the proper way of stewardship.
This card reflects Uranus Aries – a singular horn, a psychic feeler at 3rd eye.

Supervision with love.

Apply the lessons of this card:
globally – environmentally
personally – self supervision
jointly – how you walk upon our earth *

* Jupiter quintiles Part of Fortune bang on Taurus Descendant at Full Supermoon Lunation
while Jupiter is quincunx Neptune in Pisces.


photo 11Elemental Tarot

2 Eight of Water – WELL
Naaki is the Finnish Spirit of the Waters

Moon and Saturn – Self-control and consideration

This figure sits in meditation, head bowed.
His left hand (symbolizing the past) reaches into The Well, the circle of life, the Triad of Birth, Life and Death. A nod to Jupiter, which rules 3 and growth.
Reflect upon your past while moving into your future, avoid making the same mistakes twice.

The checkered panels show dualities, polarities of day/night, love/hate, etc… while the waning phase of the moon on the card indicates withdrawing to THINK & FEEL.

Saturn squares both Sun/Mercury & squares Full Moon – time out, restriction, pulling back the reins, doing your own thing.

The doors on the wall symbolize opening new paths to Emotional Expression that will accompany this Full Lunation in Aquarius.  The hills represent highest aspirations.

Uranus ruled Full Moon opposite Sun both square Saturn urges us to think creatively while also working with others – as we are able.  Boundaries are, at times, most beneficial.

Respect the search for your individual inner truth – your path to enlightenment is yours and yours alone.  


the weirding way

jelly animated
Heavy energies of the squares I spoke of yesterday are offset by
Mars trine Neptune
Saturn trine Chiron
Sun and Mercury moving to trine Uranus
prior to a full Aquarius Supermoon at 18 degrees Aquarius

Healing the past through present actions
Clever thought processes, inventive solutions
the weirding way

Uranus Neptune and Pluto are all in
retrograde revision mode
These are generational planets made personal
through direct contacts in your natal

Saturn going full pistons forward in square to both
Sun/Mercury opposite full Aquarius Moon
makes Saturn and Uranus major players

Feelings of balance, past, future
clinging and releasing
time – out of time – timeless
ambition, family
Thought patterns surrounding same.


are coming into sharp focus
with this full Moon
Choose wisely.

-Tim Gunn


Tidal sway

Rebecca Guay RegenerateRebecca Guay,  Regenerate

Thoughts on the emotional, intuitive Grand Water Trine & kite . . .
Cancer Venus opposing Pluto in Capricorn is all about the past and letting go, attracting the activity that heals and regenerates.  Love, kindness and support.

These signs you can count on (under good aspects) to help haul your ass over the finish line if you are unable to yourself.  These signs are kin – by blood or by choice, they are your anchors.  These signs/houses are also places in your chart where you can summon the rock or the surrender.

Venus trine Saturn trine Chiron across the intuition houses of tidal sway is passive, introverted and reflective.  Teaching ourselves how to swim forward from the inner heartspace of New Leo Moon.  Inner SEEING is up to bat with several squares pushing us to reach our highest vibration – we are uncomfortable, restless.

Mercury is now square North Node in Libra – feelings of attraction, love, creativity and harmony are in the forefront of our minds as Mercury is also moving to square Uranus in Aries.  Clever but cautious – as Uranus is Rx and quincunx Saturn.  Logic with Love.
Sense & Sensibility. 

Scorpio Mars squares Jupiter, both sitting in fixed signs mulling over the obstacle course ahead that we have laid before ourselves.  What we dream, what we desire from our deepest well to create.  Intentions set at New Moon now require sweat equity to really work, they need constant vigilance and directional adjustments.


Mars moving to conjunct Saturn in Scorpio near the Full Moon at 18 degrees  Aquarius on August 10 puts a new fire and focus under our workdrives.  This full moon will square Saturn and oppose Sun and Mercury in Leo.  We will be juggling creative brainstorms like wild – Sun and Mercury trine Uranus !

Drives and Desires to create will be Supersonic – note if you have these planets working together or prominent in your natal, you may feel this power a few days earlier than I indicated, I gave a 5 degree orb, I give sensitives 7 degrees.

Contemplate these things as young moon grows to full bohemian rebel.
It’s sure to be a wild ride full of surprises !

