Fire & Ice

Pisces Moon !
Neptune rules Pisces rules FILM
My Scorp Neptuner is in the 11th (natural Aquarius house) – Sci-fi freak !


Q: What is the old movie with a guy riding a giant moth ?

A:  Maybe Gandahar by Rene Laloux ? 

I posted re: Fantastic Planet here.
How have I missed Fire and ice ?  
One of my fave sci-fi fantasy artists – Frank Frazetta !
Frank has Neptune in Leo opposite Aquarius Sun.

YaY !
I am soOoo sci-fi lounging and catching up on zzzz…

peace xo

1 thought on “Fire & Ice

  1. This may be what you are looking for !


    I used to make my sister spin this one over and over
    Chat with a cheetah ?! Parlay with pachyderms ?! 🙂

    I haven’t seen this movie in forever

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