Fighting for Peace


ram-headbutt-oSun in Aries
March 20 – April 20
1st house
ruled by Mars
positive yang
cardinal fire


Sunshine in Aries is exalted

Will powers rise
blazing with desire and confidence to conquer all

Conscious creativity backs impulses
making them dynamic pioneers that set the pace for the pack

Impatient to get on with it
they are single-minded, determined
expecting others to
lead, follow or get the hell out of the way

Aries Suns are incredibly headstrong 
individuality steers
with brute force, super stamina and vital energy

Rarely discouraged
you want them on your team
for they encourage others to reach their own success

balanced peopleSun in Libra
September 23 – October 22
7th house
ruled by Venus
positive yang
cardinal air


Sunshine in Libra falls

Ego clasps hands with another falling into compromise
team players excel by virtue of sharing

Balanced justice and creative thinking strive to create harmony
bonds are forged, friendships solidified
spotlight shines on the other

Charm dictates and magnetism is strong
merging through love is pleasurable, preferable and poetic

Social grace and intellectual generosity
invites comrades and enemies alike
they are above all, fair

Patience lingers while perspective shifts
options are weighed and decisions refined with equanimity

Crossing the finish line in tandem
they urge all towards diplomacy and understanding
championing kindness and grace

Gneiss Moon

fuse is LIT

Sun into Aries March 20
11:57am CT, USA

Eostara Vernal equinox ~ equal day and night.  So named for the Eastern Star or Venus.  The female estrous cycle of fertility comes from Eostara.

Expect fresh fire as Sun – the WILL – enters Cardinal action sign, Aries – the I AM – of the zodiac, starting point of the wheel of life.

Sun is exalted in Mars-ruled Aries – power, drive – the guts going for the glory sign of the natal chart will get a massive solar boost.

Also check these houses below and apply :

Aries – power NOW
Libra – compromise NOW
Cancer and Capricorn – put your cleats on – obstacles NOW
Gemini and Aquarius – go fetch opportunities NOW

Manipura (solar plexus) the chakra of vitality, purpose, and everything outgoing (Mars) from you to the world will be activated.  Hormonal overdrive and the need to get moving will be the fuse under house Aries.

Construction or destruction ?
Enthusiasm or aggravation ?
The impulsive blade / word ?
Aahhh… but wait…

Mars ruler of Aries is RETROGRADE in LOVELY Venusian LIBRA.

::: Mars Rx  internal fire – shifts in your – Balance of the Force :::
Mars Rx reviews before re-engaging – love, money, art, balance, partnerships until
Mars Direct at 9 Libra, May 19.

Aggro power plays or cloyingly overt passes or needless shopping sprees during Mars Rx are just.  .NO.

I for one, am not writing much at GMA for the mo since my ankle has been sprained and swollen for many weeks and writing seated for hours aggravates it to the point where I can barely walk.  

Mars Rx in my 10th, career action slows, I process Saturnian (natural 10th house ruler)  issues while ye olde cuss retrogrades over my natal Neptuner in 11th.

Six 6 natal planets tested by Saturn transit – one of the other two left is ALREADY SATURN. Heh, heh. Dark, twisted, humor.
Gentian/Larch are my new BFFs. 

WoOo HoOo Aries

Spring ?! 
Briiiing IT !

This earth girl cannot wait to dig in the dirt.
I LOVE dirt.


Julian Lennon

(edit. bulk of this post originally posted 6.1.12.)*

I have loved Julian since Valotte, have written about him here at least twice before, but only just today* looked at his natal chart.  Julian recently released Everything Changes, his first album since 1998.  He is active in charity work including his own White Feather Foundation (named for something his father told him), he produced Whaledreamers, a doco about an aboriginal tribe in Australia and its special relationship to whales. (wiki)
My library has it, love it !  He has been making music and creating for 30+ years, if you want to start from the beginning, go to Hey Jules for all sorts of groovy backstories.

