Revolve, Evolve

imageWild Wood Tarot

Question: What would animals of the world like to tell humans so that we may collectively move into our highest most benevolent outcome ?

Answer: Time to make decisions & choose priorities.  New challenges means developing new tools, ways of thinking that suit the new sitch.

Bows wear out, arrows warp over time changing their accuracy.
They are no longer true.
Note Leo Jupiter T-Square focal point with Taurus Full Moon – Sun opposition.

Have faith in the next step – shared power & respect for all life.

Make it so.

peace out
Gneiss Moon


Nature has much to teach us about balanced, co-operative thinking.
Mercury stations direct at 24 Gemini Tues trine North Node in Libra.
Rethink direction, reset towards kindness, equality for all creatures.

You know the drill – dim lights, full screen.
Thanks be to Graham Hancock who posted it when I needed it.



Peace & Harmony

Gneiss Moon



Nugent lionNugent

Ted’s (fb) photo caption for the above:
And the lion sleeps tonight!! Wellwell well,looky looky here! Young Ted lastwhiteboy to get out of the Sudan alive March 1978 as the Idi Amin rebels killed everybody & blew up everything, hot on my trail!! [excerpt]Lynx photo below posted on Ted’s fb June 12, no caption.

Nugent June 12
A friend shared this lynx link yesterday, and of course, it elicited an immediate visceral reaction.  Moon is currently in Leo, and I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo. 
Stranglehold has long been a fave, my first roommate will attest to it – I’ve seen him live covered in skin/tail, he put on a good show.  I have seen interviews over the years, Ted is a livewire – intelligent and outspoken – he has a commanding presence.

I managed to watch his tv show a couple of times, (despite not having cable) it was as I expected, wild & crazy, OTT.   It always stuck me as odd when people were shocked by Ted’s demeanor.   After all, he IS the Motor City Madman.  What did they think it/he was going to be like, (presumably) signing a waiver to be on a madman’s survivalist reality show ?  Obviously the dude on foot who played “chicken” with a truck envisioned something quite different than what actually happened.  I saw that comin’, easily.

I knew Ted is a Sagittarian bow hunter, obviously it stuck with me having bow hunters in my family. Today, I took a closer look at his natal chart.  I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about Ted, agree with some ideas – others not at all.  To use this platform to write a heated knee-jerk response without looking at all the info would put me in the category of this crap journalism, which is not gonna happen.  So I will give you the astrological deets and you can make up your own mind about what he says/does.
I will add you might want to google poaching and reality star duped for starters, and of course, Ted’s viewpoints can be found on the link to his official page under top photo.

I will also add that Endangered population deets can always be found on The Red List on the sidebar under conservation.  I will directly link vulnerable African Lion here and the NA (Bobcat) Lynx here – also please note dates on reports given in link as well as the date on the top photo caption.  Also note that I do not know where the Lynx was killed, I presume North America, but do not know for certain, as he did not provide that info.

PRZ-006444Ted is a Sagittarius with Sun conjunct Mercury (combust) opposite late degree Uranus Rx in Gemini.  That is the outspoken livewire aspect across communication houses – Sagittarians tend to be blunt; Uranus, radical.  Ted is obviously earthy, with Mars (guns) exalted in Capricorn (T. Pluto is bang on Mars at the mo), Saturn in Virgo and Moon and North Node of Destiny in Taurus.

Capricorn Mars (conjunct 6+ orb) Jupiter square Neptune in Libra denotes his hardline approach/outreach via music (Neptune rules guitars, the other string instrument) as well as his stance re: balance/loss and responsible conservation (Saturn/Capricorn) that does not always set well with others (Libra).  Mars and Jupiter (in exact) trine to Saturn again is a relentless hardline re: analyzation of use of any and all things.  He is known for being very anti-alcohol/drugs, which is obviously unusual in the world of S/D & R&R.

hairy dudes
Ted is a catalyst, provoking transformation over the haves/desires what is mine/ours axis of Taurus/Scorpio.  Not exactly a surprise, is it ?  Moon in Taurus (no deets, no orb) opposes Venus in Scorpio – both of which square focal planet Pluto Rx in Leo.  Pluto is death; Leo is life – square the Moon and Venus which are public favor or lack thereof.  Note Pluto in Leo is fixed as are the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, he is not changing anytime soon, regardless of what anyone thinks – just saying.

