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Heather Hansen

Fantastic body art for Capricorn Venus Rx !
(Saturn rules Cap is the body; Venus art)

Moon in Libra (art, beauty,diplomacy) coming to oppose Uranus, square Pluto /Venus Rx in Capricorn (two more degrees until she stations direct 10 days from now).  Insights, instincts, intellect sharp – changes desired re: relationships, money, work will be on point, obvious.
Aha ! eureka moments incoming via another – relationships, working together, the dawn of understanding. 

Moon will then trine Mercury in Aquarius, conjunct Mars in Libra, close the square to Pluto /Venus Rx..  Inventive, creative communications are powered up – use eccentric ideas wisely, detach from overblown sentimentality (square Jupiter Rx in Cancer) think instead expanding philosophies, ethics, learning and teaching possibilities.

Moon into Scorpio
Thursday 23 3:43pm CST, USA

Libra is Venus ruled – that means not only women (Moon), art, but money as well. 
Changing the conceptualization of money in the brainpan creates dramatic shifts in how our relationship to $$$ feels – which leads to changes in how we handle money outwardly.  Check out these savvy gals as they reveal in bullet-point style how they changed their mindsets, took control and began to prosper.  Great lead in to Scorp Moon as well – other people’s money, sharing of resources. 

Marie Forleo  Follow up post here.
Kate Northrup

I love my work – both jobs, my full time position as well as what I create here at GMA.
I want more money resources so I can 1. help myself  2. help others.  Uranus/Pluto in square is hitting home for me (I am Virgo Sun/Uran/Plu 9) in re: to serving others that are less fortunate. My Leo Venus/Jupes 8 squares Neptune 11, and I not only want to help others, I need to.
Uranus and Pluto in square is calling all humanitarians forward into the light.  For far too long greedy corps have sucked our people and world dry of all resources.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
Jimi Hendrix [paraphrasing, William Gladstone]

peace & love

Martial Arts

Do the Hubble Shuffle to the Big Bang BoogieDo the Hubble Shuffle to the Big Bang Boogie – Michael Pukac

Excerpt of Artist statement : Painting is a very mercurial thing. It’s a relatively simple act that has maintained relevancy throughout time and across most, if not all, cultures. For me, painting is like a collision of concepts as much as it is a combination of skill and material. It is where the creatively abstract and intellectually complex concepts of translation, illusion, allusion, and transformation find a nexus. I crossbreed different genres, eras, and conventions of painting into phantasmagorical anti-epics. I see my work as a kind of cultural aesthetic gumbo poured into its own reality, which is dedicated to honor the creative process.

Michael says of live painting “It was the best thing that ever happened to my career.”
Success Formula From Live Painting Artist Michael Pukac here.

Mars into Libra for a whopping 8 months (transit normally closer to 2mo/sign)
Saturday December 7, 2013
2:41pm CST, USA

Mars Rx in Libra
March 1, 2014
10:23am CST, USA

Mars Direct in Libra
May 19
8:31pm CST, USA

Mars into Scorpio
July 25
9:25pm CST, USA

Mars is in his detriment in Libra, aka opposite the sign he rules, Aries.
This is inherently an aspect of juggling – high qi is communication, co-operation and compromise; low qi is projection, argumentative, stubborn.

Libra is fond of being pretty, sweet, popular – is famous for weighing the options of any choice – often to the point of being unable to make one.
Mars is impulsive, guttural, impatient and hot to trot to MOOoOOve it already NOW !

Here lies the challenge – work the options to your favor.
Martian fires are applied to intellectual and/or artistic pursuits, social interaction, diplomacy. Think: Action towards beauty – make Mars push and shove towards creation.  Using blades, knives, heat to create and beautify is all the better !

Martial arts, walking meditation, go Gonzo on drums, paint like Pollack, horror queen scream, take up archery, forging, sword fighting, Scherenschnitte, woodcarving or bonsai.

Mars in Libra sextiles Leo and Sagittarius, creating and exploring, respectively. These houses hold your golden opportunities if you work them.

Gemini and Aquarius have an incoming boost in brainwaves, inventive, inspirational ideas will rise quickly with fire !

