Quickdraw, you interpret !
Card above is the spirit card (card undearneath the deck) aka message from spirit.

Shiny little Leo creative head… I love it !  Leo is creativity & kids & fun !

ErosFlood of Pisces at the moment…pic via StarWalk

The quick astro on current transits of Venus and Mars here.
Venus in Pisces here.
Mars in Pisces here.
Neptune here.
Chiron here.

Eros and Venus are bang on today ! (read below)
Note: Venus moves out of orb quicker, but Eros and Mars are on (in orb, aka interacting) for the next 20 days or so.

imageThe card above points to is the high qi expression of current astro.

Eros (asteroid 433) is joie de vivre, passion for life !

Eros delivers pleasure + pleasure seeking, flirtatiousness, artistic urges, creative solutions and living life by the seat of your pants.  Eros in tandem with Venus and Mars in Pisces is spiritual love, soul recognition, the desire to connect, turned on to the max.
Sneaks up on you kinda thing.

Enjoy all the creativity flowing in, through and around you.

peace & LOVE peeps
WoOoHoOo !
Gneiss Moon

Four on the Floor

Viggo styleYou have a moral obligation to finish the job you said you would do.
Viggo Mortensen

Viggo’s filmography is linked above, his artworks (as well as artworks of his friends) including paintings, photographs, poetry and music can be found at Perceval Press, also linked on the sidebar.  His paintings were also featured in A Perfect Murder.  I have written about Viggo before here and here.

He’s a savvy, soft-spoken traveler who prefers privacy, though he surfaces to fight (speak) for causes he cares deeply for…Democracy Now earlier this week, here.
( I will relay Viggo/Aragorn astrology throughout, note resemblance to Strider above.)

Viggo is one of five knights from The Lord of the Rings production; the others being Ian Holm, Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee and Peter Jackson.  Viggo was knighted on April 16th 2010 by Queen Margarethe II of Denmark.  This pleases me, knights are Jupiter.

Viggo horsing aroundAn accomplished horseman in his spare time, Mortensen requested Aragorn be given more saddle time than was originally scripted. He also kept his on-screen horse nearby during the entire principal photography schedule in order to ride in his off-hours and strengthen his relationship with the horse.  He also did all his own stunts in Hidalgo, including a breakneck bareback ride that even the stuntman couldn’t handle.  (Viggo has Saturn in Sagittarius: truth in the work, steady on a horse)

Sagittarius rules horses and Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

Yes, I think Viggo is Sagittarius rising, and yes, there is horse info in the GMA Viggo links above, although I am adding a recap and an addition/correction, here.

Viggo loves horses, has bought several post wrap:
Kenny (Hasufel) aka Eomer’s horse, that Aragorn borrowed in TTT
Brego (Uraeus) aka Theodred’s warhorse Aragorn set free who later found him wounded (pictured above)
Tecontender (T.J.) aka (one of the 5 horses used in) Hidalgo
In addition to Asfaloth aka Florian (Arwen rode in Ringwraith chase) that Viggo gave to Arwen’s stunt double, Jane Abbott.

Viggo’s book: The Horse is Good here.  He supports wild horse preservation here.  You can also read about Viggo’s horse filming experiences at Horse Nation here.  You can read his experiences with the horses in Hidalgo (specifically) here.

“One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a horse master, he told me to go slow to go fast. I think that applies to everything in life. We live as though there aren’t enough hours in the day but if we do each thing calmly and carefully we will get it done quicker and with much less stress.”  source

viggo chillinViggo is a late degree Libra Sun conjunct North Node of Destiny conjunct Venus (rules Libra) within a degree.  He is a man of balance and thoughtful consideration, promoting justice and fairness in all he does.  The majority of personal planets are in air, he’s a thinker/communicator.  Mercury in Scorpio is the lone personal planet water placement – perceptive and sharp, nothing escapes notice. Here lies the power of mental prowess, regeneration and rebirth, intensity of focus. Viggo is a life path Eight.

