Race is ON


Venus in Gemini is an intellectual placement for the planet of love money and art.  Insatiably curious and clever, this placement of Venus insists upon mental gymnastics and displays of verbal prowess.  This Venus discriminates due to the influence of Mercury, they are changeable, easily bored – the exchange of information must be fresh, exciting and new.  They will quickly let you know that they already know if you prattle on about yesterday’s old news.

The affections of Gemini Venus will crash and burn when the conversation – or heaven forbid you – turns boring.  They can be abrupt, dismissive for the next shiny object to come along the pike.  Fair warning – Mercury flits and flirts – rarely settling in one place for long unless other natal chart factors indicate otherwise.

Gemini/Mercury is the messenger, the trickster and the perceptive – people with Venus here don’t miss a trick (if they can shut up long enough to hear you) and will swiftly, deftly take advantage of the sitch if Venus is poorly aspected.  Under good aspects, this Venus fondly shares ideas freely and widely as they truly love ideas and are not greedy with them in the least.  Bookworms, film buffs and writers proliferate for they love wordplay !

The influence of Venus attracts a love of learning and information of all kinds – nothing is too trivial for this Venus.  This Venus loves spice-of-life variety, jack-of-all-trades thinkers, who can and do trade ideas across all possible spectrums.  Savvy intellectual foreplay will get them undressing far quicker than gifts or goodies – take note !

Gemini rules hands – hands of a Venus Gemini are often lovely and tapered.  They are one sure thing to watch if you want to know what’s really going on in that head of theirs. They can’t help but spill over the verbal language information glut into talking with their hands.

They are a bit twitchy (again, influence of nervous Mercury) by nature, but when upset it increases tenfold – if hands are in the air waving around, you can bet the information and / or pressure has reached overload capacity. To help tension disperse, let them spill what’s on their minds, and they will feel better almost immediately.

Also know that any sort of hand contact is very much a turn on – massage, holding hands, finger painting, ceramics etc… (Ghost, anyone ?) will work wonders with this Venus placement.

Venus attracts money here through communication of all kinds: talking, writing, being versatile in social groups is their forte.  They hook up like-minded people in a snap ! and are able to move between differing intellectual groups with ease – they know a little about everything.  Venus in Gemini attracts kindness and love from others as well, capitalize on these natural traits and Gemini Venus has money coming in easily.

Most of all, Gemini Venus must have a myriad of avenues to express themselves freely and often.  They are after all, social animals who need lively entertainment, cuss & discuss, and several perspective shifts daily to feel they have lived well.  
If you can keep up with Mercury, you’re in the race !


the verse speaketh

Hilar !
Put it right out there buddy !
Leo Moon flair, confidence and check ME out  lol.

I once had a friend who argued “not everything means something”.
Wrong !
I get messages (Mercury) on the roadways constantly.
 (Saturn Rx in 3 trine Mars in 11 – high octave messages)

Once I was wondering “should I go to all 3 shows ?”
Just then, a license plate on a passing car read

Mercury Venus and Jupiter in Gemini – short distance commuting.
 Venus (love) sextile Uranus (God)*
Opportunity knocks for some odd love dialogues*


ps.  yes he was sexeh, I checked him out

funhouse of mirrors

Chunli style by Artgerm

So here’s the deal, I have this  thing  about polarities.  I have always felt it, and life seems to toss odd situations at me right and left so I can learn the yin yang of life, the duality and the separateness that lies within the cosmic sea of All One.

My astro that supports this :
Mercury (dual in gender) at MC in Libra (balance between opposites)
Uranus (polarities) elevated, conjunct Sun
Chart ruler slow ass Saturn Rx in 3rd (Gemini rules) in gung ho to go Aries
Venus conjunct Jupiter in Look At Me Leo square (hides behind) giant Neptuner

You get the drift … an astrologer once told me I had an ‘easy’ chart.  Number one, that pissed me off, basically negated my entire life struggle in 5 words or less.
Number two, she didn’t look very closely in my opinion.

I have one visible opposition, but many by nature, simply by placement of being.

Do you see them in your chart ?
The invisible difficulties.

