Shiny Scepter !

pet chakras

Venus in Aquarius is opposing my late Leo stuff, so of course I am on the line this eve with a pet psychic trying to find out why my new girl cat is so neurotic fussy.

Seriously – her tail speaks volumesstiff little divining rod
When she’s tweeked the very tip only will make the teensiest jerk.
Meanwhile, sister kitty weaves sign language novellas with her fluffy gizmo.

I laughed out loud when psychic gal tuned in, totally nailed it when she said kitty is really wiggy about her paws.
Just so happens to be what I had the nerve to be touching when I got clobbered a few days ago giving a DYI demonstration of scratching the new sisal mat.

Evidently, she’s a genius, knew what to do with it.  Well, duh. ! 
My helpful Virgo attitude was way outta line and she was clearly miffed the tacky mat I delivered was subpar to the kitty cat mansion she had envisioned.



Tonight’s intel reveals she is an Imperialist neurotic kitty.
I stand corrected.
:: rolls out carpet, steps back, deep bow  :: 

Her Highnesses kitty cat clout obviously trumps my puny Venus/Jupiter/Fortuna.
Wtf was I thinking ?
*Snap out of it lady – I’m the only one with the shiny scepter in this palace.

What Leo type isn’t certain of inherent royalty by birth..?
10th house Leos are esp. ridiculously convinced of superiority.
Sharing the spotlight ? Up there ? At high noon ?  In the house of stick & stay ?
Doubtful.  More likely you’ll grow old waiting.

cat godEscorting Ms. Queenie Puss to safety during tornado warnings last summer went over equally as well as the crunky mat.  My mental image of safety in the box equaled being tossed into a boiling vat of acid in her squirrely head.
I got the drift real quick – fuck this – ain’t. gonna. happen.
Pitch in laundry room, block door.  Mischief managed, tragedy averted.
Meaning I got to keep my hand.

Pesky Uran/Plu square aggravates, accelerates this Virgos learning curves.
Saturn on Neptuner 11 squares my Leo stuff while Venus opposes it.
Mars Rx in Libra on Mercury 9. Computers & cats freak freely.

cat showersSo we here at chez luna move forward into Cardinal Cross Eclipses and hopefully a more peaceable kingdom, by starting H20 + rescue remedy, hunting up dehydrated kibble (who knew ?) and going First Class DE-LUXE all the way baby, all the way.

Meows, PurrRrrrs & Peace



Leo heart- Aquarius nervous system axis = electrical energies.

Color is the language of Energy

Full Moon – Sun opposition falls across Fixed signs, likely dredging up ye olde angsty issues that need to be resolved.
Fixed signs see with one perspective, theirs.

They are extremely (slow) reliable, some would say stubborn.

Fixed signs = Idea energy concentrated persistently until it is solidified into form. 

Leo and Aquarius (as well as Taurus and Scorpio) are fixed signs.
Any planets therein in hard aspect are working out deep rooted, past life issues ingrained over several lifetimes.

Fixed squares = inner turmoil rolling under the surface, forcing personal growth.
Fixed oppositions = other people deliver lessons, forcing compromise, team growth.
Fixed conjunctions = test of power, the use of power

How to unravel the fixed energies, undo the past karma ? 
Give up self-will.

Tame the desires of the mental and emotional body before they are allowed to crystallize.  Building and stability – while fine qualities – when misused become fixation, obsession, the closed door, the energy block.

A mountain of desire mineMineMINE makes it harder to access the spiritual self.
Spirit flows and shares – the energy is exchanged.

Cosmic Laws of the One Universal Mind

peace, love
flowing chakras




This day needed some brightening up.
Click on pic for bigger size.

Mercury into Virgo 5:36pm CST, USA

Virgo, 6th house rules daily routine, health, responsibility to self and others via analysis.
Good health encompasses many things – mind, heart, body, emotions, spirit.

One path to health begins in the mind – in the perspective we choose.
Mercury (perspectives, thinking) rules Virgo.  

Mercury runs either very hot or very cold, depending on the side that is getting the attention of the Sun, much like people.  I’ll leave you to think on that one.
Be optimistic.
Honor yourself.
Appreciate life.


sunshine & rainbows

This Grand Water Trine has proven to be stellar for zoning out and conversely tuning in.
I have been mulling over water quality – in the oceans, in our bodies, thinking of the memory of water as well as the memory of color*.
I just invented that*, but it makes sense.

