The Dharma wheel represents the teachings of Buddha.  The wheel is round symbolizing the completeness of Buddhas teachings, the spokes are wisdom, the hub is discipline, nirvana.

Four Noble Truths

1. Life means suffering
2. The origin of suffering is attachment
3. The cessation of suffering is attainable.
4. The path to non-attachment, the Eight-fold path. (Middle Path)

The Noble Eight-fold path

1.  Right View
2.  Right Intention
3.  Right Speech
4.  Right Action
5.  Right Livelihood
6.  Right Effort
7.  Right Mindfulness
8.  Right Concentration

The Middle path is walking in balance between the worlds of self-indulgence and self-denial.  Through discipline of the heart and mind, nirvana may be reached by realizing all things are transient.
It is the art of  l e t t i n g   g o  . . .

Sun (ego) continues to oppose Uranus (changes) as both square (tension) Pluto (death and rebirth).
It is soon a dark moon and time to release the old and manifest the new.
All blessings to you in this dark moon of change.