Outbound actions (Mars retrograde aka internalized, revision mode) involving observation, thinking, speaking are versatile, spontaneous yet alert to stir compassion (Neptune). Mars Rx quincunx (health/altitude adjustments) Scorpio Neptune (healing spirit conjunct Mercury) informs improvisation  aka thinking on his feet. 

Gemini Mars Rx squares Virgo Pluto – Mercury rules both signs – he knows the power of words, the transmutation they hold.  Words…what odd things…singular symbols strung together like prayer beads or notes on a scale – they form unified shapes, summoning mental images, evoking emotions that enable collective understanding.  Scorpio Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter measures words to the point of struggle, for to speak is to finitely define what is in essence esoteric, alchemical and forever in flux.

Viggo is a word wizard – conscientiously smithing his craft.  Mars retrograde quincunx Scorpio Neptune is forever making adjustments, resurrecting or furrowing the mindfield searching for new subconscious emotional reserves.  Fluctuating Aquarius Moon also supports this restless quest for information but from the mental perspective – intake and processing of moods, feelings, vibes of surrounds are highly instinctive and intellectual  in nature.

Viggo3Viggo is kind, artistic, thoughtful, informed, enigmatic, funny and quirky. He actually quit speaking for a month (4 weeks) to better understand his role as a deaf/mute woodsman in The Passion of Darkly Noon.  Released in 1995 (presumably filmed in early/mid ’94) Viggo was having a Jupiter transit to his stellium near natal Neptune with Saturn in Pisces in trine to same with Uranus/Neptune conjunct in Capricorn square his Libra Sun, Venus, NNode conjunction. Curiously, the social/outers were all retrograde mid ’94.  I knew and loved this story, but went digging up the deets for y’all, and the story is pure Viggo – read it here.

Desire to penetrate the mysteries of pure creative heart and soul (Leo) as well as higher mind and communication (Uranus) are enhanced by Jupiter (student/teacher) square Uranus in Leo (creation/curiosity/play).  The drive to experience differences and see and think through another’s eyes and experiences lends to heightened growth of the craft.  (Sun/NNode/Venus in Libra)  Jupiter in Scorpio square Uranus in Leo seeks to disrupt complacency by investigating all manners of philosophy on life and death – each deserves respect (Jupiter).  The Road – the only movie I felt was so intense that I had to stop half way through and walk it off a bit before beginning again.  That’s high praise from a Plutonic.

“Each time I make a movie, it’s like a paid scholarship to a different university course.”  source

Mercury rules eyesight, Uranus (its higher octave) rules the aetheric sight.  In Viggo’s case, Jupiter (conjunct Mercury, square Uranus – I think it’s his ruler) links the two.  He’s a philosopher grounded by Saturn in Sagittarius – he sees how ideas manifest on the material plane, it informs not only his philosophies, but also his self-discipline.

ellesar palantir
Sagittarius Saturn conjunct ascendant in good aspect (trine Uranus, sextile Venus exact) is serious about the long-term ramifications of any and all energetic exchanges.  Saturn also gives structure and support (work) to wildcard Uranus in Leo.  Uranus in Leo insists on creative diversity, fingers in all the pies.  Double fixation (Leo/Uranus) driven by independence, innovation, invention and switch-hit artistic perceptions, he’s the courageous boho gypsy revolutionary who knows that all that glitters is not gold.  Uranus separates from Leo (rules gold).  Viggo desires respect for the craft, understanding, co-operation and kindness rather than fame, recognition or piles of money.  He is a humanitarian, who cares deeply about people.  (See Perceval Press.)

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

The Riddle of Strider

For FrodoPersonal: This tiny moment above was one of my (many) favorite RotK scenes, subtle indeed.  Got me right in the feels, speechless.  I respect your opinion, but I humbly disagree.

Viggo has Libra Sun quintile (genius expression) Uranus (in the sign Sun rules, Leo)  indicating boho creative spirit expression, forming strong bonds with others – while remaining individually independent and true to self within said partnerships.

