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WoOoHoOo  !
80 years of drive-in movies !

A New Jersey auto-parts store manager named Richard Hollingshead Jr. cut the ribbon on the world’s first drive-in movie theater in Camden, New Jersey, on June 6, 1933.
The astro when he patented the idea, (on May 16, 1933) is a great testament to the hot Mars action that when down later in many a backseat (Saturn) across the US.

Mercury rules cars.
Neptune rules film.
Jupiter rules the great outdoors, festivals.

Virgo stellium (Mercury rules)
Mars (independent impulses, action that drives the chart) is bang on Neptune (film under the stars, space), with Jupiter (freewheeling frolic) conjunct both.

Flirty Gemini Venus squares (second base with Biff tonight..?) stellium, while Mercury trines it from sensual Venus-ruled Taurus.  Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception – they get each others energy – love under the stars ?  YES !

Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries – drive-ins changed the future of friendship and hanging out.  North Node in Pisces – film meets the cosmos.
I love drive-ins.
Find one near you, here and please support them !


ps.  I have Mars in Sag (my 12th house sign), Neptune highly aspected, (including square Venus/Jupes).

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  1. From my local drive in:
    As we posted last night, We, like many drive in theaters across the country, had one of the busiest nights in our 59 year history last night.
    Go here and find your local drive in movie under the stars (US) !
    Thanks 😀

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