Quicksilver retrograde runaround:
Mercury into Aquarius Jan 4, (in shadow 6th) retrograde at 17 degrees on the 21, direct on Feb 11 at 1 degree Aquarius (out of shadow March 4)

Quicksilver was fathered by Magneto – brill, yeah ?  
Mercury is the lower octave of Uranus aka magnetics.  

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is particularly weird because perceptions of space-time are skewed – shifting and changing like prismatic flashes in a crystal prism.  Thoughts emerge from odd spectrums.  Waves and vibrations flare – deliver clarity – then fade, for another idea has already taken its place.

Accept the intuitive leaps and inventions your synapses are firing across the chasms.
The greek root of synapse means join together. 

Track patterns, note insights !
Full Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Sun is delivering heaps of creative brainstorms with Jupiter Rx in tow.  Mercury Rx in Aquarius is ahead of its time & ahead of your time.  Messages incoming may not make sense at this moment – but do not idly dismiss them – they will make perfect sense in the future.

File your Mercury/Jupiter Retrograde (lower/higher mind) insights for analysis downstream.  Right now, just let your consciousness flow.

Peace Out
Gneiss Moon

Hair Triggers

FullSizeRenderVibrational Energy Oracle

Pisces Moon nearing Void at 19″ 27′, subscribers see calendar.  Deets on how you can get Gneiss Moon 2015 astro cal here.

Today’s questions:
1 – Best Pisces Moon emo focus for most positive growth. (above)
2 – How to best ground Pluto in Capricorn, our singular earth energy. (below)

Kundalini flare.  Pisces influence comes in waves, particularly with Moon waxing.
Sensitivities hightened by Aquarius energy Sun/Mercury/Venus opposing Jupiter in Leo, shifts in the balance between inspiration and the lower and higher mind (Mercury and Jupiter both Rx).  

Actions of another are lighting fuses in houses Aquarius and Leo.

Knowing of the Heart.
Personal Aura.
Exploring energies.

Combustion is short-lived. 
Hair trigger actions will and do happen with Uranian energy buzzing – these shifts of perspective need to happen for they are signposts to insights we don’t normally see or feel.  Fog lifts…
We SEE what needs to change.
Acknowledge, accept, acclimate.

Know what you are setting fire to before you light the match.
Have patience. Think twice.

FullSizeRender 2Druid Craft

Grounding Pluto via patience and empathy – for self & others.
Differing agendas, experiences, leads to differing perspectives.
Communication from the heart coupled with patience.

Recognizing the inner dialogue between two sides.
(retrogrades + Uranus square Pluto)
Balance requires knowing polarities well.

Old & New
Heart opening & building a Wall
Falling in Love & Common Sense
Dreams & Reality

peace & understanding
Gneiss Moon

Unseen energies

imageAlchemical Tarot

Quick buzz for Mercury Rx in Aquarius, leading us to highest understanding and growth on our individual life paths. Mercury into Aquarius Jan 4, (in shadow 6th) retrograde at 17 degrees on the 21, direct on Feb 11 at 1 degree (out of shadow March 4) 

Mercury travels retrograde through air signs this year.
1 Aquarius: Recharge fixed goals via polarity probe

2 Gemini: Rethink adapt/adopt new mental processes
Mercury Rx: March at 13 degrees Gemini D at 4 degrees

3 Libra: Revise balance, relationship equality
Mercury Rx September at 15 Libra D at 0 degrees Libra

Lady of Swords reps Merc Rx, I pulled another to see what she was looking at in the past, which is Queen of Vessels.  This lady speaks/thinks with beauty and elegance – she is the silence and mystery of the High Priestess given voice.  She enlightens with cutting edge intellect in tandem with love and charm.

Artistic sensitivities focused into words, poetry, voice and inspirations are evident by this card combo.  Mercury stations retrograde while sandwiched between Aquarius Moon and Venus right after the 0 degree New Moon (conjunct Sun) in Aquarius.  Stations are filled with energy buzzing/shifting – separation from one thing and magnetic attraction to another is very likely during this time.

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius granting prime functioning and optimization of thinking and communication.  This transit will be intensive for seeing two sides of everything, see your natal Aquarius house for your specific focus.

