juggling quiets

hooded may 1
Wildwood Tarot

Merc Rx messages for incoming Full Moon.

Your ability to juggle many tasks will take you far.

Rune is Mannaz:
human race, divine structure,
social order, altitude.

Awareness, aid arrives, cooperation ensues.

9 Hooded Man:
Quiet on the Wheel of the Year, contemplation.
Spiritual seeker lighting the path in the darkness.
Contemplation, meditation with self.

peace GMA

Dirty Women

Erda tree of life
Today I am concentrating on our Mother, Earth.
In Old Norse, she is Erda (also known as Jörd, Fjörgyn, Hlódyn). 
The ancient greeks knew her as Rhea or Gaea (Gaia). 

Asteroid Gaea 1184
Asteroid Erda 894

Instructions to see your chart here.  Choose extended, pop # in additional at the very bottom for asteroids.

I have written loads of Gaia posts click here for more.
I am a dirt-loving Earthgirl through and through – anxious for warmth so I can dig it.

Erda is the norse goddess of the Earth.
She is
often associated with the Three Norns, the spinners of fate who
 guard the Well of Urd aka Weird’s well (well of destiny) at the base of Yggdrasil, the great ash World Tree of Life.  The well is a holy place where the Aesir (Asgardian Gods) often gathered.
Growing from the well, Yggdrasil
stands at the center of the cosmos and holds the Nine Worlds – humans, gods, and all other beings live in its branches and roots. The goddess Erda waters it from the well of her wisdom. We live on Midgard (fourth world), aka Middle EarthWe are linked with Asgard (first world, home of the Aesir) by The Rainbow Bridge aka Bifrost.

Yggdrasil dwells within the heart of everything – micro and macroworlds. 

Erda is the Great Mother, the single living organism supporting all beings on our planet.  She breathes life, has heart, soul, grows and changes like humans – only at a much slower vibration.

The name Earth originates from the 8th century anglo-Saxon word: erda which means ground or soil.  Earth is the only planet whose name in English is not derived from greco-roman mythology.  Cool, yeah ?

Erda, a seer knowing origins and outcomes, often helped Wodon (Odin) who would seek her advice regarding the future.   She is the bender of fate to those she favors, she is a primordial teacher, a living being.  Erda’s ties to fate and divination* led many to use the Earth herself for omens and signs, portents of the future – animals, birds, clouds, the oceans and more.

See Divination in drop-down menu above for loads of augury.*

Not surprisingly, my Gaea is at 29 Leo conjunct Venus/Jupes in 8; my Erda in Scorp exact quincunx Sag Mars at the backdoor – I have definitely experienced my share of weird earth energies. For starters here. Travelling around on the Earth has taught me so much – at each location my experience has been transformative in accordance with the earth energies present in the rock below me.

Asteroids Erda and Gaea obviously represent your connection with the Earth. 
They indicate in which ways you are practical, skilled, also slowed.
They show how and where you ground yourself.
In synastry, they show how and where others ground you.

nornen34Strudwick: A Golden Thread

Three Norns; or spinners of fate derives from to whisper, or whisperer.  Old Norse for a practitioner of magic is norn (lower case n).  They can be found spinning and weaving webs of fate and carving runes into the trunk of Yggdrasil – in these ways they preside over life, death, destiny, the fate of all beings, Divine and Mortal. 
The Norns were often depicted in three stages of womanhood. Verdani as a young maiden, Skuld as mother, and Urda as a crone.

Past: Urd – what was
Presence: Verdandi – that which comes into being
Future: Skuld – what shall be

This Norse study led me to contemplate what is the difference between fate & destiny ?
Fate is divinely preordained, fixed.
Destiny, we have the power to shape.
(Love the one word answer to the ? given on the web: faith.)

Asteroid Destinn 6583

I mentioned study, one of the pages I found had some really great info re: fate, destiny & time from someone far more learned in Norse mythology.
I share it here, with a link.

In contrast to the Greek concept of fate, in ancient Germanic beliefs, all beings who are subject to destiny have some degree of agency in shaping their own destiny and the destinies of others – this is the dew that falls back into the well from the branches of the tree, accordingly reshaping the past and its influence upon the present. All beings do this passively; those who practice magick do it actively.  There is no absolutely free will, just as there is no absolutely unalterable fate; instead, life is lived somewhere between these two extremes.  source

Loving that viewpoint !
Norn time is as follows, which I also find fascinating…

Here, time is cyclical rather than linear.
The present returns to the past, where it retroactively changes the past.
The new past, in turn, is reabsorbed into a new present, whose originality is an outgrowth of the give-and-take between the waters of the well and the waters of the tree.
  (source link above)

Asteroid Destinn is just what it sounds likeDestiny.
attracts grand meetings on par with what it contacts in your natal.

eg. Destinn conjunct Mars: fated men, actions, aggression, power, competition

In synastry it indicates someone is your catalyst via that contact planet
eg. Mars conj Destinn synastry – someone changes your actions/plans/direction
Composite Destinn indicates coupled power to change the world at large

Yet another Home Run for astrology !  
Destinn is at 8 Cancer in exact trine to my natal Erda.

