funhouse of mirrors

Chunli style by Artgerm

So here’s the deal, I have this  thing  about polarities.  I have always felt it, and life seems to toss odd situations at me right and left so I can learn the yin yang of life, the duality and the separateness that lies within the cosmic sea of All One.

My astro that supports this :
Mercury (dual in gender) at MC in Libra (balance between opposites)
Uranus (polarities) elevated, conjunct Sun
Chart ruler slow ass Saturn Rx in 3rd (Gemini rules) in gung ho to go Aries
Venus conjunct Jupiter in Look At Me Leo square (hides behind) giant Neptuner

You get the drift … an astrologer once told me I had an ‘easy’ chart.  Number one, that pissed me off, basically negated my entire life struggle in 5 words or less.
Number two, she didn’t look very closely in my opinion.

I have one visible opposition, but many by nature, simply by placement of being.

Do you see them in your chart ?
The invisible difficulties.

Gemini is Mercury ruled.
Mercury rules sight.
Mercury is the trickster.
Dual.  Polarities.

Mercury (along with Uranus) rules the vibrations that govern sight.
The optic lens reverses the image for our brain. (right side up, upside down)

I love the rad illustration at the top ~
look at her Gemini hands (left and right)
and all the air flowing around her.

Gemini is air or intellect.
Fast, flirty and fun.
Flighty and fickle.
Bores easily, likes to keep the energy moving around.
The idea swap meet.
Switch hitting.

Getting the polarites here ?

Gemini rules breath.
(right and left)
Venus in Gemini needs some breathing exercises for vocalists, click !

Mercury rules the brain ~ are you left or right brain ?
(Mars rules left hemisphere , Mercury right hemisphere)

Venus is in Gemini at the moment.
Venus rules  Love.  Art.  Money.

Gemini is versatile, clever, curious and nervous (rules the nervous system).

My Venus is on fire in water, fixed.
Venus cruising through Gemini is a whole other ballgame.
Mutable air is the intellectual presto – change-o. flip-flop, kinda weird, but breezy and bubbly. I like.

How is your Venus reacting..?
What is her natural habitat in your chart ?
How does your Venus think  in Gemini ?

I am right brained by nature.
Mercury elevated in Venus ruled Libra.
Venus expanded by Jupiter in creative Leo.
Neptune most highly aspected.  Artistic.
I see pictures, learn by seeing.
(Plus Sun Virgo stellium on 9th Sag house I SEE the big picture, but Virgo ANALYZES details – polarities again, see ?)

So here at GMA, this time I switch hit & Venus gets the Virgo shake-down science style.
Practical.  Logical.  What’s love got to do with it ?

Venus in Gemini is an opportunity to hop the fence and live the other side awhile.
Ya know, try it out, bust outta the box a bit.

In my case do story problems or something rational.
Yea right 4 people get off 6 people get on 5 miles later and how far till Albuquerque  always wanted to say ‘why’d ya get off the damn bus to begin with / take a fuqin taxi already !  Love numerology – hate math.  ta da !  polarites !

You get where I am going with this polarities business right…?
Venus is going to flip – flop !

Venus stations retrograde
24 degrees of Gemini on Tuesday May 15, 9:33am CST,USA

Venus stations direct
7 degrees of Gemini on Wednesday June 27 10:07am CST, USA

Retrograde motion means Venusian energies get shifted inward.

We will reflect (again polarities !) revise, and revision how we create love art money.
How we attract (Venus attracts) these things and  what is  our law of attraction ?

Do we really even want what we think we want ?

Appearances can be deceiving.
Mercury ruled Gemini house is the fun house of mirrors  with Venus in residence.

Go to your Taurus house, Libra house, Gemini house.
This will tell you where your thoughts will be dwelling during Venus retrograde.
…more on this later…

Thought precedes action.
Going visual again…
Jedi hand wave, “you want to go home and re-think your life.”

When Venus retrogrades – brainstorm !
::: try drawing on the right side of the brain, use color.
::: strategize, list by numbers , pros / cons, be rational.

Blessed be ~
The Divenusian.

5 thoughts on “funhouse of mirrors

  1. well, i was just yakking away ‘with’ you while i read this post. 1st, wow what a silly astrologer! i am such a newbie but clearly, every descriptor line you list could go SO low self SO easily; i was laughing out loud when i read her word, ‘easy’. it is a GENUINE testament to hard work that you are who and what and where you are today, GM. even that square, your venus (how you wish to be received by ‘the other/s’) squaring neptune. it is said neptune is where you can work your magic and neptune is where you can be decieved. you just go girl! i really feel for you even though i know very well that this is no sob story posting – its an empowering post, just i KNOW it wasnt easy getting where you are. one saying has become my mantra the last six months: if you want the muse to know you are serious, then you have to Keep Showing Up. no matter how you feel. thats is you 🙂
    i am glad you are liking this venus in gemini. i am NOT! i find it disconcerting even though i know its bringing eventual manifestation on the physical plane – and boy, is it picking up pace.
    edgey edgey for several days right now and in an intense conversation with a gem ascendent male. i just told him, all that cancer in your first house: that i can deal with, that i can trust. all this gem is just not stable to me. and i know you cant help being who you are but WHO are you? i really wonder does he know??? lolol just gonna keep hugging my oak tree because i dont trust my neptune in the 1st either. 🙂

    many thanks for the point of venus rx, was hoping to come across that.

    as for left or right brain, i am not sure. both? heehee no polarity joke intended but i have merc in 12th BUT while sag rules my 3rd, i get the impression that that is more about the content and the cap energy rules how ‘i study’. 12th squares 3rd, 3rd opposed by natal jup beaming out from 9th. i think the jup placement trumps the rest but my sun is definitely in virgo. aaargh

    happy flip-flopping, GM. you really do make it sound much more FUN than i have been feeling it is! and thats a good thing. (take a chill pill, mb) xx

  2. Sorry so late w/ reply…had my wheels in the shop. Tran. Uranus nearly conj natal Saturn Rx in 3.
    But it’s not my wheels that’s the issue it’s the internet ! Hilar. Full reply soon as, ok ?! Thnx MB

  3. Back online ! Trans Mars squ natal Sag Mars (quintiles Uranus) trans. Uranus conj natal Saturn in 3rd.
    Perhaps the universe gifted me with sleep which I finally got last night, hee. Forced mini vaca.

    Sag Moon, your comment reminded me that there were some other things I wanted to include in the post, but it was 3 am already, so I will put it below. (Plus I find some Cancers irritatingly evasive, in my experience Gems will speak openly and outright.) good luck : )

    First, I am thinking Saturn is exalted in Libra (your rising – perhaps meditate on Saturn focusing that Neptuner a bit ? ) and with your strong Saturn placement it definately will ‘ground’ and focus your Virgo 11th (also since it is traditional ruler of 11th).

    Also the male / female convo. you mentioned made me think of more polarities…

    Venus ruling two signs :
    Taurus (physical senses) / Libra (intellectual social senses)
    Peace of mind with self / others
    Hoarding / sharing of love and resources
    Venus has connection with the golden mean and the number 5 ( pentagram orbit) which signifies creative opportunities through a shifting of balance. This retrograde harkens back to the year 2004 echoes of that time will resurface during this Venus retrograde period.
    Thanks for the kind words, MB. xo

  4. good stuff. agree all
    will take some time to remember 2004! 😀
    so glad you got some rest. may it continue…x

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