Nature has much to teach us about balanced, co-operative thinking.
Mercury stations direct at 24 Gemini Tues trine North Node in Libra.
Rethink direction, reset towards kindness, equality for all creatures.

You know the drill – dim lights, full screen.
Thanks be to Graham Hancock who posted it when I needed it.



Peace & Harmony

Gneiss Moon

Lofty metamorphics

I’ve been doing lots of brainstorming about the environment.
I have changed my personal habits to become more ecologically sound.
I buy local and organic, eat clean (no boxes), am boycotting palm oil, the list goes on.

The world economic infrastructure cannot sustain itself and life on this planet.

The Uranus Pluto square, is forcing the issue – the ideals born during the late 1960’s  Uranus Pluto conjunction are no longer workable on the material plane  – the global economic system is broken – it needs to be stripped down, overhauled with a keen eye toward balancing both ECONOMY and ECOLOGY. 

We are fighting nuclear leaks and waste in the water, poisons leaching into the soil, trash washing up on our shores, toxic oil spills, Indonesian rainforests are being leveled for cardboard take out boxes – making tigers nearly extinct in the process.  Our food is laden with chemicals and entire families of elephants are slaughtered for ivory trinkets.

Earthkind is dying, we are killing our planet, life on it, and animals are choking on our convenient trash.  I can’t sleep nights thinking about the state of our home.

Surfrider here (clean H20, trash surfboards)

The wheel of life is turning like the gears of a cosmic clock – ever-changing, always pushing us to evolve into a higher state of vibration.  Humans need a keen eye and quick mind to find long-term solutions for our Mother, Earth.  Gaia.
Leo Moon (Mother, Home) opposes Sun, Mercury, Mars all in Aquarian Air.

Science and progress (Aqua Sun and Mercury) move forward with an eye towards the past (they square Saturn in Scorpio) blazing trails of optimism, re-thinking the future (they trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini – also Air) how to heal our seas, ourselves and our planet as a whole (Jup Rx square to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces).

Jupiter direct
6 degrees Gemini
January 30

5:37am CST, USA

Jupiter goes direct in square to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.
The energies of healers, philosophers and teachers – will shift into forward gear.

Square is an obstacle, we must work to change it – internal change.
I change, you change, we all have to change.
 Our ‘throw away’ culture is based on a corporate lie – there is no AWAY.

Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota)  We are all related.

Jupiter can lead us into the future with HOPE, we can stop this.  NOW.
I was inspired to write this windy SCIENCE / AIR post because of this:

Japan’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy has announced plans to build the  world’s largest offshore wind farm near Fukushima as part of plans to reconstruct the area stricken by nuclear disaster in 2011. 

Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm

If you would like more deets re: wind farms, my friend earthstonestation has done the research, you find links to his wind farm pages below. 

Wind Farm Cons 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5


Out in the Woods

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Asteroid Wood 1660
Wilderness, woods, preservation of it – pop it into your chart, see what you get.

My Wood is in Virgo trine Moon in Toro, square Sag Mars, quintile Scorp Neptune.  When I was very young the woodlands behind my home were razed. I cried the livelong day – so hard my head about popped off, I was totally freaked, pleading for them to stop.  I feel the same to this day about forests.  Cap rising, multi Virgo, Moon in Toro exalted, I’m very earthy.

John Muir, founder of The Sierra Club actively helped to preserve the Yosemite Valley, Sequoia National Park and other wilderness areas. He has been called the “Father of the National Parks,” and is considered one of the patron saints of twentieth-century American environmental activity.  John had asteroid Wood in Virgo opposite Moon and Venus in Pisces (writing of love of land, serenity found); trine Mercury; square Chiron.  John wrote extensively of forests and nature he experienced firsthand, including The Mountains of California.

In 1916 the National Park Service was founded by US President Woodrow Wilson.
Woodrow had Wood in Scorpio sextile Mercury in Capricorn (sign into law); square Venus/Mars exact conjunct in Aquarius; opposite Uranus in Taurus and trine Neptune in Pisces.

Julia Butterfly Hill spent 738 days living in the thousand-year old Redwood forest tree (she affectionately named ‘Luna’). She wrote of her tree-sitting experience in her book, The Legacy of Luna. Julia has Wood in Pisces (inspired healing) square Saturn in Gemini (writing), sextile Capricorn Venus and Toro Mars (earthy !). Wood square Saturn also indicates the fact that what she thought would be at most a three week stint turned into a two year tree sit.

More tree sitters here and here.

Dominic Monaghan (Merry, Lord of the Rings) is a passionate nature lover, has been active in the planting of trees, cacti, pod-seeds of mature hedge-row bushes – he also owns a small forest in India. Dom has asteroid Wood exact conjunct Venus in Aquarius.  He’s a bohemian Sag, happily doing the travel critter thing – you can see him soon in Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.

