Close to Home

Planets to scale – perspective shifter, yah ?  Plus Pluto gives the finger, heh.
I count Pluto – hell yes I do.

Once I learned what Sun/Uranus/Pluto entailed…the heavens parted, 
lightning cracked,  my brainpan burst wide open. It was a total –oh, so that’s it- revelatory moment
Same thing happened when I realized Pluto was the focal planet in my composite (chart of the relationship) with a friend.  We’re always peeling back the layers, transformation  station 24/7 – intensity unlike any other.

Scale of the planets in question when comparing charts is not important. If you need a refresher, check out the scale of the universe permanently loaded on the sidebar, Pluto rulership.  Everything matters, relative size is not an issue here.  Asteroids, when contacting personal planets, deliver insights well worth studying, though I tend to pay attention wherever they land in my natal.

What matters is the alchemical blend your planets create together.
Planets, signs and houses. 

What is important is what each planetary body represents to earthlings as a whole which directly relates to what was happening in the collective when each was discovered.
Eg. Pluto coincided with the invention and eventual detonation of the first atomic bomb.
Struggle, power, rebirth after death, the small, the rare made miraculous.

planet-comparisonWhopper SUN !  Cool, yah ?

Contacts between personal planets (below) explain how you get along on a daily basis, they move quickly and are felt close to home. (An abbreviated list follows)
Sun – ego, expression
Moon – feelings, family
Mercury – thoughts, speech
Venus – love, harmony
Mars – desires, drives

Jupiter and Saturn are social planets, they move slowly, are felt widely, for longer periods, as we explore outside of our family and move around into our neighborhood.
Jupiter – philosophy, travel
Saturn – work, status

Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012 (until late December this year).
Jupiter in Cancer since June of last year (until mid- July this year).

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are generational planets, move slowest of all, are felt as we explore our awareness globally.
Uranus – global collective mind
Neptune – global collective heart
Pluto – global collective soul

Sun to Sun is positive for both egos

Sun to Moon is positive for sun person’s ego & positive for moon person’s feelings
Yin (female) Moon to Yang (male) Sun is best, but both contacts are still very personal, positive and strong.

Jupiter to Saturn is positive for restrictive Saturn, but less so for expansive Jupiter, Jupiter plays and Saturn works – socially, Saturn opens up and Jupiter slows down.
Of course what sign and house they land in tells more of the tale.

planets EloahMy former husband and I had this social conjunction.
My Saturn bang on his Jupiter in Aries – we travelled far and wide on tour, his paycheck was easily twice mine – obviously beneficial to my Saturnian restriction (3rd Placidius, 4 whole).  I thought he worked too much (6th), partied too much, was far too reckless – I even thought he was gonna OD right in front of me once.  Not fun.  He eventually grew out of it, after we hit the skids…teenage Aries stuff takes awhile I guess. FYI: Just in case you are wondering, I partied plenty – I’m no angel by a long shot.
The 45 minute commute he had was definitely a strain, and my career in the arts could not be had where he wanted to go. Also we had some weird stuff with time and travel, though I will not go into it here.

Note: I am not suggesting if you have this natal contact you will experience the same.  Every chart, every relationship is different – alchemical blends are infinite in number.

peace out


Young John Lennon
Young John Lennon

I was stunned by the news I heard today. 
A friend told me, thankfully, so it wasn’t quite as weird as hearing it from somewhere else, but make no mistake – it weirded me right out, regardless.

This man has a family, he is not public property and it takes big balls to even make such an asinine request.  He is not here for the permission giving, now is he ?

My point, if Michael Jackson opted for cryogenics while he was alive, coherent and full tilt boogie on coming back intact in a bazillion scientifically advanced years, that is his business, he decided, and it is altogether different. (For the record, I don’t know what MJ personal biz re: funeral arrangements, is, was, or claim to in any way shape or form, however; I do know MJ had rights to a great part of the Beatles back catalogue, but you don’t want to get me started on that either, fair warning.)