Gemini is Mercury ruled.
Mercury rules sight.
Mercury is the trickster.
Dual.  Polarities.

Mercury (along with Uranus) rules the vibrations that govern sight.
The optic lens reverses the image for our brain. (right side up, upside down)

I love the rad illustration at the top ~
look at her Gemini hands (left and right)
and all the air flowing around her.

Gemini is air or intellect.
Fast, flirty and fun.
Flighty and fickle.
Bores easily, likes to keep the energy moving around.
The idea swap meet.
Switch hitting.

Getting the polarites here ?

Gemini rules breath.
(right and left)
Venus in Gemini needs some breathing exercises for vocalists, click !

Mercury rules the brain ~ are you left or right brain ?
(Mars rules left hemisphere , Mercury right hemisphere)

Venus is in Gemini at the moment.
Venus rules  Love.  Art.  Money.

Gemini is versatile, clever, curious and nervous (rules the nervous system).

My Venus is on fire in water, fixed.
Venus cruising through Gemini is a whole other ballgame.
Mutable air is the intellectual presto – change-o. flip-flop, kinda weird, but breezy and bubbly. I like.

How is your Venus reacting..?
What is her natural habitat in your chart ?
How does your Venus think  in Gemini ?

I am right brained by nature.
Mercury elevated in Venus ruled Libra.
Venus expanded by Jupiter in creative Leo.
Neptune most highly aspected.  Artistic.
I see pictures, learn by seeing.
(Plus Sun Virgo stellium on 9th Sag house I SEE the big picture, but Virgo ANALYZES details – polarities again, see ?)

So here at GMA, this time I switch hit & Venus gets the Virgo shake-down science style.
Practical.  Logical.  What’s love got to do with it ?

Venus in Gemini is an opportunity to hop the fence and live the other side awhile.
Ya know, try it out, bust outta the box a bit.

In my case do story problems or something rational.
Yea right 4 people get off 6 people get on 5 miles later and how far till Albuquerque  always wanted to say ‘why’d ya get off the damn bus to begin with / take a fuqin taxi already !  Love numerology – hate math.  ta da !  polarites !

You get where I am going with this polarities business right…?
Venus is going to flip – flop !

Venus stations retrograde
24 degrees of Gemini on Tuesday May 15, 9:33am CST,USA

Venus stations direct
7 degrees of Gemini on Wednesday June 27 10:07am CST, USA

Retrograde motion means Venusian energies get shifted inward.

We will reflect (again polarities !) revise, and revision how we create love art money.
How we attract (Venus attracts) these things and  what is  our law of attraction ?

Do we really even want what we think we want ?

Appearances can be deceiving.
Mercury ruled Gemini house is the fun house of mirrors  with Venus in residence.

Go to your Taurus house, Libra house, Gemini house.
This will tell you where your thoughts will be dwelling during Venus retrograde.
…more on this later…

Thought precedes action.
Going visual again…
Jedi hand wave, “you want to go home and re-think your life.”

When Venus retrogrades – brainstorm !
::: try drawing on the right side of the brain, use color.
::: strategize, list by numbers , pros / cons, be rational.

Blessed be ~
The Divenusian.

Horn of Gondor

May I introduce England’s most versatile actor, Mr. Sean Bean.  He holds a stellar career spanning every medium for approximately 20 years, in theater, radio, television and movies.  (IMDb) 

Sean is an Aries Sun, Leo Moon with North Node of Destiny in Libra.  Sun is exalted in Aries, the sign led by Mars the warrior.  Sun flavored by Mars brings great physical strength and enthusiasm to lead and achieve.  Fire Sun and Moon makes for a passionate man of action and inspiration.  Sean is a life path 9, this is a life of completion, attainment, wisdom and mysticism.

Sun opposing Neptune in Scorpio may bring disillusionment, through self (Sun) or others (opposition), slowed momentum or detours in life may come through strong desires and misplaced energies of this aspect. (Neptune in Scorpio: Pluto ruler of Scorpio most highly aspected; Pluto focal point of T-Square: Neptune square Moon/Uranus conjunction).  Working in film (Neptune rules) makes this placement easier as the energies of the ‘other’ via Neptune (inspired art) can be brought to life (Sun) and the vast creative imagination (Moon conjunct Uranus in Leo) unfurled to the highest good.