Timothy White Photography

While snapping photos during a surprise visit on his brother (pictured above) Sean’s 2007 tour, Julian began to take photography more seriously.  With encouragement from his friend, photographer Timothy White (see link above), Julian had his first, highly successful photography exhibition “Timeless” in NYC in 2010.

Timeless, (above) was taken while on tour with Sean.  It most definitely speaks to my 12th house Sag Mars. . .traveling the open road at night. Obviously it speaks to Julian’s 12th house Aries/Jupiter as well.  I love it !

I had to include Blue Moon, (below), yet another favorite of mine which had me dreaming in cerulean blue for several nights. Julian’s landscapes, particularly the clouds (Neptune rules, angular in 7th, strong) feel like gentle tides which build to a roar of surf – heady heartfelt moments of insight into our Mother Earth…powerfully, quietly taking care of business.

Prints of Julian’s collections are available here.

Love this pic of Julian below  – composition, color + pop in a couple of mystical glyphs  on a handsome fella and we’re good, people.

Rune: (Birch) Berkano, stillness, sanctuary, strength via rebirth – earth goddess
Jupiter: exploration, enthusiasm, optimism, truth, luck and growth

Some wingnut tried to rise my ire a coon’s age ago about Julian’s astro.  I knew the minute I saw this pic he already knew his score.**  Also, for the nutters out there  pitching fits and smacking the term ‘illuminati’ (means enlightened, not the evol ) on everything  symbolic, get a library card, try reading a few books please and thank you.

Julian is Aries Sun, born under a gibbous (nearly full; strong) Libra Moon.  Exalted Aries Sun opposite Libra Moon is ego self vs the public persona (Moon).  The desire for perfection, and the expectation of culmination must be balanced with the realization that compromise and co-operation is the way to highest potential.  Strength through working and playing well with others is key.

Being at odds with how the public (moon) perceives him is a large undertaking in this lifetime – his Libra Moon (others) opposes Aries Sun (self) and  **Jupiter on the high octane 0 degrees Aries point.  He is dealing with 4 strong oppositions involving Sun, Moon and Venus.  Creative expression is inherently a juggling act of awareness and compromised relationships with others.  Collaboration, when sought, is likely very rewarding.

I mentioned Jupiter on the (Mars-ruled) Aries point – it is trine Mars in Leo which is powering his whole chart with creativity from the 5th – Mars also trines exalted Aries Sun.  Independent risk-taking, single-minded goals, extreme sports, being a cheeky monkey (his words) are all power driven by the need to have fun, explore, achieve and move on to the next goal.

Anything on the Zero degrees Aries point is a huge outrush of that planetary energy – Jupiter here exponentially expands vibrations of teaching, philosophy, understanding, healing (12th) through actions.

I have already been on this like hair on ape – if you wanna climb on the comparison  soapbox, I suggest you read this first.
Then find the door.  Alllrighty then.

Julian has Venus (art, creativity) exalted and conjunct Chiron in Pisces in trine to Scorpio Neptune Rx.  Obviously musically talented, creative and sensitive.  (Moon is also in a Venus ruled sign, Libra)
Julian’s Neptune Rx (inspired music, photography) squares Saturn (work and father: also the energy at MC) …honestly the comparisons are old for me – but for him..?  .sheesh.

Earlier this year I watched an interview segment where some idiot news hack inserted Beatles music throughout – infuriating – Julian has been recording his own music for 30 years.  He deals with grace, (mostly) he was rightly pissed off re: the above, as was I.

As any good astrologer will tell you, the aspects do not define you – how you deal with the aspects aka energy – defines you.
Positive or negative/attract or repel, it is entirely up to you.  Saturn/ Capricorn elevated with Mercury rising smack on ASC is a double-edged sword: constant comparisons of a child (Mercury) to his father (Saturn) but it is also profound patience and clever evasion tactics of same.

In addition, Saturn is in Aquarius and let’s face it, that can mean change-ups and separations with the father, who is likely a rebellious sort.  It can also mean genius  innovative work, switch hitting between diverse work interests, a strong humanitarian streak (see Whaledreamers) and a love of the earth and earthkind (see White Feather).

