Butch & Sundance

TBS-butch-sundance1-e1339219532880Butch & Sundance (Newman & Redford)

Love Love LOVE this flick – these two pros brought it to life.  They remained life-long friends, loved pulling hilarious pranks on each other.

Mostly I’ll miss the fun we had. We played lots of pranks on each other. I used to race cars, and after he took this rare Porsche I owned for a drive, he began to get into racing. He had incredible reflexes, and he got really good, but he talked so much about it that I got sick of it. So I had a beaten-up Porsche shell delivered to his porch for his 50th birthday. He never said anything, but not long after, I found a crate of molten metal delivered to the living room of my (rented) house. It dented the floor. I then had it turned into a really ugly sculpture and dropped into his garden. To this day, neither one of us has ever mentioned it.
Robert Redford , The NYDO

Newman was an Aquarius with a Capricorn rising stellium opposite Cancer Pluto riding the horizon line.  He had a Grand Water Trine – a kite with Capricorn Mercury/Venus/Jupiter opposing Pluto in Cancer; Saturn trine Uranus trine Pluto. Interestingly, his Pisces Moon had little to no major aspects save a separating trine (7 degrees) to Scorpio MC.

Redford (who reminds me of my brother in the photo above) is a Leo with a Big Virgo stellium: Virgo Moon conjunct Mercury conjunct Neptune loosely conjunct (6 degrees) Venus. Venus trines Uranus exact (the rest if you follow transference of light) Leo Mars trines Jupiter ruling in Sagittarius – that Jupiter also serves as focal point of a T-Square between Pisces Saturn opposite Virgo Neptune/Mercury/Moon.  Redford has NNode in Capricorn conjunct MC – staying power in career/conservation, obviously working that one perfectly.

These two have powerful hard aspects running their natal charts, propelling them to success, but I am curious what energies they created together.


As far as synastry goes, Newman’s Capricorn stellium was in trine to Redford’s Virgo stellium – lots of personal planets in the mix to keep them easy with each other.  This same stellium trined Redford’s Toro Uranus.  Their Saturns were trine each other (work, ties that bind).  Redford’s Sun trined Paul’s Mars in Aries fueling the racecar link.

Composite chart: Sun/Mercury/Venus in Scorpio 9 trine Pluto in Cancer – hilarious.
These two had/have huge sex appeal (Pluto) women (Cancer 5) swooning all over the globe (9th).  Further highlighted by Sagittarius Moon opposite Mars in Gemini, they talked good game, clever and funny.  Composite Uranus (ruling composite chart) in Aries squares both Cancer Pluto and Saturn (ruling) Capricorn.  The bandit on the run thing, wild and free really worked for them both in this film, as well as in life – they loved surprising each other.

Use enough dynamite there, Butch ?

celluloid splash

PacinoAl Pacino.  Scarface, 1983

Iconic scene of supreme 80’s decadence.
Who could ever forget this scene ? esp. if you have a bathtub thing like me.

Al is a 10th house Taurus Sun tightly conjunct Saturn both square Pluto in Leo.
Sexual pan type energy, power and stamina over the long haul, also combined + in square – decadence. Mercury in Aries 9 is a quick, open mind – clever.  Mercury is far from Sun aka not self-preoccupied, but with Leo Rising and Jupiter in Aries at MC – there is a cocky attitude on tap + Jupiter cranks up the me Me ME.  Taurus Sun/Saturn, with Leo rising loves to work and play hard.

Al has really spot on astro for this bathtub scene – tubs are Neptune, Moon also Uranus as well as 5th house of pleasure.  He has Uranus trine Neptune (film, glamour, bath, drugs) which is focal point in a T-Square with Venus conjunct Mars in Gemini (flirt extraordinaire) opposite Moon in Sagittarius 5.  Sagittarius Moon (public) in the 5th trines Jupiter in Aries – abundance of passion as well as a completely over the top spa/tub career moment.

Virgo Neptune in 2nd square Venus/Mars – “all you ever talk about is $$$….  Moneymoneymoneymoney, that’s all I hear in this (moon) house.” – all while Al soaks in the bathtub. Watch clip with Michelle Pfeiffer in comments.
Scene nails his T-Square.

What led me to post this ?
Poseidon’s Underworld, ck it out – dudes in the bath, on film.
It’s a win-win !  My backdoor Mars approves this message. heh.

Peace out

Zodiac Evolution

Hi folks, you know the drill.
Dim lights, go fullscreen.
This is
A M A Z I N G  !

Murat Saygıner is a visionary artist who works in the fields of art photography and
computer graphics, and is also known as a digital artist, filmmaker and composer.

The groovy video above was posted on Vimeo two weeks ago, just prior to his Venus return.  I’ll pop the other vids below – they are equally stunning. 

Murat is a Pisces Sun conjunct North Node, Venus (exalted) in early Pisces. 
Obviously a talented creator in the world of film, his North Node sextiles Capricorn Uranus exact, giving him a working leading edge in the futuristic fieldwork of computer graphics.

