shifting sands

* originally posted on May 27
Certainly called the last part correctly, my Sag ex had news for me this am.
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Thank you and Happy New Moon

Tues 28
Moon enters Aquarius
4:48pm CST, USA

Friday 31
Mercury into Cancer

Mars into Gemini

Sunday June 2
Venus into Cancer

Friday June 7
Neptune Rx

Gem Gem is hoppin’ and boppin’ at the moment, yah ? !
Shifting sands post-eclipse. 
w.t.f. was THAT ?

Even sent some bat shit crazy* text (only because* of intensity re: going down kicking and screaming and something re: pendulums and baby prediction) to a wrong number.
Gemini Sun square Neptuner snafu. typical.
Hilarious FOUND moment though – reminds me of Singles.
I’m burning for you Cliff

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter  – just as court jester moves out (Mercury) the Martians move in.  Libra, Aquarians – both are grabbing the gusto of goodies via trines to benefics all over Gem shop.  Aries and Leos are on deck with opportunities sailing into port.  Sagittarians get a heap full of chit-chat from the neighbor across the street.

Mars has been plodding through Taurus – Christ, felt like digging ditches during the triple header eclipse if you ask me – but Mars powering into effervescent Gemini will be a looser, more flexible vibe.  Take that to heart, because Mars will then square Neptune in Pisces – hot as a pistol but cool inside Jedi baby.

Ahoy mates – Neptuning fork in flux at the mo
June 7 Neptune retrograde through November 13

Energies crest into high emo tides forming a Grand Water trine June 7.
Players are Saturn Rx in Scorp, Neptune Rx in Pisces, Mercury/Venus in Cancer.
Cap Pluto opposes Cancerian Mercury/Venus as apex in kite.
Mars square Neptune.
You have mail rockin’ your boat – particularly for those with planets near 11 degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Cap). Uranus is focal point of a T-Square with Pluto Rx and Venus/Mercury.

Men/Women, past/present and the metamorphosis between the two are hot and heavy emo shake downs.  Dark moon squares Chiron, wounds and the viable transformation of healing through communication of the dark depths is primo.

Saturday 8
New Moon in Gemini 10:56am
Pisces and Virgos feel a square to New Moon (Sun) powered by Mars and Jupiter alongside – power through with faith and hope, remain optimistic.  Air signs receive a breather as they step into their new phase; Sagittarians juggle what the hell happened at last eclipse while someone is in their face showing the dark side of what went down then.

Peace, love & EYE CANDY babeh