Julian is an Aries with a strong sense of self who can withstand all the goofy public opinions that have shadowed him.  Jupiter in Aries also delivers faith in personal abilities.  North Node in Cancer shows his path of nurturing, and growing into his own regarding feelings surrounding family.  (see comments)

Julian has Pisces Venus conjunct Chiron (harmony, healing with women, relationships)  opposite Uranus Rx / Pluto Rx conjunction in Virgo.  That can signal not only a need for personal freedom, but also the need to give it to others.  It signals perfectionism, or high standards (Uranus and Pluto are transpersonal) placed upon him (Venus is a personal planet) and his chosen art by others.  Venus opposite Pluto Rx will bring life – long metamorphosis involving not only love and creativity, but also money, peace of mind.  Read the wiki link above for the low-down on the money / will / heirloom trail; I am not going there, it irritates me he and his mother were treated this way.

Uranus is quintile (spiritual gifts) Neptune – this brings unusual Uranian style gifts, such as inspired musical talents, far out communication skills (betting on astral travel here), healing and compassion in addition to a well-spring of forgiveness.  Julian has lived his life under scrutiny and handled it very well in my opinion.
Uranus is also trine Mercury in Aries – Julian is not only quicksilver smart – with octaves of communication trine one another – he KNOWS (Merc trine Uran) he is talented in his own right, he has just been waiting for everyone else to catch up.

Here is a photo which elegantly represents the hands of a sensitive artist. Conic fingertips denote a spiritual, artistic, sensitive creator. Gemini on the second equals lovely hands and a lively creative mind.

Quickie asteroid round-up: Julian has transformative Sekhmet conjunct Sun; nature deity Freia conjunct ASC.

Head over to his instagram here if you are wondering what he’s looking at, he also pops into his fb account fairly regularly, look him up !
Yesterday Julian released a fantastic app that is worth every penny of $12 and then some – get it on his website here.

Love your work, Julian. xo

This one is dedicated to a billion Aqua Full MooOon children rolled into ONE.
I’ll pop one of the freshies in comments.



Falling into Pace

May I introduce Lee Pace.

I have loved his work since I first saw him in Wonderfalls, the loveable, quirky, hilarious show where the gift shop tshotshkes force cranky retail gal (Lee plays her brother) to grudgingly comply to their do-gooder bidding.

In Pushing Daisies, Lee is a strangely sweet mystery solving pie-maker that can spark life back into dead bodies, but can’t touch his childhood sweetheart.

I fell in love with The Fall and the vivid fantasy scenes imagined during story-telling sessions woven between two bedridden friends in hospital.

Obviously I was at the midnight showing of The Hobbit, but while mesmerized by the entrance of the Elvenking, I failed to recognize Lee as Thranduil.  I know weird – what can I say…?.. transfixed by the whole scene, his elven spell / fog threw me.
More on that below. **

Also, I am keenly rabid to keep away spoilers on the way in.
Trailers only for me.

…so…how did I finally figure it out ?

His voice.

I watched Breaking Dawn again.   Lee plays Garrett, the nomadic vampire who falls for Kate, the vamp who whammies everyone with a psychic electrical shock.  His rollicking sexy portrayal was all kinds of fun to watch.  He spoke, and I knew instantly.

Lee is a Aries Sun conjunct Mercury Rx – both trine a 29 (culmination) degree Cancer Jupiter.  Obviously a gung-ho to go Aries !  Jupiter expands any contact it makes, and in Lee’s natal, it trines his spirit (Sun) as well as revolutionary, innovative Uranus.

Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries is quick to get to the gusto of any conversation, also just as quick to move on.  Enthusiastic and bold, this combo in trine to Jupiter Rx exalted in Cancer indicates a very caring, generous and open-hearted person that is happy to be a team player working towards a common goal.  Room to roam at home (Jupiter) is a hallmark of this placement as is being a gracious host and being well-liked by the public (moon) at large. 

