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3-day Solar-Geophysical Forecast issued Jan 21 22:00 UTC

Solar Activity Forecast: Solar activity is expected to be low through the period
(22 – 24 January) with a chance for an isolated M-class flare.

M-class flares are medium-sized; they can cause brief radio blackouts that affect Earth’s polar regions. Minor radiation storms sometimes follow an M-class flare.

Geophysical Activity Forecast: The geomagnetic field is expected to be at mostly quiet levels until late on day 1 (22 January).
Activity is forecast to increase to unsettled to active levels at around 22/1800Z and continue into day 2 (23 January) due to the expected arrival of the halo-CME observed on 19 January.
There will also be a chance for minor storm levels during the CME passage.

Field activity is expected to decrease to quiet to unsettled levels on day 3 (24 January) as Coronal Mass Ejection effects subside.  A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a massive burst of solar wind, other light isotope plasma, and magnetic fields rising above the solar corona or being released into space
Please note : some sensitive to solar activity may be more likely to have seizures, dizziness, or disrupted sleep during heightened solar geomagnetic storms.

Please note: I am not saying you will, just watch how things feel for you, and be aware – lots of energies are shifting in the sky now ~

While docked and onboard the International Space Station  on March 21st 2008, an STS-123 Endeavour crewmember, looking northward across the Gulf of Alaska, captured the glowing green beauty of the Aurora Borealis over the Earth.
This CME will arrive with the New Moon in Aquarius, which rules magnetics.  New Moons are when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun.

Deep Dark Moon vibes will be getting extra powered juice from the Electro-magnetic waves, dark places will be zapped with a bit of an unusual light, something surprising.

Sun, Moon and Mercury will be trining Mars during the luminary line-up so draw back your bows people, aim true.  Focus on what you will magnetically draw to yourself between now and the Full Moon in Leo to come.

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