Use the Force

photo-3 copy 2The Philosopher’s Stone

Intent: highest qi vibration for aspects in motion

1 Scorpio Saturn trine Jupiter Rx in Cancer
2 Mars into Libra
3 Spirit

1 Tension: Trines lack tension – to gain the benefit, we must activate the energies of higher mind: revision of family, philosophies re: home, safety, women and our own fluctuation that does not work in our best interests.  We must work to shove ourselves out of our comfort zone in order to grow, transform and leave the cocoon we have become complacent in.

2 Success: Ascending towards our loftiest goals via hard work – Mars drives the entire natal chart, in Libra he aspires to beautify, re-conciliate, form bonds and contracts of peace and love – harmony and justice for all.  

3 Effort – Aim high with certainty of reaching your goal.

Mind over matter (Libra / Air; Jupiter / higher mind) set your intent – eyes on the prize !

Do or do not.  There is no try.


Saturn Stone


Fossil, Paleozoic Marine Arthropod

A stone with similarities to snails speaks of the slow passing of time and the architecture of the ages.  It is a stone of stability and protection.  Ammonite transmutes negativity into smooth flowing energy, encouraging relaxation.

Ammonite encourages circular breathing, making it an excellent stone ally during childbirth.  It enhances survival instincts and alleviates depression, good for bones and teeth.  Recommended for construction workers, those building structural foundations.

Vibrates to the number 9.

I chose this one for Fire on the 12th.

curious interventions

The energetic vibration you were born with, your astrological signature, will resonate with those of a similar vibration. You will attract those people who have similar astro signatures, because they feel good, you understand each others viewpoints without much explanation, similar to the energy of a conjunction, trine.

The real learning begins when encountering those who do not have similar astro signatures because we feel friction, they are harder for us to understand and relate to, their experience and viewpoint requires explanation and work – similar to the energy of a square.

Oppositions, though similarly felt as friction, do understand each other because they are reflections and projections between two similar energies.

Sextiles are merging opportunities that may not be obvious, we have to hunt them up and make them work for us.

This is synastry in a nutshell.
 First law of thermodynamics states: energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form.

I have a friend I have known for years through social media, we have become good friends, and yes, we have similar astro signatures.  It was such a wonderful thing that we finally spoke near Uranus station – as Uranus is a strong point in both our natals.

We fell into easy conversation immediately and words were tumbling out fast and furious as we could finally share our experiences real time instead of typing them.

No great surprise our phones were having some tech issues as our excitement grew !   While relating the cosmic events we have experienced on the earth plane, our phones were going a bit haywire.

The energy we were exchanging was electric – Uranus rules wireless comms, telepathy – our phones were slipping in and out, we got cut off twice,  it was comical really.  I was stripping off my stone jewelry rapid – fire, knowing it was causing  piezoelectric feedbacks for us.  

My rutilated quartz ring was the first to go – it is a brain simulator, enhances and increases thought forms; storage and broadcast of thought forms – and we obviously already had that covered !

I moved all the rocks near me away, then finally got up and found some dead space without stones so we could talk.   Weird thing though, phone went dead just as I was saying something that was minor, yet not to be shared.
Later, we both agreed has happened to us on different occasions because the other person was not supposed to KNOW that info.

How weird is that ?!
Uranus motto : I KNOW.

Electrical shorts, clairvoyance, angelic intervention ?
Cool though.
Most of yesterday afternoon I spent processing – so much info and energy, came in from my friend.  Later, it dawned on me – I realized why I gravitate towards stones.

I use rocks (I am Saturn ruled, Saturn rules rocks and USE) to ground my outer planet heavies, so I can function at a deeper level. 

Most all of my planetary action is above the horizon – Saturn Rx in Aries and Toro Moon are what helps keep me centered below the horizon at midnight – the time I AM most active and the place where I am most comfortable.  Saturn and Moon is where I find a bit of solace in an otherwise rather foggy, unpredictable natal chart.

I use the stones to bring matter and form to the nebulous etheric energy in my astro signature.

 Neptune most highly aspected in 11th (natural house of Aquarius) opposite Moon.
 Saturn Rx in Aries trines 11th house Mars.
 Mars quintiles Uranus (Sun/Uran/Plu stellium in 9).

