Drum of Truth



FullSizeRenderWild Wood Tarot

Many things are in unison at the moment:
Creativity/energy, affection/action, charm/risk via Venus/Mars in Aries
Spirit/subconscious, awareness/healing, ambition/devotion via Sun/Neptune in Pisces

Mars trine Saturn loves to work the kinks out, esp with Mars ruling Aries.  Saturn in Sagittarius  squaring the subconscious combo of Sun/Neptune seeks the tap-root, the wellspring, the bud of the bud.  Here we swim in the deep waters of what we need to face under the light of the Sun, but often don’t.  Healing comes in a rush with these planets at work.

Leo Jupiter Rx trine Uranus while Aquarius Mercury opposes Jupiter turns on the electric vibe, the flash inspiration of Knowing (Aquarius motto) our path though Seeing the path (Jupiter retrograde) at this time may prove difficult.  Thinking communication planets are in peace talks with each other.
Hope vs. jettison.  In fixed signs no less – not an easy answer, this one – but it will arrive in its own time, nonetheless.

Instinctively we know where we are headed (Aries) and love is in the lead.
Venus is coming up on Uranus Feb 28 – March 4, we’re all in for a powerful surprise enlightenment re: love/money/creative spark.
Roll with it….it is what it is.

Many things are changing, the Pole Star remains – guidance in tandem with those who are seeking the spirit.  Truth at the core, connection with the cosmos, a new friendship, a gift, a creation.
The Pole Star brings luck and with Mercury exalted in Aquarius we can be assured the intellectual distance from emotional baggage we need so we can hear our heart beating our drum of truth within.

Keep the faith…whatever that means to you
Gneiss Moon



Quickdraw, you interpret !
Card above is the spirit card (card undearneath the deck) aka message from spirit.

Shiny little Leo creative head… I love it !  Leo is creativity & kids & fun !

ErosFlood of Pisces at the moment…pic via StarWalk

The quick astro on current transits of Venus and Mars here.
Venus in Pisces here.
Mars in Pisces here.
Neptune here.
Chiron here.

Eros and Venus are bang on today ! (read below)
Note: Venus moves out of orb quicker, but Eros and Mars are on (in orb, aka interacting) for the next 20 days or so.

imageThe card above points to is the high qi expression of current astro.

Eros (asteroid 433) is joie de vivre, passion for life !

Eros delivers pleasure + pleasure seeking, flirtatiousness, artistic urges, creative solutions and living life by the seat of your pants.  Eros in tandem with Venus and Mars in Pisces is spiritual love, soul recognition, the desire to connect, turned on to the max.
Sneaks up on you kinda thing.

Enjoy all the creativity flowing in, through and around you.

peace & LOVE peeps
WoOoHoOo !
Gneiss Moon

Power of Attraction

1082102638.jpegKaterina Bodrunova

Venus and Mars meet up soon…
They are within 3 degrees of separation on the 14th (USA) – though they will not reach exact until the hop into Aries on the 21st.

Power behind Venus in the sign of her exaltation ?
Divinely inspired art, love, music, film, dance swim in lush emotional waters.  Ideals, shared spiritual sympathies, divination and romance are at high tide.

Body language, shared glances, speak volumes.
Breath deepens, pupils enlarge, and the blood warms, gets pumping.
Mars conjunct Venus is the power of attraction.

Peace & LOVE
Gneiss Moon



Pulled a quick card (see twitter feed) for incoming Pisces Venus conjunct Chiron (exact on the 8th) at 15 degrees. Chariot – moving through opposing forces – was apt in more ways than one.

Venus moves to meet Chiron and Mars.
They are within 3 degrees of separation on the 14th (USA) – though they will not reach exact until the hop into Aries at 1 degree on the 21st.

As always, note the energetic event that accompanies the heavenly shift occurs before the energies are exact.  If you are a sensitive with these planets active in your natal, you will likely be feeling it 7-5 degrees out.

Venus conjunct Chiron = wound & healing re: love, security, money/trades, inclusiveness, compassion and the knowledge of karma that accompanies all choices.  It represents the learning that springs from wise understanding of both.  Lower and higher octaves of love/art (Venus in Pisces, Neptune also in sign) helps smooth this transit via higher vibration.  Keep in mind during this transit that emotional compassion and/or pain is wisely used to:
1 help yourself
2 help others

Know what you want, where you are going, how to get there.
Have faith in your future, just keep walking, swimming – whatever !
Head ’em up and move ’em out !

Venus conjunct Mars on the 21st also brings Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries, a visceral shedding of the old emotional baggage while shoring up paths into new horizons via trines to Jupiter Rx in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Take projects in small bites, larger steps, until you are flat out running with it.
Power IS operating – change is imminent.
Venus in Pisces encourages us to be kind, fair and just…with others as well as ourselves.


Moon’s Rapture

Venus is coming up to

conjunct Pluto in Capricorn !

