Use the Force

photo-3 copy 2The Philosopher’s Stone

Intent: highest qi vibration for aspects in motion

1 Scorpio Saturn trine Jupiter Rx in Cancer
2 Mars into Libra
3 Spirit

1 Tension: Trines lack tension – to gain the benefit, we must activate the energies of higher mind: revision of family, philosophies re: home, safety, women and our own fluctuation that does not work in our best interests.  We must work to shove ourselves out of our comfort zone in order to grow, transform and leave the cocoon we have become complacent in.

2 Success: Ascending towards our loftiest goals via hard work – Mars drives the entire natal chart, in Libra he aspires to beautify, re-conciliate, form bonds and contracts of peace and love – harmony and justice for all.  

3 Effort – Aim high with certainty of reaching your goal.

Mind over matter (Libra / Air; Jupiter / higher mind) set your intent – eyes on the prize !

Do or do not.  There is no try.