Lastly, Ted has Sagittarius Chiron (wounding/healing/teacher) square Saturn in Virgo indicating restless tension re: philosophies of teaching/hunting and conservation/limits as well as personal responsibilities re: same.  These are mutable signs, indicating he will listen – only if you have done your research, know the facts and have a valid argument – otherwise, forget it.

peace out
Gneiss Moon
Stranglehold in comments


Honestly, shit like this blows. my. mind.
How this cruelty is found acceptable on any level is beyond me.
Finding this sicko trend stylish is far more than my Virgo brain can fathom.

Capricorn (restriction) Sun (oxygen) while Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune (spiritual intelligence) and Chiron (deep wound) in Pisces.  Signaling a rant re: small animals (Virgo) and my feelings (Moon) about their cruel treatment in the name of some dumbass fashion (Venus Rx) trend.

Cardinal square above us prompts action via others and a driving need to change, force growth in yourself.
Aries & Libra axis : self vs. relationships
Cancer & Capricorn : nurturing vs. using

Internal tension rests upon philosophies of nurturing, actions powered up to find balance (with a heavy dose of pass-agg possible) via complete transformation of old structures into new ways of thinking, adapting, SEEing.

Hey, I am on my Sag soapbox, as usual, I know – I don’t think any of you, my readers abuse animals.   I am simply freaked out and asking you to share so we can stop this cruelty.  I am keenly aware that animals have intelligence, feelings, and are deserving of kindness and respect – as well as the right to live.  Red List
Hands up – ! – who loves Sonya the Pet Psychic from Animal Planet ?  I would get up early to watch it before work.  Trust me, this is unheard of – I am not a morning girl.

I have hundreds of stories, but will give you only two.
1 My late gecko, Buzz was used to getting large crickets.  One day the cricket truck didn’t arrive, I had to get smaller crickets to tide him over a bit.  When I tossed them in, he peered down at them . . . slowly turned his head to look me right in the eyes –  wtf  ?! these are no see-ums – ya gotta be kidding me !  When Buzz was dying, my girl cat sat in vigil with him all day – in a spot she hadn’t rested before, or ever after that day.
2 The first time my new cat walked past a door with skins hanging from it, he looked up, saw them and froze – paw dangling in midair – gobsmacked with apprehension. Oh shit, I’m in for it.  I grabbed him and explained they were given, I did not kill them, he was safe.  All was then well, he understood me. 
I have hundreds of stories similar to these.

The way out from these tense oppositions and squares is in Virgo Moon moving to trine Pluto in Capricorn (sharing feelings about what the world really needs to change) as well as Jupiter Rx in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio (philosophy of ethical power over and with and towards all earthkind.)

These aspects in tandem means we WORK to MAKE it HAPPEN.


standing on new visions

photoTarot of the New Vision

Strange cards to pull for what are we leaving behind with the Scorpio Eclipse.
Pulled these just before I read there has been a quake off the coast of Japan.
Eclipse in water sign of Scorpio – this is known to happen at times.
Typically, water sign eclipses are associated with water events, but since Pluto (in Cap) is Lord of the upcoming Scorp Eclipse while in mutual reception with Saturn (in Scorp), an earth/water event.

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bodies of water

Ginormearth I LOVE this pic.
Map (Mercury at MC) freak.
Click on pic twice and use the scroll bars to find your neck of the woods.

How much of the Earth is water…?

About 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water, but water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers.
More info at USGS


Truth. Macro, ALL ONE.
Truth. Micro, ALL ONE.
WE not ME – Micro example.

