Kindred Kind

photo 8Philosopher’s Stone

Saturday December 21, 2013
Venus Rx 29 Capricorn

Friday January 31, 2014
Venus Direct 13 Capricorn

1 Intent: Clarity for highest insight, best direction to delve inward, navel gaze, seek balance
(Venus rules navels)
2 Spirit (crux of sitch) card

1 Find your comrades, your connections, those you can depend on.  Who does your heart belong to in friendship and in love ?  Who do you choose to compliment and do they compliment you also ? Are you allies across time – through tough times as well as good times ?   Are you compatible, are you kindred . . . kind ?

Venus Rx will answer these questions and more.

2 Heat, growth, realisation of what and who and why you partner UP with those you do.

*note: low number on spirit card, weaker; first card drawn is strongest, higher number