Revise, revision, rework, re-imagine most of all – REINVENT. 
Laying new neural nets is a given.

Standard Merc Rx info: great time to edit, internal process/sort – not so great for communications by the direct route.  Save all your info, machinery can go wonky esp. computers, phones, etc..  Messages from other dimensions (influence of Uranus) your past, pets (Mercury), totems and synchronicities are more likely while Mercury goes reboot in Aquarius.

Note this – you may also get the urge to pick up an old chestnut for re-examination, particularly prior to New Moon.
Think Twice.
New Moon brings new liberating energies, use them in your favor !

The Queen of Vessels represents what Mercury Rx investigates, she is emotional water coupled with logical air.  Her sealed vessel bears a question mark, contains a mystery which can only be revealed by living this transit of Mercury.  KNOWING cracks with lightning/storm – ozone buzz.  It defies logic, it is beyond emotional feeling and earthly manifestation of proof – it just is what it is.
No need to know how you know – know anyway.

Queen reminds us that there is a destined time and place to ground unseen energies.
Shaman square Wizard that is Uranus square Pluto.
A wizard arrives precisely when he means to.

Gneiss Moon



Mercury in Cancer uses an emotional approach to thinking, how thoughts feel is equally as important as cool reason and logic.  This Mercury is intuitive, sensitive, an expert at detecting subliminal emotional undertones in seemingly benign conversation.  They know what you are NOT saying.

Mercury in Cancer has an uncanny talent for influencing people, their power to sway the public is due to the lunar influence.  Conversely, this is a Mercury easily swayed by emotional sympathies.

Refer to natal moon phase; obviously note moon phase by transit to work this natural instinctive ability in your favor.

Mercury in Cancer has feelers out 24/7 testing concepts and ideas brought forth via emotional intelligence, they learn by watching, feeling the situation.
Cancer is a sign that cares and nurtures – thoughts are no different.  If ideas set off good emo radar, they are more likely to stick; irritating ideas are quickly jettisoned for the same reason.

Logic tends to takes a backseat unless this tendency to emotional investment is recognized – especially re: matters close to home.


PoP goes the weasel

CrestationsMay 29 Mercury into Cancer
Chicago 4:12am
Brisbane 7:12pm
Reykjavik 9:12am
June 7 Mercury Rx 3 degrees Cancer
Chicago 6:56am
Brisbane 9:56am
Reykjavik 11:56am
June 17 Mercury Rx into Gemini
Chicago 5:04am
Brisbane 8:04pm
Reykjavik 10:04am
July 1 Mercury direct 24 degrees Gemini
Chicago 7:50am
Brisbane 10:50pm
Reykjavik 12:50pm

Mercury Retrograde is a time of re-thinking, re-envisioning, reorienting – ultimately it is a time of self-reflection and discovering how we can revise methods in order to be streamlined, more successful.
Much more AWARE.

Mercury slowing in the house of Cancer highlights communications at home, between family members, those women who are close to us, also feelings surrounding our Earth.
We sharpen our intuitions and navel gaze into the past – predominately by feeling what is wrong and needs to be changed.
Cancer and Moon rule the stomach, gut instincts will guide you as Mercurial thoughts probe in this house.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is a rethinking of THINKING ITSELF.  
Thought processes, habits re: the cyclical nature of them – or perhaps revision of the scattered non-focused thoughts.  Reflection and re-invention of talking, listening, versatility in groups, thoughts before speech, how you communicate and learn.

The gold lies in changing the neural pathways you want to be more positively directed.

Consider where Cancer sets up house in your natal chart.
In mine, Cancer is 7th, so I will also be doing Venusian revision as that is the natural house of Libra.
Apply this also to your house of Gemini, and the natural landlord of that house.
Gemini is my sixth, so all things Virgo will be under the microscope as well.

General Mercury Retrograde info:
Keep in mind, big ticket (home, car, computer, appliance) purchases are a not advised – if you must, also buy the warranty.  Contracts can be mis-read or misunderstood, so reading and re-reading the fine print is highly recommended before signing off.
Think twice, speak once.
Mercury Retrograde tends to bring out the truth in all of us – it’s the PoP goes the weasel transit.
It is also the transit for finding lost items – while in Cancer, particularly in the home !