This aspect signals awareness of sensations in the aether heretofore unspoken – felt with the heart only.  The ego separates, the heart unites.  Sun is both heart and ego and both are electric – a conscious choice (Venus) resides in this aspect.

A couple of quick asteroids:
Lucifer 1930
If you have seen The Prophecy, then you know why I chose to look up Lucifer, I very briefly wrote about it here.  Damage Control: It is a representation of the fight between good and evil raging within us all.  Please also note Venus the morning star is Lucifer, Venus the evening star is Hesperus and the pentagram is the shape of the her orbit.  See it here.  Viggo has Lucifer in Capricorn, trine Pluto and quintile Venus; both exact, hence the role in the creative arts.  Note also that many astrologers don’t give account to anything but tight conjunctions for asteroids.  I pitch ’em out there for interest, flavor.

Varda 174567
Previous post here.  In J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology, Varda is queen of the stars, aka the star-kindler.  Varda, the bestower of blessings is in exact conjunction with Viggo’s natal Venus.  This pleases me… for two reasons.
One: Varda bestows charm and grace upon Viggo through Venus.
Two: The ring (Venus rules rings) Aragorn wore was called Elessar, the Elfstone, the stone of Eärendil.  Crafted by the Noldor, it was of the deepest green and held the light of the Sun, bestowing healing powers upon the wearer.  The ring was given to him as a gift (Venus) from Galadriel (for his marriage to Arwen) at the time the Fellowship left Lothlórien.  Aragorn took Elessar as his royal name as was foretold.  History of Elessar here and here. 

Viggo peace outNamárië
Gneiss Moon

Seeing the spin

Asteria goddess of the stars, etsy

Asteria goddess of the stars Emily Blaivet

Asteria (asteroid 658) the starry one is the Titan goddess of prophecy and astrology.  Her placement in the natal chart indicates ways and means of reading and divining by the stars.  She is currently at 0 degrees Libra. 

Finding our path to understanding, as I said in my last (full moon) post, is the crux of incredible growth.  Hence, Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th house rulership.

What is found elevated in the natal chart is near high noon (10th house/Midheaven) aka public, visible – what is placed in the 9th, is particularly expansive.  Likewise for the house where Jupiter resides as well as aspects Jupiter makes to other planets/points.  Here we find exploration and infinite growth potential.

That said, I see my past lives (Sagittarius 12th) in my own natal chart. In addition, several psychics have told me that I have previously burned at the stake for being a witch.  Considering what I am doing now, that is not at all surprising, now is it ?
Enter TIME magazine.
Enter biased, judgmental pseudo journalism proving a total lack of understanding.

How Witches on TV spell Trouble in Real Life.

There’s something about witches, it seems, that’s as compelling to us today as it was to the Puritans. But while the 1692 trials were a terrifying and tragic reality show, it’s easy to dismiss the modern fantasy of witchcraft as mere silliness. Not so fast, scholars say: When witchcraft makes a comeback, it’s often a sign of trouble in the real world. Stories of witches cast a captivating spell that both challenges and comforts us in those times — such as now.

Witches, like terrorists, “threaten to wipe out everything you believe in. If they could, they would overthrow your government, overturn your faith, and destroy your society,” Baker writes.

Equating witches with terrorists ?
siriuslySensationalism at its best, thank you ever so much.
Terrorism is a red flag word choice, overused ad nauseum to incite fear and panic.
The herd is getting spooked because they should be.  A few power hungry elite are crushing the options of the many.
Scapegoating is not only entirely misguided, but also in very poor taste. 
Please do your homework.

Student/Teaching/Writing 101

1. Define Parameters.
That’s the first roadblock.  What witch means to any number of people is likely as broad an answer as the number of people questioned. 
Blanket terminology, please meet personal nuance.

2.  Know what you are talking about.
See 1.  First learn the basics – expand from that point. Explore outside your own navel, ask questions and honor paths that differ from your own.

