Number 1

Eclipse toad !
Metamorphs are Lunar and Plutonic.

A personal story to illustrate astrology….
I have Scorpio Neptune square Venus conj Jupiter in Leo. 
Classic aspect for intoxicant overload. 

Neptune is intoxicants; Jupiter expands, Venus attracts.
Saturn Rx is in Aries, my 3rd
Saturn is karma, restriction
3rd is the natural Gemini house, rules hands.

Saturn Rx trines Sagittarius Mars 
Sagittarius is my 12th house
the natural house of Neptune, rules intoxicants
  Sagittarius can be a scattered energy
Leap before looking  
Mars is the blade.

See the scar ? 

Bad tequila decision
stabbed myself and missed Star Trek. 

Love toads.
I metamorph too.
8th house Pluto
conjunct Sun & trine Moon

Sistah sobriety these days.
Liquor taken by the drop
gem & flower elixir

Neptune rules.
Mischief Morphed.

The end.
Toad symbolizes transformation
increase of good luck
shamanic power

green is great