Uranus is conjunct Cap Saturn (ruling) bang on Neptune at 11 degrees. Opportunities for success through innovative work in the film industry is primo with this rolling work and career conjunction sextiling the rolling conjunction of exalted art in Pisces. 

Mercury (exalted) in Aquarius squares Scorpio Pluto (ruling) exact, Mercury also squares Mars by a wider orb, making it focal planet in a T-square.  Pluto opposes Mars/Jupes making research, laser-like precision, patience, attention to details of the structures and perspectives paramount. 

Mars Jupiter are conjunct in late (Venus-ruled) Taurus delivering yet another (though out-of-sign) square of artistic energy to Venus in early Pisces.  Yet another fine example of using the creative tension present in squares to best advantage.
Well done !


First female of film

kickstarter info below.
Alice Guy-Blaché

Alice was the first female film director, who completed her first work at the age of 23.  An amazing storyteller, she made the first narrative film – she saw the possibility of fun and creative play on film.  Alice was busy making hundreds of films when women weren’t even allowed to vote.  She synched sound with her films and also made the first known film with an all African-American cast.
Alice had a career in filmmaking spanning more than twenty-five years – she was a pioneer – directing, producing, writing and/or overseeing more than 1,000 films.
I love film, have a big Neptune (rules film), I had to look her up !

Sun in Cancer (storytellers spinning yarns around the tribal campfire anyone ?) trine Mars in Scorpio (confident drive to express power).   [Note: This is obviously a solar chart, no exact time deets.  I give big orbs to the luminaries, there is a 4 – 5 hour window where Moon would not trine Saturn even with my orbs, but since the odds are moon is in the other 20+ hours, I am going for grand earth trine.  – GMA]

She liked to work – she [likely] had a Grand Earth Trine (material plane) with Moon in Virgo (practical feelings) trine Saturn in Aquarius (forward thinking work vision)  The last piece of this trine is her whammy Pluto North Node of Destiny (future path) and Venus (arts, beauty) conjunction in Taurus, (which is Venus-ruled) giving her a powerful drive to create new crafts and forge new paths in the field of the arts.

Friction is needed in order for a soul to progress, for it is the hard knocks that teach us the most.  Alice has an (out-of-sign) Grand Cross which is two oppositions and four squares – looks like a big square with an X inside.  These energies force inner work and outer compromise (oppositions) with others – if solved they are more powerful than trines.

Remember I said creative innovative play… that is Mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo.  Octaves of communication in the house of creativity in opposition to Saturn (authority) in rebellious Aquarius.  Likely the men in her field saw her as likeable (Saturn trine Venus; Cancer Sun trine Mars) but odd, a no nonsense type of gal when it came to her work.  Whip smart and determined, she had a vision of great creative achievement (late degree Aries Neptune film in exact trine late degree Leo Jupiter largess – fire to fire – passionate, inspired) and she spent her life in pursuit of it !
Well Done, Alice !

ORIGINAL: By Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs. And seriously, donating to their Kickstarter by August 27, 2013 will help this important film be made. And share this for Alice!


under the stars

WoOoHoOo  !
80 years of drive-in movies !

A New Jersey auto-parts store manager named Richard Hollingshead Jr. cut the ribbon on the world’s first drive-in movie theater in Camden, New Jersey, on June 6, 1933.
The astro when he patented the idea, (on May 16, 1933) is a great testament to the hot Mars action that when down later in many a backseat (Saturn) across the US.

Mercury rules cars.
Neptune rules film.
Jupiter rules the great outdoors, festivals.

Virgo stellium (Mercury rules)
Mars (independent impulses, action that drives the chart) is bang on Neptune (film under the stars, space), with Jupiter (freewheeling frolic) conjunct both.

Flirty Gemini Venus squares (second base with Biff tonight..?) stellium, while Mercury trines it from sensual Venus-ruled Taurus.  Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception – they get each others energy – love under the stars ?  YES !

Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries – drive-ins changed the future of friendship and hanging out.  North Node in Pisces – film meets the cosmos.
I love drive-ins.
Find one near you, here and please support them !


ps.  I have Mars in Sag (my 12th house sign), Neptune highly aspected, (including square Venus/Jupes).

Fire & Ice

Pisces Moon !
Neptune rules Pisces rules FILM
My Scorp Neptuner is in the 11th (natural Aquarius house) – Sci-fi freak !


Q: What is the old movie with a guy riding a giant moth ?

A:  Maybe Gandahar by Rene Laloux ? 

I posted re: Fantastic Planet here.
How have I missed Fire and ice ?  
One of my fave sci-fi fantasy artists – Frank Frazetta !
Frank has Neptune in Leo opposite Aquarius Sun.

YaY !
I am soOoo sci-fi lounging and catching up on zzzz…

peace xo