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Sun into Virgo 7:02pm CST, USA
Friday 23
Moon into Aries 2:13am CST, USA
Mercury into Virgo 5:36pm CST, USA
Tuesday 27
Mars into Leo 9:05pm CST, USA
Wednesday 28
Ceres into Virgo 5:20am

Creatively risky catch and release romantic play of Leo gives way to creative chores, routines, organization of duty-bound Virgo. Feng Shui freakouts, categorizing tasks in the brain files, nit-picky hunger for health kicks into streamlined gear.
All very zen, you know . . . Virgos get much done quietly.

They are Queens of NO MUSS, NO FUSS.

Venus strong in Libra (she rules) is coming up to square Pluto Rx in Capricorn.  Love will have to sweat on the inner obstacle course in order to find harmony. 
Venus is
also square Lilith in Cancer forcing change in personal expression of love, the feminine expression of independence, balance, harmony and justice. Feelings/family/feminine meets power/authority/work from the past, desperately struggles with the energy of metamorphosis via emotional power plays/projections. 

Lilith was created of the same Earth as Adam (not from his rib, like Eve) legend says she was created before him.  She refused to become subservient to Adam, claiming equality, she left Adam and the garden to pursue her own interests.  (Eve was made of Adam’s rib so she could not claim any right to equality.)
Ancient Hebrew texts claim Lilith left Adam to mate with Samael, the Angel of Death, describing her as a baby-killing demon living by the Red Sea, a powerful seductress not to be trusted.  As time passed, legends and texts changed, in medieval writings Lilith is described as a rebellious wife, a militant feminist.

Lilith squares Venus while opposite Pluto Rx in Capricorn – feminine strength of independent personal philosophies regardless of authority and power dictatorship.  She is in Cancer, action driven energies known to scuttle sideways.  If feminine energy and her power doesn’t feel like dealing with authority, she won’t – power and authority trying to lord over her quickly becomes a non issue.
She is fully aware but will only juggle metamorphosis on her terms.

Libra Venus opposite Uranus Rx in Aries – love and innovation requires teamwork, balance – someone is going to be zinging you with a surprise forcing compromise.  We are talking boho eccentric electric (Mars/Aries) Uranus in peace talks with Venus (rules Libra) here.  Uranus is change, undoubtedly – what kind remains to be seen.
Uranus Rx squares Pluto Rx – this opposition will lead to transformative healing on a very deep level – though it may have the appearance of being surface – this is not the case at all.

What is going on in the mind with Sun’s entrance into Virgo – ? – tap that rich vein.  When Sun moves into Virgo, it opens an ambitious doorway of opportunity with Lilith; Saturn and North Node of Destiny in Scorpio.
How is past rebellion leading you into your future – think healing (Virgo) the (Lilith) rebellious feminine/disciplined masculine (Saturn) via feelings, desires.

Mine the jewels of time and experience buried in house Scorpio – they will help provoke your transition into balance, move you towards your destiny.  What calls for healing via timely expression (Virgo, Mercury) …?
We each carry feminine and masculine qualities.
Are they in balance within..?
What energies need more outgoing yang ?  More introverted yin ?

Find balance, then work outward – bringing your balance into the world.

Sun into Virgo will also begin to trine Pluto; a Mercury trine to Pluto soon follows.  Healing is most definitely activated through avenues of thinking and communication – beginning with yourself – Pluto is retrograde (turning inward) after all.
Think about who or what matters most ?
Figure that out – then apply work (pressure) in that area.

Sun sextile Saturn and North Node while in trine to Pluto Rx (Saturn and Pluto Rx are in mutual reception) is a time to focus on inner healing in order to move forward.
Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo will trot out analyzations, perceptual shifts, dietary and health concerns, practical self-improvements – improved communications: thinking, talking, writing.

Be aware Sun into Virgo opposes Neptune Rx, later Chiron Rx in Pisces Someone or thing is calling you to devote yourself to higher art, music meditation, dreams (both day and night) via the daily work ethic, routine and the melding of the two into harmony.  Keep to your course as able – having a big Neptune influence on the mind means dissolution, yes – but it also means transcendence, going with the flow, the ego gets a spiritual cleanse via the other.

Chiron Rx opposing Sun is surely a hit to the ego followed by subsequent healing. The theme of the Virgo Pisces axis is healing.
Chiron if it suits you, rules Virgo – daily personal magick.
Pisces is magick of the worldwide and beyond, the ALL ONE.

Virgos fix chaos in order to find perfection.
Pisces accept chaos IS perfection.

Cancer Jupiter square Aries Uranus Rx delivers superhuman innovative ideas across vast distances on the planes of feelings and actions – changes have been and remain slick and fast, surprisingly optimistic (I am a Capricorn rising, ya know) ushering in new, unexpected freedoms.

Mars into Leo brings an active fire energy into square to Saturn and North Node of Destiny and trine Uranus Rx in Aries.  Think power applied to work, time issues, desires, future path, metamorphosis – the fire of innovative creativity lit under all of them as we transform our past into our more balanced, streamlined future. 