Currently Erda is at 24 Taurus opposite Saturn at 23 Scorpio.
Gaea is at 25 Aries applying to South Node (my natal NNode).
Brilliantly accentuates the incoming Cardinal Cross energies !
It is (far past) time we take care of our Mother Earth.


moving in betweens

For New Virgo moon 003

Your wish is within reach try to gain it.
Fortune cookie
Do or do not, there is no try.

Interesting dark moon, yes ? 
I consulted with : my garden, Archeon Tarot, Runes, Aleuromancy.
I wanted to know what we concentrate on for best New Virgo Moon results.

Thursday 5th
New Moon in Virgo
6:36am CST, USA

Ace of swords lives on the mental plane – Mercury and higher octave Uranus – communication across the electrical grid that connects us all.

The electric spark of all life forms create Human Ley Lines across the earth.
Thought, pen and sword – All are mighty.
We are co-creators.

Sun and Mercury (rules Virgo) are in navel gaze dark moon mental reset mode, esp with Sun opposite Chiron the bridge between thought and execution – wounds and the healing of them.

Sun opposes Chiron – how do we make peace with those we have wounded, with the part of ourselves that cannot reconcile hurting those we love, the imperfection of making mistakes ?

No muss, no fuss – Virgo works out the kinks quietly.
Recognize, reconfigure, RISE UP.

Much lurks underneath with Plutonian (death card) metamorphosis & Saturnian  restructuring holding hands with North Node of Destiny while in trine to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron the teacher, philosopher wounded healer, the seeker, the mentor urges us to face the wreckage, pick up the pieces and rebuild. 
Bionic steampunk – better, faster, stronger.

Virgo sees the dots, the connections in the web of life – – analyzes, invents, carves a practical path of healing by solving problems from the ground up. 

Virgos are the queens of self-improvement.
When they have that task in hand, they then mobilize forces to improve the situation, working ever outward from a center of diligent focus.

Heimdall’s Aett (change)
Nauthiz is the rune of Urgency and Need
Delays and resistance leading to strength and the power of will to overcome.
Exercise patience for survival.

Natural garden maters spoke to me of
Double bodied signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. 

Mutable in nature, they more easily move between the driven to achieve and be first in all things Cardinals – and the more stable, stuck in a rut, building, finishing Fixed signs.
They see and move between both sides, they are dual in nature.

Right now, healing and higher octaves of it are mutable and moving.
Best results are arrived at by thinking it through via daydreams and night dreams – logically, intuitively – one step or sword at a time.  Quietly lay plans that will come to meet the material plane on the New Moon in Virgo.

New Moon (conjunct Sun) trines metamorphosis and also sextiles expansive Jupiter in Cancer for a kick of beneficial new starts and expansion in home; family, feelings, public matters; structured work and achievements, goal set transformations, passionate power rebirth – penetrate deeply now where you will focus your most growth through daily rituals over time.  SEE what you want to FEEL, what you DESIRE to ACHIEVE.

Where attention goes – energy flows.

When Moon is New in Virgo – take the reins and yeeHAW


steady as she goes

Aragonite, Tiger Eye

Yellow Aragonite: (orthorhombic, pseudohexagonal, twinning common)
Enhances balance of energy fields, strength, self-confidence, ability to work hard and remain centered.

Runes drawn for clarity of aspects – are from left to right:
Saturn conjunct Mercury :: trine :: Neptune conjunct Chiron
Scorpio (fixed water)
Saturn: Gebo (gift) : Balance of generosity, exchanges and contracts between partners

Mercury: Fehu (wealth) : possessions / income won or earned, luck, financial abundance, sign of hope and plenty, success and happiness

Trine (ease, harmony, fusion)

Pisces (mutable water)
Retrogrades, inward seeking

Neptune Rx: Ehwaz (horse, two horses) : transportation, movement and change for the better, steady progress and teamwork, loyalty and trust

Chiron Rx: Othala (ancestral property) : inherited property or possessions, home, land and family, increase of what is truly important.  Aid and safe passage on spiritual journeys


dancing with Gaia

Quickie reading
Gemini Sun conjunct Taurus Mercury/Jupiter exact
Squares Mars; Squares Neptune (which are opposite each other)
:: t-square ::

Gemini Moon conjunct Venus

~Feeling free to explore the possibilities~

work while mentally tuning into
the nuances of creating your dream
  remain open to ideas
fresh new ones are being born every minute
dance with them
sculpt them

Sun/ Mer/ Jup conjunction : Kenaz : Beacon (reversed)
instability, changes in creativity, cutting through illusion

Mars : Othala : Ancestral property
finding what is truly important, aid in spiritual journeys

Neptune : Mannaz : Mankind
your place in the universal all one, awareness, aid in spiritual journeys

Crystal : Chlorite Phantom Crystal
self-healing, regeneration, connection with nature
  During the growth of the crystal, Chlorite is deposited on the crystals termination followed by further growth.