Lee has a grand water trine: Jupiter in Cancer; Uranus in Scorpio; Mars in Pisces.  All indicating strongly sensitive outward bound energy coupled with an underlying subtlety of instinct.  Water trines indicate emotional, intuitive vibrations, compassionate souls with a desire to delve deep into the subconscious world.  A great core to tap into while acting – the psychology of people and what moves them – Lee’s got it !  Confidence and chutzpah while not in your face about it – fire happening in water can do that sneak up on you while you’re not looking thing, very, very well.

Scorpio Uranus Rx is square Venus in Aquarius, that’s a love of the odd and unusual, the dark and deep knowing of one’s personal magnetism – yet also the reluctance to rely upon it.  It is an aspect of boho beauty and magnetic charm that bucks trends by making them instead.  It indicates a strange dance between magnetic attraction of Venus and the repulsion that is innate to Uranus with the shocking undertow of regenerative Scorpio power.  Scorpio desires intensity while Uranus demands freedom, working in tandem, they are a fascinating combo onscreen.

Aquarius Venus also trines Pluto Rx in Libra, air to air – or intellectual and artistic rebirth in order to find balance and explore differing cultures, ways of living, ideas and art forms on all social levels. Conversations with friends (Venus in Aquarius cultivates  friends in droves, and the lover must be the best of them) are rich and intense with a surprising kicker popped in on occasion, this also appears in his choices (Venus) of art forms.  Emotionally sweet, quirky / funky with a powerful underlying sex appeal + a zap of surprise – the jolly good transformation of perspectives and ideas.

This is Lee as (the sensationally sassy ~>) Calpernia Addams in Soldier’s Girl.  I just watched a clip, I gotta get ahold of this, obviously a must-see. 

Lee has Saturn Rx in Virgo showing a detail-driven worker who can be overly critical of work performance – Saturn restricts, perfects, streamlines.  Saturn Rx adds a blessing of concentration to balance an emotionally hair-trigger water trine.  Mars, Jupiter and Uranus (grand water trine) in aspect to one another is a tremendous positive outgoing force that inundates slowly like a stealthy Jedi Master on top of his game.

That brings me to Mars in Pisces, Jedi vibe all the way – energy directed towards healing, universality and transcendence on a mass scale via inclusiveness and high qi love.  Pisces is high magick aka baptismal waves in the arts/film/music in some form or fashion – suffering leads to transcendence and nirvana – fueling the art form.  Literally fueling, as Mars squares Neptune Rx (rules Pisces) exact in Sagittarius which indicates an internal tension between rash, enthusiastic exploration at high tide, and the need to recede, ponder and dwell at low tide.  Very aware teacher, kind, understanding, sees the good in people.

It is worthy of note that Lee has 6 retrograde planets, indicating an inward seeking perfection that slowly reveals itself outwardly as he grows older and channels the planetary energies to his satisfaction.  Six retrograde planets and a grand water trine ?  Lee is undoubtedly keeping quite a bit very close to the vest.

Now the bonus round – quintiles or uncommon gifts.
Lee has Aquarius Venus quintile Chiron in Toro – intellectual balance, acceptance of human foibles meets steadfast desires to unify through love and patience  … wounding and healing through teaching, mentoring regarding same.

Virgo Saturn Rx quintile Uranus Rx in Scorpio spotlights intellectual boundaries and  perceptions broken, altered and reformed.  The no-nonsense phoenix of the future, probing the universal subconscious, the global heart.

Now, onto my moose dream. **
I posted about the dream on Feb 8 2012 here, but did not elaborate because it seemed irrelevant at the time.
Turns out it was relevant.
I dreamt I was with a friend (I haven’t seen in years) of mine from the Pacific Northwest, we were 4 wheeling out there, and I saw a moose.  I pointed it out, said “Moose”.  She glances over at me as we bounce on the ruts, and says “That’s not a moose”, I disagreed and the discussion continued along this vein until it ended with her saying, “You’ll see”.
Ok. ..  wtf ?
I remember thinking when I woke up: dream clarity = predictive.  How odd,  Moose ?!
I live in the central US – cornfields – no moose anywhere near me. So, I e-mailed her, we chatted and it pretty much ended there.  Then 10 months later is the midnight Hobbit, Thranduil enters on horned animal, I gape in marvel of Peter Jackson’s wizardry: thinking Elvenking +  psychic horns, Brilliant, etc…

The scene lasted a few seconds, I didn’t dwell on it – only when I went hunting up pics of Lee as Thranduil did I realize there is a ton of online moose/elk hilarity.
So for the record, it’s an Elk.
An Elvish Elk.