Change is imminent in all Cardinal signs.  Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer will be the houses where we grow and Grow and GROW through facing personal challenges.
Obstacle course incoming !
USE this creative energy for it will be USING you if you don’t.

Peace Love and Martial Arts

Fire & Ice

Pisces Moon !
Neptune rules Pisces rules FILM
My Scorp Neptuner is in the 11th (natural Aquarius house) – Sci-fi freak !


Q: What is the old movie with a guy riding a giant moth ?

A:  Maybe Gandahar by Rene Laloux ? 

I posted re: Fantastic Planet here.
How have I missed Fire and ice ?  
One of my fave sci-fi fantasy artists – Frank Frazetta !
Frank has Neptune in Leo opposite Aquarius Sun.

YaY !
I am soOoo sci-fi lounging and catching up on zzzz…

peace xo

Trash to Treasure Transit

Federico Bebber

Tuesday 3rd
Mars enters Libra 7:32am CST, USA
Full Moon in Capricorn, 12 degrees, 1:52pm

Mars into Libra drives to amp up all things beautiful, and creative as well as $$$ until the 23 of August when Mars enters Scorpio.

Balance will found by taking creative action.  Mars gets a flavor of steady work here in the sign of balance where Saturn is exalted.  Everything deemed unnecessary while Mars was in Virgo is packed up – now we sell or beautify what remains.

This is a time to align actions of self-care with those of caring for others in our lives.  Mars in Libra will tip the scales of balance in order to take charge – balance and diplomacy must be cultivated.  This could get interesting as Mars enters Libra and immediately begins to move into an opposition with Uranus and a square to Pluto.

Outward power, meet inward power, meet surprises.

Mars also moves into Libra and trines bigtime creativity – Jupiter conjunct Venus !
a cha cha
 Both of which sextile Aries Uranus / Mercury in Leo = intellectual creative fire !

Create something beautiful on the earth plane.
Think trash to treasure – yeah !

Let’s make Mars in Libra the trash to treasure transit + Bonus Points + if your  treasure lights up or is electric somehow, or is something kooky, but useful.  It has to be plutonic or trash  of some kind, broken or abandoned or whatever. 

Like : Finish that poem you started years ago or take a favorite quote and paint it on something – make those blue jean squares into a camping blanket, cut up those pictures and make a collage. I save all my candle wax, re-melt it to make new ones.  See what I mean ..?

OOo fun !  Mars loves a good competition – who’s in ?  Just like combing the junkyard in art school searching for some unknown weird ‘thigamajig’ that became the seed of the brilliant sculptural art piece.  I am totally going for it, join me if you like !

Mars will power into Libra and immediately form a trine with Jupiter and Venus in Gemini – think artistically, creatively !  Personally there must be something to re-purpose in your surrounds, and globally practically every corner has something that could use a good metamorphosis, yes ?  Let’s brainstorm solutions and fix things !

Moon Dance

The Full Moon in Cap will be activating my 5th and 11th solar houses, and it seems I am going to involve others in inventing creative solutions re: USE of STUFF. 

Full Moon will bring information in your house of Capricorn, from the opposite house of Cancer (home) this will be a reveal, about work or public persona.  Look for what house your Capricorn falls on, and see what that house rules, that will likely be the nature of your news.   Moon will pass over Pluto before Full, so feelings may hit a speed bump, desires may spike for good or ill – fair warning – breathe deep, clearly and calmly communicate your intent and keep moving the energies along.

The Full Moon conjunct Pluto will be the focal point of one T-square with Mars and Uranus.  Uranus will be the focal point of the other T-square with The Full Moon conjunct Pluto, and Sun.

In a nutshell : that’s power, feelings, surprise, and revelation – so pack your zen, just in case.

Of course see the houses of Scorpio and Pisces for your opportunities arising.

Look to the houses of Virgo and Taurus for your benefits  and energies you can more easily draw upon to relieve the squares. 


eye heart art

I love this  !
Is there any art in the world half as fun as a little kids drawings ?
This one says it all for me !
Art + Music = blissed out !

