Throat Chakra

Base of the neck

This chakra is associated with the thyroid gland and endocrine system
Communication, synthesis of ideas into symbolic language

Color: bright blue
Planets: Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter
Stone: Fluorite (my choice is light blue, here)

Keywords: purification, depth, peace through expression : which means speaking and listening – the balanced exchange of both

Blockages: Sore throats, indecision, writer’s block, stifled creativity

Cultivate: balanced passive and aggressive forces in self [yin/yang]

build bridges to cultivate trust
nurture self first – then others.
Practice meditation with Mudras to enhance balance.

To find your voice, sing. 
If you can’t sing, then HUM. 
Learn to speak your feelings. 
If you can’t speak them easily at first, write them.  Then say a blessing and burn them to release the energy.

This is a chakra of breath work and meditation.
Focus on positive healing on each intake of breath – – release of toxins and negativity on outgoing breath.Speak from your heart, speak YOUR truth. 
Create your reality through the power of your words. 

Do affirmations, whatever you feel comfortable with, just think them AND speak them aloud.

Speak while alone in the car, wherever.
Speak affirmations to yourself in a mirror.
Note positive changes you feel after mirror affirmations every day.
Release your words in the shower, it will be easier because Neptune is water – so the steam and vapor will help loosen the vocal chords.