Happy retrogradations
ps. I knew the pic may make a few squeamish – is a Gemini move, teaching.

cats & birds

abby diamondAbby Diamond

Moon into Leo 1:15pm
Mercury Rx into Aquarius
9:30pm CST, USA

Blue Jay as totem indicates reassessing natural gifts, boldly using creativity to further yourself via personal power.  Jay is derived from the latin word for gaia/gaea or Mother Earth.  A member of the crow family, jay is bold, fearless and tricky.  Jay also warns of imbalance, teaches adaptation to changing circumstances.

Mercury Rx moves into Aquarius to meet Sun prior to Full Leo Moon Friday. Saturn is focal point of a T-Square with Sun (soon, Merc Rx) and Moon which in turn oppose each other.  (Full Moons are always opposite Sun.)

Saturn is: Past, work, authority, fathers, body, bones, knees – while in Scorpio, restructuring, regeneration, renewal, inner energy – in tandem with all the above.
Leo Aquarius axis: heart/ electrical or nerves, pride/detachment, romance/breakups,  creative play/think tank. 

I have already heard from a man from my past who had an altercation at work, needed to cool down.  As for myself, it is my body that is causing issues.  I still have two purple bruises from when my chair exploded, my right foot is sprained (? still swollen.) and I am getting over a bug.  Earlier this weekend, iTunes uninstalled itself, the app that tapes calls did not work properly, a post I had up here completely vanished (after several mishaps & errors) so I abandoned that to cook lunch, only to find – for the completely random – my coffee pot will now inexplicably only brew 4 tiny cups at a go. 

Saturn is also patience
, probably ought to mention that. heh. 
Patience with yourself, your body, the poltergeists in the machinery, any and all situations, really. 
If Merc Rx is not going smoothly in one sitch, leave it and do something else.  Getting irritated just sends Aquarius (and Mars in late Libra, a fit start placement) more funky wadded up energies.  Deep breathing and busy hands will untie the knots/nots.

Find what house Leo lands on in your chart to see where your illumination is incoming.
Find your house of Scorpio for where you are mainlining internal growth. 
Short list house info here – otherwise, see dropdown menu.


Wondering what is in store for Cats and Birds with FM & Merc Rx ?
Cats are Leo; Aquarius are birds.
I asked The Wild Unknown deck, since my ? involves critters.

bird&kc FM
Impatience, skittishness, less surefooted, magnetics and honing/homing tweaked,
traveling farther seeking changes, new experiences while light shines above.

Interesting a horn aka: Saturn card shows up !

Old injuries, aching bones, shedding past issues.
Surprises, freedom.  Cycles or groups of five/six.


Grinning & Winning


Full Moon Eclipse 25 degrees Aries
Friday October 18 6:38pm CST, USA
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 18 Scorp

Monday October 21
5:29am CST, USA
Stations direct 2 Scorp

Saturday November 10 4:11pm CST, USA
(where it re-grooves own path from Earth’s perspective)
Pre: October 1 through Post: November 27
Aries Uranus Rx square Capricorn Pluto 9 degrees
Friday November 1
Jupiter Rx 20 Cancer
Sunday November 3
New Moon Solar Eclipse 11 Scorp

Thursday November 7
Neptune Direct 2 Pisces
Wednesday November 13
:::::::::::::::: time_by_kd_matheson-d38y5t1TIME by kd-matheson

Heh.  Metamorph Mambo.  This will be interesting.  As you can see, we will all be very busy under this sky in the upcoming weeks.
::: Eclipses are FLASH POINTS :::
Speeding events through the portal MAY CAUSE DISTORTION and FEEDBACK.

First up to bat: Full Moon Eclipse in Aries at 25 degrees puts Sun in Libra opposite Moon in Aries, both in square to Jupiter in Moon-ruled Cancer.
Emotionally driven action that leads to balance re: feelings, memories, mother, home via changes in philosophy, travel, the ethics of moving ahead – onward through the past.