Virgo Pluto as most highly aspected planet, makes Sean a powerhouse of transformation – particularly trine Saturn, (long-term work and career, * see comments for death scenes – Pluto rules death) and trine the Sun which signals great intensity and ability to focus and research each role.  Not only will Sean lead a life of many changes, he will also serve as a catalyst for those he meets.

Pluto brings an intensity and drive to plumb the depths of the inner wellspring of personal power.  People with strong Pluto placements dig into the psyche like a porterhouse steak, it is an instinctual need to probe and penetrate the mysteries.  He chooses political thrillers, warriors, heroes that are meaty roles so he can have more fun fleshing out the richness of the character.  Pluto rules the underworld – think crime, mafia, secret government spies, etc.. Sean naturally gravitates towards these roles.

Mercury in Aries brings impatience to thinking and communicating with others, especially with a trine to clairvoyant Uranus conjunct intuitive Moon in Leo.  He’s a step ahead, a quick study who gets bored quickly with inessentials.  (Mercury speech square -inner tension- restrictive Capricorn Saturn Rx, and square Mars action.)  Though he may not speak of this impatience, he is likely quiet, but his mind (Mercury) is Mars-ruled and prefers to keep ideas and energy moving, he’s thinking plenty, but keeping it to himself.

Mars on a fluctuating water house (fluctuating Moon rules Cancer) swings from action to inaction, it tends to keep the lid on…simmering…to a boil.  Mars wants to express outwardly and Cancer wants to draw inward – the energies are at odds and it can indicate moodiness.  This aspect is also well channelled through film (Mars trine Neptune) and indicates an intuition about people – Mars in Cancer can tap this and employ it while emoting on camera.

Mercury is focal point (in a T-Square) square both Mars and Saturn Rx (Mars and Saturn Rx are opposite -in compromise- with each other). This creates an inner obstacle in communications involving instinctive actions and work.  Squares are more powerful than trines once we solve them because they are the whetstone on the blade – we sharpen our senses through repeated friction.

Mercury is the interpreter, and in Sean’s chart, it trines both expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the powerful Uranus Moon conjunction in creative Leo.  Likely honing down the possibilities of each role, and fine tuning the potentials into the ‘set in stone’ final product is what he finds both difficult and yet highly rewarding.  Creative Venus in Gemini sees the dualities of every role and the opportunities (sextile Mercury) available, it is the choosing (Venus and Uranus rule choice) that proves difficult with fluctuating Moon in the house of artistic Leo conjunct Uranus (polarities).

Moon (emotions, women) conjunct Uranus (rebel, eccentric) in Leo brings not only enormous reserves of innovative creative WILL power (Leo motto : I Will.) but also uncanny intuitiveness, particularly surrounding females and the public (Moon rules).  They trine Mercury so smart, communicative females are likely among his close friends.  Uranus needs freedom and feelings can grow stale unless there are mental gymnastics at play.  Mercury in Aries likes to keep moving, so stimulating conversation is a must with all people he meets.

The downside of this conjunction is the possibility of frequent sudden unexpected emotional upsets.  Uranus is the unpredictable planet of change and innovation and it is tied up with Moon (feelings, women, home).  There will be fluctuation (Moon) and polarities can change regarding where the ‘heart’ (Leo rules) is placed in an instant.  To best use this energy (Uranus rules the electrical body) watch the lunar and solar cycles (flares, etc..) for mood (Moon) changes and channel the creativity of this aspect into artistic pursuits.  Find a way to get your zen on.  Sports (fire Sun and Moon), travel, exploring, and also reading as Jupiter trine Mercury makes for an eternal student, with a need for enriching experiences and new ideas.

Also, Uranus rules flight, Moon fluctuation.  This square (inner tension) from the house of Leo (ruled by Sun, life) to Neptune in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto, death) explains the reticence to fly.