I have a great deal of respect for Julian and his mother, Cynthia and this post is primarily for them, also for Sean.

Pop you a bit of synastry while I am at it.
Wonder why I am seeing red ?  I did, so I looked at John’s chart again.

My Toro moon is exactly conjunct John’s Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Toro.
Incidentally, my late father has Uranus Rx exact conjunct my Moon as well.
Moon is feelings
Saturn, teeth, past, father
Jupiter, ideals, philosophies
Uranus, weird surprises, the odd
So this tidbit about John really pitched my zen right out the window.

Remember I said it weirded me right out ?
John’s Toro Uranus is in exact trine to my Uranus in Virgo, which happens to be conjunct Sun and Pluto.
Sun is life.
Pluto is death, rebirth.

Is this science and who exactly is this healing ?
Kindly put the tooth back in the box and stfu.
Thank you.

Ok, rant over.
Now business head.
The natal chart can be read after death by looking at transits to natal energies.  We can see triggers that mean a biopic after death, a new release of archived material, or some weirdo waving a rotten tooth around.

John Lennon transits
Transiting North Node of Destiny at 10 degrees Scorpio, Saturn at 6 degrees conjunct natal Mercury (youth, messages, flipsides, and children) in Scorpio at 8.  I have been going on and on about streamlining the past, clearing the dross, (Saturn) healing (in Scorpio) in regards to metamorphosis (Scorpio is life, death and rebirth) into the destined future, (North Node) but this is not what I imagined when I wrote that – not by any means.

North Node of Destiny and Saturn are opposite (juggling energy with another) John’s Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus while also square Moon in Aquarius (feelings regarding science) and square Chiron (wounded healer) and Pluto (death,  metamorphosis, rebirth) in early Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, or life.

Uranus Rx (eccentricity, radical ideas, and oddly enough – astrologers) is transiting over John’s South Node aka: what was, while in square to a 9 degree Pluto (rebirth) at his midheaven (peak of public achievements) at 7 degrees Capricorn (past).

Transiting Mercury and Sun are conjunct John’s Venus in Virgo which forms a quincunx (change in altitude) to Moon in Aquarius (feelings and scientific awakenings).

That is it – I have had it.
Rockstar politicians, GMO’s, elephant slaughter, the bee crisis, Syria, and wtf now this flake with a manky old tooth ?!

I have to commune with nature now.
Peace out

Polarity Pong

Void Moon in Aquarius
Moon into Pisces 
Monday 4:49am CST, USA

The more I study astrology, the more I love to watch the energies of synastry unfold.
It fascinates me – the underlying theme that makes people tick / tock. 
I’m a Leo Venus in 8th; a cat burglar picking human energetic frequency locks.

Where is the high voltage ? 
How do we plug into each others sockets ? 
Where are we grounded ?
Where are we getting love morphine straight to the vein ?  <~ Yeah baby, I want sommadat.

Here’s how you do it.  Get your natal, get natal of the person you are keen to figure out.
Drop their natal planets into your natal chart.  Eg. put their Aries Mars into your Aries house, their Taurus Sun into your Taurus house…etc… all around the wheel drop their planets into your houses.

Conjunctions are areas where the energy works together like a team of horses – same polarity and element, there is innate understanding, see life from the same vantage point.

Trines are where co-operation is easy – same polarity, same element, yet different signs, different natures, similar expression through a different approach.

Squares are friction and obstacles where positive meets negative, different elements – energy is restless.  Ignore at your peril !  Solve your squares, and you have the relationship growth you are looking for.  Squares operating well are more powerful than a trine when well oiled and firing on all pistons – because you are covering more bases – more polarities, more elements to express the energy.

Oppositions are compromises of the same polarity, different elements – indicates a juggling of power and energies.  My turn / your turn type of thing.

Sextiles are the same polarity, different elements – they indicate areas of opportunity, growth and merging of energy.  Sextiles must be activated, you have to look for the opportunities here, you have to make them happen.