Virgo Mars (rules Aries) is the Eclipse Head Honcho, (HA ! Aries joke) in opposition to Neptune Rx in Pisces – fuzzy logic may be coming your way re: what to think and how to morph. TAKE YOUR LEAD here, people – Mars widely trines Full Aries Moon.

Go with your instincts, go with your gut !  

This eclipse spotlights personal growth and independence.

Check the house where Aries lands in your natal.
This is how and where you be be BLAZING YOUR TRAIL.
See what is up with your natal Mars & Jupiter – BIG clues & Keys here.

Luna widely conjunct (12 degrees) South Node in Toro is a nod to LETTING GO.
Completion, moving away from something or someone you love/loved.

Mars Head Honcho trines metamorphic Pluto in Capricorn from Earthy earth, earth, earth Virgo.  Grounded. Stable – we are feeling good in other ways, unexpected Uranus square Pluto ways.

Venus SEES ALL POSSIBILITIES in Sagittarius & she also ATTRACTS THEM !
We are learning, growing and stretching and it feels GREAT !
One door slams shut, and a window FLIES OPEN.
Steady as she goes Capt’n . . .

Anything in the ballpark of 25 degrees +/- 5 will be feeling it – late degrees of Cardinal signs will be working it via square.  (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Note: Eclipse energies are active for weeks, sometimes months before and after the actual event.  (Sun will square eclipse point in 3 months; oppose in 6 – ck Aries progress at this time)

Late degrees of Leo and Sag offer support (also opportunities re: hope, honor, generosity of spirit) through awareness.  Late Aquarius and Gemini offer emotional support via open lines of communication.

Note: Mercury stations 3 days after Eclipse and stations can be tricky aka: rocky re: comms of all kinds.  Think 2x, speak 1x.  We ARE talking ARIES here.

House Scorpio supports Jupiter – focal planet of Eclipse T-Square.
Meaning dig deep, tweak perspectives – see both sides of self and other.

Saturn, North Node of Destiny and Mercury are the in-house rolling conjunction trine sensate sponge Neptune, and teacher/philosopher Chiron in Pisces.
Remember most of all, to move forward with the sense of humor well oiled and firing on all pistons and everyone will come out grinning, winning and healed.

peace out

Ride it out

Continental Club, Austin Texas – photo: Bob Siebecker

Mercury Rx June 26 at 23 Cancer
Mercury direct July 20 at 13 Cancer
post shadow – > Aug 3

Mercury into Leo August 8

My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.
John Green

She stirs.
Plenty going bonkers in my world as Mercury is a week into the shadowzone (where it traces its own Rx path) lots of family stuff which is indicative of Cancer.  Sun and Jupiter square Virgo stellium from my 6th, so I had to check out to try to get caught up.  Not there yet, so I may check out a bit yet, FYI.

Cancer is Moon ruled, so anything from the well of psyche – the womb and the tomb – aka 4th house is getting the intense navel gaze. Mercury Rx indicates communication turned inward – thought processing, revision, reinvention, reworking, wires can get  crossed and/or messages delayed.  Not traditionally the time to sign big contracts (triple check documents if you have to sign) to start major new projects or run off at the mouth honking a brain full of know-it-all ideas, if you get my drift.

Cardinals: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorns are at Rx getting lots of energies in flux as Jupiter enters Cancer on the 25th, to join Sun and Venus (Venus in the latter degrees, at 28), Mercury Rx on the 26th.

Degrees between 23-13 of Aries and Libra will be running the obstacle course, feeling the strain.  Degrees 23-13 of water signs feel more harmonious. These degrees of Taurus and Virgo have opportunities on the horizon – take advantage of them.  Capricorn and Cancer energies face off, peace talks and compromise.

Mercury Rx opposing (not exact, by sign) Pluto Rx in Capricorn will be intense retrospective of past, men, work, career, status as it relates to women, home, privacy, depth of feeling and instincts.

Mercury Rx in Moon ruled Cancer is an excellent time to brush up on Lunar Nodes.

In addition, retrograde energies of Saturn, Chiron, and Neptune add more layers of mining for insights in the caves and underbellies of the houses they transit.
Ride it out.

Find your house of Cancer to find where your thoughts will be turning inward.