Gneiss Moon

Making Fate

star map big
BIG Star map !
Wanted this here at GMA for all my fellow stargazers.
Click pic 2x for BIGGIE SIZE
Will put link in the sidebar, permanently.

Stars are SUNS from their perspective, STARS from ours.

I did mention perspective shits, yes ?
Moon growing to FULL = culmination

Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius

8:45pm CST, USA

Jupiter squares Uranus – big emotional/intellectual perspective shifts
Jupiter opposes Pluto – big metamorphosis dealt by the actions of others
Venus squares Pluto – love/balance, work/past, metamorphosis of all
Saturn conjunct North Node in Scorpio – the past is reforged into the future

Making/creating is Sun ruled; fate is found in 10th house.
In my case, this is life, death, re-birth of balance through love.
This full Aquarius moon opposes my Venus/Jupes in Leo 8.

I remember, duly noted, my apologies.
My turn.
You still burn brighter than any other.
I love you. I love you.  I love you.

Keep looking UP !
Jack Horkheimer

ps. Fly totem 
been buzzing me all day

Star of the Show

Full Aqua Moon 005Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars. 
J.R.R. Tolkien
Full Aqua Moon 016
Moon ?
What Moon ?

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Happy Full Aquarius Moon  – opposite Leo Sun

peace love
 whiskerpurrs from chez luna


Aqua Full Moon 008
Today’s read is for the energies of Full Aqua Moon, primarily those in opposition.
Using Archeon Tarot, Mary-El Tarot, Enchanted Map Oracle

Neptune Rx in Pisces : Seven of Wands
 Her position of strength, as the planet of dreams – both day & night, rises and falls inward, letting compassion and intuitions delve deep psyche fine tuner finesse.   She is in a chart filled with water, exceptionally strong in her ability to dissolve and fade as circumstances call.  Jupiter in Cancer (trine to Chiron Rx the wounded healer in Pisces, loosely trine Neptune) calls to courage at home, how you define both, where you find your courage and how you execute it.  How solid are your fortifications, who gets in to see the wizard, who or what wounds or sways you…?

Full Moon in Aquarius : Queen of Disks
She is the rooted material earth, she is a practical, sensational (senses keen), land baron tilling her soil, nurturing long term growth.  Full Moon in Aquarius is in air, ruled by Uranus so this is a nod to Uranus Rx square Pluto in earthy Capricorn.

This is The square up everyone’s nostril for years forcing growth – like it or not. Pluto in Capricorn loves the deep uprooting status quo and Uranus in gung-ho Aries loves anything but normal. How do you personally release what is no longer serving the highest good ?  How do we globally (Uranus and Pluto are transpersonal) do the same ?
 Everyone who reads here knows I am an environmentalist, so in my mind, this earthy queen crying tears of diamonds speaks to the needless plundering of OUR HOME, Earth.  The global definition of glamour (Neptune) and living well has to change to include fairness for all species, all people working together in harmony to USE resources mindfully.
 The underlying Earth message of the humanitarian Full Aqua Moon is peace talks with Sun in Leo.  Earth will be inherited by our children … what caliber of stewards are we…?  We KNOW the problem…now what WILL we do about it ?

:::::the above are in opposition / compromise with the below:::::

Aqua Full Moon 009Mercury In Leo : Nine of Wands
 Standing your creative ground, communicating your unique spirit with strength, courage and heart.  Having fun, being bold, dramatic and proudly fixed in the WILL to shine your light. The man makes the clothes, the clothes don’t make the man.  Leos shine in a potato sack for cryin’ out loud !  Communicative territory displays, rights and reputation flare ups.  Be yourself.
Moon opposite Mercury is emotional choice or choice forced upon you – or both.

 Communicate your way through the emo minefield.  Know that what you do not speak says just as much as what you do.

Sun in Leo : Death
Gasp !
haha Don’t Panic. Coming from a Queen of the Leo Swamp 8th house of death, this is the nature of the shocking jolt needed to WAKE us out of our collective and personal  delusional perspectives.  CHANGE
 Uranus is the Awakener; Full Moon in Aquarius, the Emotional Awakener.
Changes are happening in your Leo house, the willpower shifts and stirs to include another energy from across the wheel.
What is your prize ?  Your surprise ?  Are your eyes on your prize ?
Define where you choose to shine – then cast your WILLpower behind your intent.
 Work with others rather than against them, find the middle ground in the hub of the wheel, aka: here on Earth.  Earth is the playground of exponential growth that can only be garnered through tension, friction and peace talks.  Use this opportunity while you have it, before death takes it from you or another.  Make your peace…with others and with yourself.