Vanya sulie, mellon en mellonamin


Amazing musician, virtuoso sitar player, so blessed to have heard him play…

Ravi had Aries Sun trine Jupiter / Neptune conjunction in creative Leo.  Mercury conjunct Venus (Venus is exalted in Pisces) trine Moon which trines Jupiter/ Neptune.
 Life of fame – Sun trine Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Leo.

Mars in Scorpio, Pluto in Cancer and Uranus in Pisces form a grand water trine – Uranus opposite Saturn in Virgo forms the apex of a kite.  Obviously, Ravi has earned his place in history (Saturn) as a groundbreaking, visionary musical genius. (Uranus in Pisces)  Mars in Scorpio (trine Pluto) is super intense, hot to trot for deep musical transcendent experiences (esp. with North Node in Scorp as well), Uranus in Pisces blazes new trails across musical frontiers.

Ravi, interestingly had no planets in air signs – he let his music do the talking. 

Moon is also the apex of a T-square with Virgo Saturn and Uranus in Pisces.  Emotional T-square tension dissolved by tapping the wellsprings of boho creativity – writing and healing through music.

Thank you Ravi
My Sir was honored as well…

Horn of Gondor

May I introduce England’s most versatile actor, Mr. Sean Bean.  He holds a stellar career spanning every medium for approximately 20 years, in theater, radio, television and movies.  (IMDb) 

Sean is an Aries Sun, Leo Moon with North Node of Destiny in Libra.  Sun is exalted in Aries, the sign led by Mars the warrior.  Sun flavored by Mars brings great physical strength and enthusiasm to lead and achieve.  Fire Sun and Moon makes for a passionate man of action and inspiration.  Sean is a life path 9, this is a life of completion, attainment, wisdom and mysticism.

Sun opposing Neptune in Scorpio may bring disillusionment, through self (Sun) or others (opposition), slowed momentum or detours in life may come through strong desires and misplaced energies of this aspect. (Neptune in Scorpio: Pluto ruler of Scorpio most highly aspected; Pluto focal point of T-Square: Neptune square Moon/Uranus conjunction).  Working in film (Neptune rules) makes this placement easier as the energies of the ‘other’ via Neptune (inspired art) can be brought to life (Sun) and the vast creative imagination (Moon conjunct Uranus in Leo) unfurled to the highest good.

Virgo Pluto as most highly aspected planet, makes Sean a powerhouse of transformation – particularly trine Saturn, (long-term work and career, * see comments for death scenes – Pluto rules death) and trine the Sun which signals great intensity and ability to focus and research each role.  Not only will Sean lead a life of many changes, he will also serve as a catalyst for those he meets.

Pluto brings an intensity and drive to plumb the depths of the inner wellspring of personal power.  People with strong Pluto placements dig into the psyche like a porterhouse steak, it is an instinctual need to probe and penetrate the mysteries.  He chooses political thrillers, warriors, heroes that are meaty roles so he can have more fun fleshing out the richness of the character.  Pluto rules the underworld – think crime, mafia, secret government spies, etc.. Sean naturally gravitates towards these roles.

Mercury in Aries brings impatience to thinking and communicating with others, especially with a trine to clairvoyant Uranus conjunct intuitive Moon in Leo.  He’s a step ahead, a quick study who gets bored quickly with inessentials.  (Mercury speech square -inner tension- restrictive Capricorn Saturn Rx, and square Mars action.)  Though he may not speak of this impatience, he is likely quiet, but his mind (Mercury) is Mars-ruled and prefers to keep ideas and energy moving, he’s thinking plenty, but keeping it to himself.