A few examples:

My Super Sag ex has Jupiter smack on my Saturn, that feels good, lemme tell ya.  Happy-go-lucky, life of the party Jupiter on Old Cuss sourpuss Saturn ?  Hell yeah it felt good.  My Saturn trines my Sag Mars, so his Jupiter does too.  We traveled all over the states to hear live music.  We went on tour and threw down hard . . . good times though. I have a ton of Sag energy for not actually being one. 
Note: learned astrology = mystery solved re: why I have dated so many Sagittarians !

The major stumbling block – his 4 planet Sag stellium (falls in my 12th) squares my Virgo Sun/Ura/Plu stellium. His personal planets were drug into surprise metamorphosis that is, well, me.  and vice versaNote: energy does go both ways.  His Moon smack on my Moon – we felt the same about many things, particularly music and partying – we both have a killer Moon Neptune opposition. This ended up not being not so good, obviously.  I still dream about the curve ball surprises he dished up: part and parcel of the 12th house activation.
 My Dad had Uranus smack on my Toro Moon (trine my stellium), Suns trine, Saturns conjunct (which trined my Mars and his Venus which were conjunct).  When he was in the hospital and I would show up, the nurses always remarked how quickly his blood pressure / heart rate would normalize.
I recently met someone with Virgo Moon – conjunct my Sun, trine my Moon.  His Mars smack on my Moon, his 8th house stellium conjuncts my Saturn and trines my Mars. I mentally noted how weird it was that I felt comfortable right off the bat.  We dove into metaphysical subjects straight away when we hung out, and he was picking up on all things astro / tarot lickety-split. My Sag Mars sextiles his Jupiter in Aquarius – if he wants to learn astro, he’s got a teacher, but he has to ask for it.  haha

Want more ? 
I did some fun Outlaw stuff here.
Also, some Hobbits and more


curious interventions

The energetic vibration you were born with, your astrological signature, will resonate with those of a similar vibration. You will attract those people who have similar astro signatures, because they feel good, you understand each others viewpoints without much explanation, similar to the energy of a conjunction, trine.

The real learning begins when encountering those who do not have similar astro signatures because we feel friction, they are harder for us to understand and relate to, their experience and viewpoint requires explanation and work – similar to the energy of a square.

Oppositions, though similarly felt as friction, do understand each other because they are reflections and projections between two similar energies.

Sextiles are merging opportunities that may not be obvious, we have to hunt them up and make them work for us.

This is synastry in a nutshell.
 First law of thermodynamics states: energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form.

I have a friend I have known for years through social media, we have become good friends, and yes, we have similar astro signatures.  It was such a wonderful thing that we finally spoke near Uranus station – as Uranus is a strong point in both our natals.

We fell into easy conversation immediately and words were tumbling out fast and furious as we could finally share our experiences real time instead of typing them.

No great surprise our phones were having some tech issues as our excitement grew !   While relating the cosmic events we have experienced on the earth plane, our phones were going a bit haywire.

The energy we were exchanging was electric – Uranus rules wireless comms, telepathy – our phones were slipping in and out, we got cut off twice,  it was comical really.  I was stripping off my stone jewelry rapid – fire, knowing it was causing  piezoelectric feedbacks for us.  

My rutilated quartz ring was the first to go – it is a brain simulator, enhances and increases thought forms; storage and broadcast of thought forms – and we obviously already had that covered !

I moved all the rocks near me away, then finally got up and found some dead space without stones so we could talk.   Weird thing though, phone went dead just as I was saying something that was minor, yet not to be shared.
Later, we both agreed has happened to us on different occasions because the other person was not supposed to KNOW that info.

How weird is that ?!
Uranus motto : I KNOW.

Electrical shorts, clairvoyance, angelic intervention ?
Cool though.
Most of yesterday afternoon I spent processing – so much info and energy, came in from my friend.  Later, it dawned on me – I realized why I gravitate towards stones.

I use rocks (I am Saturn ruled, Saturn rules rocks and USE) to ground my outer planet heavies, so I can function at a deeper level. 

