teaching by example

MLK TNHDr. Martin Luther King Jr., Thich Nhat Hanh

I just found out Dr. King nominated Thich for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967. 
Very cool. 
I posted a fab vid The Great Bell Chant featuring Thich many moons ago here. 
If you want to help nominate Thich for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, you can help make it happen here.

Thich is a Libra Sun trine Aquarius Jupiter – obv. a peaceful humanitarian teacher of balance.  Scorpio Saturn trine Uranus in Pisces – strong cut to the humanitarian chase zen master vibe.  Venus in Libra, ruling (peace).

Fixed Grand Cross points are Jupiter Aquarius (progressive philosophies), Mars in Toro (stubborn peacenik),  Neptune in Leo (willpower for the collective), Saturn in Scorp (working for metamorphosis)  Ck the letter in the link above re: fire.  Chilling. 
He is extremely aware (oppositions) of the suffering of others and has worked his daily practice into a long journey of teaching by setting an example.

Fixed peeps are amazingly fixed.  Stable in values and ideas, famously immovable.  Saturn trine Uranus water to water deeply desires and works hard to change the world via compassion (Pisces), felt doubly so with Cancer Pluto trine Saturn as well.

Witness: this fixed cross is a stellar example of how tough aspects can be made to work for you through perseverance.  Meeting struggles daily brings strength over time – chop wood, carry water.  Be here now.  Repeat.

Quickie transit deets: T. Mercury (mentors, talking) conjunct natal Jupiter; T. Venus opp natal Pluto (status as peacemaker); T. Jupiter Rx conjunct natal NNode (here to achieve); T. NNode conjunct natal Mercury (now he is the mentor) in Scorp; T. Uranus square natal NNode in Cancer (public).
My friend shared this with me, love it.
If you dwell too much in the past you are depressed, if you are living in the future you are anxious, if you are present in the now you are at peace.



NASA Satellite photo of Colorado Wildfires

I’ve been getting photos from friends – my favorite state is on fire. 

High Park Fire : 87,250 acres
Weber Fire : 83,205 acres lost in 3 days
Little Sand Fire : 21,616 acres
Waldo Canyon Fire : 6,200 acres 
Woodland Heights (Estes Park) : 27 acres
Last Chance : 45,000 acres lost in 8 hours.

GACC: Rocky Mountain Fire Incident reports here.

More current updates on firestats above here at InciWeb.

Statehood: Aug 1, 1876
Colorado is ruled by Leo.
Forests are also ruled by Leo; evergreens by Pluto.
Lightning is Uranus.  Fire is Mars.

Hot, dry conditions are ruled by Sun, Mars and Saturn.

CO Fire

Colorado – Leo stellium.
Uranus 19, Mars 13, Sun 9, Mercury 6 all focal planets of a T-square with Jupiter and Pluto (which oppose each other).

Tr. Uranus (lightning, unpredictable) at 8 Aries is trine the Leo stellium.  Trine is thought of as an easy energy, but Uranus is wild and unpredictable.  I recently had tr. Uranus trine to Mars and it was not pleasant.  Uranus brings the unexpected every time.  In my case – the Uranus / Mars situation did sort itself favorably.

Lightning has started fires in red-flag drought conditions, (tr. Uranus trine Uranus, Mars, Sun in Leo) many people are being evacuated and Colorado is suffering huge losses of both forests and homes.  The grand cross you can see at the top of yesterday’s post is an aspect of extreme tension both personally and globally.

Venus stationing while conjunct Jupiter (prayers) in sextile to Colorado’s Leo stellium and the country is praying for rain.  Cancer Sun is in the house of Moon (rain) coming to trine Chiron the healer / philosopher.  Mercury just entered Leo and is applying to Colorado’s stellium starting with Mercury at 6 degrees.  Mercury conjunct Mercury means communication is favored and it is also applying in trine to North Node of Destiny in Sagittarius, which Jupiter (prayer) rules.

Prayers, for Colorado please and thank you.