3.  Get off the high horse.
No one person knows everything.  Allowing unlimited space for learning, growth and understanding is the true hallmark of intelligence.

Perhaps the real trouble is witches (your term) choose to understand personal and shared power within our universe.  Personal responsibility and karmic repercussions are widely understood.  They do their own thinking, see the big picture and walk their talk.

People who will not take the bit of propaganda are as a rule, feared because they are not easily swayed by those in power.  They SEE the spin for what it is.  Your truth is not necessarily their truth and they know it.

Knowledge is power that leads to understanding.
If that is destroying society, then we need a new society.

Witches Fire Back.

peace out
Gneiss Moon


wonderwomanMichael TurnerMichael Turner

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. – various

Pallas Athena (Roman, Minerva) conjunct Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse/Venus is incredibly liberating.  Scorpio New Moon resonates with the deep voice of individual truth burning from the life-force within.  Eclipse interp here.

Athena, the Amazon warrior goddess was born from the head of Zeus fully armed, locked and loaded, ready to fight.  She is the daughter of Metis (wisdom, thought)  who was foretold to have great power.
Power enough to defy Zeus himself.

Pallas was discovered while on the 29th culmination degree of Mercury-ruled Virgo conjunct (out of sign) Uranus in Libra.  Leo Jupiter was conjunct Saturn (out of sign) indicating not only a truth seeker, but also a wise leader.

Sun (exalted) was conjunct Venus in Aries, opposite Uranus – Pallas Athena is an independent radical, a noble defender of truth and justice.  She is a point of brilliant strategy and creative logic.  She is fierce, resourceful, perceptive, intuitive.

When conjunct Moon, she resolves emotional conflict with females/mother/public.
When conjunct Sun, she resolves disputes that arise due to ego, willpower, honor.
When conjunct Venus, she resolves disputes over money/love/harmony/equality.

It is of note that in Scorpio, Moon is in its fall; Venus in its detriment.
While Athena is one of only three goddesses who can resist the love charms and spells of Aphrodite.
(Venus) source

Peace out
Gneiss Moon

The Gathering

FullSizeRender 6Book of Doors Divination Deck

Query: Insight into Libra Venus square Capricorn Pluto beyond the astrology I provide.

5: Ra: Family of the Sun: Auset (Isis) 
The Throne on Earth; Sept (Sirius) Life source in the Heavens

Isis was a cosmic goddess with terrestrial power – a magickal woman.  
Isis’ consort is the Neter Ausar – the first god to die and be resurrected.
Pluto !  After Set’s betrayal and murder of Ausar, Isis searched the earth to bring all the pieces (save one, the phallus) of her beloved Ausar together again and bring him back to life.  Teachers Auset and Asar walked the earth after the catastrophes of Atlantis bringing agriculture and healing, before returning to their home in the heavens.

This card signals strong magickal protection.
It indicates colossal creative powers – rebirth and resurrection.
Gathering of that which is beloved, that which was thought lost.
This card calls us to honor life and the feminine principle in all things.

For every time of Yang there must also be a time of Yin.

Asteroid Isis 42
at 9 Leo Full Moon Eclipse
at 13 Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse (Venus enhanced) – she is sesquiquadrate (agitated) Mars and trine Uranus (inventive enlightener) exact.

Beloved Star

photo 19Mary-El Tarot

I drew this card as a culmination, a crux, a meeting place between the upcoming eclipses.  Earth (animal, vegetable, mineral, spirit) is the meeting place of these perspectives, of these solar/conscious and lunar/subconscious influences.
We are ONE Tribe: Earthkind.

Full Lunar 15 degrees Aries October 8
New Moon Solar 0 degree Scorpio October 23 (USA)
(More on these later, a million + 1 things on my plate at the mo.)

Crux of the sitch is The Star.