Most all of my planetary action is above the horizon – Saturn Rx in Aries and Toro Moon are what helps keep me centered below the horizon at midnight – the time I AM most active and the place where I am most comfortable.  Saturn and Moon is where I find a bit of solace in an otherwise rather foggy, unpredictable natal chart.

I use the stones to bring matter and form to the nebulous etheric energy in my astro signature.

 Neptune most highly aspected in 11th (natural house of Aquarius) opposite Moon.
 Saturn Rx in Aries trines 11th house Mars.
 Mars quintiles Uranus (Sun/Uran/Plu stellium in 9).

Best wishes for your own positive changes with Uranus direct . . .
(Uranus rules wishes)

weavers of webs

Let me tell you I have loved Loved LOVED  Janet McTeer since Tumbleweeds !  Then came Songcatcher, a tale full of backwoods bluegrass and a teacher hellbent on documenting  the culture and music of hill people.  A great concept, well done.  I know everything  Janet does will be top notch.

Pictured above is Glenn Close with Janet (right) – I recently watched Albert Nobbs and loved it !  It’s a great story of poor 19th century Irish women making their way in the world under difficult circumstances.  If you haven’t seen it, do – these women are fabulous !
Janet is a Leo Sun, Gemini Moon.

Janet has Sun, Mercury (not conjunct) with Uranus conjunct North Node all in Leo.
Hello ! Born for the camera, and the camera loves her.  She is versatile with her Gem Moon, it sextiles Mercury making her a chameleon of sorts.  She has this lovely underlying earthy Saturnian vibe (in Capricorn, it rules) with a kick of unusual visionary perception – Jupiter in Aquarius – that is just flat – out fun and quirky !

Janet has the octaves of artistic creativity trine one another – Cancer Venus trines Scorpio Neptune.  Neptune (rules inspired creativity and film) is also the focal planet of a T- Square with Mercury and Jupiter – Scorps don’t miss a thing.  Those planets are all fixed and that means building.  She is just so fun to watch – minute details (Jupiter and Saturn trine Mars in Virgo) that give each character such depth and complexity unfold with such grace. 

Glenn Close is obviously also fabulous, with credits such as The Big Chill, Fatal Attraction, and Dangerous Liasons (my personal favorite).

Glenn is a Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon, with Leo rising.  She has 8th house Pisces Mercury conjunct Mars both square Uranus in Gemini on the 11th.  That one is edgy – whipsmart and otherworldly perceptive, she can play creepy very well.

Glenn has an Grand Air trine with 11th house Uranus in Gemini, 3rd house Neptune in Libra, and Venus conjunct Moon in Aquarius 7th.  Those are stellar intuitive planets and placements for artistic ability and depth of communicating the soulful underbelly of human nature.

She also has a Grand Trine (out of sign) with Scorpio Jupiter, Pisces Sun and Saturn in Leo.  Pluto and Saturn are rising in the dragon hours, giving the traits of unpredictability, ambition, strong opinions, being outspoken as well as lucky.  Pluto is conjunct the ASC from the 12th and opposes Venus in the 7th – her artwork needs to reveal and transform – always.  She is one intense lady who has created a fabulous body of work.

Some quickie synastry between Janet and Glenn:

Janet’s Sun is conjunct Glenn’s Pluto.
Janet’s Mercury is conjunct Glenn’s Saturn, both of which trine Glenn’s Sun.
Janet’s Neptune is conjunct Glenn’s Chiron, both of which trine Glenn’s Mercury / Mars conjunction.
Janet’s Moon is conjunct Glenn’s North Node, both of which trine Glenn’s Neptune.

Amazing work ladies !  Thank you.


The Round Table

What’s UP in the sky now.
See the big red X ?

My ex husband and I have that (similar- different signs / houses) in our composite.   After I learned astro, I realized it explained much about our relationship. 
Only a few days ago I was reminded of how things can turn prickly with us rather quickly.