Helps footsteps follow the rhythm of nature
Gaia energy
the mineral kingdom.

shaping the moment

A Pisces Good Morning by Gneiss Moon

I recently joined a tea reading group and have been itching to do a reading –  I even had a dream about doing one last week….

On the table are a divination cup from a friend, the Tea Leaf Fortune cards by Rae Hepburn, also a gift, and magic carpet -Tiger Tea – in the cup.
That’s what I call it anyway – Bengal Spice…a touch of honey…mmmm
So you can’t do a tiger tea reading without quotes from the Celestial Seasoning box, lol.

Many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little.  – Plutarch

I have also pulled some paua shell runes, that I was led to by a friend.
Reem hen-ide 
The merkaba pendulum is a Star Trek weekend find.  You can read more about pendulum dowsing here.  It was a lovely quiet, cloudy Pisces Morning – perfect for divination ~

The Runes are pulled in the positions for tea reading.  The handle points toward the reader and represents events in the close inner circle, as the leaves are read away from the handle clockwise, the events become farther away – they are events passing away.  The position opposite the handle represents events in the outer circle, as the cup is followed clockwise towards the handle they represent events coming towards the reader.

Leaves in the well of the cup are heavy emotional experiences, towards the top of the rim, they are lighter.

First the Rune reading : starting at the handle going clockwise.
I included all of us in this reading with the intention that it would lead us all to our highest potential and most benevolent outcome.

Uruz: Untamed potential, the shaping of power
 Ehwaz: movement, teamwork
 Gebo: gifts, balance
 Raidho: evolution, personal and world rhythm

Now on to the tea grounds (leaves) – I will be using the symbols on the cup, especially the astrological symbols until I get a plain cup from the local secondhand.

First off, it seems evident there is quite a bit of action surrounding Mars, or should I say blockage with Mars retrograde..?  oy.  It is leaving, and shown by the directional point, it will be quickly.  Thankfully, situations will improve – we just get better at slogging through the slow times – this is good preparation for the upcoming increase of the Uranus Pluto square.

Saturn has activity in the cup, as does Sun- they are trine now, an easy flow and exchange between work and spirit, a very creative aspect.  Saturn is in Venus ruled Libra, Sun in the sign of higher octave artistic pursuits, Pisces.   There is balance near Moon – acceptance of the cycles and that sweet surrender and acceptance Pisces is so famous for.

I also see Mercury has eyes (in the back of it’s head – Merc is neutral), most likely the heightened senses in play since both Mars and Saturn are retro and the house of Pisces is active with Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mercury and Moon.  We hone the other energies while Mars and Saturn are hobbled.  Our intake of information is increased on all levels, material and spiritual.

There are two bells ringing (clappers) under the bell shape near the handle indication good news is coming from a woman in your inner circle.  YaY !

This reading is for all of us, so comments are welcome ~ what do you see…? 

These are cards from the Tea Leaf deck, again to be read clockwise.  The card at the bottom is the situation closest to you – traveling clockwise are the events leaving your life, the top represents the events farthest away involving others not in your inner circle. The card on the right represents what is on its way to you.

Firecracker: Exciting stimulating events are occurring close to you at this time.
Claw: Waiting has passed.  A time of risk-taking is over, the path is smoother now.
Rose: Love is in the air – from afar -be open to receive.
Hills:  A period of testing and growth is on its way to you.

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.
~Thich Nat Hahn


get stoned.

Mên-an-Tol : Madron – Cornwall, England

Mên-an-Tol, or “Stone of the hole” in Cornish (a Brythonic Celtic language), was centuries ago called the Devil’s Eye.  Legend has it that faeries and trows (trolls; or drow, meaning ghost, spirits) could only be seen by looking through the ‘eye’ of a holey stone.

Through the ages, locals have crept through the eye of the stone (nine times, against the sun) in search of a cure for pain or rheumatism.  (The age of the stones are uncertain, but they are usually assigned to the Bronze age 3000 – 4000 years ago.)
Mên-an-Tol is renowned for curing many ailments, including lower back pain and particularly rickets in children, which has resulted in the local name of Crick Stone.  Recent discovery of recumbent stones buried nearby indicates these three granite stones were once part of a stone-circle.