How I love this !
Why ?
I looked up the star-kindler, Varda, asteroid 174567.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology, Varda is the queen of the stars, the star-kindler. She is the deity who, prior to the birth of the first humans, created the stars and constellations. She also set the vessels of the Sun and Moon upon their appointed courses above the girdle of the Earth.
Ilmarë is Varda’s handmaid. source

Star is the result following earthly knowledge, the life-long building of a relationship with the material world, the Malkuth. The Star is the blessed enlightenment that follows destruction, aka The Blasted Tower.

Varda is conjunct Mars at Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse; 14 degrees Sagittarius.
Mars and Uranus are Lords of this eclipse.

*Varda was discovered (2003) retrograde at 2 degrees Sagittarius square a tight Mars/Uranus Rx conjunction in Pisces: Uranus exact at 2; Mars applying square at 1 degree Pisces. (Lords of incoming Aries Eclipse) Mercury and Venus were smack on 14 degrees of Gemini in exact opposition to the Great Attractor. (see comments)
Sun was at 29 Gemini, Nodes of Destiny on axis of Taurus(NN)/Scorpio at 29 also known as culmination degrees.  Now that IS interesting/synchronous.

We SEE, we KNOW.
We take ACTION.

Ego consciousness, illusion and delusion – in essence – perspectives SHIFT.  In the darkest aftermath of the Tower, a star of hope. a point of illumination beckons.

It is HOME.
It is the ONE.

amin mela lle
You know who you are.
Gneiss Moon

Cat Eyes

Sophia Loren & Sphinx

Virgo Sophia Villani Scicolone is a Capricorn rising, with Saturn tightly conjunct Moon in Aquarius.  She is such a lovely woman -what eyes !- with incredible staying power in the public eye.  She has appeared in nearly 100 films over the years, and is the winner of several awards (Jupiter at MC) including an Academy Award, a Grammy, 5 Golden Globes, as well as the Cecil B. DeMille for lifetime achievements.   She is also author of several cookbooks (Mercury in 9) and her autobiography, Sophia: Living and Loving.

Sophia began working in films at age 14 after (incredibly ! ?!) losing a beauty contest.  Contests are ruled by Mars and 7th, Sophia has Moon (rules her 7th) not only conjunct Saturn (block, restriction), but also opposite Mars – but that same Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury in Libra, elevated – she obviously came out the winner in the long run.

Sophia-Loren-sophia-loren-14908679-437-640Sophia met (at age 15), and later married (at age 23) a man 21 years her senior, Carlo Ponti.  Unfortunately, charges of “bigamy and public sinning” were leveled against them, because the catholic church didn’t recognize his divorce from his first wife.  Venus rules marriage, Sophia has Virgo Venus (fall) tightly conjunct Neptune (illusion, secrets). Moon rules her 7th, is tightly conjunct Saturn (a much older man).

In her autobiography, Sophia speaks of two miscarriages and two difficult pregnancies that produced two sons.  Moon rules pregnancy and Sophia not only has moon conjunct Saturn which indicates difficulty, but she also has Pluto in Moon-ruled Cancer in exact square to Jupiter.  These trials were a test of faith (Jupiter 9) for her, producing not only personal psychological regeneration, but also regeneration of partnerships. I am going to count the out of sign T-Square with Pluto focal for these reasons.

Sophia LorenCancer Pluto as focal planet in a T-Square with late Libra Jupiter opposite early Taurus Uranus is an aspect of unusual beauty, unusual love choices, powerful emotional struggles (see above) as well as feminine power in the public eye. Sophia was known for being very conscious of her roots (shown by strong Capricorn/Cancer) as well as being fond of family and the whole cooking, gathering, breaking bread ritual that entails.

Also please note that folks with strong Capricorn energy have fabulous bone structure, and tend to age gracefully, being timeless and enduring.  Sophia has the requisite Leo placement for drama and fabulous hair, via her Leo Mars.  Lilith lives in her 8th as well, (conjunct South Node) giving much chutzpah and regenerative willpower.  Always seen as a beauty, this woman also has a boatload of ancient wisdom and guts to go with all that glory – on tap 24/7.

Sophia_LorenAt last, we get to the cat asteroids
Sophia has trademark cat-like eyes, so I was not surprised to see these asteroids prominent in her natal chart.