Aquarian fantasy artist Frank Frazetta (solar chart) had Venus closely conjunct Mars in Capricorn, both opposite Pluto, and square Moon.  His Sun and Mercury were opposite Neptune.  Moon was opposite a Uranus Jupiter conjunction in Aries.

It appears he made the most of one Mercury Pluto trine, and one Sun Saturn sextile.
Then we dig deeper and of course, find much, much more.

Sun (spirit)  is trine North Node of Destiny (trailblazing path in the life) and quintile (spiritual gifts) Chiron (the philosopher and the quest).  Moon is quintile Saturn – building a legacy for the public.

Jupiter and Neptune are quintile North Node of Destiny, and Pluto is quintile Chiron – visionary fantasy art on a grand scale that transformed the comic genre forever.

That Venus Mars conjunction in Capricorn gave him exceptional technical skill, and the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Aries -obviously – look at the power of the human figure in his drawings.

Click here for a wonderful video tribute to Frank and his work.


Role it out

Ta DA Leos !  

O dot has rolled out the red hot carpet for the big cats !  Can’t help but look, they shine like the sun !  They are effortlessly regal…eyes giving the slow perusal before prowling after you.  RAWR !   I have Leo on my 8th house, so I’m gonna serve up an astro story sexy, scruffy-style…  *lick*
Here we have mega-Leo, Daniel : Leo Sun conjunct Mercury – Venus conjunct Mars <- ok, that’s a doozy… tres, tres sexy Leo, yes..?!   He’s gotta lotta love in that heart of his.  Best yet, he’s a humble reserved Leo (hey~ anything’s possible) with Uranus, Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn.  Unusual career in film and stage ?  Bingo !  Who to better embody a courageous, noble hero who saves the world…?

Well….how about this sexy man who also saves the world, but from the opposite side of the wheel..?!

Here we have mega-Aquarian, Elijah.  Aquarius Sun, with Mercury conjunct Mars (both square to Uranus).  I’m going with Scorpio rising here (eyelids are sleepy, sexy).  Also Scorp rising puts Uranus (the unusual) on the 29th culmination degree of the first house which rules the eyes – and Elijah is well-known for his mesmerizing blue eyes.

Elijah is definitely a communicator with so much air. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, plus being conjunct Mars gives it an extra kick. Expansive Jupiter Rx is conjunct Saturn Rx in Libra the sign of art, beauty and balance; and Saturn Rx is exalted here – meaning he will only get better as he gets older and his retrogrades kick in.

Obviously he is handsome, artistic and despite growing up in Hollyweird, he is relatively normal – but weird enough to fascinate. (Compliment !)  He’s a really hard worker (Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra) who actually enjoys it (Venus in Capricorn).  He respects the art of time honored crafts and traditions and has grown up learning from mentors in the business; both film and music. (Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra)

I gotta pop in some Neptune music trivia on this one ~> Elijah is a total music freak; seriously a walking encyclopedia of music of all genres.  He owns his own record company named Simian Records; he has directed, filmed, and appeared in many music videos. Also a huge photography aficionado, he has lucky, expansive Jupiter -quintile (spiritual gifts)- Neptune, which rules not only film, but also music.

OK, here’s the deal…Leos and Aquarians are on the same wavelength, but on opposite sides of the wheel from each other.

Leo motto: I WILL
Aquarians motto: I KNOW.

Both signs are yang; or expressive, direct and outgoing.
Leos have an insular pride; Aquarians an Earth pride of humankind.
Leos tend to be friendly; Aquarians, more stand-offish.
Leos love to be admired; Aquarians really don’t give a rat’s ass.
Leos are group; Aquarians, wild, more solitary.

Both signs are very caring, but show it in different ways.
Leos are fire in the belly; Aquarians are lighting flashes of intuition, tres cerebral.
Now onto my story…

Daniel and Elijah resemble each other; each has saved the world in blockbuster films, should be totally recognizable; yet they are still mistaken for one another on the street.  I have read this story more than once; cannot give you the source; but if you dig, you’ll find it in television interviews and/or print.  Found it ! 
Elijah is riding in an elevator…doors open… guy gets on—keeps staring… searching inner data banks for recognition–then aha !  ‘I’ve got it, you’re Harry Potter !‘  Elijah’s response:  “Nope.‘  Guy quizzically shakes head…both resume riding in silence staring at the numbers lighting up as floors ascend… *
Daniel is approached by a man: “Dude, I loved Lord of the Rings”…Daniel graciously says, “Thanks !’ signs autograph Elijah Wood because he doesn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.
…and that folks, is how you tell a Leo from an Aquarian !

*Please note: Elijah is ranked # 7 in best Hollywood autograph signers, he is kind and patient with his fans, the above is only one. story. out of many many  good ones.

Bonus round :
Did I mention I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo?
hee hee
Rawr !