UP !


Titania’s Fortune Cards

I pulled 2 Cards at random : intent / insight / clarity bringing most benevolent outcome for all readers, now & future.

Something unusual from the past re-surfaces to change your course in life.  
New directions and possibilities are unfolding before you.
All of which are fated, lucky, and will bring happy wishes coming to fruition.
Keep looking up !  – Jack Horkheimer

I miss Jack !  
He was a Gemini Sun
Sagittarius Moon (looking UP !)
Moon trined his Venus Pluto conjunction in Cancer.
(loved the idea of getting families to go outside and check out the sky)

He had Uranus trine Neptune (whammy for a t v / astronomer)
Jupiter quintile Uranus (Cheerful stargazer !)
Uranus quintile Pluto (brought astronomy into our homes – Cancer)
Pluto trined North Node in Scorpio. (Revealing the secrets of the stars)