Sphinx conjunct Neptune (2 degrees)
Sekhmet conjunct Mars (one)
Ubasti conjunct North Node (one)

…and we cannot forget her Mars is in Leo !
Rawr !

Gneiss Moon

Fire & Hope



Love this ultra sci-fi depiction of Hercules rescuing Prometheus from Zeus’ robot hawk.
Futuristic twist on an ancient myth, apt for Uranus/Saturn in flux, yes ?  Click for detail.

New Moon in Leo conjunct Jupiter brings HOPE, and with it a study of asteroid Prometheus 1809 and asteroid Pandora 55 seemed timely.

Prometheus was a trickster titan, who with his brother, Epimetheus, was given the task (by Zeus) of creating life on earth; both animal and man.  Epimetheus (whose name means afterthought) fashioned a multitude of animals giving them qualities of strength, stamina and speed accordingly.

Prometheus (whose name means forethought) fashioned man out of clay only to realize his brother had used all the graces on animals, leaving him no gifts to give mankind.  Having affection for humans, he sided with them against the gods, primarily Zeus.  Prometheus stole a spark of fire and gave this wondrous gift to man, enabling humans to keep warm, cook, forge tools, be independent.

In a fit of rage, Zeus doomed Prometheus to eternal punishment by chaining him to the Caucasus Mountains and sending a hawk to eat out his liver each day (which in turn, regenerated each night).  His punishment ended when Hercules found him chained while searching the ends of the earth for the tree of golden apples (the 11th of his 12 labors).

In exchange for the location of the tree, Hercules agreed to help him, speaking to the gods on his behalf which led to the end of torment for two.  Chiron, the immortal centaur, teacher, herbalist carried a painful wound (accidentally given by Hercules) which would not heal.  Chiron willingly exchanged places with Prometheus, which led to freedom for both – Prometheus escaped; Chiron was relieved of his eternal suffering by death.
Asteroid Prometheus 1809

Prometheus indicates both intellectual fire and forethought – very handy, as a quick mind is nothing much without first a plan to direct and focus the energy.  This asteroid points to tricky maneuvers and yes, thieving that which is cherished.
It has a bit of Robin Hood flavor, being that fire was taken from the haves and given to the have nots. Prometheus in that (ahem) light can also indicate where you rescue others by virtue of your gifts.

Pandora_-_John_William_Waterhouse1John William Waterhouse

I have always had a love/hate relationship with this story.  With Mercury at MC, Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus and plenty of Leo cat energy – I am, without a doubt, very curious.  Then there is the fact that Pandora mirrors the story of Eve; reckless woman with the cheek of craving knowledge causes downfall of all humanity through plague and error.
Sounds like a double heaping of 9th house Virgo guilt to me – but, on with the story…

Zeus, angry that the brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus had bungled creation, bade master craftsman and blacksmith of the gods, Hephaestus to craft a beautiful evil – the first mortal woman.  Despite Prometheus’ warnings, his brother accepted this gift from Zeus and took this lovely, magnificent creature to be his wife.

With her, Zeus sent Epimetheus a bridal dowry, a mysterious gift in a box – with only one request – it was to remain unopened.  Pandora’s curiosity overcame her, she opened the box, which unleashed a multitude of evils, plagues and ruin upon mankind.  When she realized in horror what she had done, she slammed the box shut – leaving only one thing inside.

Asteroid Pandora 55
This asteroid is curiosity in spades – where you get a whammy curveball – you don’t even see it coming.  Pandora indicates where you think on your feet to deal with unforeseen circumstances – it is a point of exploration into the unknown, where you get more than you bargained for.  Pandora is also a point of hope and faith that life will work itself out for the best with the right altitude.  Necessity is the mother of invention – Pandora will lead you to your latent creative talents.

Prometheus is at 1 degree Sagittarius (trine New Leo Moon).
Pandora is at 24 Aries (trine ASC in New Leo Moon chart).