Pluto is focal point of a T-Square – it squares Venus and Jupiter (Venus and Jupiter oppose each other).  Pluto wants the power in any relationship – squared up with Venus, power in romantic relationships.  Venus in Gemini is clever, versatile, observant and scatters ideas and energies.  Jupiter ruling Sagittarius is a strong placement bringing grandiose ideals and philosophies it is the placement of the higher mind, it is also expansive and scatters ideals and philosophies.  Virgo Pluto is going to want tight control over that Gemini Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius – these energies are not naturally restrictive, so this aspect will need work to find balance.

Pluto in Virgo analyzes (Virgo motto: I analyze) everything (particularly true as Pluto is the most highly aspected planet) in life and wants to dig deep and improve: health, love, self, work, you name it.  Pluto the planet of transformation, death and rebirth is steeping in a Mercury ruled house, as is Venus (Mercury rules Gemini).  That indicates thinking and communication of all kinds regarding love, money and partnerships and details regarding them are being transformed by contact with Pluto.  Jupiter in Sagittarius is the expansive mind  the learning and teaching of life on a broader philosophic scale.  These three planets involved in a T-Square indicates a need to be as the eye of the storm – a stillness, a of peace of mind – within the turmoil of life changes.  Jupiter expands what it contacts, it does throw a beneficial influence, but it also indicates a need for caution when in square (inner tension) to Plutonian power.

Pluto opposes Chiron the wounded healer in Aquarius, the sign of curiosity and eccentrics, the sign of futuristic forward thinking.  Chiron placed here wants inventive ways of healing and learning, but in opposition (compromise with others) to Pluto, this placement can indicate revolutionary changes to ways of thinking (Pluto in Mercury – ruled Virgo), feeling (Uranus, rules Aquarius conjunct Moon in Leo) and knocks to the ego through the deeds of others.  Pluto in this aspect indicates a need to relinquish the desire to use personal power over others and instead channel that same vast inner power of Pluto for control over the self.  In this way, healing of self and others can be reached as a partnership, as a team.

North Node of Destiny in Venus – ruled Libra accentuates a creative direction in life and working with the creative opportunities inherent in the difficult Moon / Uranus conjunction (North Node sextiles both).  Sean has five retrograde planets (tendency to be solitary) which indicates an internal expression of the planetary energies until life circumstances force the planetary energies to be expressed outwardly. (more Rx info here)  They are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: the social and outer transpersonal planets.  Basically having retrogrades means you will work harder to get a handle on things – as you get older you will – then you will truly be a force to be reckoned with because you are so practiced at expressing the energies you have pondered for so long.

Quickie outlook: Currently work and relationships are getting an overhaul, transiting Pluto Rx is nearing Sean’s 7 degree natal Saturn Rx in Capricorn, bringing a re-structuring of work and career, and perhaps an authority figure (natal Sun opposite transiting Saturn) will force a career change (Pluto is transformative, change and rebirth) for the better. All the best, Sean…

Detholalle, astalder ~


Luna and Venus, 2008 December
Luna and Venus late last night, 2012 April

Moon is magnetic; the Sun electric.

New Moon is hot and moist in influence.
Full Moon is dry and cold.
Moon rules the tidal air in the lungs – lungs are Gemini ruled.
Moon rules those who work with liquids and growth; gardeners, bartenders.
Moon rules changes.

Venus is the ‘lesser fortune’ a benefic.
She bestows good influence over other planetary energies by conjunction or trine.
She is warm and moist.
Venus attracts; is rotational or of vortex motion.
She is feminine, fruitful and friendly.
She brings harmony, rhythm, and love to her house in your natal.


free to fly

The Thunder Call

Venus in Air of Gemini

She is charming, attracting and eager to engage you in conversation
Versatile and clever, she is alert, loves flexibility and fun
she needs the freedom to fly
she will tell you exactly what she thinks
Aquarians and Sagittarians love Venus

she will romance them sweetly until
August 7 when Venus enters Cancer

Venus brings the Water bearers creative loveword potions
Venus shows Sagittarians good times and fair play
Saturn is Rx in Libra, exalted
Venus rules Libra
Saturn is debts
Venus is love, money, balance
add them together
we have what equals a labor of love
Saturn is in easy trine to the octaves of love

the sweet intoxicating personal love of Venus
and the
higher octave Neptunian cosmic surrender to the All One
…be gentle with yourself and with others…
om mani padme hum


