singing praises

photo 16Decks: Tarot of the New Vision, WildWood Tarot

Intent: highest outcome, brilliant insights
1 Left card: Venus Rx energies –Venus Rx interp here
2 Right card: Venus as she approaches Pluto in Cap
3 Bottom card popped out: special message of import !

1 Hidden world of secrets, knowledge and wisdom – power of sexuality, traditionally feminine roles (mother, wife) transmuted into seeking power through the divine. Occult mysteries are brought to light with this retrograde through the sign of the mystical sea goat.
Shades and signs of the moon guide intuition rightly when we are attuned to the natural world around us.

2 Power to use (Pluto/Capricorn) all elements (fire, earth, air, water, ether) to turn the tide of your life via intent and practical magick.  Everything you require is within your grasp, you need only work with the energies wisely.  Use your will to weave the energies warp and weft – strengthen yourself and your world.  Focus, meditate, apply wisdom.

3 Vigilance, spying, watching.  (Particularly totem animals, birds + young people.)   Quick minds see all, studious undertakings, writing, communicating (particularly singing) when called for.


business & bizness

holding-hands-HD-WallpapersCardinal squares and opposition energies between (Capricorn) borders and (Cancer) families erupt again.  I was done for the night, but it boggles my mind that as human beings we are still dealing with marriage inequality.

Admittedly, I have Capricorn ASC and Libra MC, so equal rights of any and all kinds is a no-brainer for me – ? but really ? – globally we are still hashing over who can get legally married, share assets and start a family ?  It is after all their business, their love, their marriage and their assets.

Ali Choudhry and Dr. Matthew Hynd run the risk of not only being separated, but Ali runs the risk of being deported to Pakistan, a country he is unfamiliar with (Ali grew up in the US), he does not speak the language or have contacts there and being openly gay means he is subject to imprisonment or death.

Australian immigration does not view their long-standing 4-year relationship valid though they married in a civil union in March of 2012 under a Queensland state law which was then repealed by the incoming Liberal-National Coalition Queensland Government three months later.  A review of the partnership rejection/visa application was denied.

Australia is Sagittarius (Jupiter rules), Taurus (Venus rules).
Venus and Jupiter energies are retrograde aka: review, reorient, revision.

Venus (marriage) is retrograde in Capricorn the sign of parameters and borders.
Jupiter (law) is retrograde in Cancer the sign of family and home.
Jupiter Rx opposes Capricorn energies of Pluto, Sun, Mercury and Venus Rx signaling a need to revise parameters between family and public matters via compromise, cooperation.
Squares to Aries and Libra is active change (Mars/Uranus) leading us into a future of equal rights. 
Humans globally juggling for compromise and cooperation re: family equality.


peace & love


Honestly, shit like this blows. my. mind.
How this cruelty is found acceptable on any level is beyond me.
Finding this sicko trend stylish is far more than my Virgo brain can fathom.

Capricorn (restriction) Sun (oxygen) while Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune (spiritual intelligence) and Chiron (deep wound) in Pisces.  Signaling a rant re: small animals (Virgo) and my feelings (Moon) about their cruel treatment in the name of some dumbass fashion (Venus Rx) trend.

Cardinal square above us prompts action via others and a driving need to change, force growth in yourself.
Aries & Libra axis : self vs. relationships
Cancer & Capricorn : nurturing vs. using

Internal tension rests upon philosophies of nurturing, actions powered up to find balance (with a heavy dose of pass-agg possible) via complete transformation of old structures into new ways of thinking, adapting, SEEing.

Hey, I am on my Sag soapbox, as usual, I know – I don’t think any of you, my readers abuse animals.   I am simply freaked out and asking you to share so we can stop this cruelty.  I am keenly aware that animals have intelligence, feelings, and are deserving of kindness and respect – as well as the right to live.  Red List
Hands up – ! – who loves Sonya the Pet Psychic from Animal Planet ?  I would get up early to watch it before work.  Trust me, this is unheard of – I am not a morning girl.

I have hundreds of stories, but will give you only two.
1 My late gecko, Buzz was used to getting large crickets.  One day the cricket truck didn’t arrive, I had to get smaller crickets to tide him over a bit.  When I tossed them in, he peered down at them . . . slowly turned his head to look me right in the eyes –  wtf  ?! these are no see-ums – ya gotta be kidding me !  When Buzz was dying, my girl cat sat in vigil with him all day – in a spot she hadn’t rested before, or ever after that day.
2 The first time my new cat walked past a door with skins hanging from it, he looked up, saw them and froze – paw dangling in midair – gobsmacked with apprehension. Oh shit, I’m in for it.  I grabbed him and explained they were given, I did not kill them, he was safe.  All was then well, he understood me. 
I have hundreds of stories similar to these.

The way out from these tense oppositions and squares is in Virgo Moon moving to trine Pluto in Capricorn (sharing feelings about what the world really needs to change) as well as Jupiter Rx in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio (philosophy of ethical power over and with and towards all earthkind.)

These aspects in tandem means we WORK to MAKE it HAPPEN.


Kindred Kind

photo 8Philosopher’s Stone

Saturday December 21, 2013
Venus Rx 29 Capricorn

Friday January 31, 2014
Venus Direct 13 Capricorn

1 Intent: Clarity for highest insight, best direction to delve inward, navel gaze, seek balance
(Venus rules navels)
2 Spirit (crux of sitch) card

1 Find your comrades, your connections, those you can depend on.  Who does your heart belong to in friendship and in love ?  Who do you choose to compliment and do they compliment you also ? Are you allies across time – through tough times as well as good times ?   Are you compatible, are you kindred . . . kind ?

Venus Rx will answer these questions and more.

2 Heat, growth, realisation of what and who and why you partner UP with those you do.

*note: low number on spirit card, weaker; first card drawn is strongest, higher number