Synastry is how you interact as a couple.  Lay one chart over the other, conjunctions are most powerful.  For example, my ex husband and I have Toro Moons conjunct; his Aries Jupiter is conjunct my Aries Saturn. We felt the same about many things (moons), and his Jupiter greased the wheels of my olde cuss Saturn Rx.  Bad news, our stelliums are squaring each other, which proved to be too much to work out.

Composite charts represent the relationship as an entity.  It is calculated by finding midpoints between the couples planets and points.  It can tell you how you bridge the gap and join forces, or conversely, where you struggle, strain and separate.

Squares – they are dynamic, stressful inner tension  that struggles for change.
You.  Your issue.

Oppositions – they are two polar opposite energies trying to find compromise. 
Us.  Our issue.

See the difference ?  Trines are fab – they are where we can coast with the energies.
Think the Major Arcana Cards :  they are  ! BOOM ! energies you can ride like a wave.

Sextiles are the opportunities, harmony exists – yet you have to fetch them, make the waves yourself.
Think Minor Arcana cards : they are the cards which represent the struggle to succeed, they are the cards that we have to work for in order to get the energies.

Conjunctions are where your energies are operating as a team of horses, or rocket engines  on either side of the boat ~>  you are on the same course, hyperdrive is locked and loaded.  You get each other in that area, no explanations needed.

Squares in synastry are harder to express, they are by nature internal.  
The energies can be quiet, brooding, seething – unless they are expressed and communicated and worked through.  *

Picture Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Everyone equal for starters – each opinion valid – that’s why the table was round.

Squares are like leaning forward to cuss and discuss issues with someone you have to crane your neck to look at.  It is uncomfortable – it is easier to ignore because it is not right in your face …. yet.   A failure to communicate will only bring the issue up again later. 

* This is where a well aspected Mercury combo in synastry will help a LOT.

Oppositions in synastry are more likely where the fighting will be flung right up on the table.
This is where strategy and diplomacy steps in – it signifies a juggling of energies to find compromise.

Oppositions are directly across the table (wheel) and right in your face – not so easily ignored.   Oppositions are more like a game of ping – pong.  They lay it down and you pick it up – or not. Click here for more thoughts on oppositions and squares.

Oppositions can actually be good in synastry because it is being aware of the other person and their concerns – it is where you are holding hands and making deals across the wheel.  The energies can find common ground because they are on the same wavelength.  For example Gemini ‘lower mind’ opposes Sagittarius ‘higher mind’ – they are opposite and must compromise, but they do understand each other.

Squares are friction, tension, an obstacle that makes us move.  They are different elements and mindsets – misunderstandings are likely. They strain, pull and irritate – we have to drag it up onto the table and hash it out – but squares though difficult, are also where we grow and Grow and GROW.  

Once solved, squares will become MORE POWERFUL THAN A TRINE.


Hey, it’s me again

Figured as much.
Mars nearly trine my Toro Moon and I am on a Robin Zander bender.

Another Robin Zander bender, more like, lol.

Cheap Trick should be in the Hall of Fame already !
April 1st is Cheap Trick Day in Illinois by law.  hee love that.

Robin’s Toro Moon (exalted) and Jupiter conjunct my Moon, which means they also trine my Virgo Stellium. Robin’s Pisces Venus (exalted) Mars conjunction is trine my Neptuner.  His Aquarius Sun and Cap Mercury also trine my stellium. Robin’s Leo Pluto is conjunct my Venus Jupiter conjunction. My Leo stuff also sextiles his Saturn Neptune conjunction in Libra. My Libra Mercury is conjunct his Saturn Neptune. My Moon sextiles his Cancer Uranus….so is plenty fair to say, I liiiike him

My Mom (Sag rising)  took me to see Cheap Trick, (my first I asked for live show- Kris Kristofferson was a gifty first when my Mom opted out) which of course is reflected in the natals.  ie: My Mom’s Venus and Mars are both trine Robin’s Saturn/ Neptune in Libra.  His Venus and Mars conjunction trines her Cancer Pluto.  There’s more, but you get the idea.  My former husband who has heard them live several times at my request has good synastry with Robin too, their Moons are conjunct too, for starters.