Mars on a fluctuating water house (fluctuating Moon rules Cancer) swings from action to inaction, it tends to keep the lid on…simmering…to a boil.  Mars wants to express outwardly and Cancer wants to draw inward – the energies are at odds and it can indicate moodiness.  This aspect is also well channelled through film (Mars trine Neptune) and indicates an intuition about people – Mars in Cancer can tap this and employ it while emoting on camera.

Mercury is focal point (in a T-Square) square both Mars and Saturn Rx (Mars and Saturn Rx are opposite -in compromise- with each other). This creates an inner obstacle in communications involving instinctive actions and work.  Squares are more powerful than trines once we solve them because they are the whetstone on the blade – we sharpen our senses through repeated friction.

Mercury is the interpreter, and in Sean’s chart, it trines both expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the powerful Uranus Moon conjunction in creative Leo.  Likely honing down the possibilities of each role, and fine tuning the potentials into the ‘set in stone’ final product is what he finds both difficult and yet highly rewarding.  Creative Venus in Gemini sees the dualities of every role and the opportunities (sextile Mercury) available, it is the choosing (Venus and Uranus rule choice) that proves difficult with fluctuating Moon in the house of artistic Leo conjunct Uranus (polarities).

Moon (emotions, women) conjunct Uranus (rebel, eccentric) in Leo brings not only enormous reserves of innovative creative WILL power (Leo motto : I Will.) but also uncanny intuitiveness, particularly surrounding females and the public (Moon rules).  They trine Mercury so smart, communicative females are likely among his close friends.  Uranus needs freedom and feelings can grow stale unless there are mental gymnastics at play.  Mercury in Aries likes to keep moving, so stimulating conversation is a must with all people he meets.

The downside of this conjunction is the possibility of frequent sudden unexpected emotional upsets.  Uranus is the unpredictable planet of change and innovation and it is tied up with Moon (feelings, women, home).  There will be fluctuation (Moon) and polarities can change regarding where the ‘heart’ (Leo rules) is placed in an instant.  To best use this energy (Uranus rules the electrical body) watch the lunar and solar cycles (flares, etc..) for mood (Moon) changes and channel the creativity of this aspect into artistic pursuits.  Find a way to get your zen on.  Sports (fire Sun and Moon), travel, exploring, and also reading as Jupiter trine Mercury makes for an eternal student, with a need for enriching experiences and new ideas.

Also, Uranus rules flight, Moon fluctuation.  This square (inner tension) from the house of Leo (ruled by Sun, life) to Neptune in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto, death) explains the reticence to fly.

Pluto is focal point of a T-Square – it squares Venus and Jupiter (Venus and Jupiter oppose each other).  Pluto wants the power in any relationship – squared up with Venus, power in romantic relationships.  Venus in Gemini is clever, versatile, observant and scatters ideas and energies.  Jupiter ruling Sagittarius is a strong placement bringing grandiose ideals and philosophies it is the placement of the higher mind, it is also expansive and scatters ideals and philosophies.  Virgo Pluto is going to want tight control over that Gemini Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius – these energies are not naturally restrictive, so this aspect will need work to find balance.

Pluto in Virgo analyzes (Virgo motto: I analyze) everything (particularly true as Pluto is the most highly aspected planet) in life and wants to dig deep and improve: health, love, self, work, you name it.  Pluto the planet of transformation, death and rebirth is steeping in a Mercury ruled house, as is Venus (Mercury rules Gemini).  That indicates thinking and communication of all kinds regarding love, money and partnerships and details regarding them are being transformed by contact with Pluto.  Jupiter in Sagittarius is the expansive mind  the learning and teaching of life on a broader philosophic scale.  These three planets involved in a T-Square indicates a need to be as the eye of the storm – a stillness, a of peace of mind – within the turmoil of life changes.  Jupiter expands what it contacts, it does throw a beneficial influence, but it also indicates a need for caution when in square (inner tension) to Plutonian power.

