Wars on Kinkade Digital Art by Jeff BennettWars on Kinkade – Jeff Bennett

So…is it just me…or is life itself a tad bit incongruous of late ?
haaa eclipse mambo WoOoHOOo

I used to do framing here and there, once worked in a refurbished gristmill selling wildlife art.  So very Saturnian, yes ?
Some folks love Kinkade, ‘painter of light’, bow-legged Amish stick figures, Caucasian looking American Indians – and I’m not one of them.

As you can imagine, I was happy to move on from that gig, I’m not such a good art liar with 8th house Leo Venus/Jupes in square to Neptuner.  I would regularly get tossed questions on the value of wildlife prints and duck decoys which were so not my forte. 

Hanging in my house was the wire helmet of an art school poet, Doug, who had worn it during a legendary performance art piece when he drank his own piss.  The helmet was then handed off to a friend who created a paper sculpture with dripping flesh hanging from it in protest to a large chemical company moving into town.

So yeah, incongruous.
Part & parcel for Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto.
You get used to it.  When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
So, on to the astro…

Cardinal Cross – starring Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn
Power Steering 2 eclipses here 15th & 29
Pluto Rx
April 14 Chicago 6:47pm
April 15 Cairo 11:45am
April 15 Wellington 1:45am

war_on_kinkade_01_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmek0Seven hits of Uranus square Pluto as follows:
1. 06 2012 – Pluto Rx – 8 degrees
2. 09 2012 Uranus Rx – 6 degrees
3. 05 2013 Pluto Rx – 11 degrees
4. 11 2013 Uranus Rx – 9 degrees

5. 04 21 2014 Pluto Rx – 13 degrees 
6. 12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees 
7. 03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees 

Uranus transits here.
Pluto transits here.

Perfecting the square forces us to run the obstacle course in the houses they transit.
I love the switch hitting retrogrades leading up to the last meeting when both are fully operational, all pistons firing in the same direction.
I do so look forward to that.

war_on_kinkade_07_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmedkAlso of note – these eclipses are, as previously mentioned, happening in
1 Libra
2 Taurus
BOTH are ruled by VENUS.

Another spin around the Rare Venus Occultation of June 2012 is advised.
That event happened June 5, these squares began shortly thereafter on the 24th.

Second, Venus is – as of today – in Pisces for this set of eclipses.
Venus is exalted in Pisces aka ringing like a love tuning fork – universal compassion, balance, justice, forgiveness, spiritual intelligence, inspired creativity, transcendent love.

Harmony is on the horizon – seemingly illogical quirks are required resets.
Relationship rules / roles are in a mystical metamorphosis phase.

Cardinals initiate – literally, initiate. 
We’re surfing the probation/purgatory, student/teacher apprenticeship eclipse waves.

Learning curves incoming – be resilient, diligent, vigilant.
Show your QUALITY, the very highest.

peace & love
Gneiss Moon

ps. Quality, ruled by Jupiter, is currently exalted in Cancer

sew sowing balance

 Brunella Ricci

I thought I would explain my absence of late.
Neptuner stationing Rx activating my Mars has brought movie nights.  I usually drop out and tune in when Moon enters Sag (sign on my 12th), but Neptune Rx has demanded action flicks.  Loved John Carter, btw. plenty of sci-fi scruff and sword to keep me satisfied.  Here’s the rest of the pressure cooker astro for me: Saturn on natal Mercury MC, Mars on natal Pluto Uranus Sun, Neptune Rx square natal Mars and opp Leo stuff, Uranus on Saturn Rx chart ruler with Pluto Rx in square moving to exact.  Pluto Rx re-applying to ASC.  The outers are kickin my ass this year !

Dwelling in the dark of late.  My Jupiter Juice has run dry.  Have been browsing the doom and gloom – with glee, I might add.  There are some pretty cool cemeteries in London, I gather.  Misery loves company type reading, plenty of Floyd – esp. Pompeii on the right in Neptunes if you want to wallow in the Saytrnpit. F
eeling a bit buried with Jupiter at 29 Toro, feeling and thinking Cancer Mercury all over – the memories of men.  (Jupiter trines Virgo 9 Sun, Saturn on Merc) I am plenty fed up with the ‘men are making me mental merry-go-round’, let me tell you – and Merc just only got here (to my Cancer 7th).  Not a fan of touchy feely pass – agg Cancer Mercury at the mo. not at allHere’s hoping Jupes into Gemini on Monday greases my brain gears for fun, cause I am way t.f. ovah all this earth.  Way t.f ovah all this centaur concentration.
What’s up for you…?