Where are your Venus, Neptune, your Sun ?
Where is your house of Leo (sun rules) ?
All show your creativity in the natal chart.
Venus rules the sense of color.
Van Gogh was an Aries – Venus and Neptune in Pisces
note his vivid colors !

Rembrandt was a Cancer – Venus in Gemini, Neptune in Virgo
Chagall was a Cancer – Venus in Virgo, Neptune in Taurus
note sensitivity and tiny sketching.

Warhol was a Leo – Venus and Neptune in Leo
note 15 minutes of fame

Michelangelo was a Pisces – Venus in Aries, Neptune in Scorpio (click)
note the anatomy, the hidden, the brains in the Sistine Chapel *see link above

M.C. Escher was an 11th house Gemini – Neptune in Gemini, Venus in Cancer (click)
note dual perspectives

Picasso was a Scorpio – Venus in Libra, Neptune in 10th house Taurus stellium
Georgia O’Keeffe was a Scorpio – Venus in Libra, Neptune in Taurus (click) 
note focus (Picasso had so many periods, I am speaking primarily of his line drawings)

What does your art reveal about you..?

I am a 9th house Virgo – Venus conj Jupiter in Leo 8th square Neptune in Scorpio 11th
My early art involves sex, death, secrets, (still does) then it grew to include healing, energy work & metaphysics…

…how about you ?  …do tell…!


Hearts & Arrows

Venus square Neptune
Internal tension.
Seeing what you want to see…?
Low : no $$ + love woes, dissolution of self-worth, illusions surrounding both
High : creative tension stronger than a trine if solved, see the bright side- make art !
Mars Rx is also squaring Venus, so what actions to take..?
(Virgos square Gemini… hmmm…getting technical re: dexterity)
Surprise scientific art ?  (Venus sextile Uranus)
Art regarding the subconscious mind ? (Venus trine Moon)
Yes !
Above is a quick doodle I drew of me and my Sagittarius ex husband years ago.  (Actually it is a quick trace, the original doodle is on the edge of a newspaper.)
You may recognize the early beginnings of my sigil.
Sigil is latin for sigillum, meaning “seal”, though it may also be related to the Hebrew word, סגולה (segula) meaning “word, action, or item of spiritual effect, a talisman.” Sigils are often used in renaissance and chaos magic. (wiki)
Chaos being appropriate since I have Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto.  There is much symbolism in the sigil, some of it only apparent to me after I completed it.  Typical Neptunian artwork, the cosmos came through my pen, and my drawing revealed more as I gazed at it longer…
What do you doodle absent-mindedly and what does it say about you..?

Pretty amazing stuff surfaces from the wandering unconscious mind when we doodle.

Your pen becomes a direct link to your subconscious – what you doodle is very revealing …like psychic paper…
Doodling reduces stress, is good for memory, aids in concentration and recall.  Doodles reveal emotions and moods and tendencies of the doodler – the same types of doodles are often repeated over & over.
Scientific studies show doodling while listening to a long-winded telephone message improved the doodlers recall by 29 percent.
Read more here: Professor Jackie Andrade, Ph.D.
Doodle personality ?
Triangles, sun, shadings and planets = Ambition
Abstract shapes, repeats doodles and fills circles = free spirit
Hearts, flowers, stars, question marks and 3D boxes = impatience
Flowers, lips, star and heart doodles = romantic
Spiders, bricks walls and webs = insecure, needs structure, boundaries
(interesting yes, as Saturn the planet of restriction rules spiders)
Where do you doodle ?
middle of the page = extrovert, craves attention, personal space
top of page = high confidence
right side = needs to convey an important message
left side = nostalgia
Doodle meanings
Spirals : hopelessness. If tight and intricate = complicated, difficult situation
Arrows : tremendous personal drive and a sense of determination to realize the target
Squares : need to maintain order and gain control. Squares within squares is secrets
Slashed lines : anger, frustration.
Hearts : Love.  Arrows, pain in love.
Stars : ambition, desire to achieve success, personally or professionally.
Webs : Thick webs = desire for friends, increase in money power and status
Chains : yearning for freedom, doodler is stressed
Circles : completion or coming together
Clouds : happiness, freedom.  If stormy, anger, depression or hopelessness
Flowers :  happy relationships, growing friendship.
Houses : homesick, longing for a home
Dimensional objects : intellect, logic
Dots : restless, high concentration
Jagged lines : resentment, hostility
Ovals : perfectionist, beginnings
Stairs and steps : aspiration, yearns for advancement
Eyes :  big eyes = extrovert; small eyes = introvert
Closed eyes = no, contemplation; laughing eyes = joy and happiness

happy doodling~

the arms of the universe

Edmund Dulac

Venus will float into Pisces on Saturday 1.14.2012 at 1:47 am, CST, USA.

