steady as she goes

Aragonite, Tiger Eye

Yellow Aragonite: (orthorhombic, pseudohexagonal, twinning common)
Enhances balance of energy fields, strength, self-confidence, ability to work hard and remain centered.

Runes drawn for clarity of aspects – are from left to right:
Saturn conjunct Mercury :: trine :: Neptune conjunct Chiron
Scorpio (fixed water)
Saturn: Gebo (gift) : Balance of generosity, exchanges and contracts between partners

Mercury: Fehu (wealth) : possessions / income won or earned, luck, financial abundance, sign of hope and plenty, success and happiness

Trine (ease, harmony, fusion)

Pisces (mutable water)
Retrogrades, inward seeking

Neptune Rx: Ehwaz (horse, two horses) : transportation, movement and change for the better, steady progress and teamwork, loyalty and trust

Chiron Rx: Othala (ancestral property) : inherited property or possessions, home, land and family, increase of what is truly important.  Aid and safe passage on spiritual journeys