Queen of the Swamp

Frank Frazetta

Queen of the Swamp is the moniker I jokingly gave myself when I learned astrology.
Leo / Sun and Jupiter are considered royalty markers.
I have Leo Venus conjunct Jupiter conjunct Part of Fortune in the 8th house.

Since Venus/Jupes squares Neptuner from this house, the TWU WUV vibes get murky – there are dark freaky things in the natural Scorpio house.  I have often pondered the nuances of how dark Sun in a cave (8th) differs from dark Sun under the sea (12th).

…A couple of nights ago I rented a Vamp flick from my library – I didn’t last 15 minutes.  Ignorant people walking in to hopeless monsterific situations WITHOUT A WEAPON.
I was instantly irritated.

One thing about dark Sun is I have this HERO thing.  
I have been years figuring this one out.  I used to think I had some weird default setting of FAME FASCINATION.  Then astrology showed me what I AM truly Worshipping.

My Sun is in Virgo (sorting / higher thinking) 9th (religion/worship) conjunct Uranus/Pluto – and I have been studying heroes all my life.  Since I can remember, I have been attracted to heroes because I have been trying to emulate them.

I wanted to SEE how power was USED by the pros in order learn how to better manipulate my own powerful metamorphic Plutonic Sun / 8th house energies.

Now rather than controlling everyone and thing –
I USE my POWER to help, heal, teach and enlighten.
By doing so I have :: with help from friends :: created a light in dark places where all other lights go out.

fall or exalted : it is the HEROIC spirit and I love it and YOU
you know you are…