She will linger in Pisces until February 8th (when she will enter Aries) in the sign of her exaltation.
Venus is love, art, and the spending and earning of money.
Neptune, which rules Pisces, is the higher octave Venus. While in Pisces, Venus will be at flying high – emotionally receptive, giving and passionately inspired.

Venus is coming to conjunct Chiron, express love in order to heal ~ extend this gift not only to others, but also to yourself.

Re-affirm your unique qualities that add to the collective all one.
Be comfortable in your own skin.
Feel the dynamic spirit of life coursing through your veins with each heartbeat.

Venus is now in the decan of Venus in the last degrees of Aquarius, have you been expressing love to your tribe ?

Signs are 30 degrees, divided into 3 decantes of ten.
The decan is an added flavor the planet steeps in on those degrees.

Upon entering Pisces she will be in the decan of Neptune (0-10 degrees), then Moon (10-20), then Mars (20-30).
Expect during the Neptune decan mystical love crushes (beer goggles ?!) or fantastical art urges, the need to sing and create. During the Moon decan expect even more emotional receptivity and fluctuation, during the Mars decan – action, maybe some aggression regarding love, money and wine, women and song.

Venus is feminine and magnetic, she represents what we attract in the natal chart.
She graces your Pisces house with beauty, charm, friends, and good luck.

Think of Willie Nelson…everybody loves Willie, he’s a good guy, fabulous talent, hard-worker, helps others.
He is a Taurus Venus in 10 conjunct Sun in 9 with Midheaven dovetailing between the two (all happening within 4 degrees in Taurus).  When the government repossessed Willie’s stuff for tax evasion, his fans showed up to the auction in droves – bought it, and handed it right back to him.  That’s Venus attracting love and kindness.  Taurus motto is I have  and Willie has friends – and lots of them.

Above all, while in Pisces, Venus will restore the emotional and spiritual balance.

Go with her flow … sneak off to your secret hiding place, get cozy with a book, rest easy in the arms of the universe.
Find the wonder and peace in the infinite cosmos that surrounds you.



Golden Bough by Jeroen van Valkenburg

Sun (spirit, ego) is rooted in Capricorn, focal point of a T-square involving Saturn (testing,restriction) in the latter degrees of Libra, the balancer, and Jupiter, the expander, is in the early degrees of Taurus.

I balance (Libra) vs. I have (Taurus).

Expand or restrict ? …Or both, most likely – just not the way you expected to.
Be aware both Libra and Taurus are Venus ruled.
Venus is love art, money and yes…women.

I had a great night with a girlfriend watching Game of Thrones and talking art and business.  We are both finishers…by that I mean the work is full bodied – 360 degrees and then some.  She finishes the underneath where most people do not even look, it is a complete effort head to toe.  Her work is fabulous, and she has won many awards and was recently recognized nationally in her field.  YaY !

I described my work as a porterhouse steak.  Plenty of facts and meat to dig into if you choose to look and click the links I provide.  I am 9th house heavy (visionary) in the sign of Virgo (details).  Neptune touches nearly everything in my chart, so the writing is mystical, yet grounded with facts to back up the intuitive leaps. Eighth house and Pluto strong, so I go deep, every time.

My friend and I are women artists, (Venus is conjunct Neptune now – both octaves of art) so we spent the evening enriching each other with solid friendship support.  That’s Aquarius at work, the tribe.

The Mercury and Pluto conjunction in the sky in the sign of Capricorn (career and status) made our business/art convo rich, deep and satisfying.   (Mercury is communication, and Pluto rules the depths)

May your transformations bring you the insight you crave and the peace you deserve…