Anyone with late degrees 20+ Libra are getting the Saturn Rx drill down.  Late Capricorn and Cancer are working the square, Aries the opposition. Hang tough…

Saturn stations direct June 25th at 22 degrees Libra, hallelujah !

Neptune going retro is dissolving everything in early Pisces and late Aquarius. Early Sagittarius and late Scorpio / early Gemini late Taurus is dissolving by square; early Virgo late Leo feel the opposition.
Neptune stations direct November 11th at just over 0 degrees Pisces. 
I will be rejoicing this I am quite sure, Neptune Rx opposes the stuff Neptune squares in my natal.
May as well dig in for the Pluto Uranus square – it will be a long haul for a few years.


The daily buzz  ~>

Moon leaves the square with Jupiter, enters Pisces at 2: 22pm CST, USA void for about an hour prior, conjunct Neptune Rx, then conjuncts Chiron all while in trine to Mercury.
Call your Mother or a galpal – do mooney type stuff, are you earth Moon – do earth then, if you are air, do air moon.  I am earth and will be mowing the grass, gardening, walking and talking to the earth, etc..   Gemini Sun and Venus Rx trine Saturn Rx in Libra.  Thoughts dwell on positive solutions to fixing Venus matters. Sun quintiles Uranus.  Our brains get some much needed positive genius- type radical infusions. 

Gemini Venus, Pisces Neptune, Libra Saturn, Capricorn Pluto are all retrograde.  All in renovation mode.

Re – working, re – thinking, re – envisioning, re – inventing  love, money, the way we think about what we value –  how we process everything we think and how we  ultimately build everything on the material earth plane is on the drafting table – soOo get your erasers out.

Thoughts become deeds.
How aware of this I am, being Saturnian Rx in Aries 3rd already then having Saturn Rx up my Merc MC craw.  Mars in persnickity guilt-ridden Virgo for like, evah, apparently.
Staying positive has taken a ton of effort, and obviously I am not quite there yet, lol.
Fair to say I am working on it – but let’s face it, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for all of us.  My next post will be positively weird and awesomely groovy, promise !

Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury knows what to do, it is supercharged with Mars at the mo.  Hot to trot and burn some fuel.  What house is Aries plowing through in your natal now ?
Mercury in Cancer feels .sheesh. feels AND thinks the tension and someone / thing is up your nostril from Capricorn house, forcing a compromise.
Your solution…?… Pluto Rx is trine Mars in Virgo, so re-assess, re-evaluate.
Then re-apply force where needed.

Feel free to vent your crap transits here.
Fair game.
*grin*  xo

Peace out~

to your knees


Material earth matters are shifting.
Pluto Rx in Capricorn…
What do you go to your knees for…?  (Capricorn rules)  What are you small in the face of ~ what humbles you…?  How do you seek to change your world..?  What mark will you leave across the vast ages of time..?  In what ways are you unwilling to bend…?
You are about to find out.

Use Pluto retrograde to re-envision and re-invent your work, (Capricorn) your place in the world at large  – your status and your ambitions.  Pluto will transform your inner Capricorn landscape regarding these matters. Where is your house of Capricorn ?  That house is where you will have some intense probing and laser sharp focus in the coming few months – expect a regeneration of goals.

Plutonian (inner power) and Mars energies (outward power) are in flux – outward bound progress will be sputtering for the next few days.  Action regarding insights gleaned during Mars retrograde will shift into gear and accelerate as Mars finds a foothold in direct motion in the house of Virgo.

Mars Rx in Virgo lesson for moi ?
Virgos serve others as well as themselves.  Water can’t be drawn from an empty well.

Now and the next few days…Excellent time for rapid fire ideas regarding personal goals and mental health, as energies in flux always deliver insights.