Note for future reference: Pluto stations direct September 20, just under 9 degrees in Capricorn. Yowsa ~>  While sextile Venus/Saturn/North Node in Scorpio; and with a Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries.
Metamorphosis then begins to plows outward on the material plane, rather than turn inward.

Cripes my Saturn and Moon are in for a beating soon.

Fair warning. I will give it my best shot to remain all rah-rah happy.
We’ll see what happens…

With that I am off, a million things to do…I had better dig in and get to work.

Peace, clean floors and organization

Hypersensitive Adaptation

“My belief is in the blood and flesh as being wiser than the intellect. The body-unconscious is where life bubbles up in us. It is how we know that we are alive, alive to the depths of our souls and in touch somewhere with the vivid reaches of the cosmos.”  – D. H. Lawrence

Spoken like a Virgo with Scorpio rising, Pluto (chart ruler) conjunct Neptune.  D.H. Lawrence has Virgo Sun conjunct Jupiter, Uranus, North Node in the 11th house (natural house of Aquarius).  He was visionary; a very creative thinker, writer.

I find it so interesting that by following my heart, I have perfectly played my astrological hand, walked my astrological map- including the pitfalls, without consciously doing so.  What I love about learning astrology is it has explained so much about my habits and tendencies.  Astrology has given me the tools to be pro-active in charting my own course to physical and spiritual healing.  I am hoping through reading this site, I can help you do the same.

My friend Rhonda introduced me to Craniosacral Biodynamics, and having Moon opposite Neptune in the 11th, and Sun conjunct Uranus, I find this fascinating.
Body fluids are ruled by Aquarius and Uranus
movement of the body fluid is ruled by Moon and Neptune. 

The intention of craniosacral work is to encourage the cellular breath to move freely, without restriction, thereby allowing the life-giving oxygen, ions, and vital fluid to flow thoughout the body.

The cellular breath, or The Breath of Life produces a series of subtle rhythms (rhythms are Moon and Neptune ruled) that may be palpated in the body and which make up an integrated physiological system. At least three subtle rhythms have been identified in this “primary respiratory system”, each having a different rate and producing rhythms within rhythms.

These three “tides” are referred to asthe cranial rhythmic impulse; a more superficial rhythm expressed at an average rate of 8-12 cycles per minute, the mid-tide; a tidal rhythm that carries ordering forces into the body expressed at a slower rate of approximately 2.5 cycles per minute and the long tide; a deep and slow rhythmic impulse expressed about once every 100 seconds. The long tide is considered to be the first stirring of life and motion as the Breath of Life emerges from a deeper ground of stillness at the center of our being.

This same ‘breath of life’ takes place on a larger scale in the oceans of the Earth via thermohaline circulation.  It is like a giant ocean deep water conveyor belt transporting enormous volumes of cold, salty water from the North Atlantic to the Northern Pacific, and bringing warmer, fresher water in return.

Salt water oceans make up 71% of the Earth’s surface, the human body is more than 60 percent water. Blood is 92 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water.

Scientific studies cannot prove the rhythms of the Moon influence water in the human body, or that the Moon has an influence on humans at all, for that matter; but they cannot prove astrology either, and I know it works.  I know astrology works because I have seen it working in the charts of myself, my family, and those people I admire.

Look for any aspects to Mercury, Gemini, or Jupiter to indicate the quality of your breathing.  Look to aspects to Uranus, Aquarius, Moon and Neptune to indicate the rhythmic movement of blood, or water in your body.

I have Neptune both opposite Moon, and square Leo meaning in my chart I may have to watch for heart trouble, as Leo rules the heart, and Neptune bodily fluids.  I have also learned to be attuned to emotional balance as my Moon is in the 4th house (natural house of Cancer- rules the stomach) and can cause vague (Neptune rules the hidden) stress induced illness.  I have Saturn (restriction) in the 3rd house (natural house of Gemini). 

Mercury, Gemini and Jupiter rule breathing in the astrological chart.

I spent many years smoking on and off, and haven’t smoked now in several years.  My Saturn placement is a red flag for lung issues, so good thing I quit.  (not that I recommend smoking for any placement, I don’t)

The first step to health is prevention.
Like the Bene Gesserit from Dune, I know humans can bend the life force towards health and well-being through concentration and will.

In the Bene Gesserit tradition, Sisters received many years of training in prana/bindu body control. They were capable of entering a trace-state, altering metabolism and slowing heart rates to neutralise toxic chemicals in the body on a molecular level.  Bene Gesserit are trained in “the minutiae of observation”, noticing details that the common person would miss in the people and environment around them. When combined with their analytical abilities, this “hyperawareness” makes the Bene Gesserit capable of divining secrets and arriving at conclusions that are invisible to everyone else.

It’s no surprise I love Dune and reading of the Bene Gesserit, as I have a Virgo stellium and giant Neptuner, both leading me to be conscious of physical and spiritual health.
The first step to balance is awareness.
May the road to health rise up to meet you…