You Captain your ship.
The micro team inside of you.

Pic above is a human kidney cell, under a microscope.
Libra rules the kidneys.

Credit: Ke Xu Harvard University

How much of the human body is water…?


The human body contains about 100 trillion cells, some of which are 70 percent water.(This percentage varies with cell type)

Wanna peek inside the world of cells ? this is wicked cool, I love it !
There is an ocean inside of us – how cool is that ?!

Health tip from akashic records guru Edgar Cayce, the man who had a biggie Pisces (water) stellium, and channeled remedies from the beyond…

Drink PLENTY of water.
Make it obligatory for self to see that at least two to three GLASSES of water are drunk between each meal – not AT meals.

from Cayce reading 92-1

Below is the quickie guideline, obviously + / – depending on what you are doing. If you are at higher altitudes, packing weights on a scorching midsummer day drink more. daily water intake:::::::
We are what we eat. 

Ingesting too much in the acidic (red orange) spectrum grounds the body in the root chakra, making physical (digestive) needs paramount, the body slows down as more energy is used to process food.

Ingesting (easier to digest) activates the third eye and crown chakras, making intuition sharper, opening the gateway to higher dimensions.

Human blood pH is 7.356

 If you were wondering about the acidity of the waters of the Earth, here you go – courtesy of NCEAS, the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. ocean_acidification_zpsd21c1db5

What is our global water sitch..?… about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has diffused via chemical exchange, which creates carbonic acid, thereby increasing the acidity of the water.

Historically seawater was 8.2 pH, since the industrial revolution it has dropped below 7.8 pH.

Ocean pH industrial revolution
This chemical exchange disrupts carbonate ions, which are what shell-building animals like coral need to create calcium carbonate shells. With less carbonate available, the animals need to expend more energy to build their shells.  As a result, the shells end up being thinner and more fragile.  More info at the Ocean Acidification Network.

Water Science for the Aqua Moon

Out in the Woods

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Asteroid Wood 1660
Wilderness, woods, preservation of it – pop it into your chart, see what you get.

My Wood is in Virgo trine Moon in Toro, square Sag Mars, quintile Scorp Neptune.  When I was very young the woodlands behind my home were razed. I cried the livelong day – so hard my head about popped off, I was totally freaked, pleading for them to stop.  I feel the same to this day about forests.  Cap rising, multi Virgo, Moon in Toro exalted, I’m very earthy.

John Muir, founder of The Sierra Club actively helped to preserve the Yosemite Valley, Sequoia National Park and other wilderness areas. He has been called the “Father of the National Parks,” and is considered one of the patron saints of twentieth-century American environmental activity.  John had asteroid Wood in Virgo opposite Moon and Venus in Pisces (writing of love of land, serenity found); trine Mercury; square Chiron.  John wrote extensively of forests and nature he experienced firsthand, including The Mountains of California.

In 1916 the National Park Service was founded by US President Woodrow Wilson.
Woodrow had Wood in Scorpio sextile Mercury in Capricorn (sign into law); square Venus/Mars exact conjunct in Aquarius; opposite Uranus in Taurus and trine Neptune in Pisces.

Julia Butterfly Hill spent 738 days living in the thousand-year old Redwood forest tree (she affectionately named ‘Luna’). She wrote of her tree-sitting experience in her book, The Legacy of Luna. Julia has Wood in Pisces (inspired healing) square Saturn in Gemini (writing), sextile Capricorn Venus and Toro Mars (earthy !). Wood square Saturn also indicates the fact that what she thought would be at most a three week stint turned into a two year tree sit.

More tree sitters here and here.

Dominic Monaghan (Merry, Lord of the Rings) is a passionate nature lover, has been active in the planting of trees, cacti, pod-seeds of mature hedge-row bushes – he also owns a small forest in India. Dom has asteroid Wood exact conjunct Venus in Aquarius.  He’s a bohemian Sag, happily doing the travel critter thing – you can see him soon in Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.

May the Forest be with You