Insights now – act later.  

Like the butter hidden in milk, the Pure Consciousness resides in every being.
That ought to be constantly churned out by the churning rod of the mind.

– Amrita-Bindu, Upanishads


Desires on parade

Firebird and Phoenix by Markova Dasha

Tuesday April 10 CST, USA Pluto stations retrograde 11:25 am

Friday April 13 CST, USA Mars stations direct 10:53 pm

Prior post here (click).
Pluto is SEX.
Pluto is FORCE – the drag you kicking and screaming like it or not GAME CHANGER.
Pluto is DEFIANCE.
Pluto is INTENSE.
Pluto rules anything small or miraculous.
Pluto may be small but take it from someone who has it hooked up with BOTH luminaries – Pluto’s packin’ one hell of a punch.  Underestimate it at your own peril.

Pluto is the light burning from behind the eyes – the DIVINE WILL.  Pluto is the higher octave of Mars the aggressor.

Mars is the PERSONAL WILL – the physical energy behind the natal chart – it is your blade, your weapon, the traditional ruler of Scorpio.

Mars and Pluto are kicking into gear this week – POWER IS FLUCTUATING.

Pluto is a generational planet, moves slowly and will stay in one sign from anywhere from 11-30 years (average 21 years).

Mars is a personal planet moves through a sign on average every 2 months.
Mars has been in Virgo since November 10, 2011.
Mars kicks the door in on Libra on July 3.
Eight months of aggressive Virgo nit-picking self – flagellation will be ovah.
Hallelujah AMEN !

Not only will Capricorn and Virgos feel this shift – Scorpio (Pluto rules) and Aries (Mars rules) will likely feel it as well.

In the natal, also find any planets in Scorpio or the 8th house to see where Pluto kicks that planetary energy into high gear.  ie: A Moon in Scorpio or Moon in the 8th is akin to Moon conjunct Pluto.
  I am a late 67 Virgo stellium.  Mercury at MC, with 9th house Sun conjunct Uranus and (8th house) Pluto, Pluto trines my Taurus Moon in 4th.

Sun is the center, the ego, the spirit, it rules the heart and the creative spirit.
Pluto conjunct Sun in my experience is continual life-long ego hits – one right after another.  Sun conjunct Pluto is a regeneration of who you are at the visible level – what others see.  A regeneration of how the self expresses the creative spirit, it is WILL POWER.

Contact with Moon is just as powerful – it is POWERFUL INSTINCTUAL DESIRES and a need to plumb the emotional depths.  It is the subconscious brought to the surface to breathe deeply of fresh air and it ain’t always pretty.  We humans are a twisted little bunch ~ beautiful, but twisted.  Contacts to Moon means fluctuation of personality, family and home, restructuring of security, powerful insight into the psyche – it is emotionally wrangling – the discomfort zone 24/7.

Where Pluto lands you will always find CHANGE and MAJOR GROWTH.

Pluto in any aspect reveals a struggle, a force of atomic change that will completely destabilize and restructure that planetary energy.  Pluto rules atomics – positive or negatively charged atoms are called ions.  When you feel better after a thunderstorm, or after you smudge with sage, that is Pluto at work changing energies on a sub-atomic level.  Expect the same energies at work when dealing with Pluto and Scorpio in the natal chart.

Plutonic energies are shifting in the house of Capricorn.
Martian energies are shifting in the house of Virgo.

Find your Capricorn and Virgo houses (also Scorpio and Aries houses) and apply the below to your chart to see where you will be feeling the shift in energies.

Here’s a very general guideline:
1/7 = self/others
2/8 = mine/ours
3/9 = learning/teaching
4/10 = home/career
5/11 = personal will/ will for others
6/12 = personal health & work/ universal health & service

If you need a quick fix and release from overwhelming desires – disengage. (click)
Pluto stations retrograde on Tuesday (USA) in trine to Mars Rx in Virgo and trine Jupiter in Taurus.  That’s gonna tap the primal instincts and crank up the volume on the libido.  Especially true since Moon is trine Sun and Uranus from free – wheeling Sagittarius.

