Sun is the spirit, the Self, the WILL
it is where you shine
in your natal chart

Sun is ambition, achievement, honors
bragging rights.

Your Sun house is your house
of fame 
because your heart is in that house
Sun rules Leo rules the heart

Sun is advancement, placing bets and bounties.
It is gamers and heroes.
 Sun rules celebrities, coliseums, crowns
fainting spells and gold mines.

Sun is
High Noon.
Illumination, insight and loyalty.


It rules monarchs, the nucleus, yellow flowers
 lion tamers and protected parks.

Sun rules status, racing, being on stage
sunstroke, vitality, and the spinal cord.

The musical note C.

Full color spectrums, prisms.
Sun & Neptune rule rainbows.

Sun rules authorities, males, father.
The boss. 

House of Sun is where you express
your self
your creative spirit
it is where
you wave the shiny scepter
wear the crown
where you



4 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. well, this photo just blew me away. just stunning! did you take it?

    and today, i was checking out the sabien symbol for 0′ gem as i read that its where the 1st eclipse will occur: 2 children walk hand and hand towards 2 YELLOW LILIES growing under a thick foliaged TREE. {oak?? 😉 } and gem 22, where venus it at this time features an old storm-stricken OAK. and i just learned from you that i have an oak tree in my 1st house! so comforting as a balance to my neptune.
    and i (sun) am so feeling this mars square/ moon in sag. but look at all this encouragement. my sun is in the 11th where i have surgically cut myself away from all but just a couple people. as i ponder how i am fulfilling my sun’s ‘being’, i am also wondering if perhaps i should consider less of the house meaning and more of the uranus rulership meanings – there is the paradox of the loner and the group and with pluto there as well, i guess i can expect this has been/will always be a whirlwind kind of EGO experience for me.

    anyway, for me, this is all good stuff even if its all still foggy 😀

    • Hi thanks, I love the photo as well, I did not take it – I have this dandelion thing.
      Particularly the clocks… I would happily credit the artist, so all reading please help identify if you can please & thank you !

      As far as Sun in 11, yes Aquarius is the landlord, Virgo the tenant. Consider both.
      Planet is the energy, house is where you use it, sign is how you use it.
      Safe to say you are very Uranian : )

  2. … fascinating atmosphere here … mysterious …
    I am new to astrology, but I found out a lot about people around me, close friends by studying their charts and it’s amazing how some things works …
    I am trying to understand: my “Sun 8°36′ Cancer, in House XII … but I found only confusing information – maybe you can shed some light on for me :).
    Since my Moon 23°07′ Aries, in House XI, I always feel I need to be the leader, the enthusiastic, the ones who never say “no”, but my Sun sign and Ascendant both in Cancer pull me back and make me doubt myself that i can do it … I always feel the need to hide my plans/actions until all is achieved, and than to “tell everybody” about it … Is this coming from “my natal chart” and there is nothing I can change about it ?
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Hello and welcome Julia.
    Cancer Sun in 12 is in service to both self and others – but on a more global outreach/generational scale than everyday civil service of Virgo. Sun shines on repressed family/home, genealogy or tribal stuff aka country of origin. The healing and self-service begins with you then spreads far and wide. Dreams, meditation, retreats and art, always art – music, poetry, films, dance, decorating the home, culinary – all will aid the inner/outer journey for you.

    Cancer nurtures – you choose what to grow.

    As far as Aries Moon in 9, Moon is where you fluctuate. The actions of Mars will reflect this in as far as it is near the high noon public position, you will need times of solitude and daydreaming (Sun 12) to alternate with times of being on display.
    It is your chart, but awareness of your difficulty is the first step. Be aware of Sun and Moon cycles: transits, prog moon etc.. how they relate to your natal Sun and Moon.

    Cancer, Moon and 4 are concerned with safety; Saturn, doubt.
    Ponder these things…

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