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magoichi_by_fadlyromdhani-d723rn0Fadly Romdhani

Venus in Aries is self-confident, self-assured, impulsive and aggressive due to the influence of Mars.  They love to get things done NOW.  No Waiting !  Just DO it !
If a Venus in Aries likes you, you will know it directly – they are not shy in the least, the chase is fun for them. Venus and Mars energy in tandem makes for a fabulous flirt.

They need to be in charge, run the show and are attracted and attracting (Venus) the same traits – which can lead to tons of action ! with the chosen partner.  When on the same team (Venus working high qi) they are the fastest chariot race in town – when not on the same team, conflicts can get gladiator real quick.

Venus in Aries is enthusiastica Martian-driven goal coach who won’t let you take the easy (soft, Venus) way out.  They love to compete and fight for a cause – they value independent spirit above all else, as long as they are still number one in the lead.

Very impatient, demanding and direct, they often seem abrasive to others without meaning to.  Their instinctive need and enthusiasm for fresh new experiences is charming, infectious – conversely it can lead to exhaustion in relationships rather quickly when the level of Mars energy cannot be maintained long term. Patience and harmony and sharing with others must be cultivated for long-term relationships to flourish.

Venus in Aries is your best spunky cheerleader, your enthusiastic feminist friend, your friend who responds to your late-night call to arms in a nanosecond.  Venus in Aries is lusty, brave and inspiring.  They are dynamic idealists unafraid to GO FOR IT in all areas of life, love and war.


Cate as Galadriel of Lórien

Cate is phenomenal, just adore her work . . . and she bronzed her elvish ears.
I am soOo on board with that !

Cate is a Taurus packing 5 retrograde planets: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; indicating introverted planetary expression in the younger years while finding the personal compass.  Retrograde energies prospect their internal ground – fine tune, hone their craft well into later years, when they blossom outwardly, radiantly.

Cate’s Aries Venus is trine Mars in Sagittarius – Love of passionate FIRE – the urge to explore and express the ethical dilemmas born of the human instinct.  Mercury in Gemini (ruling; strong – also rules Virgo) opposes Sag Mars – gathering the info is only pulling back the bowstring for Cate – the possibilities are endless, but she brings the delicate minutiae to each role (Mars square Pluto in Virgo) fleshing out each character believably.

Toro Sun finds the worth of artistic expression through opposition with Neptune in Scorpio.  Neptune opposite Sun can mean a suffering, battered ego made stronger – a path of transcendence – soul and spirit wants and needs to both experience and express the depths; wrangling, funneling Mercurial communication through the Virgoan combine of self-improvement is part and parcel of healing others through common expression.

Cate has Uranus 0 degrees in (Venus-ruled) Libra –  a boho planet on a springboard Cardinal degree – signifying  a sweetly compelling yet surprisingly uppercutting rebel artistic streak.

Explanation and exploration (Mars square Ura/Jup/Plu) of human frailty reveals itself through an artistic earthbound lesson – the shades and shifts of human ethics. Cate’s artwork is passionate, courageous, surprisingly bold yet brilliantly understated.

The Lady of Light, The Lady of the Wood.

The Lady of Light bears the ring, Nenya, also known as the Ring of Adamant, the Ring of Water, which was made in the Second Age, along with the other two Elven Rings, Narya and Vilya.  Nenya is not normally visible; Frodo can see it by virtue of being a Ring-bearer, Sam tells Galadriel he only “saw a star through your fingers.”

Nenya’s power was preservation, protection, and concealment from evil.

Neptune much ? 
Preservation of life, nature.
High qi magick, spirituality.

Such is the longing of Pisces . . .gazing anywhere anyplace and anywhen . . . feeling the oceans of life, adrift and ever feeling.

Rescue, healing.

Buddhist non-attachment or barnacles encrusted.  ?
To wear a ring of power is to be alone.

I have them (Venus Neptuner) squared, in my natal.
The present energy – conjunct is sweet – gifty.

(rather than grifty)

The balance is so delicate – always – it requires / re-wires finesse.
Experience is the best teacher.

Merc Rx + Sat Rx

I am drinking it in, feeling, learning, adapting.
May the octaves of love wash waves of cosmic knowledge over you when you need a light in dark places….

Seasamin arwen en amin