Emotions and instincts are expansive and we are communicating them. Mercury is coming up to dance with Uranus in Aries again, so surprises are on the way from men in your life.  Communications with women or lovers are favored with a quintile between Mercury and Venus.

questions and comments welcomed…



Tuesday April 3 CST, USA
Moon enters Virgo 8:53 am
Venus enters Gemini 10:18 am

Wednesday April 4 CST, USA
Mercury stations direct 5:11 am

Friday April 6 CST, USA
Full Moon in Libra 2:19 pm

Tuesday April 10 CST, USA
Pluto stations retrograde 11:25 am

Friday April 13 CST, USA
Mars stations direct 10:53 pm
Quick thoughts…
When Moon enters Mercury ruled Virgo, Mars Rx (in the sign of service) is holding the door open.   Sensitivities get a zippy influx of passion, but are in compromise with higher ideals and someone else’s vision.  You may feel excluded, or misunderstood.   Compromise and balance (Venus) is not jiving with what you feel you need.

Venus is soon to enter Mercury ruled Gemini, leaving the comforts of homey Taurus for the lands of scattering and chattering air sign Gemini.  Gemini Venus is a flirty, witty and easily distracted Venus but curious, playful and lots of fun. Quiz your friends about good books, movies and newsy news and they will spill and share all the goodies with Venus in Gemini. (Good time to keep your lip zipped if you have love secrets to keep – energies are in flux ~ Venus is fresh and Mercury stationing !)

Energies surrounding stationary periods are in flux and often wildly so…
This is especially true as Mercury is unaspected at this time, or operating without a planetary station to tune in on …but… ~> Mercury IS playing wildcard in Pisces, the cosmic tuning fork ~> so anything and everything may be springing forth.
Dreams, visions, memories, favorite song you haven’t heard in forevah…!?
Who knows with Neptooney ?
Whatever they are, enjoy them… cosmic messages are on their way…

haha and the Moon is growing closer to FULL, a time of revelations ~
incoming !  You have mail !

Don’t get too excited, this Libra full moon brings ego hits / compromise from men or authority, with a possibility of great strides in love and relationships that may surprise you.

Again more opportunities arise to renovate your personal health / help you give others and improve your self-worth in the process.

Keep your mind enthusiastic, optimistic and focus on your highest philosophical (North Node in Sagittarius) visions for the greatest success.

Pluto and Venus are big players (each a focal point of their own T-squares) at the time of this full moon and that means regeneration of what you love and value.

Tuesday April 10, 11:25 am CST, USA
Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn at 9’34”
Uranus is in Aries at 5’28”

Squaring up, obstacle course.
Suit UP.  Get your game ON.
These two planets are Major Players , Movers & Shakers.
This will be a wild ride, get ready to Rock N Roll.

They are kicking around in Cardinal signs ready to rumble.
Cardinals initiate.

Uranus rules Aquarius – Yang.
Pluto rules Scorpio – Yin.

Uranus is lightning fast  in Aries.
Pluto grinds on & On & ON  in Capricorn.

Aries wants change.
Capricorn wants status quo.

Wear a smile, fake it if you have to.
Be ready for switch ups, pack your emergency chill out gear whatever that is.
Stay positive and get your mojo working.

Pluto stations direct on September 18th at  6’57” Capricorn – – so get set, get your head right for months of mega major growth.  This is a good thing !

Pluto stations Rx on Tuesday April 10 in trine to Mars Rx, in trine to Jupiter in Taurus and quintile to Saturn Rx in Libra. That’s mega steady earth, what we can touch and what we have built.

Add a Pluto sextile to Chiron and we have opportunities to expand on the ideas of others the Scorpio way (mine & ours) and others the Pisces way (ours globally and infinitely).

Friday April 13 CST, USA
Mars stations direct 10:53pm

So finally some forward progress  ( and happy Virgos lol ).  Direct motion in tandem with trines to Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is a sweet little biscuit tossed in from the cosmos to sweeten the deal.

Mars stationing direct in Mercury ruled Virgo while square to Venus in Gemini and opposite Neptune ?
You might wanna lay low until the Martian energies settle – keep the love, $ , and fantasy gab low key, make the energies work first, talk later.

aka: Engage brain before putting mouth in gear.

peace out Plutonic people~