Master Metamorph

Frog Metamorphosis


birth. death. rebirth.
Pluto is the ginormous game changer.
 Force. Power. Struggle.

Pluto rules the underworld, morgues and mummies.
Poisonous animals, accomplices and tyrants.

Pluto in your natal chart signifies
your most powerful desires
where you will experience

DIVINE WILL and superhuman growth.

Pluto rules miners, espionage.
volcanoes, World Wars,

sin, smut and sewers.

Your Pluto house is where you find your
vast reserves of regenerative energy.

Pluto rules inheritances, taxes and client money.

Pluto represents where you are
all – powerful and helpless.

Cult leaders, archeologists, bootleggers and disasters
fall under the rule of Pluto.
Corruption, hydrogen balance (pH), and decay are
Plutonic, as is Plutonium
and the

Pluto is mysterious, penetrating and secretive.
It is your vanishing act.

Pluto in your natal is
that which you will not let go of
even in the face of certain death.

Earthquakes, extremists,
space and ocean
lava and mob rule are all Plutonic.

Pluto in your natal is where you
summon THE FORCE
from the depths of still waters.

Obsidian, magick, rocket flight,
rape, murder, satire
 the boob tube and cesspits of sin
are all
psychoanalysed by Pluto.

Pluto is in your natal is where you
research and probe,
where you uncover and reveal.

It is the upset, the subversion
the rare and miraculous.

Pluto is your train wreck, your rescue,
your damnation
and your