My friend Mojo did a potato experiment to find how spuds grew in glasses with positive/negative word labels here.

Intent, water, color and sun rays, plus symbols to keep the intent pure and rolling over several days time. 
I recently stumbled across the glasses above from FirstGlassDesign.
Love the idea – Sanskrit chakra symbols, memory of water.
I will boost the idea with memory of color. 
I’m on it. 
 Blue and purple down (thrift finds) and I’ll keep you posted… 
Several previous posts on chakras here.



Matt MooreMatt Moore

This is fascinating Merc Rx material – REthinking perceptions !

The color blind are given an experience akin to synesthesia (sight, sound, taste and touch interconnect, co-mingle).  This cyborg device takes brain processing possibilities to a new level – ultraviolet light activate !

Made possible by the Cyborg Foundation  <~ click !

Mercury rules sight, sound
Venus rules the sense of color
Moon rules the environment (3rd house the everyday environs)
Neptune rules dreams



Throat Chakra

Base of the neck

This chakra is associated with the thyroid gland and endocrine system
Communication, synthesis of ideas into symbolic language

Color: bright blue
Planets: Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter
Stone: Fluorite (my choice is light blue, here)

Keywords: purification, depth, peace through expression : which means speaking and listening – the balanced exchange of both

Blockages: Sore throats, indecision, writer’s block, stifled creativity

Cultivate: balanced passive and aggressive forces in self [yin/yang]

build bridges to cultivate trust
nurture self first – then others.
Practice meditation with Mudras to enhance balance.

To find your voice, sing. 
If you can’t sing, then HUM. 
Learn to speak your feelings. 
If you can’t speak them easily at first, write them.  Then say a blessing and burn them to release the energy.

This is a chakra of breath work and meditation.
Focus on positive healing on each intake of breath – – release of toxins and negativity on outgoing breath.Speak from your heart, speak YOUR truth. 
Create your reality through the power of your words. 

Do affirmations, whatever you feel comfortable with, just think them AND speak them aloud.

Speak while alone in the car, wherever.
Speak affirmations to yourself in a mirror.
Note positive changes you feel after mirror affirmations every day.
Release your words in the shower, it will be easier because Neptune is water – so the steam and vapor will help loosen the vocal chords.

Harmonics & health

Shannon Novak

Music, in the absolute sense, is the invisible geometry of the cosmos, a delicate tracery of frequencies that harmonise with each other and from which all matter manifests.

Pretty cool, huh ?  Sacred geometry of musical notes.  I have been on about sacred geometry here before…fascinating stuff.  You can click the Novak link above and play a few notes and see more visuals / music.

Really hits up my multi – Virgo / mega – Neptune sense of harmonics and health.
Music, bells, the human voice, spoken word, intonation of sounds, chants – all in order to create harmony on the cellular level.  Awesome.

This strikes me as a very Uranian (scientific) way to implement Pluto (metamorphosis) via Neptune (divinely inspired music).
Especially as Neptune is once again swimming in the spiritual seas of her home, Pisces (healing).

The universe is infinitely complex – forms brought forth from the simplicity of ONE.

How cool is that ?!

Planets orbit in sacred geometrical patterns (Venus pentagram), life corresponds to the golden mean, our DNA spirals – it makes sense that to properly use music is to heal from the inside out.

Pick your planetary problem, tap a Tibetan bowl, let the metamorphosis begin.
At the very least, we’d get our zen on…

comments welcome…

energy hairball

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
Muhammad Ali

Great visuals POPPED UP via my psychic reading today

the best of which were
:: you kind of have this big energy hairball 
stuck in the drain
just keep poking at it
until the water flows ::

* brilliant *
Leonine hairballs 
(8th house Leo Ven/Jupes square Neptuner 11th)

fixed squares = ingrained habits over many lifetimes

! CACK !
lifetimes of hairballs

My Toro Moon (rules throat)
 opposes Neptune AND trines Pluto

to keep poking at the hairball 
I have to engage my throat chakra

convert the opposition to trine

via Moon fulcrum
clear my 8th house (Scorp) drain of the energy buildup

? Ever notice how much BLUE shows up on these pages ?
is unintentional, yet fascinating

my aura is blue / green
(proof  here ! haha)

throat / heart

my healing goes hand in hand
with communication of
my heart house
Leo 8

What chakras do you engage to heal