Tuesday April 3 CST, USA
Moon enters Virgo 8:53 am
Venus enters Gemini 10:18 am

Wednesday April 4 CST, USA
Mercury stations direct 5:11 am

Friday April 6 CST, USA
Full Moon in Libra 2:19 pm

Tuesday April 10 CST, USA
Pluto stations retrograde 11:25 am

Friday April 13 CST, USA
Mars stations direct 10:53 pm
Quick thoughts…
When Moon enters Mercury ruled Virgo, Mars Rx (in the sign of service) is holding the door open.   Sensitivities get a zippy influx of passion, but are in compromise with higher ideals and someone else’s vision.  You may feel excluded, or misunderstood.   Compromise and balance (Venus) is not jiving with what you feel you need.

Venus is soon to enter Mercury ruled Gemini, leaving the comforts of homey Taurus for the lands of scattering and chattering air sign Gemini.  Gemini Venus is a flirty, witty and easily distracted Venus but curious, playful and lots of fun. Quiz your friends about good books, movies and newsy news and they will spill and share all the goodies with Venus in Gemini. (Good time to keep your lip zipped if you have love secrets to keep – energies are in flux ~ Venus is fresh and Mercury stationing !)

Energies surrounding stationary periods are in flux and often wildly so…
This is especially true as Mercury is unaspected at this time, or operating without a planetary station to tune in on …but… ~> Mercury IS playing wildcard in Pisces, the cosmic tuning fork ~> so anything and everything may be springing forth.
Dreams, visions, memories, favorite song you haven’t heard in forevah…!?
Who knows with Neptooney ?
Whatever they are, enjoy them… cosmic messages are on their way…

haha and the Moon is growing closer to FULL, a time of revelations ~
incoming !  You have mail !

Don’t get too excited, this Libra full moon brings ego hits / compromise from men or authority, with a possibility of great strides in love and relationships that may surprise you.

Again more opportunities arise to renovate your personal health / help you give others and improve your self-worth in the process.

Keep your mind enthusiastic, optimistic and focus on your highest philosophical (North Node in Sagittarius) visions for the greatest success.

Pluto and Venus are big players (each a focal point of their own T-squares) at the time of this full moon and that means regeneration of what you love and value.

Tuesday April 10, 11:25 am CST, USA
Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn at 9’34”
Uranus is in Aries at 5’28”

Squaring up, obstacle course.
Suit UP.  Get your game ON.
These two planets are Major Players , Movers & Shakers.
This will be a wild ride, get ready to Rock N Roll.

They are kicking around in Cardinal signs ready to rumble.
Cardinals initiate.

Uranus rules Aquarius – Yang.
Pluto rules Scorpio – Yin.

Uranus is lightning fast  in Aries.
Pluto grinds on & On & ON  in Capricorn.

Aries wants change.
Capricorn wants status quo.

Wear a smile, fake it if you have to.
Be ready for switch ups, pack your emergency chill out gear whatever that is.
Stay positive and get your mojo working.

Pluto stations direct on September 18th at  6’57” Capricorn – – so get set, get your head right for months of mega major growth.  This is a good thing !

Pluto stations Rx on Tuesday April 10 in trine to Mars Rx, in trine to Jupiter in Taurus and quintile to Saturn Rx in Libra. That’s mega steady earth, what we can touch and what we have built.

Add a Pluto sextile to Chiron and we have opportunities to expand on the ideas of others the Scorpio way (mine & ours) and others the Pisces way (ours globally and infinitely).

Friday April 13 CST, USA
Mars stations direct 10:53pm

So finally some forward progress  ( and happy Virgos lol ).  Direct motion in tandem with trines to Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is a sweet little biscuit tossed in from the cosmos to sweeten the deal.

Mars stationing direct in Mercury ruled Virgo while square to Venus in Gemini and opposite Neptune ?
You might wanna lay low until the Martian energies settle – keep the love, $ , and fantasy gab low key, make the energies work first, talk later.

aka: Engage brain before putting mouth in gear.

peace out Plutonic people~