Honestly, shit like this blows. my. mind.
How this cruelty is found acceptable on any level is beyond me.
Finding this sicko trend stylish is far more than my Virgo brain can fathom.

Capricorn (restriction) Sun (oxygen) while Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune (spiritual intelligence) and Chiron (deep wound) in Pisces.  Signaling a rant re: small animals (Virgo) and my feelings (Moon) about their cruel treatment in the name of some dumbass fashion (Venus Rx) trend.

Cardinal square above us prompts action via others and a driving need to change, force growth in yourself.
Aries & Libra axis : self vs. relationships
Cancer & Capricorn : nurturing vs. using

Internal tension rests upon philosophies of nurturing, actions powered up to find balance (with a heavy dose of pass-agg possible) via complete transformation of old structures into new ways of thinking, adapting, SEEing.

Hey, I am on my Sag soapbox, as usual, I know – I don’t think any of you, my readers abuse animals.   I am simply freaked out and asking you to share so we can stop this cruelty.  I am keenly aware that animals have intelligence, feelings, and are deserving of kindness and respect – as well as the right to live.  Red List
Hands up – ! – who loves Sonya the Pet Psychic from Animal Planet ?  I would get up early to watch it before work.  Trust me, this is unheard of – I am not a morning girl.

I have hundreds of stories, but will give you only two.
1 My late gecko, Buzz was used to getting large crickets.  One day the cricket truck didn’t arrive, I had to get smaller crickets to tide him over a bit.  When I tossed them in, he peered down at them . . . slowly turned his head to look me right in the eyes –  wtf  ?! these are no see-ums – ya gotta be kidding me !  When Buzz was dying, my girl cat sat in vigil with him all day – in a spot she hadn’t rested before, or ever after that day.
2 The first time my new cat walked past a door with skins hanging from it, he looked up, saw them and froze – paw dangling in midair – gobsmacked with apprehension. Oh shit, I’m in for it.  I grabbed him and explained they were given, I did not kill them, he was safe.  All was then well, he understood me. 
I have hundreds of stories similar to these.

The way out from these tense oppositions and squares is in Virgo Moon moving to trine Pluto in Capricorn (sharing feelings about what the world really needs to change) as well as Jupiter Rx in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio (philosophy of ethical power over and with and towards all earthkind.)

These aspects in tandem means we WORK to MAKE it HAPPEN.


7 thoughts on “Earthkindness

  1. I can’t even read this, but today have been upset re: neighbours threatening to go for my wallabies. Seeing animal cruelty articles on Yahoo that I can’t even look at. Just thinking today it seems more intense, Very upset about it. I haven’t seen my beautiful wallaby pair for a few days and this p.m. went traipsing down to the back of the block looking for signs.
    Was feeling that today’s energies are warrior, then I thought no, it’s actually more suicide bomber! I’m really feeling Artemis very strongly, while being surrounded by don’t say it! Going away tomorrow . Is it just me or is this Mars/Pluto square, just a bit feisty? i’m not going to drive too much!
    Anyway, Merry Christmas all! Prawns on the barbie downunder, and cold beers and yes there will be kangaroos hopping all around the place! Classic!

    • P.S. I love my night time geckos. I give them little bits banana and they attack them like they are prey. My beautiful heron lazily circled just above my head today as I was bucketting water from the dam. I haven’t seen her in a long time. I took it as a lovely hello from her.

    • Safe travels to you, and I hope you find your wallabies soon, that they are fine, just out if sight. Feeling a wee bit unhinged but ok. Merry happy to you and all reading . . .

  2. Are you flipping kidding me?!?!?!?!? Grrrrrrr. I will make it a mission to spread the word of this ABSURD INHUMANE trend. Hmmm. Hmm.. if the HUMANS making those necklaces could spend a day in a plastic bag with colored water… Stupid fucks. Dammit, this pisses me off.

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