Best wishes for your own positive changes with Uranus direct . . .
(Uranus rules wishes)

get stoned.

Mên-an-Tol : Madron – Cornwall, England

Mên-an-Tol, or “Stone of the hole” in Cornish (a Brythonic Celtic language), was centuries ago called the Devil’s Eye.  Legend has it that faeries and trows (trolls; or drow, meaning ghost, spirits) could only be seen by looking through the ‘eye’ of a holey stone.

Through the ages, locals have crept through the eye of the stone (nine times, against the sun) in search of a cure for pain or rheumatism.  (The age of the stones are uncertain, but they are usually assigned to the Bronze age 3000 – 4000 years ago.)
Mên-an-Tol is renowned for curing many ailments, including lower back pain and particularly rickets in children, which has resulted in the local name of Crick Stone.  Recent discovery of recumbent stones buried nearby indicates these three granite stones were once part of a stone-circle.

Holey stones are also called dian-stane from the Norse dynestein, meaning thunderstone.  In Scandinavian folklore they are thought to fall from the sky during storms, hurdled by Thor at the heads of trolls to keep them in control, lest they overtake the land.  Legend has it they will protect from lightning strike and as a result they were built into many farmsteads or hung from a string near the door for protection.

Once used to protect horses, holey stones were also thought to be sun stones, and were hung from the plough with horsehair when tilling fields in the spring.  The stone was placed to face the sun while tilling – a blessing for bringing the return of warmth to the land.  When the days work was done, the holey stone was returned to a nail in the stables to protect the animals therein.

Holed stones are often called Odin stones, a term rising from the Elder Edda.  A wise giant, a travelling teacher named Kvasir was killed by dwarves, who then mixed his blood with honey to form the Mead of Poetry.  A tiny sip of the magical mead would make anyone skáld eða frœðamaðr, (a poet and scholar).

Secretly, under the name of Bölverk, (fictitious names are Neptune ruled) Odin tilled the fields of the family who had hidden the magical mead in the mountain.  Bölverk sought a taste of mead in payment for his work.  When they would not allow Bölverk in the cave, he devised a plan.  Odin convinced one brother to help him – Odin let him use the magical auger Rati to drill a hole through the stone into the cavern where the mead was guarded.  Odin quickly transformed into a snake, entered the hole, and stole the mead for his people in Asgard.


Odin stones have been worn for protection against ill omens, lightning strike, snake venom and the evil eye.  For an Odin to have power as an amulet, it cannot be bought or sold – it must be found and freely given.

Odin stones were revered by Druids, and are steeped in mythology and legends across the world. They are said to be windows into other worlds, living earth spirits.  When peering through the hole on a full moon, the world of faerie and spirits can be seen.  They represent the doorway between the physical and the spiritual, endowing the wearer with high psychic powers.

By historical accounts lovers would visit The Standing Stones o’ Stenness (called by some accounts the Temple of the Moon) where the woman would kneel and pray to the god, Wodden (Odin) that they would keep the vows they were about to make.  The lovers would then walk one mile Northwest to the Ring o’ Brodgar (called by some the Temple of the Sun, pictured above) where the man would kneel in ritual prayer.

To finalize the oath, they would return to the Standing Stones o’ Stenness, to an area approximately 150 yards north of the ring of Stenness stones where the Odin stone once stood (since destroyed, artist rendering 3rd from the top).  Clasping hands through the Odin stone, they would speak aloud their sacred vows to one another.  Vows taken in this manner could not be broken.

One of my college buddies grew up in geode country and was very familiar with holey stones.  She lived in what she called the magic cabin (It was – and it had geodes set into the rock foundation) and carried a holey stone on her keyring in case she lost them, saying, “you don’t find them, they find you”.

They are called Odin stones, seer stones, witch stones, faerie stones, holey stones, among many other things.  They represent goddess energy manifest in stone, the Womb of the Earth, a symbol of the divine feminine.

American Indians call them Watai (a link between the visible and the invisible), the Lakota believe the stones are inhabited by the Inyan, the Stone People. The stone spirits pass along ancient knowledge, wisdom and strength of the ages.  Just as all humans have an animal totem, they also have a stone ally.

To find your stone ally, be respectful of place, leave an offering, a gift to Gaia.  Feel the energy of the stone as you hold it.  Be aware of what emotions and thoughts drift in your mind’s eye as you make friends with the stone.  Only you will know which stone is right for you.  Follow your heart, trust your instincts.