Holey stones are also called dian-stane from the Norse dynestein, meaning thunderstone.  In Scandinavian folklore they are thought to fall from the sky during storms, hurdled by Thor at the heads of trolls to keep them in control, lest they overtake the land.  Legend has it they will protect from lightning strike and as a result they were built into many farmsteads or hung from a string near the door for protection.

Once used to protect horses, holey stones were also thought to be sun stones, and were hung from the plough with horsehair when tilling fields in the spring.  The stone was placed to face the sun while tilling – a blessing for bringing the return of warmth to the land.  When the days work was done, the holey stone was returned to a nail in the stables to protect the animals therein.

Holed stones are often called Odin stones, a term rising from the Elder Edda.  A wise giant, a travelling teacher named Kvasir was killed by dwarves, who then mixed his blood with honey to form the Mead of Poetry.  A tiny sip of the magical mead would make anyone skáld eða frœðamaðr, (a poet and scholar).

Secretly, under the name of Bölverk, (fictitious names are Neptune ruled) Odin tilled the fields of the family who had hidden the magical mead in the mountain.  Bölverk sought a taste of mead in payment for his work.  When they would not allow Bölverk in the cave, he devised a plan.  Odin convinced one brother to help him – Odin let him use the magical auger Rati to drill a hole through the stone into the cavern where the mead was guarded.  Odin quickly transformed into a snake, entered the hole, and stole the mead for his people in Asgard.


Odin stones have been worn for protection against ill omens, lightning strike, snake venom and the evil eye.  For an Odin to have power as an amulet, it cannot be bought or sold – it must be found and freely given.

Odin stones were revered by Druids, and are steeped in mythology and legends across the world. They are said to be windows into other worlds, living earth spirits.  When peering through the hole on a full moon, the world of faerie and spirits can be seen.  They represent the doorway between the physical and the spiritual, endowing the wearer with high psychic powers.

By historical accounts lovers would visit The Standing Stones o’ Stenness (called by some accounts the Temple of the Moon) where the woman would kneel and pray to the god, Wodden (Odin) that they would keep the vows they were about to make.  The lovers would then walk one mile Northwest to the Ring o’ Brodgar (called by some the Temple of the Sun, pictured above) where the man would kneel in ritual prayer.

To finalize the oath, they would return to the Standing Stones o’ Stenness, to an area approximately 150 yards north of the ring of Stenness stones where the Odin stone once stood (since destroyed, artist rendering 3rd from the top).  Clasping hands through the Odin stone, they would speak aloud their sacred vows to one another.  Vows taken in this manner could not be broken.

One of my college buddies grew up in geode country and was very familiar with holey stones.  She lived in what she called the magic cabin (It was – and it had geodes set into the rock foundation) and carried a holey stone on her keyring in case she lost them, saying, “you don’t find them, they find you”.

They are called Odin stones, seer stones, witch stones, faerie stones, holey stones, among many other things.  They represent goddess energy manifest in stone, the Womb of the Earth, a symbol of the divine feminine.

American Indians call them Watai (a link between the visible and the invisible), the Lakota believe the stones are inhabited by the Inyan, the Stone People. The stone spirits pass along ancient knowledge, wisdom and strength of the ages.  Just as all humans have an animal totem, they also have a stone ally.

To find your stone ally, be respectful of place, leave an offering, a gift to Gaia.  Feel the energy of the stone as you hold it.  Be aware of what emotions and thoughts drift in your mind’s eye as you make friends with the stone.  Only you will know which stone is right for you.  Follow your heart, trust your instincts.


Wodden, Wodan, Woden, Odin is the Anglo-Saxon god who hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, for nine days to gain divine insight – which resulted in the Runic alphabet.

To find asteroids pertaining to the Norse God in your natal chart:
enter 2155 for Wodan ; Odin is 3989.


Score yet another Wowser moment for astrology.  You don’t have to believe it for it to work, folks. I looked at my Wodan / Odin for the first time just before wrapping up this post.   Odin in my natal dovetails into my 9th house Virgo stellium.  By transit, Odin has just passed my Mercury in Libra and is applying to midheaven.  Writing !

Woden in my natal is 22 degrees Virgo, Mars Rx is applying within minutes of exact as I write this.  Woden by transit is applying to my natal Mars within 2 degrees of separation. My most highly aspected planet, Neptune (22 degrees Scorpio natal exact sextile to Woden) returns home tomorrow.  My lucky number – two.  groOovy baby !

2 = duality, balance, choice, polarites and relationships
4 = foundation, materialization, structure and stability

For the record, the last time Neptune entered Pisces was 1848, the year of the California gold rush.