May the Forest be with You

Number 1

Eclipse toad !
Metamorphs are Lunar and Plutonic.

A personal story to illustrate astrology….
I have Scorpio Neptune square Venus conj Jupiter in Leo. 
Classic aspect for intoxicant overload. 

Neptune is intoxicants; Jupiter expands, Venus attracts.
Saturn Rx is in Aries, my 3rd
Saturn is karma, restriction
3rd is the natural Gemini house, rules hands.

Saturn Rx trines Sagittarius Mars 
Sagittarius is my 12th house
the natural house of Neptune, rules intoxicants
  Sagittarius can be a scattered energy
Leap before looking  
Mars is the blade.

See the scar ? 

Bad tequila decision
stabbed myself and missed Star Trek. 

Love toads.
I metamorph too.
8th house Pluto
conjunct Sun & trine Moon

Sistah sobriety these days.
Liquor taken by the drop
gem & flower elixir

Neptune rules.
Mischief Morphed.

The end.
Toad symbolizes transformation
increase of good luck
shamanic power

green is great

Draw the stroke

Full Scorpio Super Moon
shadow of the sacred Oak tree

Beware the oak, it draws the stroke
<~ lightning ~>

Oak is a sacred tree of Truth.

Zeus, Jupiter, Dagda, Perun and Thor

gods of rain, thunder and lightning

rule the oak

as do the goddesses
Diana, Rhea, Egeria, Aria

  The word Druid comes from the welsh word derwydd
which means

The mighty Oak symbolizes
strength, endurance and triumph.

Acorns are used to
mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

They are also used to ease pain.

Bless an acorn under this full moon
carry it and the spell will
draw fruition of creative endeavors
into your life.
The oak reaching great heights
also has deep roots
it symbolizes natural law that bridges
heaven, earth, and the underworld.

Quercus (Oak) is asteroid 8643
Read this asteroid for qualities of strength and endurance.
It is also your bridge between worlds.

Moon goddess Diana is asteroid 78
Read this asteroid as your sacred (oak) forest.
Where you hunt and are on target.
It is where your instincts are true.

It is your lunar protection for when you give birth.
Blessed be ~

I’m okay, you’re okay

and that there’s what it. is.
~H.I. McDunnough

Nice grand earth trine above us.
Pluto in Cap, Mars Rx in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus.

Active transformation of work, could call it crisis. 
Feels like crisis.

Mars Rx is up Virgos nostril right proper, must admit I was expecting a bit more…
well…self-directed detailing, it has felt more like my brain is spinning wheels.
How are you doing ?

(I have Pluto square my 3rd Mars ruled Aries as well – so thinking has turned a bit obsessive.)  It has caused a vice grip on thinking aka. Keep. It. Together ! 
It occurs to me ~ a bit obsessive is like being a little bit pregnant, lol.

I have been browsing the chill. category above with regularity…and a new one at the end of this post, so turn the lights off and relax if you like, I’ll join you.

Jupiter in Taurus, ahh the self worth – we are working hard to maintain, yes ?
Figure out what exactly we need to achieve it ?
Earth trines build, and things are a bit haywire as the heavens force us to re-evaluate.

In other news, Mercury comes to meet its higher octave Uranus soon (Friday March 2, 5:41 am CST, USA) which is square Pluto, that will be a mind-boggler I’ll bet.  We will all be getting some whiz dinger communiques outta that one – Aries is fire and that aspect is greased lightning ~>
The universe cracks open and the head fills up…
Tip: carry a notebook – you’re gonna wanna write them down !

Mars Rx and Mercury will be in mutual reception, meaning in each others houses, they are co-operating.  Better than on the telephone to each other, they are more like in telepathic communication.  They get each other.

ie: Ever see the movie with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz where Cameron (rich) lives in LA, Kate in (omg the cutest frugal cottage) in the UK.
The Holiday 
They are both burned out in relationships & career.  They connect on the net, then when they trade houses they slip into each others totally different lifestyles and find their new groove.  You learn a lot about a person by the contents of their house.

These two planets and houses are gonna be in tune.
Mars Rx in Virgo and Mercury in Aries.
Look to your natal and see where they land – take advantage !

Venus is coming up to Jupiter~ they are great friends that like to party and play nice but opposite stick in the mud work horse Saturn Rx ? Not gonna happen – obligations first.
Love $$ & women want to flirt and roam, but the brakes are on.

Meatloaf anyone ? 
I gotta know right now will you love me forever ~ !?
Or Dr. Phil, lol.  “How’s that workin’ for ya ?!”
Take your pick.

Sun in Pisces opposite Mars Rx in Virgo : dear goddess is chaos perfection or what ?!
Relax, everything is gonna be okay.
Okay ?