Aqua Full Moon 010
Jupiter in Cancer trine Chiron Rx in Pisces : MOUNTAIN
Go with the flow.

This is how to tap into the healing energy.  Remain flexible, move around blockages by being creative and expressive.  If you are strong Capricorn energy you are probably choosing to go over it instead – love that challenge, right ?  SoOo rewarding, the victory.
Keep your eyes on your prize aka: this aspect is also trine North Node of Destiny and Saturn in Scorpio.  Working towards your future, streamlined in both action and emotion will work for you if you let it. Heal the deep wounds, give them air and light – this will move you forward with speed and focus.
Train your brain to SEE the positive, train your heart to FEEL the love – be it light !
Or it could just mean healing on the mountain, haha you know who you are. x

Peace out Peeps !
Happy Full Moon in Aquarius to all my friends and fellows on our Earth SHIP


Love by Cristina McAllister

Love by Cristina McAllister
Fine Art America
Cristina’s blog

Love her work !  Click on her links, she’s rad !
This image/concept I am focusing on since everything is going haywire here at chez moon.  Electric Moon manifest destiny acting as lightning rod for my Venus Jupiter conjunction opposite (they square my Neptuner in my natal).  Uranus Pluto and Neptune figure prominently for me also — prequel has been a wild ride !

Garage door yanked off hinges, computer, phone, electricals haywire – password snafus on several pages.  My remaining cat is quite put out and mighty confused he is blocked from standard red carpet entrance at the moment.  Wha ?  Where is the heavens part & the angels sing bit ?!  This is soOo :: wrong :: !   He is such a diva.

Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius

8:45pm CST, USA

Full Moon at tail end of Aquarius 28 degrees conjunct (out of sign) Neptuner in Pisces at 4 Rx – opposes (in peace talks with) Leo Sun at 28, Mercury at 24. 

Awareness of creation, intuition and the DIVINE SPARK that unites heaven and Earth through the human heartbeat.

Groovy yeah ?
The micro – macro electrical grid.
You breathin’ ?
You’re in the grid.
Best news yet…
Even if you aren’t breathin’, you aren’t IN BODY, you are STILL in the grid.

Uranus is polarities aka positive and negative holding hands across the wheel with Mercury the switch-hitting trickster magician. 

Perceptual shifts ALERT Perceptual shifts

Both are supercharged by Leo Sun (strong, it rules) vibes, compromise, co-operation, being ULTRA FLEXIBLE are key !

Roll with the full moon energies – there is much insight to be gained in the creative sparks when we are thrown out of our usual dull routine.

Live on the other side of your brain for awhile.
Think of it as a FULL MOON Funhouse of Mirrors. 
Perception – idea – swap – meet & greet.

Cancer Jupiter square Aries Uranus (rules Aquarius) at full Moon is electrical energy off the scale :: use it wisely :: stay grounded.  By this I mean, take notes of insights, look closely at new pathways, train your brain while you play !
Work it !

Notice the wild things around you. 
Our planet is teeming / teaming with LIFE.
WE ARE getting & giving off data 24/7 – pay attention !

Saturn conjunct North Node in Scorpio trine (out of sign) Full Moon, Neptune Rx and Chiron the wounded healer, student teacher herbalist is a sign to Creatively THINK.
Explore ALL options available to you – work with ALL the elements.

Fire and Water are prominent for this full Moon – emo water is vaporized into
– AIR –

intellect gaining altitude, ideas aspirations and connections of surprise ! 
Messages incoming – here’s the good part – guess what IS in AIR ?
Full Moon & Venus !

Emotional instincts, fluctuation, imagination
Love, harmony, equality and bonds of partnership, $$

Pluto is holding down the fort in Earth, regenerating. 

Chiron, Jupiter, North Node are trine at 12 degrees bringing faith, harmony and healing INTO OUR FUTURE if we work it right !
Be optimistic !

Let’s RockNRoll People