Drum of Truth



FullSizeRenderWild Wood Tarot

Many things are in unison at the moment:
Creativity/energy, affection/action, charm/risk via Venus/Mars in Aries
Spirit/subconscious, awareness/healing, ambition/devotion via Sun/Neptune in Pisces

Mars trine Saturn loves to work the kinks out, esp with Mars ruling Aries.  Saturn in Sagittarius  squaring the subconscious combo of Sun/Neptune seeks the tap-root, the wellspring, the bud of the bud.  Here we swim in the deep waters of what we need to face under the light of the Sun, but often don’t.  Healing comes in a rush with these planets at work.

Leo Jupiter Rx trine Uranus while Aquarius Mercury opposes Jupiter turns on the electric vibe, the flash inspiration of Knowing (Aquarius motto) our path though Seeing the path (Jupiter retrograde) at this time may prove difficult.  Thinking communication planets are in peace talks with each other.
Hope vs. jettison.  In fixed signs no less – not an easy answer, this one – but it will arrive in its own time, nonetheless.

Instinctively we know where we are headed (Aries) and love is in the lead.
Venus is coming up on Uranus Feb 28 – March 4, we’re all in for a powerful surprise enlightenment re: love/money/creative spark.
Roll with it….it is what it is.

Many things are changing, the Pole Star remains – guidance in tandem with those who are seeking the spirit.  Truth at the core, connection with the cosmos, a new friendship, a gift, a creation.
The Pole Star brings luck and with Mercury exalted in Aquarius we can be assured the intellectual distance from emotional baggage we need so we can hear our heart beating our drum of truth within.

Keep the faith…whatever that means to you
Gneiss Moon



imageVibrational Oracle

Sun conjunct Neptune with Moon in Taurus means creativity, nature, daydream zen vibes strong. Saturn square Sun/Neptune faces work and mountains of it.  Keep patiently plugging away.

Moon squares Jupiter Rx in Leo throughout the day, see it – then be it.  Toro moon loves calm, steady, pleasurable pursuits.
Work it !

Hi qi draw: Wild & Free Wind Sprite – core of spirit may be lacking in joy and independent freedom which it rightly possesses.  Acknowledge it, celebrate it – no matter what others say.

Feel the wind in your face and the sun on your back today.
Taurus Moon reboots via nature and peace.

Gneiss Moon

Fresh Perspectives

One of my favorite drawings by M.C. Escher is Other World – a woodblock from 1947.
So fun to wrap your brain around which perspective your vision travels as you navigate the drawing.

Escher drew fabulous images of changes – morphing one image into another – birds changing to fish then to cats.  He had a great analytical way of turning the ‘situation’ upside-down and starting again.  Escher had technical expertise, concentration, precision; extraordinary vision.

It is easy to see his strengths by the massive pile-up of planets in the 11th house of Aquarius. With Leo rising his chart ruler is Sun, and it is conjunct Neptune (the inspired artist).  The Sun and its placement is where you ‘shine’ and in his case, it is peculiar viewpoints. That’s the Aquarius bit; the oddities, the unusual.

The natural house of Aquarius is the 11th (Think of it as the landlord). His stellium is in Gemini, (the tenant) which rules the hands, and dexterity.  Pluto is digging up the hidden nature of what and how we see.  Mercury is the trickster, after all – and is conveniently conjunct the Moon, which fluctuates.

Venus, or art, is in good aspect to the creative 5th house, and the Uranus Saturn conjunction provides the building (Saturn), of curious (Uranus), visionary (Sagittarian) works.

If you need a fresh perspective, do a headstand or take a different route to work !
Or better yet, contact me for a reading about your talents and gifts !         gneissmoon@rocketmail.com