Everyone we meet we have some sort of energetic reaction with, a grinding or an ease.

Growth is located in the squares and oppositions – we work to release the pressure – but too many and there is a break.  outta here !

Learning astrology is more than just the natal, it is understanding the transits and progressions too…

Transits are the global vibe – what is up there in the sky happening now.

Progressions are your personal chart  forwarded to reflect your growth to date.

When reading progressions,
Look to your progressed Sun for insights into where your awareness is focused.

The Moon shows where your feelings are living.

Check to see what natal house has progressed to the ascendant, there will be a focus on the activities of that house.

Check out your angular planets 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th for they are strong areas of focus.

Compare your progressed Moon phase with that of the progressed Sun – new moons are beginnings, full moons are culminations, waning moons signify endings.

Note if any planets have just switched signs, it will be felt.

Also compare your progressed with your natal, conjunctions and squares being very important.

When progressions activate the natal and transits activate both, there is an event.

I will use myself as an example:  Work, work, work it’s all about the work. sheesh. ha
My progressions in a nutshell: 2nd house (work) Aquarius brought to the ascendant. Saturn (my natal ruler, rules work) in the 1st opposite Venus (love, creativity and money) which is not so happily squeezed between game changers Uranus and Pluto in the 7th.  Sun in Scorpio keeping company with Mercury under good aspect, thankfully !  Mars tightly conjunct Moon (10 and 11 degrees respectively) in Capricorn square Saturn.
(work ! + lots of it – also a bit cranky is an understatement, lol)

Recent transit that boggled me was Pluto direct (Pluto stationed retrograde at 9 degrees Cap April 13th.) nearly conjunct progressed Mars and Moon.  As Pluto activated progressed Mars and Moon it was also squaring my natal Saturn at 9 Aries, and coming to trine my natal Moon in Taurus.  Someone, yes a man from my past came calling and pretty much rocked my world.  Again.

That’s all I am saying about that transit + dude, prog Merc is in Scorpio 8th, after all. lol

This post has been Gemini all over the place, I was indeed thinking Venus retrograde when I posted Voices, not feeling the Pluto love at the mo….so that Pluto post I promised… I was thinking it would have to wait, then I ended up talking about Pluto anyway.
Ah well…prog Venus attracts the odd Pluto blurt despite my efforts – it is squashed between my natal Virgo Sun + Uranus (Pluto conjunction) and transiting Mars is coming to activate them – so may as well roll out the surf the surprises red carpet.

I hope you understand my meaning….
peace out peeps ~

Hobbits of Jupiter

Look how handsome !
I love me some Hobbit !  … you guessed ? lol.
Hey, I freely admit to being all over Middle Earth and Jedi Knights.
Sexy scruff and swords ? !  mmMmmyes please & thank you !

Anyway, several weeks ago I had posted my praise of all things centaur. (My natal vibes very Sag.) …I must have given someone ideas – they knocked on my backdoor looking for Hobbits of Jupiter.

Ok.  Love.
HAD to make THAT happen !

I have mentioned before I think Hobbits are primarily Taurean, they love gardening, eating, drinking, pipeweed, singing etc…
So in honor of the 10th anniversary of LotR, and the New Moon in Taurus with Jupiter in Taurus and a Grand Earth Trine – I am going to delve into Hobbit synastry !  YaY !

Astrology really cracks me UP sometimes ~ if you don’t believe me, then study it for yourself  and you’ll see …!
Enter Bilbo asteroid # 2991 and you will see it is at 10 degrees Taurus ~
Hobbit Heaven ~ the more the merrier, I say…!

Sean (Sam) and Elijah (Frodo)

I have written about Elijah before here (click), but a quick recap :
Aquarius Sun, Mercury and Mars; Scorpio Moon, Venus in Capricorn, Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Libra.

Sean is Pisces Sun and Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, Mars in Sagittarius, Venus in Capricorn, Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius.