Pluto opposes Chiron the wounded healer in Aquarius, the sign of curiosity and eccentrics, the sign of futuristic forward thinking.  Chiron placed here wants inventive ways of healing and learning, but in opposition (compromise with others) to Pluto, this placement can indicate revolutionary changes to ways of thinking (Pluto in Mercury – ruled Virgo), feeling (Uranus, rules Aquarius conjunct Moon in Leo) and knocks to the ego through the deeds of others.  Pluto in this aspect indicates a need to relinquish the desire to use personal power over others and instead channel that same vast inner power of Pluto for control over the self.  In this way, healing of self and others can be reached as a partnership, as a team.

North Node of Destiny in Venus – ruled Libra accentuates a creative direction in life and working with the creative opportunities inherent in the difficult Moon / Uranus conjunction (North Node sextiles both).  Sean has five retrograde planets (tendency to be solitary) which indicates an internal expression of the planetary energies until life circumstances force the planetary energies to be expressed outwardly. (more Rx info here)  They are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: the social and outer transpersonal planets.  Basically having retrogrades means you will work harder to get a handle on things – as you get older you will – then you will truly be a force to be reckoned with because you are so practiced at expressing the energies you have pondered for so long.

Quickie outlook: Currently work and relationships are getting an overhaul, transiting Pluto Rx is nearing Sean’s 7 degree natal Saturn Rx in Capricorn, bringing a re-structuring of work and career, and perhaps an authority figure (natal Sun opposite transiting Saturn) will force a career change (Pluto is transformative, change and rebirth) for the better. All the best, Sean…

Detholalle, astalder ~

winds of change

The Book of Doors Divination Deck

This is a two card draw, (message from spirit card at the bottom of deck on the bottom).

The intent of this reading is an energetic map, a guide to the energies in the skies above us.
I pulled these cards to activate us to meet our highest good and the most benevolent outcome personally & globally.

I had the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect in mind when I pulled these cards.
Uranus rules fixed air (wind) sign, Aquarius.
Sun spotlights Uranus in firey Aries  ~> Uranus always signals change.
Sun is exalted in Aries just 2 days after New Moon, also in Aries.
New moon signals increase towards full moon manifestation.

Nef : Family of the Wind 7 Shai :
Change for the better, luck. Freedom from bondage. Destiny.
(the number 7 is spiritual change, choice)

Aah : Family of the Moon 8 Kematef :
Immortality, renewal of energy.  (the number 8 is regeneration) One phase of life ends, another begins / or something returns you thought gone.
Moon signals emotional renewal.
Sun conjunct Uranus signals WILL in conjunction with electrical, intuitive POWER.

Spirit Card
Nef : Family of the Wind 4 Af – Neteru 
Assistance, guidance, protection.  Preparation for a new phase in life.
(the number 4 is stability and building)


Solar Power


I have totally felt this shift in Solar power  to the Mars house of Aries  ~ >
I felt it last night in fact, as soon as it moved from water to FIRE !

I was goofing off with my cat watching X Men when by rights I should have been ready to crash from several nights up working late.

Not sleepy.

My Mars is in Sag which is my 12th house sign (natural house of sleep) and it quintiles Uranus so YaY !

Solar power amped up my electrical and since Mercury is elevated at high noon my head wasn’t ready to go down.  Thoughts are churning and I have been making mental lists like crazy !
My Mars also trines Saturn Rx so finally gonna kick that mutha into high gear !
Don’t care if it’s retrograde in natal and by transit ~>  I feel it moving !

Sun in Aries HAS to get moving even if it starts in the brainpan we get  FIRED UP !

Have YOU noticed the shift ?
Are you hot to trot to do SOMEthing, ANYthing ?!
Where is your Mars and what is it up to in your chart ?!

Before you get all gung ho, think about it first ~> void moon begins Wednesday 3:39 AM and lasts until Thursday at 4:57 am just before new Moon at 9:37 am, CST USA.

Take the void moon to percolate and initiate after the new moon ~>