Wodden, Wodan, Woden, Odin is the Anglo-Saxon god who hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, for nine days to gain divine insight – which resulted in the Runic alphabet.

To find asteroids pertaining to the Norse God in your natal chart:
enter 2155 for Wodan ; Odin is 3989.


Score yet another Wowser moment for astrology.  You don’t have to believe it for it to work, folks. I looked at my Wodan / Odin for the first time just before wrapping up this post.   Odin in my natal dovetails into my 9th house Virgo stellium.  By transit, Odin has just passed my Mercury in Libra and is applying to midheaven.  Writing !

Woden in my natal is 22 degrees Virgo, Mars Rx is applying within minutes of exact as I write this.  Woden by transit is applying to my natal Mars within 2 degrees of separation. My most highly aspected planet, Neptune (22 degrees Scorpio natal exact sextile to Woden) returns home tomorrow.  My lucky number – two.  groOovy baby !

2 = duality, balance, choice, polarites and relationships
4 = foundation, materialization, structure and stability

For the record, the last time Neptune entered Pisces was 1848, the year of the California gold rush.



Elements: Fire, Water
Chakras:  Anahata (Heart- 4th), Manipura (Solar Plexis, 3rd)

Rhodochrosite carries the vibration of love, it is a powerful emotional healer, working on a personal level by helping to release emotional wounds held within.  It is a stone that restores courage and revives the heart center.  It enhances creativity and play – vibrations from the seat of the will – the heart.  I recommend this stone for Leos under stressful aspects, or those with Sun (rules Leo) under stressful aspects, as it enhances the vibration of joy.
I grabbed mine yesterday.  It is small, knobby, and egg shaped with delightful patterns of pink and grey.  I choose my stones by instinct as I walk out the door.  I will carry one that resonates with me on that particular day.  Good choice it turns out as Mars Rx in Virgo is opposite Venus in Pisces.

Someone seems to be itching to start a fight over spirtual / healing modalities.  I have Mars on the 12th sign of Sagittarius, Sun / Uranus / Pluto on the 9th (natural house of Sagittarius).  For those of you unfamiliar with astrology ~
It all adds up to me being an open-minded, freedom – loving spiritual explorer.

I was awake very early in the am working and pulled this card before bed.
The shocking revelation – bolt out of the blue – enlightenment leading to freedom.

Followed by the 3 of swords, heartache, rejection, stormy weather for the emotions.

Mars will oppose Venus for the next 8 days
fighter vs. lover : which are you ?
I know which one I am.

om mani padme hum

írima laicë

pineapple amethyst, rose quartz, amethyst, rhodochrosite, blue fluorite

Venus (love) in Pisces (inspiration, devotion) is conjunct Neptune (memory) in Aquarius (the awakener).

Mercury (words) is trine Jupiter (optimism, faith, charity) in Venus -ruled earth sign Taurus (self-worth).

Mercury (thoughts) are quintile (gifts and talent from spirit) Saturn in Venus-ruled air sign Libra of harmony.

Venus (love) is trine Saturn (tact, rocks) in Venus – ruled Libra the balancer.

There are  changes and hard aspects in our skies with ourselves & others.
Beware .?

Be aware of LOVE.
yes !



Popping in to answer some questions:

Gneiss, what is the numerology of lodestone ?

A:  Lodestone is magnetic, it has positive and negative polarities so my first thought was 2.

According to astrology rulership, 2 is Moon or Cancer.
Lodestones are magnetic, and magnetics corresponds with Uranus, Aquarius and the number 4.

Magnetite (lodestone is a naturally magnetized magnetite) is octahedral.

Meaning it has 8 triangles, 12 edges, 6 vertices.
(Crystals grow mathematically.)

Note in the text below that the octahedron is dual, a mirror of itself –
so again, 2.

Lodestones attract iron fillings, can change the reading on a compass and are used to balance the polarities in the body, aligning all the chakras.
Lodestone is an earth element stone, it is grounding and gives added power to attracting manifestations.  They can be used to stimulate specific points on the body meridians, they help regulate frequencies.  Lodestone is very helpful for protection of one’s energy field.