Synastry : Venus conjunct in Capricorn they like each other, Hollywood film kids in the business (Capricorn) all grown up, familiar with each others work.  Sean was in The Goonies; Elijah, Back to the Future 2 wearing a colander ! – just for starters.

Sean’s Pisces Moon trine Elijah’s Scorpio Moon, so they feel simpatico – water signs feel everything, emote well – so most likely made the Mordor scenes easier for each other.

Sean’s Libra Uranus is conjunct Elijah’s Saturn /Jupiter conjunction
Elijah’s Scorpio Uranus is conjunct (out of sign) Sean’s Sagittarius Neptune / Jupiter conjunction
That’s a heck of a lot of creative ideas flying around (Uranus, Libra, Neptune), and both are actively involved in favorite fund-raising projects year after year.

Sean’s Aquarius North Node is conjunct Elijah’s Mercury and Mars which sextiles Sean’s Mars.  They treat each other well, when Elijah got to pick the next Bacchus (Mardi Gras) he chose Sean to follow him.  Good friends.

Sean’s Saturn is conjunct Elijah’s Chiron – both are trine their Venus’ in Capricorn.
Sean is most likely a steady force, offering support and patience, an older brother type influence.

Billy Boyd (Pippen) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry)

Billy is Mega – Virgo  !  Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto.  Moon is either late Libra or early Scorp, I don’t have his exact birth time.  He has North Node and Saturn Rx in Aries like me, his Mars is in Leo.

Dom is a Sagittarius Sun, conjunct Neptune and Mars.  Cancer Moon, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn.  North Node conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Taurus.

Synastry :  Well, no surprise – it’s good.  These two have a ton of fun on and off camera.
Billy’s Mars is conjunct Dom’s Saturn Rx in Leo.  They trine Dom’s Sun, Neptune, Mars conjunction in Sagittarius.  Leos play.  Period.  Dom’s Sag stuff wants to run free, so game on !

Billy’s Mars kick starts Dom’s old man Saturn every time, gets Dom going.  Not that it takes much encouragement for a Leonine planet to go all goofy or anything.

Dom’s Capricorn Venus is trine Billy’s Virgo city, so earth to earth, sensible but randy !
Moons are (roughly – again no times here) trine one another, they feel the same about many things, relate to one another easily.

Dom’s North Node and Uranus conjunct Billy’s Moon.  Dom gave Billy a cake with Bees all over it – hence the name Beecake for Billy’s band – a dream that became reality after LotR.

Elijah and Billy synastry :  Elijah’s Capricorn Venus is trine Billy’s Virgo city.  Elijah’s Neptune is trine Billy’s Saturn Rx in Aries.  Elijah’s North Node in Leo is conjunct Billy’s Mars.  Being a huge music fan, it is very likely Elijah encouraged Billy to pursue his career in music and helped boost his confidence in that area.

Elijah and Dominic

Synastry : Capricorn Venus’ conjunct.  Solid friends, have remained so.

Dominic’s Pluto is conjunct Elijah’s Saturn / Jupiter conjunction in Libra; which trines Elijah’s Sun.  Dom is likely busting a bit of Elijah’s conventionality into new horizons of creativity and reformatting relationship / partnership matters – several business ideas have been bandied about over the years.  Perhaps something will eventually come to fruition…?

This much I do know…Dom has Jupiter in Taurus (23 degrees) and his new creative endeavor “Wild Things” is coming up to bat very soon as his 6th house is filling up with all the new moon energy and transiting Jupiter in Toro is coming to conjunct his natal Jupiter.

*note: Dominic has a very strong Saturn Rx in Leo that trines his Sun, Mars and Neptune – he is very active in conservation, having bought a small forest in India.  He is also fighting to protect animals who are unable to ask for help themselves.
Info at twitter here ! (click)

This New Moon energy in Taurus plus the grand Earth Trine is a primo reminder to honor our mother – Gaia – and all of her creatures big and small ~
Earth Day is Sunday  !

let’s be kind to our Mother ~