There is biogenic magnetite in human brain tissue as well, click here to learn more.  It serves as an internal ‘homing device’ which enables us to choose which fork in the road we will take.
Choice is 2.

Gneiss, which Catholic Saint is synchronized with Saturn ?


A:  Saint Peter. 
He holds the keys to the gates of Heaven.
(Saturn rules gates, binds and constricts.)

Peter’s attribute is a set of keys, from the time Christ said to him: “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
Mathew 18:18

Gneiss does Pluto rule basements in astrology ?

A: Saturn and Capricorn rule basements, for they rule the earth.
Pluto rules catacombs, the dead buried in the earth.

If you have questions, e-mail me here~


Rooster of Conjunction

I am open to the guidance of synchronicity and do not let expectations hinder my path ~ Dali Lama

Tabula Smaragdina (Emerald Tablet) ; Artist Matthieu Merian

December 10. 2011
Uranus direct zero Degrees Aries at 1:04 am, CST, USA
Full Lunar Eclipse 18 degrees Gemini: 8:36 am, CST, USA
Click here for eclipse illustrations and eclipse info in depth.
Click here for NASA map with info regarding visibility.
Total lunar phase lasts 51 minutes.

This Full Lunar Eclipse in Gemini follows the partial Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that occurred on November 25, 2011, click here for more on that eclipse.

Eclipses are signposts indicating new directions in life, both personally and globally.

Full Lunar Eclipse in Gemini means Mercury Rx (retrograde= re-evaluate, revise, re-invent) is Lord of the Eclipse. The energies of the eclipse degree will remain active for several months after the eclipse, as other planets make aspects to the eclipse degree.
Lord of the Eclipse, Mercury Rx adds to this delayed release of eclipse energy.

Mercury Rx at the time of the eclipse is on the decan of Jupiter, bringing a sense of hope and faith in the future for us personally (micro) and globally (macro).  Mercury Rx is trine the newly direct Uranus. (Uranus turns direct 7.5 hours prior to the eclipse.)
It is worthy of note that Mercury in revision, trine Uranus going direct will shift intuitions, advanced soul growth is particularly acute for this eclipse.  The mind and how we communicate is covering all the bases.
Mercury Rx is in Sagittarius, and rules both Gemini and Virgo.

During a Full Lunar Eclipse, the Earth (the material world, work and wealth) shadows the Moon (emotions, fluctuation, security).
The Earth is receiving the light, while the moon is not.  For this reason, material world issues will be called to the foreground and are in the middle of a compromise.


This compromise lies between higher visionary ways of seeing / thinking, and being actively in service to others * (solar) ;
versus counter-productive fluctuating emotions, scattered thinking regarding health, work, and personal responsibilities (lunar).

* note: this is the North Node of Destiny Path*

Some interesting polarities: Sun on the decan of Mars, opposite (compromise) the Moon on the decan of Venus.
Solar Mars is ego, male energy, and it is in a transpersonal sign and house – in compromise – with Lunar Venus, female, emotional energy in a personal sign on a social house.

Sun is quintile (creativity expressed, the spirit quest) Neptune and Chiron – this is an amazing healing vibe !  In addition, Venus is quintile Uranus giving art and love an edge of maverick intuitive expression ~  what a fabulous way to go direct, yes ? !

Sun and Moon are both square Mars in Virgo on the decan of Saturn.  Mars and Saturn work well together.  Saturn focus is good for crazy Martian energy, it gives stamina, tact and self-discipline to power.

Mars in Virgo with a Saturnian flavor adds stamina to detail work and thinking – in square to eclipse energies, with Mercury Rx trine Uranus direct, expect self- examination & wild card / lightning bolt brainstorms.

Where will you be feeling the eclipse energies ?  Look for the Gemini / Sagittarius axis in your natal chart.
Where will you be feeling Uranus direct ?  Look for the house of Aries in your natal chart.

Here’s a very general guideline:
1/7 = self/others
2/8 = mine/yours
3/9 = learning/teaching
4/10 = home/career
5/11 = personal will/ will for others
6/12 = personal health & work/ universal health & service

Planets in your natal conjunct the eclipse point of 18 degrees Gemini and any aspects to that point will feel a strong influx of eclipse energies, and look in the future to planets crossing this degree for more incoming eclipse vibes…

find and fulfill your destiny~